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Tech Culture: App-palooza

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Tech Culture: App-palooza

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Applications can give your smartphone a tremendous boost in power and entertainment value. CNET Download Associate Editor Jessica Dolcourt joins Brian Tong to talk about cool, not-so-cool, and downright awful applications for your No. 1 gadget.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> All right, good afternoon everybody welcome to Editor's Office Hours. You know the drill. How we do it? We're bringing in an editor with expertise like Miss Jessica Dolcourt. She is our Associate Editor that focuses on mobile and does hot supper [phonetic], am I correct with that? >> That's right. >> That's what I've read on the board. >> Yeah. [ Laughs ] >> Okay. >> Today, it's on mobile. >> Yeah, it's all on mobile and we have some phones here. We have some cool things that we're gonna show you and talk about. Just in case you didn't know the drill already, up here in the right-hand corner. Can you see it right here, that box? >> I -- I see it, it's right there. >> In that box, all you have to do is submit a question, if you don't have an account with CNET, you just need a user name, password and an E-mail, it's that easy and then you can submit them to us. We will try and get you every question we can as possible and yeah, I guess, we'll just start off with if you can kind of tell people what you've been working on lately and where are some of the things that you have been seeing. >> Okay, what I've been working on lately. >> Yes. >> Lately, I've been reviewing some apps for BlackBerry and for the iPhone, a lot of IM apps and actually a really cool sort of test cramming app that we can talk about a little bit later on. >> Okay, okay excellent and now with all these phones and there's a lot of different platforms, one thing that we kind of talk about because it's fresh and new was the new Google phone and their new apps are always in the BlackBerry and so you wanna talk about. >> Oh I want to talk about the BlackBerry Storm. >> Okay let's talk about the BlackBerry-- >> We can talk about the Google story; we can talk about that later. >> Okay, okay let's talk about the BlackBerry Storm, I guess, and development with that. >> Okay, so the App Store is basically coming out as soon as the Storm comes out. What's exciting about the BlackBerry Storm, of course, is that of course it's probably has a new format, it's gonna be a lot more like the iPhone so it's countered that they've got there Apps Store that will be run, I believe, through the carriers. There aren't so many details. There will be more and the details will be confirmed, of course, when the person when it comes out and what's interesting too is that there is actually a third party app store that you can download on your BlackBerry now, it's called Berry store and some people out there on the blogs think that it's gonna be better because they won't be controlled by the carrier so there'll be cross carrier and also because it will support more than one platforms. So the Storm is on the most recent platform 4.7. This is on 4.3, you know, the Bold is on 4.6 so there are different platforms and I think that the independent developers are gonna have much more control with that. >> So you're saying the actual -- the third party store, people are more excited than the actual BlackBerry Strom from what rumblings are or chatter-- >> Right let's me see, I mean, obviously anybody who gets the Storm is gonna probably go through the port of -- that's available on their device. I think, it's more in the meantime everybody like me who has the Curve or the Pearl or something else [laughs], he's gonna try the Berry store. >> Okay there you go. >> The third party one but yes, it's gonna be really interesting to see what kind of apps pop up Blackberry, you know, they're really known for their different navigation say before, it was with thumbwheel announced these track balls and without the track ball [laughs] or the thumbwheel or the rolling navigation, it's sort of on the same line. I mean, I think, they are a little bit exposed just because there going to be competing more like match-for-match on iPhone and all the other touchscreen followers. [ Laughs ] >> Yes, yes >> And that's just gonna be really interesting to see what they come up with to see what the Blackberry experience is really gonna be like and especially when you're sick and tired of Verizon and to some of those other carriers that are more traditionally accepting third party apps. >> Apps and customization-- >> Yeah. >> And things like that. >> Exactly. >> Okay. Excellent. Now, we will go back and talk about some of the apps in the phone. We just got a flood of questions just like a killer-- >> We did. >> So, I guess, we'll just fire away, you know. We'll do our best answer to them. If we can't answer them on the spot, we'll do our best to take care of them after the fact but I guess we could start down the-- >> Whoa [laugh] we're digging a lot of a question. >> Okay >> Think that. >> How about this, we'll start here. I'll pick this one for you, Mashaman 03. "Are there any worthwhile GPS applications"? What do you have to say to that in your mind. I mean, a lot of phones have GPS, do you have a favorite or one that you kinda gravitate to words? >> You know, this is kind of a sample already, good job. I haven't actually had a ton of luck testing GPS Apps, I haven't concentrate on those a lot. I know that Bonnie Cha probably knows about it. There are a lot of GPS Apps independently for BlackBerry that I have seen. I don't really know as much for Nokia. >> That's technically not your beef, right? >> Maybe, maybe if any users out there I know there are favorite Apps so we can sort of then you can call of-- >> Yeah, they have like the VZ Navigator on Verizon service. >> Yeah, exactly you don't get a lot of choices with Verizon. >> Yeah and then I think is that, the TELUS GPS Navigator on the other phones. >> Only Sing. >> Yeah on the BlackBerry. I think it's the TELUS. Oh, she's gonna lock on and know your code. >> Oh, oh, it's all over. >> I'm just kidding. Now, there are a lot of a-- >> Yeah there were some that were definitely have been recommended especially by our users and so if I've got some time, I'll look them up and [inaudible]. >> Okay now, here's a question to use, alright. This question is from MSW04002 and it asks, "I want my AIM to work on the background on my iPhone without jailbreaking it. Is there any way to do this"? Quick answer at the moment. >> Right. >> No. The quick answer is no and again you've heard how Apple doesn't allow any background -- applications to run in the background. They have to meet-- >> I don't get it anyway. >> Once you switch over to like a web browser or you can get a call and it disconnects you from AIM. They are -- they have talked about their whole push notification system that would work in the background and it was a way to get alert but it hasn't been fine tune. Apple kind of dropped the hint about the push notification system gist now. Maybe when the new software for the iPhone came out so at least like three or four months ago. >> Why, copy paste? >> Yeah, yeah, so [laugh] >> Those other fun things. >> So we don't have push notification yet. Hopefully, that at least, was a way for them to help programs run on the background and give you alerts but it's not there yet. So the answer is no, unfortunately. Unfortunately. Okay. >> Here, I wanna take this question. >> Yeah take this one. >> Okay this question is-- >> It's from Wogas [phonetic]. Wogas, what's up because Wogas is always active participant here with all the CNET franchises. >> No, this one from Olivia Harris. "Which phone do I actually use and why"? Well, I obviously use all of these phones all the time. >> Do you use all three? >> I honestly don't like this phone. The T-Mobile Dash, I wanna like it. I don't hate all Windows mobile phone like some people out there. I think that every platform has its good point honestly and every platform has its bad points and sometimes it's just getting used to the phones because I'm always testing on of all sorts of different phones, I sometimes forget [laughs]. And I have to relearn them especially if I haven't take them up for a while if I've been concentrating on a lot of BlackBerry Apps. You know, I pick up the windows mobile and like, how do you do this again, but I would say, most often these days, I've been using the BlackBerry Curve and the iPhone. My personal phone is just a simple flip phone but I am upgrading it to Sony Erickson-- >> You -- you're a flip phone user. >> Very soon. >> Okay. >> Well, I've got all these great, you know, phones around me. >> Yeah, that's true. >> So, you know, I just love the - what you can do with all the applications and I'm loving seeing a lot more of the applications moving from smartphones over to some of the smaller less smart but still pretty intelligent phones. >> Sorry I'm laughing because I was-- >> With something I said? >> No, not something that you said but we're getting some questions [laugh], you know, on Wednesdays I work on the Buzz Out Loud show and two people asked if I crop tested Molly [laugh] before I left and the answer is no. I don't know why they would ask such a thing. Here at Editor's Office Hours, we'll talk about anything and everything at least, you know, within the reason. So the two people asked if I crop tested Molly, no I did not. I don't know what's their problem. Okay any ways, we'll get that actual ah-- >> NBRL [phonetic] studio. Don't forget about that. >> I don't -- I don't get it. Why were they talking about? I would even -- I would even come clean if I did, okay. Here we go. Here we have a question here for both us, Brian and Jessica. The question is, "What is your favorite and least favorite iPhone Apps"? Now have you been able to double it a lot of the iPhone Apps? >> Yeah some let me consult this iPhone ring here. >> Okay this is great, so I guess she wants to know our favorite and least favorite. >> What is the definition of favorite? >> There's so many. >> Often used? Favorite is in terms of? Let me just [inaudible] >> Yeah, yeah >> And fine being independent >> No >> So support Apps that I just leaked out recently that I like pretty well would be Sportacular. >> Yeah it's called Sportacular. It, I know, you guys can't see it but it's like a big ass with an orange circle-- >> Maybe, if you squint. >> Yeah. >> Yeah so Sportacular is really good. It really shows the sport scores in real time updates pretty frequently. >> There's a lot of in-depth stats with them too-- >> It's really easy to use, of course. >> Yeah and the best thing is as if you're-- >> Always the stats. >> If you're a fantasy's sport player and you use Sportacular, you have the ability to create your fantasy sports team that you track maybe on Yahoo on one app but at least be able to see how those players perform and have access to it through your iPhone. So if you haven't even, if you're -- oh man that's like the fantasy sport free you could dream. Now obviously its not gonna be tied into Yahoo or CBS, you know, your Fantasy Sports teams but the fact that you have access then you could see, "Oh he did this, he did that", killer, I love that app too. >> Another app that is just really cool for the cool factor part is writing pad and that's neat because it's take the iPhone keyboard, the screen and instead of actually-- >> Like that? >> Yes, just instead of actually sitting there and tapping out your entire word, what you can do is kind of trace the word and there is really intelligent algorithm, it figures out with pretty good accuracy actually what you're trying to say and it pops it in there and you don't have to worry you usually about capitalization and--up >> So, you may not -- so I'm just gonna trace like my finger on here randomly? >> I want to see what you just wrote. You wrote nothing. >> Oh, here we go. Are you supposed to stop on -- in every letter? >> Uhmm. >> That I write a letter. >> Yeah. >> Roman. >> Roman. >> There you go. >> It totally works. >> Okay. >> And that's just really neat, you know, I don't, it's not something I would maybe use everyday. I don't do a lot of composition, but just for cool factor, it's pretty cool. Some of the music apps aren't really neat too like Medomian and Sesham [phonetic] where it records, you hold up your iPhone next to a music source that's playing and it will tell you also with fairly good accuracy; what you're listening to, who the artist is, what the song is? Then, let's see, in terms of apps that I most -- Oh, I have to talk about this one too. >> Okay. >> Sorry. >> No, let's do it. That's why we here for. >> Piccoli. >> What is Piccoli? I don't know about Piccoli. >> This is an app that you have to pay for-- >> Boom. >> Boom. Oh, well great. This screen shows nothing right now because I have to actually form an image. But what you do -- it's photo editing. It's really basic photo editing on the iPhone and I think it's really worthwhile. Somebody asks, which apps are worthy of paying for and I think on the iPhone, this is definitely one of them. So, you probably can't see this but if you take a picture and you can really easily, with the slide bar, adjusts for things like brightness or just sliding that made it really bright. It gives you the preview so you don't have to commit and worry about ruining your image. And then another really neat thing is when you do save it after you've corrected for brightness, or sharpness, illumination, contrasts, adding effects, rotating; it will actually save the picture separately. So you're not replacing your original image. >> That's sweet. >> Really sweet. There are a lot of IM apps -- multi-network IM apps. It used to be just Paul and Ringo but there are a lot of betas and like here's one for IM Plus. This one is free and that's funny because IM Plus is usually not free. And then there's also a beta for VJIVE IM, that I believe that one costs about 16 dollars so I'd probably stick with IM Plus. >> Also like a Fring, which a lot of people are talking about because it offers you the ability to do the wait calls through Fring. >> That's right here. >> So, that's really popular, we had, I know it unfortunately-- >> And chat, you can also chat. >> Regular chat and wait calls so that's pretty cool. Okay, we'll take you another question and this one is from -- I just happen to know this off at the top of my head and this question is from MSW for -- 04002. Here she asks, "When can I get summer board from the iPhone 3G? I wanna customize my iPhone". So, if -- for those of you that don't know Jailbroken iPhones had this application called summer board that allowed you to really customize things from the icons, you know, they had built-in different lay-outs and looks for the standard icons desktop backgrounds that you could just do. All types are really cool ways to make your iPhone look super personal so, the background is sort of that black background. It was actually an image and things like that so, at the moment, no, it's still only available if you jailbreak your phone. I doubt that it will come to the regular iPhone because with some other applications that Apple has actually taken down from the store that do things, or do similar things with the iPhone that already has. They rejected them and also I believe in the developer tools, there is outright statement that doesn't allow them to accept apps that change the physical interface or look of the iPhone so, that's and, again, a no. So, all these people that are asking about specific things that the iPhone hopefully that can do is a no. So, unfortunately, that's what that, okay. Here's a question, I'm not sure if you're familiar about this one but just out of curiosity, do you think, this is more of an opinion question. "Do you think we'll be seeing a Voyager II anytime soon"? The LG Voyager, do you think there'll be a sequel to it any time soon? >> That's a bonding question. I don't do hardware, I do software. >> Software people. >> The software people. Sure, no [laughter]. More importantly, are there gonna be a lot of great apps for the Voyager? >> That's what we're trying to get to. Okay, cool. >> Right now I'm just trying to load up Berry store, to see if we can get a look at. >> Okay. >> Some of the apps, there are another or at least 40. I think last week. Everything is slow in my iPhone. >> Well what we can do. [ Simultaneous Talking] >> You know, this is perfect. What we can do is we have a video I think featuring you. Is that true? >> It might be. >> It might be. >> It's one night you're actually not in. [ Laughter ] >> Kidding! >> Alright. That's a sect you're probably good thing to write. [ Laughter ] >> Okay. So we're gonna play the video. Do you know of the top ahead what it might be about? What you're coming? >> Yeah, it's about the Gmail mobile app for Blackberry. There are Gmail-specialized apps for most of the platforms and this one just basically takes a look at Blackberry that's also came out as a revamped app that came out at the beginning of October. >> Okay. So, we'll check that out and we'll be back in a few. [ Music ] >> I'm Jessica Dolcourt with CNET Downloads and this is a first look at Google's updated mobile app for Blackberry. The first thing you'll notice about this new application is that only one icon lives on the home screen. This is a very important distinction from the old application which managed a bundle of mobile programs for Google services from a hub called Google Mobile Updater. The new app is anchored by a Search bar and assisted by a History bar that lets you select and edit past queries. As you type a new query, you'll also receive suggestions for completing the keyword or phrase. Above the Search bar, icons representing some of Google's more popular programs. Here's Gmail, Maps, News, The Reader, and a button to take you to more choices. Some programs like Gmail, Maps, and Sync will download an application to use independently of this one but they will link up so that clicking the Gmail icon takes you straight to your mobile inbox. Unfortunately, if the rest are web based, which means you're accessing your Google accounts through your mobile browser, it's faster than opening a browser page and entering the precursor [phonetic] address for sure but not nearly as convenient as having your images or reader headlines thrown into a nicely formatted application for you. Overall, these are great slimming changes to Google's applications for Blackberry. Google mobile app for Blackberry can be downloaded from the phone by pointing the browser to m.google.com. I'm Jessica Dolcourt from CNET Downloads and this has been your first look at Google mobile app for Blackberry. [ Music ] >> Alright. We are back. So that was a video about the Google services on the Blackberry specifically with the Google app. >> Are you guys convinced yet? >> I [stuttering] don't know. Now -- >> Are you sick of me yet? >> No, no, not at all. >> No, not possible. >> So we're still waiting for our third party berry storm store to show up. >> Yeah, I don't know. Those might be one of those that work better in [inaudible]. Maybe it's camera shy. >> It could be. It could be. So, we have another question down here that asks what's -- oh, sorry, what is or what are the best applications for an iPod Touch. In your opinion, what is one of the best ones? >> Good question. Well, since there are so many applications out there. >> So many. >> I'm just gonna pick one that I like. I think the Music apps are really, really good. >> Hmm. >> Pandora and Last.fm, especially, AOL radio have some really nice features because you can stream local station and I've tried it in several places. I impressed my parents with it, really hard to deal. [ Laughter ] >> Pandora, yeah, and Last.fm are just both really excellent and free. >> And they are music devices and so -- >> And it's a music device and these are music apps. >> In fact that you could leverage that and also just -- it's always a constant stream or flow of new music that you may not have ever heard before. >> Yeah, I mean fantastic discovery. Really easy controls, very well made, very well made apps. >> Very well made. Okay. This question was from Logus [phonetic]. He or she -- or Olivia Harris asks does Jessica consider getting a T-Mobile G1? Now, have you been able to see it yet? >> This was really funny. I just had this conversation in the T-Mobile store. >> This is perfect. This is perfect. >> It was the other day, well asked. >> So where are you at with that? >> I am -- I -- I'm not an early adapter. >> Is that just in general? >> It's my confession. I'm not an early adapter. No, it's -- it's true. Well I consider it, sure, after a lot of work. I would consider a lot of things. I mean it's really hard sometimes to narrow down so I always pick based on which features I'm gonna use the most for my personal phone and also how much I'm willing to pay. >> Yeah. >> I'm really spoiled working in this office. We're gonna have some G1s around so I don't have to get my own but if -- yeah, I have to say -- I mean I heard Nicole talking about this before. The form factor, it's not a sexy phone. The hardware just isn't -- it's pretty -- it's probably not as fun to work with. It's really an ancient, so they don't have a lot of apps on it. They have a lot of potential. >> Yeah. >> So it's one of those that I think really needs to be watched closely especially as Android proliferates on, you know, with other carriers and on other hardware. You're gonna start seeing I think a lot more diversity and a lot more diversity of applications and as for me, you know, the phone is great, how it works is great, if you get good [stuttering] call quality. I'm kind of biased but I think that the software that runs the phone is the most important part. So there is a ton of potential out there. It's really just up to what -- what the developers come up with and I've spoken to a lot of those developers and these are really brilliant people with great ideas. Somebody else asked about, you know, what would -- what would we like to see, what's not available yet, and a lot of that is gonna come out on Android and I think the direction that mobile apps have been going in and the direction they will continue to go in is location, location, location, and integration, integration, integration. >> Hmm. Hmm. >> You know, apps that we'll see -- some of the Google appenders [phonetic] like there is CallACab you know, really, really simple concept where you are where you are and the phone finds you and you CallACab with the phone and it comes and it gets you and you don't have to sit there like in the middle of the street trying to find a cab. >> Figure out where -- how to get out, where can I call a cab. >> Yeah. Exactly, and it's this -- it's this entire service. So that's something that's gonna come, you know, or all of these services that integrate your phone's camera and the GPS. I would like to see things, Yahoo! oneConnect really tried -- really tried to integrate like a social address book. Your address book NIM and social networks into one and I think it goes a little clunky but we're gonna see much more of that and much more success as more and more developers get on there working for different platforms. >> Okay. Now there's actually -- I don't how willing -- what -- how much you're willing to reveal but there have been a few questions. I'm not even saying one or two like a few -- [ Laughter ] >> About your status, about your status. >> Am I married? >> Married? Single? Taken? >> Let me -- let me take -- let me take the married question. In the US, the marriage hand is on the left hand and my ring is on the right. >> Yeah. >> So no one then. >> Okay. >> That's all I'm gonna say. >> And there's no other information on your status that you're going to reveal but that's all you can say, right? >> That's all I can say. >> Okay. So guys and girls if you're listening, stop asking Jessica's status, availability questions but she is available here to ask your phone software questions. >> Right. >> Okay. Now, because you actually said you have a flip phone, I know, you know, the hardware may not necessarily be your beat but Pack Gamer [phonetic] asks what is your favorite non-smartphone? >> Really following that, but I was just in the T-Mobile store, as I said. >> Hmm. >> So, it's not applying for T-Mobile. I'm not getting paid on the site by T-Mobile, I promise. >> I am but, I'm just kidding. >> Nor am I getting paid by -- no. Anyway, let's see. They have some really neat ones in there that I looked at. I'm actually -- I don't know if I'm giving away too much but I'm really leaning towards the TM506 which is probably technically a smartphone, sorry, but it is a flip. That is the Sony Ericsson phone, really, really beautiful screen and I think it spoiled me. So whereas before, I was really content with just, you know. I just want to make calls and make my text messages and, you know, using camera fine and I don't know. I have a camera but I like better than any phone camera is gonna give me except maybe the Nokia N96. But I gotta say I'm gonna get spoiled by the screen quality. It was so sharp and so beautiful that looking from that onto some of the other Nokia flips and sliders, they just looked really fuzzy and really small so I've gotta say it's anything that has Gordo [phonetic] organization because I don't wanna press 7 buttons to start sending a text message and it's now -- it now has to have really good screen resolution. >> Yeah. Okay. Excellent. Now, here's another question we have from -- is it Jer -- Jarcoet [phonetic] and the question is also, I know it's not really an app but is there any better way for customizing and trading free ringtones than my exerttones.com? Do [stuttering] you know of any ringtone sites? I have one that I, you know, it's pretty cool but do you have any ringtone sites off the top of your head or programs that you like or use? >> Yes. >> Yes? Good. >> Yes. >> Let's talk about them. >> Well, we know that you all know how to make a ringtone using just iTunes 8. >> Oh, talking of my video, yes. >> Because -- yeah. That's was inside the secret video. [ Simultaneous Talking ] >> Yeah. Just -- yeah, just iTunes 8, if you saw it. >> A lot of people, if you like to go through a service, Fun Play is really big. So that's a good service to use for ringtones. I would prefer to make my own. You can make your own using a program freeware like Audacity. >> Yeah. >> That gives you a lot of control if you're sort of the mix master. Or if you wanna take the really, really easy route, I really recommend ToneThis. You can get it on cnetdownload.com and that's also freeware. It's for all of the novices out there. It's really basic but it works. You basically open it up and you can scroll through your own library, what's on your hard disk and you can also make wallpaper out of it. >> Excellent. Wallpaper. >> For wallpaper, you just crop the image and then you send to your phone. >> Oh, that's cool. >> So you put in all the phone details. For the ringtone aspect, you -- there's a really simple drag and drop so it brings up your track. You've got the simple drag and drop. You pull up the selection or you can do the whole track which I wouldn't recommend. >> Yeah. >> About 30 seconds is usually good. You can fade in, you can fade out. You can do standard quality to save space or you can turn it into a true tone and then you send it to the phone. It sends you a link and it also gives you helpful recommendations depending on which platform you're on, how to convert the link, you know, which is the ringtone stored on TrueTone servers, how to convert that link into your actual ringtone and then my experience is that it's always been really easy to just save it on your device and you can set it to a ringtone just there. >> So it's -- and it's free or do you have to pay for it? >> It's free. >> Wow, and it really supports a wide range of phones. >> Really a lot of them. Obviously, you wanna check on the TrueTone website before you download it to make sure that you're not disappointed and to set up, you know, and install those -- this program but it does support a lot of mass market phones out there. >> See now, that's a question. Did you -- that's a question that, you know, she just like killed. You just destroyed that question. >> Yeah, thanks for asking something I know. [ Laughter ] >> No, that was awesome. That was great. So TrueTone or -- was it TrueTone was the website with the application was called ToneThis? >> Oh, ToneThis is the website and the application. >> Okay, okay. >> It is both. >> So I'm gonna take this question. >> Yeah, let's do it. >> From NSW04002. [ Laughter ] >> Blackberry Bold or Storm, which one would I buy based on the phone itself and not taking carrier into consideration. >> I guess you can answer that too. I don't know. That's a tough one. I would say right now, if I were gonna do it, I would pick the Bold and I know that may not be the cool answer because it's not the touchscreen but I like to text a lot, I like to check my e-mail on the Blackberry. This is a business device and I use it -- when I use it, it's more as a business device. I wanna check my e-mail. I wanna check a lot of things. I wanna write a lot and I want a pretty keyboard and I wanna be able to use both my thumbs instead of one finger, unless I'm using writing pad, [inaudible]. >> Yeah, yeah. Now to me, I -- >> I know what you're gonna say. >> Well, you know what the thing is? I haven't -- until the Blackberry Bold actually physically comes out -- >> And the Storm. >> And yeah, the Storm, yeah, there are -- they've revealed details by both and I've heard people that have at least been able to play with the Storm a little more. The Bold screens pop in. The Storm has that -- that -- whole mechanic of a suspension touchscreen and being able to press it down and feel a tactile response. >> That's cool. >> I really need to see how that's executed and that would help me a lot more but because -- I'm gonna play it safe, I won't play it cool. She -- she went out right and shows the phone. I'm gonna wait and see. [ Laughter ] >> I like to wait and see. >> Fair enough. >> I like to wait and see. >> Fair enough. >> Okay. Here's one of the question. It's from -- here's another question from the -- from all you guys watching. I have the Samsung Instinct and the only true complaint I have is where are all the apps and are there any third party apps out there? Often time I had -- I'm not familiar with any but I don't know if you are. Samsung Instinct, any third party apps? >> Well, I'm gonna disappoint you. I don't -- >> I'm pretty sure there are -- >> I don't have a Samsung Instinct to play around with here. So if you wanna send me yours, I will find all the best ones out and be highly critical in critiquing of those apps for you. >> Yeah. Those -- yeah, that was one of the big things about -- that was the big -- when the Samsung Instinct was a competitor to the iPhone 3G when it first came out. One of the things is that it didn't support third party apps and obviously also the iPhone was always revolutionary with the all App Store you are now seeing, people like the T-Mobile phone and the Blackberries that are gonna be supporting their own App Store but I haven't heard or seen personally anything on the Samsung Instinct front unfortunately. >> Yeah, you know -- but to that point, I mean the point of the App Store and not the Samsung Instinct, sorry. With the App Store, I mean yeah, okay, the iPhone App Store and the Blackberry App Store, the Google Android Store that's coming out, it's kind of revolutionary but not quite to have all the apps in one place. I mean download.com had apps in one place for a while and so do -- so do a lot of sites that just support one platform and third party apps have really been keeping platforms like Palm and Windows Mobile and Blackberry running for a long, long time. >> Very fresh and more alive. >> Oh yeah, and Samsungs and Nokias and I'm pretty sure, you know, if there is capability, then there are third party apps. >> Okay. >> There always are because you always have enthusiasts who want to have something work a little bit better on that film like something, but I'm so sad that the Curve doesn't support as that little app ColorPro, that colorizer. >> Oh, yes, yes. >> The Pro Ball. >> Yeah. >> And as far as I know, that's something that worked for the Curve and it's definitely not gonna work for the Storm. >> Hmm. Hmm. Okay guys. It is 12 o'clock. I don't know, maybe if you scan through and maybe see one more question that you like, I can -- I'm gonna take a question that we've kind of been sitting on because, you know. >> Okay. I'll see one I can do too, so you first. >> Okay. Okay. I'll do one first. That is basically a little not phone related but we like to just take care of everyone. So this question is from Silos Brian [phonetic]. Do you want the new MacBook Pro, the new announcement from Apple? You know, the thing is with my situation, I have obviously a MacBook Pro here at work. I was actually really excited to get the MacBook, the new MacBook but because they don't have a FireWire 400 port on the MacBook, it really pisses me off like -- >> Getting pops from the producer over here? >> Yeah, anything -- I mean anyone who works in media -- even -- not even anyone who works in media, anyone who even on the consumer level that wants to play with video, you can't do it, well not that you can't do it but you can't import your footage through FireWire onto the MacBook. Also, another thing, FireWire Target Disk Mode which allowed you to turn your laptop into essentially a FireWire hard drive, you can't do that on the current, new MacBook that they released because there's no FireWire port. So it's really disappointing. There are a lot of creative professionals and people who are upstarts in the creative fields that won't have access to FireWire. It essentially cripples about half of the iLive Studio with iMovie and iDVD and I don't know what they were thinking, why they did it the fact that, you know, they didn't even mention that people kinda realized, "Oh my gosh, what? There's no FireWire port on it?" Bad, bad, bad, that's all I gotta say. So I just decided to rumble up the MacBook, the MacBook Pro is sexy. I like how it has the 2 graphic chips working together but I'm just not. >> Kinda have software too. I mean it's kinda relevant. >> Yeah, it does. The MacBook Pro is fine, you know. They have that FireWire entry port but it's just all bad and I'm sorry. I'm just doing a random tangent. We have a new show coming out on Friday. That is going to talk about all things Apple, good and bad and I'm telling you, I'm gonna go buck wild on it, so. >> There you are. >> Okay. Enough of that. >> And some redirects. >> Back to the editor that's here. >> Is this the final question? Final question. >> Yeah, this is back to the editor who came here for you guys to talk to you Jessica. >> To redirect, the question from Night Wing, thank you Night Wing, is what is my favorite iPhone App Store game? >> Game. >> And you can -- you can answer that. >> Okay. You go [stuttering] first. Wow, I'll think about that. >> This is my internal dorkiness coming out. I'm a real literary nerd and I like Wordle. >> Wordle? Is it like scrabble or what's it like? >> Yeah. >> I don't even know about it. >> I'm pretty sure it's called Wordle. Tom Merritt actually introduced it to me but it's a word game and it's sort of like, you know, define the word and you get points for it. So I guess the computer equivalent would be like Bookworm Deluxe. So, there are some really fun like poker games on there that I've seen that I like and I know there are a ton of adventure games but that's my favorite. If I'm gonna pass 5-10 minutes, I wanna see how many -- how many words I can get. >> Okay. I have a bunch of games. There are some great games but this one is probably like the wow, it makes -- [ Simultaneous Talking ] >> The loudest. >> Yeah, it [stuttering] --it's cool. It's just called Cube Runner. Basically, it's like these 3-dimensional cube that you use like [inaudible] sideways to navigate through these very like digital blocks but it's fun and it's like easy pickup games. I don't know. >> It's like Pacman with fuse. >> It's free too, if I recall right, Cube Runner, check it out. Okay guys. >> Okay. >> Thanks so much for coming out. Now tomorrow, we will not have an Editors' Office hours format like this. We will have Ask the Editors Live where you can type in and ask your questions in a real time chat but we will be back Friday with Ina Fried. She covers on like all things, Microsoft. >> Oh, she's good. >> Vistas, Windows, everything you could think of under the sun and she'll probably be able to help educate me a little bit. I mean I use Windows but I'm not nearly at the level of coverage and brain power that she has dedicated to it. So other than that, thanks for coming out. Again, 11:30 AM, West Coast time, 2:30 PM East Coast time, Editors' Office Hours. Thanks for coming out. Did you have a good time, Jessica? >> Oh, I had a blast. >> Okay. Excellent. We'll see you guys next time, alright? >> Bye, guys. ^M00:33:48 [ Music ]

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