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First Look: Apple iMac (20-inch, 2.4GHz)

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First Look: Apple iMac (20-inch, 2.4GHz)

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Apple's smaller-scale iMac remains our favorite all-in-one. And while its looks, its ease of use, and its performance are all selling points, Windows PCs are starting to catch up (at least with the latter). A few components could also stand an update, but, in general, you'll find the 20-inch Apple iMac a remarkable computer for its price.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi. I'm Rich Brown, senior editor for CNET.com. Today we're going to take a look at the Apple iMac. This is the 20-inch Apple iMac. It's the lowest end model in the line, but it's still a mid-range PC for only above $1,000.00. Now the CPU that comes with this model is the default 2.4-gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo chip. It comes with one gig of RAM and a 250-gig hard drive. So it's pure baseline Apple iMac spec. It does a really great job at multitasking. It's one of the best systems in its price range for that. So for a performance system that's really going to get you through any productivity apps that you need to do, this iMac is definitely gonna do the job. You can use Apple's Boot Camp to set your system to boot into either OSX or Windows XP or Windows Vista. The problems is that this system only comes with one gig of memory. Windows XP, Windows Vista really want two gigs to do well, Vista especially. So if you do plan to go into Vista on this system, you may want to add a little more memory. Now, you can do that, but it costs more than what you'll find from Dell or HP or a standard Windows PC vendor. That's kind of one of the downfalls of this system, is that upgrading the parts costs a little bit more. There are actually relatively few parts to upgrade, though, so again, not that big a hassle. The other criticism we have is that its hard drive is actually pretty small. 250 gigs for 1,000 plus system is not that, you know, not that generous. But for shortcomings, those are relatively minor ones. And this system really is pretty outstanding. And of course, as with all iMacs, there's a little webcam up here on top for video chatting. And on the side here, you'll see the slot-loading DVD drive. You go around back; you can see the nice and clean Apple design, just a basic row of ports on the bottom. You get a handful of USB, audio in and out, FireWire 800, as well as Apple's proprietary video out, and a built-in Ethernet network port. So because it's a self-contained, all-in-one system, there's really not that much to say about the iMac. It pretty much is what it is. Fortunately, what you get with that is a pretty fast system for its price that competes very well with any other Windows PC on the market. So I'm Rich Brown, and this is the Apple 20-inch iMac. ^M00:01:56 [ Music ]

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