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Geneva Auto Show 2014: Apple CarPlay

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Geneva Auto Show 2014: Apple CarPlay

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The biggest story at the Geneva Auto Show is not a car.

I check out this is the biggest story from a technology point of view here at the entire Geneva show -- -- -- fourteen. Apple's in the -- this is -- play any of the five class -- 55 S five -- work on this through their thunderbolt cable not through Bluetooth at this point with whom would you like to speak. College on Apple -- -- -- -- -- Aside from the basic Apple functions we also find Spotify I heart radio and stitcher here in the Mercedes implementation. Now this is they live search to navigation Apple maps implementations didn't call -- a search where would you like to go. By an Italian restaurant. I suspect carmakers and Apple are gonna keep the assortment -- type those third party API details aren't sick. Mercedes has yet to say which models this will be available on as well as its cost. But know that it will preside alongside their own command system as a parallel rather than a cross integrated pair of systems. Same goes for their own voice command -- which will live alongside series. Volvos the other mainstream brand showing -- play here at Geneva it's destined for the XC ninety SUV and with a touch screen. Expect both these carmakers to have car -- in showrooms mid to late 2014. Well that's much more on car play Android in car in the early. In episode 39 at CNET on cars that comes out -- --

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