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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 90: Awkward segues

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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 90: Awkward segues

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Jessica Dolcourt stops by to share the latest Samsung Galaxy rumors; Jaymar Cabebe muses on HTC becoming a music company; and Antuan Goodwin botches segue after segue on this episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

Sprint and HTC are gearing up for a big announcement on Linux and Android not so secret love affair goes public and and the galaxy S two plus one equals galaxy S three. Will be checking -- the latest rumor rumor surrounding what could be the next big phone -- and more in this week's episode of. That's right -- -- it out weekly episode number ninety for march 21 2012 I'm Antuan Goodwin. -- -- -- -- -- -- And just at all -- which Stephen Beecham on the controls Audi a ones into use ones and -- And so you have this kind of -- -- to the news. Advocate this first ones really interesting to me. And if they were starting to -- -- Images and rumors appear surrounding. The next big galaxy S phone on the Gallic -- three what's going on with. -- well. For the longest time we've been anticipating the next galaxy S phone because the galaxy SQ has sold gangbusters around McLeod lake over fifty million units. Globally and that it makes it Samsung's most old phone -- And so it's really good phone I've reviewed it ever analysis reviewed it -- logs that. And so. We -- we're wondering with Samsung gonna release the next one at mobile world congress. So I'd be like a whole or announce the next one at mobile world congress I'd be an entire year after they announced the galaxy S two -- on by. Simpson has still been really months so that it's written in and gotten the rumor mill churning. And the latest is as second photo of the week actually that appears to be pretty spot on -- robbery. And earlier leaked photo. And it -- the terms of in terms of the design sort of with -- bubble around and and it shows a white face in this picture. -- on there are differences between. This picture and the one that Scott Webster wrote about that was posted on -- it. One of those is that and today's picture which comes from GSM help -- originally. This is a touch website and -- EGR -- -- up along with others. One of the differences is that it looks like it's got Android 2.3 gingerbread on it's so and other picture -- looked more ice cream sandwich -- five. -- and so we still don't know exactly what it will look like on TouchWiz. It could look like this and might look like something else on another difference is that the other picture house sort of and the European. Version of -- controls. Below the screen and about sort of like that physical square button that you can push. And that image that we see today hands touch sensitive controls on the bottom so that still possibly accurate because. That's what we see consistently now with the Samsung galaxy series lake -- galaxy note is that physical button in Europe and in. The US it has that -- touch sensitive buttons let the controls and I for one would like to feed the physical buttons and you have. Meeting against the touch sensitive lands but I just think it looks a lot how about central button buy it. Now if you about the profile in prison in the pictures on Scott Webster -- and it looks very thin. And observers have touted being incredibly thin -- -- -- seven millimeters. The longer -- look at this one with the of -- of the of the the read it touch sensitive when it looks like that's -- -- has like outline around it it does I see that sales of it maybe both. It may be that would be crazy. Audi B 313. And sued the specs on this patent sort of followed the phone along. One point five gigahertz Quad Core. Processor could be Samsung acts announced they haven't announced the chip officially yet I -- four point -- ice cream -- -- of course. Possibly a four point eight inch. Amoled screen of course we'll have an HD resolution. Support for LTE and -- markets maybe. It's also expected to have a twelve megapixel twelve megapixel rear facing camera. I HD video capture and playback at one point three megapixel front facing camera rumors -- -- that out rule. The HD video ready with 720. -- -- has not appropriate for now and when touch pairing. Also NFC support so. You know Internet chatter suggesting that mean 27 in -- London could be -- Samsung and packed press conference room and in the mean time. The rumors are to stacking. About what about wire. Was charging -- we've seen we've seen a few pieces you know -- certain in the web about on rumors. -- this is gonna have wireless charging up to two meters away that would be awesome. To immediately sounds very thanks -- -- as slick six feet -- -- -- people use real units of measurement. And that it is just put out all dented its. Is there merit and hello now mean -- -- -- the metric system by -- people and yet at. Think in the imperial system but now I'm Beers like a long distance and it to be sending energy it doesn't seem like. It just seems very subjective science -- -- well it -- to what's the seat frames and a blue tethering it is well excuse me. It's Bluetooth I don't know if that's it was like to make it -- feeling that everybody in the room. If you have line of sight kind of gonna do anything maintaining net -- you can -- between thirty feet. With Bluetooth this just seems a little different department. Of power that's being transmitted mean. I feel like if if you walk within that six foot field of energy transfer -- -- some kind of mutation has to happen your body -- well I think you're already walking through that much radio energy at any given time it's just being at CNET. -- -- So -- mean it's needed it that kind of energy is coming out -- only. Dozens of wireless routers and and laptops and cell phones that are floating around if you could measure the innards of the a lot of -- young adults and -- what -- is being in the rumors around -- frequency on secretly hoping to develop superpowers so. Not so secretly I guess the -- started out weevil made me feel worse. Thank you conducive. -- -- -- -- -- -- Austin in work -- a team Archimedes peerless and -- -- that looks like an interesting phone big screen thin profile seems to be what people want I think it's gonna be a fantastic app. It's pretty much the phone that anyone would design if they can assign the galaxy S two with Canada and being. Let's -- -- -- -- excitement -- around injury kind of phone it was a it was a it was a the -- them. -- I don't know with a we're looking for is but it. One of those points were just like -- -- galaxy S two that's something I know that regular people knew. But the galaxy S two was and it attracted a lot of attention to and during the -- the F three -- Possibly be something. And it would be really easy for it right on the success of the galaxy S two I mean it will definitely be Samsung's flagship -- bind it was no mistake I mean -- and robot marketing money behind it. Immediate global. There are four versions -- the -- in the US and three carriers. So. I mean that's that's not a mistake they've tried to make it ubiquitous they are gunning for -- -- like. The dvd. Against the marketing student in me is like yeah that that their stake in the galaxy. As like a name or whatever galaxy nexus galaxy S galaxy blob of the bug that. It that keeps things in people's mind repetition of what healthy -- remember and. Right it's the product family in HTC is doing the same with its HTC one family of found them. Which are things I just gave me the perfect thank like month and you could not as good segue. Lula got a jump -- that bring in HTC. I have. I get started sending out invitations. To an event -- -- on April 4. There was anyone we know have one of these invitations yes we know -- -- -- -- Com. Do you know who don't -- and -- -- out of it as a -- -- -- -- -- in misuse incidents I'm Brian Bennett in New York will be. Presiding at that event. Other basically as sprint isn't just as the secret of -- -- they did when with Kyocera. And it turned out to be the Kyocera act adams' big. Production with David bullying in like a cube or something -- suspended. Liberty are. This might be a little bit more toned down. So we did talk about HTC one family of phones that was announced at mobile world congress this comprises three phones. There's enough hire an HTC one acts that's part of -- -- all of the features. She set features that you want the -- HTC one test which is also -- -- pretty good looking phone and that's gonna be for T-Mobile. The one -- is already. Assigned to AT&T. Which doesn't mean that it couldn't come to sprint and that's -- probably everyone would once. But I also have this alternate theory. And that it could be the HTC -- of meat which is the most entry level and there is a -- yesterday -- surfaced yesterday. At that -- might come to Virgin Mobile and guess who and Virgin Mobile. -- -- sprint. Says sprint has this mobile and Virgin Mobile. And yet there is a possibility I mean sprint runs them I don't know if differently -- lake run a lot of their own. Of -- but. It could be so I mean I feel like it could go either way I'm hopefully. This is an HTC one phone would be great if it were the one -- By -- to the big one that that is sort of like Debian on a gap just in terms of features that the larger found. And so bill slightly toned down one -- for T-Mobile is still going to be a really -- fountain of unseat one of bed. Overall feature so these are all ice cream sandwich phones and they all have well actually that's not true. -- they all have an image processing check the basically promises zero shutter lag. And I tested it out and Barcelona and it was pretty awesome. So often you know you take the picture and it's -- -- taken. Zero point seven seconds and if you leave your finger on the screen well actually repeat pictures he just talked first about who. So that's -- and part of it anymore there's no setting for percent. You just keep you just press and hold for like. Two seconds and you've just taken like three shots. The wrath of pretty awesome -- -- had -- the center leg -- Kind of a it's an issue on Smartphones. -- -- for me getting geek it is an issue on any camera in getting to the camera app on a Smartphone. And by the time I get there it's like out -- -- -- is that and a hardware -- at the hardware button and -- -- -- -- you can like speed -- that sort of like Timberlake. And I mean also speeding -- focuses if it is that -- of their working on my dual speed auto focus. Well the picture takes some really quickly -- yes -- -- -- they have done it on to so I think in unless there any leaks -- -- way we're just gonna have to send reminder for a little while and hope. Well it is a little wild when it reports. -- -- -- Two weeks yeah -- and the -- brand mention was that. If if it is the issue C one -- that it might only be dual core rather -- the Quad Core that the rest of that the rest of the -- got to see ranked. That yet and there's reason for about I took a look at that at mobile world congress as well I -- The Quad Core version of -- TC one axes using Nvidia tegra three. There which does not support LTE at this time and that's why. The are switching to -- dual core Qualcomm chip them for. -- HTC one -- for AT&T. Sprint doesn't have four GL TE. Yet it could be the first LTE phone for sprint possibly although one has already been announced. And -- -- -- this ins and outs in access. However it is also possible. This could be a tax. On forge. Whatever it is. And it. That is gonna be in the treatment thinks it could be more David Blaine and they're really weird Kyocera echo dual screen -- we had not happy that I could. I'm not that this -- -- in New York that week it was David Blaine and when you call me. A select and -- -- there. Deftly -- for one thing that that I would happily rushed over to you there's not a good -- and off the hook up. Don't know if I tie this together. -- -- David Blaine. I am a fan of David Blaine work he could -- -- -- -- What religion and you can still didn't know who else are secretly love is the -- -- over Linux and Android. We've got news that lets -- let's kill that -- -- They just say that Linux and Android we just got some news. -- -- this week from a Stephenson ankle and that basically an article states that the newest version of the Linux kernel version 3.3. -- is actually pulling. Code from the open source -- Google Android project. -- -- I -- reintegrated into. The Linux core what's interesting is that. Android is it's no secret if its offshoot of Linux -- And so it you know basically peeled off from the -- the -- treat -- no breach of of Linux in it. Was honed in developed for the the the mobile space. -- now all of the against the -- if you wanna call it that of this tree is -- actually pulling back from that branch in this kind of like I guess what's interesting is you see this happen a lot. As well as Linux is developing. There are a little smaller. Smaller branches smaller release client smaller version updates and data that are happening all over the place and you think split off. And some of them don't go anywhere you know they're like oh we're gonna try to do this other thing. We're gonna maybe try to you know. Develop. -- optimize for this sort of use case and maybe editing go anywhere but sometimes they do go places and they become things like Ubuntu. Or. What if it was a damn small Linux. These like different versions of -- -- and sometimes they come back to the the the core kernel with that if the things that you learn developing the smaller versions of Linux. I can be used to be reintegrated back into the trunk and is what we're seeing happen right now. With with Android is a lot of the lessons that have been learned developing for the mobile. And optimizing for the mobile space are being. Brought back into the mainline kernel around. So what is the net result is is that it'll be a lot easier for developers. To develop across these different platforms -- -- would probably mean. Features would be released a little bit faster and updates would be released -- and things like that right so there's there's the there's a chance that. You know any sort of -- I guess what this is kind of a reminder of is that. Developments that happening in the core. Of clinics. Anything that you learned -- technical -- and that you also learn pre injury in a lot of cases in the same thing with injury to others. You know it's -- for -- a reminder of like the sort of cross talk. And -- between two different away from developing. I guess that the two different chunks of that development. But there's also an interesting thing -- -- talks about about a a boot to injury user space but in quotation marks. Basically saying that. Potentially. An injury developer could develop in the corps colonel. And then output you know -- -- or something to injury. Instead of using customized tools a specifically for injury in -- -- situation -- killing two birds with one stone. Attitudes there's some interesting things in -- yeah I mean that sounds like you might you can open the floodgates to -- little bit more for app development. I mean anything that you can do to make app development. And I easier. I definitely sort of speeds up the process I'm noticing that I find interesting about this is that it reminds me sort of of what we're seeing. And Apple space. Where a lot of the developments and features in an in app so we're seeing now and developed for IOS. Are starting to pop up in the next version of OS-X. I can never remember what kind of and relatives. Giant arm outline -- lion yes some sort of some sort of vote and there is constant guessing. -- it gets sent throughout my dad now but investment at before the show that -- fifth and keep wanting to see that there. Mac OS-X six -- that are now basically is like pulling a lot of the you know that the new app and that the cloud integration. And I things that -- starting to see in IOS. And so this is not something that the room. Specific. I think. To. And we also see the same thing. In the windows space were really you know basically windows eight start to look a hell of a lot like Windows Mobile food. Windows Phone -- his numbers are calling it that. Via we're certainly see that so. Across the board were seeing like -- three different definitely three very different operating system certainly do very similar things as far as. -- in the convergence. Time of the mobile technology in the the more -- copy. Less mobile technology. From the ecosystem yeah area. And eloquence is not my strong point. The jets that's what's interesting there and want to touch on that. Speaking of ecosystems. Fifty couldn't -- Them -- Android apps are available in the Android ecosystem they are. And a recent study out of Purdue University alum. It it basically taught us -- showed us that. Free Android apps -- -- 75%. Of its of their power on patents which means they waste actually more power than the paid versions of those same apps. And Washington's interest -- what do you guys think. I can understand. Accident happened to me then -- require -- -- 75%. More power. That's an interesting I mean I can understand bandwidth because they're like serving -- -- mean Apple's take up between the the -- still take a ton of -- -- usually they'll text in the small image and I but then I guess -- rendering those things and and and and calling them. And up and in sometimes doing transitions between them. Overlaying them on Yahoo! -- -- -- after actually doings urges those interstate shall answer -- pop up in between each function. Every time you finish a drawing. How worried are you on that game but if there's anything I'm just saying I'm avoiding -- with me. -- with friends that just something Johnson now yeah I'm avoiding that on purpose. I just don't have time in my life and -- -- -- good and or you'll find the time trust that's. -- -- -- Of yeah so the -- through basically -- -- 5% more power so I essentially. Does it pay if it pays to pay for your apnea -- And a few if -- using the free version of the app there's like another reason to. Helping to develop around a little bit I mean -- if if if -- -- of -- -- -- personal use I if there's an app that I like and it's two bucks. And there's the paid version. Somebody put time into building that happen that's the reason that I. -- -- that's because -- alias them some -- in his basement. You know just. Built -- step in his spare time you -- books for coffee. So what I want -- -- from a developer standpoint I guess that depends on how popular your app is. Do you make more money selling -- -- -- -- -- Germany and. You probably make more money from the -- -- that's a long tail. -- them -- longer somebody please. Your game for example. If you want to help the developer out and you -- -- sacrifice more of your battery power and -- who played a game often. Not often. Insert yourself more patents. And it at one way to look at it and anything that's even more more so evident on the Android platform. Because I think actually and -- lasts a lot more people are willing to pay for the premium versions of apps. Just from what I've read them. And -- at an updated. So and so lesson. When you elicit particular program I've -- at the -- we're basically looking into different directions right now between -- My opinion it just doesn't -- planning an upgrade my time stuck -- ninety act. So the lesson is based based on both of your opinions. When you're gonna want to do is. Buying the premium version of the app then delete that. Download the free version of the app -- and then leave that on so that it continues to serve up ads team. Or does the best -- -- -- -- better for the environment. You're drawing less power from the grid charging your -- thing. I think we've got a winner. -- -- eco eco and on that. Paid apps -- the toll free it's the marketplace. And with that of a -- -- -- -- -- we're gonna take a quick break. It before we do -- I'm gonna shamelessly plug -- and on the special podcast. Edition of dialed in that's coming up at 11 o'clock and just about. Well whenever these guys are done. -- gonna be talking about early termination fees on -- carriers you can sadness here at last minute or stories and tips at dialed in and cnet.com. There will also be an opportunity to call -- live. But you can also just -- -- -- -- the voicemail to -- complainant and I didn't emirates and urged. That -- -- VGAs to rent it out and Collins 186642. CNET or -- -- lively. -- 88900. Okay. -- -- diet greatly you can always it to be will be right back. -- Those creepy creepy voice underneath the -- thing there are -- and RA. So yell it's gonna get back into it -- ACC news here. When he got what he got some in what's up well this is a CCs and make -- a lot of music he. Musical I have noticed -- -- -- to get involved would be right. And now it looks like they are HCC and beats -- Are in talks to acquire. -- Music streaming service mall -- And so -- looks like. That if the rumor is that there's already actually been a contract signed a Mindy just haven't needed public yet. So for -- -- you don't know monkeys and Internet -- Yahoo! a sort of streaming service. I -- similar to pandora Spotify. -- -- -- case I think it's kind of like a Spotify I think it's more so the the you can choose your -- during -- -- the on demand. -- kind of -- rather than just the radeon -- they also have. I think if you actually have a radio function now -- or some sort of thing where you can just hit -- -- junk starts coming out of it. Hmmm I mean a thing and Ahmad is that there their catalog doesn't seem to be as big -- lot of the other options right. Yeah I edit the the thing for me is a -- I've actually used -- on a couple of occasions they have a partnership BMW or something in and we -- we get a chance to -- -- -- their integration and it. Into that than BMW sort of Kevin technology suite it was -- that bad that I think I've -- by the time. -- -- up on my radar I was are really kind of -- is committed to paying out -- I am and you really wanna jump services or whatnot but now that's not to -- to -- that anything it does anything negative about -- service. It's just a -- and I mean -- them what is it 500000. Active users fourteen million tracks fourteen million. I mean it sounds like a lot but compared to some of the other options out -- I'm not sure exactly -- With Spotify has but I knew I do know Spotify has somewhere around ten million active users -- right they've got to be -- in the something. That they the interest seeing things here. Is that the standard right now as things are now is when you sign up for -- -- you can listen to music all you want -- your desktop. But if you want to listen to your phone that's when you gotta start coming up. -- yet to be things are paying them a ten dollar a month -- its subscription fee. To. Stream or download music to your mobile phone now wondering if ACC is a plan to acquire them. I mean that we'll start seeing some sort of a deal where oh yeah you have -- -- TC phone. Mean you don't have to pay that premium service -- -- east TC faux wood beats audio comes with a marks service. And then there -- some sort of -- way to monetize that mean he was dead. That's and is -- -- I am I mean it's. If it's a way to get them to get users to adopt that service right off the -- rain right when they get their phone boom there -- And are locked in for ever. Enemy and they can they demean it the potential to the user ten dollar per month savings. Whether you're gonna use -- or Spotify in the cost about the same -- Sunny yet this could be. You know again. Tied into the whole ACC trend of make themselves. Music phone company meteor even you know just it's you know saying that yet these -- quarter and quote music phones. And it's it's. It's. I guess the thing about the the things where veterans are going. Here's from a trip to Moscow -- it does mean the iPhone kind of first came out. Its coming office success of the iPod so a lot of people thought of the iPhone at the beginning and -- music phone now you know people. Tenet tend to forget there's actually iPod function in -- -- -- -- -- Iran. But yet this could be elected and interesting way for -- -- to team -- a lot of attention to add some value to their phones -- to. You know that I mean in some more value for that beats technology I think you're definitely right about them adding value to their phones but I. I don't think that what they're trying to do is replicate that success -- Now think that Apple but I just like me as Kazaa be impossible and is many times possible on infidelity. There's no okay your email -- -- gone through and I. It's it's also worth pointing out that cricket wireless is doing similar things that Samsung vitality and you've purchased -- phones and you get a music -- -- included. And that it's kind of an experiment they're doing that forever you get their music service ever I think it's -- company that comes with -- contract on the phone so it's it's a new experiment that a I guess a lot of filmmakers and and it's an uninteresting one. I think crickets can upload their edit their provider. Yeah and you don't need to vote on -- right but as -- and vitality -- -- receiving about ACC is like the I guess I don't -- I guess unless they -- -- of sort of content of credit I don't believe they get in sort of long tail. You know funding on your purchase of the phones just. You -- -- photo and -- CC gets their cut -- what you pay your provider and your relationship with them kind of in there. Nam which is you know -- reason that I've talked about model in the -- was last year -- like why. It takes sometimes. These that manufacturers a long time to come out with updates it's -- there's no real financial impetus for them to do it. I'm. Leo like you know -- HTC sort of getting. Getting in on this may -- media and maybe it's not something they're planning on. A line that you just basically giving too there that the producers of their -- that may be they're seeing this as a revenue stream firm. Continuing to make money off of any TC phone purchased by simply bundling it into HTC sense. And then making you pay for -- and and I mean I also think -- it's it's a huge branding opportunity for them you know since -- They've already integrated beats audio stuff and of their phones and now they just kind of -- And logged in NT authority matches that sort of like in light heats corporate identity. Right to the here's an interesting. Interesting thing an -- Called. I read it is fine. Was actually banned from the Google played. From Google play the Google placed door -- -- -- and now as the Google makes a case as important to note that this is not an official read it app now the official rated app. It's still there. But this when -- actually was banned from the market for BI. I'm basically a high maturity and AB's we have -- a tree content. Suggested -- sexual references -- not safe for work basically being nasty for work. Which is interesting because in remembering that's already there. I guess that's -- I go to read it before they get their disparate sections of rated that are a little more tame. But it seems like that's the reason that this app was banned. You think -- -- -- you know. I mean Google and Google's guidelines state that you know pornography is not permitted in Google played by. But it's interesting because credits you know like you said a lot of their content is not safe for work and -- do you promote sort of an open freedom of speech. Yet -- around the planet may be only about 10% of it is not safe for core hurt. -- but it most of the stuff is just but I mean a lot of the stuff that people linked to happens to be CNET. -- you know efforts for people who heard her coming from outside of Randy you know people were just on FaceBook and click on a random links sometimes and bring you tea did -- -- from. I -- the tricky thing here though is that I mean. The easiest way to get -- for the browser so. I have if I guess if a browser came pre -- -- guess the question would be is -- the case of do you know if we're using the the app -- and -- for browser. You know. It's not that the app gives you access to pornography but maybe it had shortcuts built into it and -- maybe that's the reason. What would keep an. A browser from being subject to this sort of -- -- if you downloaded dolphin. And dolphin HD in the default links that came with it included porn sites. Then maybe dolphin would have a problem. They be facing a similar problem here. Right right so -- and -- so you're saying is should any app that contains a link to. Not safe for work -- porn content should that be banned from Google plan I think the answer is no provision I mean unless it comes. Right on board. -- as a shortcut and I feel like. At the it gets tricky when you start gaining and inspiring thing thinkpad. -- is. That are suited. Not go down the slippery slope -- kind of saying like -- were just you know. I guess some of it's it's difficult to two. -- -- -- -- -- It's going to Adobe people -- -- without calling it censorship. And so a part of me you know thinks it will either the terms of the the the placed door yeah -- -- -- -- report. Sorry. And so. I Philly media if there were. -- steps taken to meet the -- harder to get to you and me and I don't know how we're in sensor. I don't know for an -- the portal is on the app completely open it up as a -- blue -- to the net feet -- -- degrade it opens in two point just an ailment which is -- and you have to use links to get to another and oh yes and the links are hidden behind the door behind the yet to see what actually selects routes to Cripple -- pictures. Warned today actually now I -- Yet it's tricky -- and and without actually having used the app it's difficult for me to. To a to say whether -- is in a case of of Google being evil or not. Part of the most to -- though first impression with the -- -- -- general censorship we tend to think of that is evil but at the same time. Google is allowed to have their own guidelines. For their Google -- store. -- and I mean its its view you mean if you don't have the third guidelines and -- open a whole different door. Of people try to come in. And incidents -- for you even the last -- you want is some sort of other. -- group or government coming in -- like hey you can't just have worn all over the Google -- -- Store. Market. It's really hard for me that. Electric -- -- -- statement is difficult to to you know to you -- the last thing -- -- someone else communion telling Google now what to -- in south Philly kids. -- for -- case of the need them the monster that you now. Is better than the -- that you don't. Rent. Speaking of apps here's an interesting. Because that I always thought that that the that the the headline. This is a little bit weird but it's how to get the ice cream sandwich launcher on your -- -- device. Yeah I -- attitude -- it was in -- in about my first thought is like root it and installed incorporated. But apparently this solution. Does not require. Which you root your phone. Okay I was thinking something totally different equipment because the headline is get the ice cream sandwich launcher on your gingerbread -- on -- gingerbread device. I was picturing -- actual physical. Ice cream sandwich launcher something like a T shirt -- -- -- yes -- should I want that on my gingerbread. Please. And it yet fill it with the how are we doing this we're doing this with that Phoenix -- that basically an alternative. An alternate launcher something that if -- -- a listeners longtime listener should be familiar with -- the concept of an alternate launcher. And a BC merely replaces the start launcher of your gingerbread phone. -- The -- -- a modified version. The tan. I think sandwiched. Launcher -- -- two different versions of this there's a free version of the launcher. That basically include some very. Basic sort of -- and ice cream sandwich from wall papers couple they give -- like five home screens and in this sort of thing and then there's the pro version that allows you to -- to get in there. And I do -- speaking. Gives you a choice of the number of vote different work speaks is that you have. And that but obviously it's it's just the skin and it basically is changing army unit exchange area your kernel. But everything and should -- -- -- screen shots now. You know through them through the ice cream sandwich range unless your phone already does it right net. So yeah it's. It's basically if you want the look and feel of of ice cream sandwich on for your friend at the barn to think you that you actually -- which until being. In its you've some kind of -- hacked -- themed sandwich onto your faux news is probably the best way. And easiest way to do it and I and if -- there was launcher is very cool looking. -- and then there's a little when in my brain. You know that I had -- and -- a fish physical ice cream -- -- -- its units SE your photo and and if you want a complete. The look you can get the guys that there's camera app and -- -- keyboard the link for both in the bottom of that same article. Right now finally lets a -- and -- talk about what's. Our app of the week yeah. -- -- I actually wrote about a few days someone someone actually emailed to us. It's called the -- will -- market for enjoy it and basically it's. It's sort of a subset of the full Google -- market but what it doesn't is it just filters out only. It filters out the phone apps -- and so it serves up only the tablet specific tablet optimize apps. I'm for -- and act and its its people driven so there's actually a team that cure -- this market and and they've got a lot of stuff in their from what I've seen. You know it's it's really useful it and it actually does serve up only tablet optimize apps and I guess what that means they have -- there. They have their criteria. That must be met before. An app can be included in. In this market -- for instance of the app cannot look identical to its phone counterpart. If if there is a phone counterpart obviously. -- -- In it should take. Take advantage of the Android action bar or the fragments API and in a -- CPI's sort of like frames -- you know which which allows different actions to be. Taken on as original as if it were. Fragments little I think you need to be tossing around the word friend with -- fragmentation of the four letter word right I mean that's actually what it's called don't. -- and knows something else okay well. And at the Android. Android team and if that's what they call out on the idea that could. But yeah I mean from what I've seen it's in works really well and you can shop through -- You download the app and then you open up that app and then that opens you up to market -- you shop through those apps and then. And in each page will bring you then. To use the download page on the Google placed -- -- -- -- like. I guess that's in likeness but it succumb without saying that -- -- tablet specific -- case. Very big lots of space big buttons -- the side -- I -- so he would definitely need of up to their Yahoo! and sort of standards and that's sidebar has enabled by the fragmenting yet but -- -- -- to -- that one -- time. Every time fragment times. And yeah. That's our listeners -- content that. As the NFR app of the week that is that's actually very cool but there's a few candidates any tablet you don't wanna be. Scaling your apps and -- -- -- Mercury re sample and it's and it's worth mentioning that there is a free version and a pro version. The pro gives you advanced search functionality so you can actually filter by stars price. I'm most downloaded -- top rated nine and having it's totally worth it so. Support the developers. Get the pro version or support the environment at the free version. -- -- -- That's backwards. You know now I don't know I think -- interest and -- everybody and then there's the paid version of an app that a -- -- versions. Let's and that lets leave that there that was just weird in and let's jump down into the emails. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have. They import -- to the area of one voice mail from a caller who has recently switched from IOS. It was all Apple fan boy and now he's moving in -- -- some -- the -- cutoff could -- and it's really long dominant played the first part. Direct podcast of course -- -- will -- cost efficient. Potential users and released in order to double Sutton and to think -- when I came out of band -- budget. -- Apple scramble. But two weeks ago -- made the switch or rest of the galaxy note -- It's huge development and then sell Android trot out that there are people that want and I. So -- up -- I have a problem list. Make the transition from IOS ecosystem. Do -- those were. -- -- and an activity you'd be resources or anything like that. -- -- they're doing Google -- there's a lot of talk about. Two years ago period ago. But there's -- recent actors aren't. About how to do the speaking or. -- -- tradition covered a lot of people just like me out. I like that that Hewlett where lock and works great nick jumped and -- on -- can be altered our support. So any advice for earned this gentleman. Who is changing from iPhone to Android rates we do you actually you have. In page and trying to -- -- -- -- now. Around -- we we do have a how to article by. By the lovely Sharon vaknin here at CNET its how to switch from iPhone Android basically there's -- there's a video there's a really clear step by step process starting with. You know getting your Google account started if you don't already have one switching your contacts over. -- calendar in notes photos and videos all that -- it's it's really simple it's really clear. And I think you should definitely check it out I think is exactly what you're looking for poses -- and he never gave his name. Seattle -- there this'll be in the show notes so go and check out and hopefully -- -- it's actually pretty simple that I think it -- The biggest thing -- is is gonna be like finding analogue to the app that you love. -- -- versions of the app that you love or. Simply just giving them up and you know -- moving on to something else. As far as you know. It whether the apps are cross platform -- there's a better version on Android or whatever to feel like an -- Graham -- -- for example. Waiting around for the -- versions -- -- grammar just finding a different way to. To sort of that achieves that -- same photograph photo sharing. System and -- -- lot of really good ways to do that on Android. But did so it's it's it's -- -- things that you're gonna wanna while look at. Very good point. And finally we have an email. We have a single email today from -- Dresser he's he writes. If I didn't Android tablet and I uninstall the apps from my Droid X can I download the paid ones to my tablet for free. You guys do good work thanks thanks -- -- I mean the short answer is yeah. The long answer is -- You pass a long history is just as long as you use the same Google account on your tablet in your phone -- -- -- -- Work Gmail address. And you use after your tablet your personally address for your your home computer in if you bought the apps. Using that other count times and then there's going to be some issues getting -- lets you install -- lets you you sign into both accounts on your new tablet. Ran -- Google and Google -- does allow -- to to switch between accounts were you when you're shopping says is make sure you pull up. The the right account the -- that -- purchase those apps on on your Droid X. And then you know go to the menu and go to my apps and and you can scroll down and -- through apps that you installed previously apps that you purchased. And and you can easily just click on the when he -- purchase and have installed on -- tablet. Or you can do it on your desktop by going to that Google placed door. I'm going to the the ghostly you know find any sort of paid apps that you want to reinstall on your phone. And then die in the drop down -- chief tablet so your phone and should actually push the app to your phone there he wants to remotely happening around on the touch screen. Lastly edits should be the easy answer to your question. That's it for this week's show -- You can find the suit notes for this week's show along with a bunch of other injury tips tricks tricks. -- -- with 300 users and our forums at cnet.com slash injury -- atlas. You can stream the show every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific. Cnet.com slash live. If you got a question or comment you can email to us that in for an analyst at cnet.com. We give us -- -- -- a voice dial 866344. CNET at 86634426. The create and were all on Twitter also team RUR I -- at. On Twitter and just the next house can be here today but his duties -- not my real name and -- think think. At -- -- at an excuse for coming in on -- for coming in Finland -- Authority -- that that we'll see -- next -- --
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