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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 58: Droids are selling like Hot Cakes!

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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 58: Droids are selling like Hot Cakes!

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Droids are selling like hotcakes, Google TV's not, and we're moving! All that and more on this week's Android Atlas Weekly.

Story selling like hotcakes schools TV not so much and were removed and all that more on this week's edition of -- -- weekly for July 28 when eleven I'm just like this on -- and when Goodman. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet that in because unlike what is that what's the opposite of jet lag when you when you're -- flags -- -- -- You're just hired you have been and -- -- twenty -- in the -- this week. -- to send you intact and then when -- -- -- I spent forty standing in line. A 44 days standing in line at comic -- -- to -- stuff. That's insane but it was fun it was spine is like it's officially -- -- place honors for four days. Right now it is -- happening -- not yet. And you brought back -- I did I brought back what cities and appreciative about I get a grand total of four of these the -- -- and rates. A -- publicity series one figures and then also. This one of the four exclusive figures that's pretty awesome looking at it really nifty to. -- actually brought back like either of them and giving a bunch of them -- -- -- and -- So generous millions -- man made -- payment from them. In the codecs and more of like a more like an Android figured drug mule. This went down -- the middleman pick them up and I came back in full and people. All right well showing. Jump into some news let's let's -- -- into as soon we talked about this and before are weeklong hiatus. -- -- in Canada by the way but I have -- Android -- report. From Canada. Injury in Mecca there I would think so and benevolent side had -- actually. -- Amazon. Is reportedly who you know launching tablets the seven -- -- -- inch tablet. And I think we have some more definitive news Adam. Digi times this week. He knows they've looked in two orders that Amazon -- -- has were pleased with. Taiwanese. Chip firms in of rate of other suppliers. Innocent of all saying that -- looks like Amazon is looking to produce two to four million tablets which will be color LCDs. Com and chip mean what is this some time in. -- -- Three. -- -- -- see -- think they're looking to sell to four million. Not an exact figure but it I think it says -- in the third quarter. So nothing we didn't know here are still you know what's -- without a camera. They say. And it's not meant to replace the Kindle but go alongside the Kindle rate this kind of weird. In the Kindle is its cheap. Incidents. Ended its unit at the and so waited it has a lot of things going for it that you know Mary keeping it around. As opposed to you know dropping it in favor of in favor of the tablet. -- -- I think it makes sense to keep it around him I guess it depends on price points than me. Let me let you like people buying -- slowly the built in thing with a Kindle -- if you get the Kindle. Three G it and wherever you you -- that sort of data plan built into it. It's early not to mean they're gonna offer on that Apple just because it's gonna be too much the unit coming along for them -- subsidize it. Yet. Yet that is if they truth that we don't know anything for sure now that -- that are you know more definitive rumors. So -- nearly well mean you know if there's if there's going to be some sort of like cool thing -- it's like if you're an Amazon prime member you can stream the videos for free beyond the tablets. If you can already stream -- -- -- -- on the site's been. In attitude to be able to you know. Well there's flash -- -- should be able to just put it brown -- and it leaves were it'd be cool if we're known out when the -- with -- like others like. -- -- -- -- Amazon -- an entity. Pretty all of -- except for -- Well that I mean I -- proud times -- ship stuff yet. The the videos. This election is bad I ended kind of overlaps Netflix -- an analog grades and and a lot of places so if I given the choice between -- something. And the online Amazon prime player or on my Xbox with Netflix. I used to go to. -- Com aren't that's -- -- at Samsung. Talk about them so. They are big company. And ironically to the story -- our -- think their biggest customers Apple. And it should consider getting with it -- -- second lawsuit bouncing back and -- but here Rihanna stories that. Says that Samsung has passed Nokia and may have passed Apple in global Smartphone sales during the second quarter. According to estimates from strategy analytics. -- -- so they're saying that Samsung sold -- between eighteen and twenty million. And one million phones. Compared to Apple we -- -- -- -- point three million. So at the high end Samsung could have sold more phones than Apple. Now it's important to note -- Samsung makes other phones that are not standard phones or. Think especially developing markets and the low end com. And but you know still putting up big numbers here. And also passing Nokia which sold sixteen point seven -- so even at the low in their past Nokia which. I guess the most shocking thing here to me is that -- -- sixty point seven million phones. Last quarter -- Samsung you know. Really. It and Pennsauken to see them put these kind of numbers and yes. Well I mean you know there of the Smartphone market is it -- -- -- anything. Plump -- -- talked occasionally. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I mean is that there is the V this Smartphone market is continuing to grow. And so. It didn't surprise me that you know more more players are -- themselves and there and I mean -- as much as if Apple is -- -- huge player. I feel like worldwide -- they're still kind of -- You know so -- -- in order to see someone like Samsung who has probably better brand name recognition worldwide globally. -- you -- slide happens into that into this growing market and take a bigger -- as supposedly. According to this report. It doesn't surprise me at all but I don't think it's -- -- -- you know indicative of who's winning or anything like that it's just it's just markets are -- things go back and forth and again Apple's not in every market that Samsung and Nokia on the Feldman. That's true so let's talk about the US market for -- let's -- US market for -- so if you look at the numbers from June according to Nielsen. An underage it was the dominant. -- sold to operating system -- phone operating system in the month of June. With 39%. Of the -- -- in the US. With Apple IOS 28% and rim. -- -- -- -- -- So. This isn't a specific carrier were talking about here as as this does break it down by carrier. You know not unexpected and along the trend we've been seen all along that. You know when you have so many different manufacturers of entry phones. You know there just -- Unless they totally sucked -- it dominate you is it's very it's kind of like the -- the same metaphor you can use or and we -- have numbers. Not been -- to -- the laptop market. And -- you compare windows or windows PCs to. Apple PC any Apple laptops in the Mac -- MacBook and MacBook Air like a mean of course. You gonna sell like a ton more. When news PCs and you will Apple computers is because there's only one manufacturer that's true with attitudes survey in this are -- -- 12345. Windows laptops and just under an Arafat yet written well mean but it's it's I think it tells about the -- marketers and it absorb. And the at and networks but it does it -- -- beyond me. But -- Africa -- went was of that well I think Apple find that. I think Apple's just OK with that the author of -- small. They and even though they are continuing to grow and are huge company and make billions of dollars a year on their iTunes sales and what -- I think there is had a happy with that sort of you know Apple were small and nimble and become the best products for the little guy -- How with a therapist. Maybe they've come to -- with that on a computer science and I think on the phones that they're gonna win their -- I think. Ascetic Steve Jobs and expect clear yet what I mean at the same time I think in does they they can still win disturbing they have. Because -- ecosystem is in eco system of selling you an ecosystem. In a Samsung makes the box off -- -- the phone. You know it costs this many you know hundred it was -- 500 bucks per we're gonna get this many bucks -- -- -- -- and -- and money in there. But I mean Apple slows your phone and -- -- Kidnapped from their App Store and you can -- download music from their marketplace and you rent videos from their marketplace. So they're selling you an ecosystem this is not directly profit. It -- exactly it is not a measure of revenue the other -- it's not somewhere cattle are still many times the revenue -- them. And any and every -- still as a continuous revenue stream. Enemy know we're arguing Google vs Apple. And it's a different argument because through its chunk of everything you buying in the injury market. -- Samsung HTC Motorola. The buck stops there once what -- there was -- one -- Somewhat and the most area and -- dinner scene thing here Darren is very colorful chart at sort of lists the top manufacturers. -- -- frame accurate. And -- Samsung. Is between massive numbers worldwide in the US HTC owns American 14%. Followed by -- -- rose 11% and Samsung with eight. There -- girls at six. And Microsoft it's like a nice chunk at -- -- right for every phone sold I don't know who's the real winner here. Panels will not know if the patent litigation it's from Sunday as -- -- aren't so. Selling massive amounts 300 phones. But. There's a secret here and there well I think there is. According to. You know this. Is -- techcrunch article. The return rates on -- hundred phones are between thirty and 40%. To give you some. Method of comparison and Apple's return rate. Is a reportedly one point 7%. So that's a massive difference. I think again. The numbers. Tell a story but and I'm always interested in the story behind the numbers -- in I think that if somebody. Is looking to buy an iPhone. They're looking to -- on the -- decision that I want an iPhone and so when they get an iPhone and scrap. It to -- -- the Apple Store -- -- you know right found and I don't know how that factors into the numbers here. But with Android phones -- such. Choice and -- everyone who bought the Detroit three this week. Wind the window that betrayed -- and it comes out maybe. In two weeks. They're gonna be -- for that well -- still within the return policy -- yes your return destroyed -- anything -- -- ion mission. -- -- more of two -- it's the switch rate and it return rate. Yeah I'm not sure how old the numbers factor -- the and I feel like. The thing is -- -- this before. -- -- buyer's remorse is part of the injury to ownership experience consistent as you buy a phone. There's going to be better one at -- AA you know there was there is an announcement. Last week of what is this that that the Droid. When the name to Nara. -- are their employees if there were rumors of some. Over phone from Motorola coming out for -- this year the robotics not even out yet you know and so it's. You know before everyone who's been spending all year going. She got by the social away from the drip on action about the thunder -- in -- -- for the trip on its a look at the galaxy black -- for the bionic. In their heads as soon as that rumor comes -- went. Sit up by the turbine actually -- the -- so -- they inflict. If if there's always something better -- on the horizon in a Philip a lot of a lot of three donors. Are entering. All by that that I think -- also has to be some of the you know we love and -- that's clear right so. But. Part of always -- about it the advanced features and openness and the ability to bunch of you know. Technical things with -- are also its downfall you know if you know they're here. It was a little disasters that. If you you -- look at an Android phone. It could be somewhat complex. Account not at all He notes up iPad there's a standard tablet. As complex that. I think there's a lot of things that are just more complex less user friendly still like. Even the menus you know iPhone always has menus at the bottom you com Android you have to know -- to press the menu button. A you have to know what skin and -- persons using like. You know I I only own one phone. But I get questions all the time about lake and loyalty exists and -- and go find a Samsung phone for example. To figure out exactly what the menus called in to talks TouchWiz interface new markets. He can do the same things but it you know there are four different ways to do them at the very least. I just based on the cost and skin and the aid at the -- -- -- No so their hard -- sport but they're also hard attribute to use -- -- it's and harder yet and I've known other 4039%. Harder. I don't think so. That. You know if you've never used to Smartphone before. I think it's gonna be a little intimidated and think that -- OS has me slightly less intimidating for new users you. So that's what I am actually as techcrunch article speculates could be drive in this but it obviously there's a lot we don't know that's. There's little while we know little about the world general well is very little about the world now excellent while the -- questions for you after the break. Cystic with a -- -- a lot more a lot more Samsung galaxy to -- actually. We'll be back office. And we're back. You've got some of an equipment. -- -- so we've got some since I -- exit the opportunity like this little figures are now. -- little awkward and I'm sure that our. Our of our -- users are not in on that if church match -- we do is we -- -- -- we promised some Samsung galaxy yes to news. -- Samsung galaxy gas of the startup there's and it's pretty -- -- of the -- brown -- doesn't live out my expectations. You know deathly considers. I think if I have. And tilt the phone in my hands -- and it's mean and the very least an extremely attractive and fit for what its work. -- I'd think good looking phone with a really great looking screen. And expects behind -- are. If I have also have my attention that it so it has dual core one point two gigahertz processor four point three inch super -- just. So prevalent plus display. It megapixel camera and backed megapixel camera -- front. Currently running gingerbread. Sports the TouchWiz four point -- of its -- and -- excited about that I'm excited to figure out how to get in there. -- you've held -- He felt. An unlocked galaxy yes to -- that. We we have one floating around the office. And it didn't interest it should actually be coming to the grants actually although I think all four series are gonna get some variant of this phone. Soon. Yeah I think we have another story that talks a little bit about that but this one has -- You Samsung galaxy S to phones. Worldwide. Right. Samsung announced that they have sold more than five million units of that Sony and only 85 days. Which if He compares that to it's it's currently in. These insects of the phone has captured top market share among more than ten countries in Europe. Compared to the resume -- -- galaxy S -- a -- 125. Days to reach the same five million unit sales mark. So you know clearly the merchant is it is validating that this is actually an -- -- phone. Has -- form factor. You know permit viewed one of those problems that I had with the original Samsung galaxy -- don't know if this -- has as wells that. Was pretty locked down the default search provider or rather the only search provider on there was. Machine being -- and you couldn't get that off and it couldn't. Changing couldn't installed coolers have -- He -- seemed a little ridiculous for her song that's improved. You know has the Google us on -- rate paso who you know we don't know the details and I don't think -- will tell -- showing up but these. Through Verizon -- -- function and AT&T'S Samsung retain. And I don't know when if it'll be on T-Mobile market in state and thing in this or if it'll just comments. The -- AT&T is supported yet probably. -- Vista probably ask. What carrier are unlocked when it's on right now -- -- actually even just -- T-Mobile. Now the -- that's an easy one to use stick has some current and Cindy Sanders -- -- launch on in 120 countries of 140 different mobile carriers. And they are projecting -- the gonna sell ten million units by the -- of the year which. And seem very hard if it sold its ten million already in the first 85 days and it hasn't hit the US market. Yet -- -- also like -- phone's U I they I think phones kind of have bootable a long tail like early -- sort of thing that -- you know when. When the reviews are coming now and the bones new and it's bleeding edge. Also a ton of them by the New -- this home will be. You know fifty bucks with -- contract to you know on somebody scarier. -- -- Samsung takes a different approach than other manufactures -- they. They really simplify their product offerings they don't you know it's like Motorola where others -- an -- some you know. All of the different I can't Pickens wanna -- the jury right now there's the jury three the three next to it is going to be -- -- dynamic. And and what if they have so it's all just Verizon's. Bread and an HTC has a bunch of different zones where. San scientifically just sort of says we have this of these wanna tomorrow. And so -- really put in all of their marketing muscle and sales -- single model. You know I think has worked for them and that's where they can put up big numbers for a specific model because they don't have -- models. That's on -- So related to this you were alluding to. -- first peek at the AT&T version of the galaxy S. Which is to it was the name of this on the attain -- -- And this one is going to be a slider according to this and poor boy genius. He means there with net here. -- is pretty similar to use the existing. The expect -- -- epic four GE. So I think it's interesting with being a slider because one the minute the cool things about the galaxy S to. If it's kind of still profile of relief than thinner even than the the iPhone four I think I -- -- A fraction of an inch or. As they copied them in the -- -- And we're not gonna again but you trying to make this apparently is now -- -- not only to do it. In -- but. A you know adding a keyboard -- bull. Adding a slider mechanism and more -- those and permeate kind of an haven't seen in profile -- of this to repair the -- To the -- -- current galaxy -- too but I'm kind of thing and is gonna be a little bit thicker. Which disappoints me. But I'm also the person carrier on the thunderbolt with the extended battery -- -- that's raising a -- complain too much about the phones spread. At some people want a physical keyboard citizen -- -- need and I think for AT&T will also does is let -- different states or the other carriers are gonna have exact same phone it's not good enough that they have their own name. -- -- -- While and you just call this the eighteenth He simply note -- -- -- as opposed to understand there the idea of giving each when you buy it. And there's a lot of -- around Samsung galaxy it's fury now and I think people were recognized that even if they're not techies. Biz where they're ordered to -- -- -- just like the Samsung attain -- the iPhone was different frees carrier -- If it were like in -- the -- lines as the V phone. Then it will mean for example is the iPhone for Whittier on AT&T or on Verizon via an affair where the iPhone four V on Verizon. In some loon echo echo so. This is better or worse than the iPhone or are you learn a lot -- -- Wi-Fi and V Maine prison in five as its -- Roman general idea look at that feed. Wars and just to get a level deeper is 45 yeah exactly. Inception. Act it's yet but I do like the idea of that He could get one with -- -- -- -- if you issues here's the adage if you're on -- than you when a keyboard. Then. You forget it yet. Sorry you have to get the doctorate three. Via NC with your directory. Forgy we'll talk about -- okay congress can toggle and a sort foraging area -- -- they're going I missed it. Reminds you yes for two weeks ago -- -- we talked about rumors of a Motorola zoom LTE and then also. A bit of a timeline. Four zoom encouraging commuters to get that -- upgrade that was promised by Verizon -- at launch. Good story. This week from injury guys and since -- it seems like. -- if there's a but according to -- now all hail from Verizon. The zoom will finally get its LT upgrade in September. So. Seven months asked her release is sprayed on the bright side looks like it'll be free. As opposed to change their room and thought we -- the globe with more useful to people or is some now auspices free really it has also isn't impressed that you have elected you know something. -- maybe -- pay for shipping at one point which may be stills expect. It was always free. The other -- thing as. So they finally enabled ST cards support on the what -- -- -- models but they still haven't on the four G models. Which are -- actually -- models now. You had that and I get the feeling there's just like one -- working on -- now -- -- -- had a great -- team behind didn't in the launched it and then they -- all right Bob. Handle all the posts one zoom stuff -- -- gonna go work on this -- So -- -- teams working on. The netbook rumor and the you know trying to divine account managers -- pour bottle by himself. In -- work on one thing at a time does one man yeah man has Motorola. They got a couple -- ones out there. Yeah I mean this isn't the one of the things is -- you can argue that they've already got their money. But then on the other hand this doesn't bode well. For whatever LCD back to point. You know -- -- that that's the sort of like. Mind fit -- slew. Support and it's in an inconsistent support means that everybody who. Wasn't in early adopters who is waiting for -- -- for the next room. Is gonna think twice about choosing a moral tablet is supposedly great and features that are not radio or yeah I mean you'll meet and of course there that there are gonna be features -- -- for idiot lights because Motorola. Once this one without features radial lines so the -- thing is it. You know someone who's not an early adopters who was waiting for -- be the second generation of entry -- didn't think twice before choosing. A Motorola tablet is based on models track record of zero and -- for good support. Yet released for meeting date equals zero and one. We -- for one. How does that work stats I think -- -- for two. For two and meeting dates have -- that so you can on the planet yet. Critic is Tanzania for threes and it really give a date and -- lines they still haven't given the -- actually missed anything they -- -- the data Twitter. For for the better. But He like Q something and then. -- -- -- I don't know that it's treated -- -- -- -- -- eight timeframe yet have a -- let's cover alas news story here which is actually not about phones or tablets -- all it is of about our old friend Google TV which also. -- -- So Logitech. Has cut the price of which is you know I think one of two or so main Google TV's and other -- from Sony. Standalone boxes. And originally was -- 49 didn't. -- Islamic tenets 200 now it's 99. Dollars. After. Disappointing sales of it in Q1 and -- two. -- this price I mean is it like a gated you've you've played around blogs view. I -- -- -- -- it did just yet to pick up and goof off with. Com I mean He puts it in the ballpark communion have a roku which starts at I don't know X 69 bucks and you had Apple TV that -- united -- on Boxee ethnic also somewhere around there yeah and then you have. -- -- -- -- -- -- Didn't really do a whole lot more than those of the boxes in some cases last for well over double the price right. So. You know I think it's. The web browsing on your TV and it really dot. They've certainly have problems with content providers. Blocking video from their service and didn't they just released apps. Let me -- -- kind of thinking yeah -- like you know -- -- just relief to happen -- as Google TV kind of dovetails into an injury development and they've become you know more similar. What -- my thought is as I'm kind of thinking of the you know maybe the Logitech revue takes on a second life mice in the same way that Nook Color did. Where somebody figures are very cool way to hack fifty something interesting -- and it just becomes a Pallet in 99 dollar review -- You can -- -- and install bubble lie on it and. Yeah I mean certainly I mean the -- -- -- -- Khamenei I don't know it really depends what you wanna do with that diminish anything different boxes are good for different things like roku has great apps. That are built in and ready to go and it's -- -- drop dead simple. And fairly cheap whereas Boxee. Maybe -- mark complex but really is more geared at you know it has apps but it also can play media from your network or locally. And I think Google TV has a another slant -- do some of those things but it's meant to interact with -- Existing cable box you or your DVR. To search -- video across the web and broadcast as well but you're saying -- someone hacked at sir. Variant -- -- all other editor -- stuff so maybe there's going to be. If Scully -- -- -- when an Apple TV came out. I could care less about AppleTV when it first came out then people started hacking it and allowing you to install other junk on there and of the -- -- now -- -- It's a nice form factor is -- -- one of I I mean I don't wanna go through trouble buying. Is kind of weird middle weird area -- -- -- wanna go through troubled building. In east it was -- a set top box PC users. But I wouldn't mind buying something in hacking into doing that those like it's the weird like gray area were -- -- L want. So nice looking hardware offer to sell the -- -- that works and and benefits of -- factor but I guess it would be cool. You know I guess it took a hard drive up to it and install missed TB -- or something like that make it a true media center. -- On the -- someone do the research that that's my homework for the -- and okay excellent let's talk about apps. -- a specialist on -- bottom. So we normally have a little app of the week segment that money we've only been doing the over the week for three weeks and weeks and -- difference -- Well. We used to do well me the -- uncle Leo yeah I guess. You're asked to do it every week at may have been -- forward now with here -- wonder if I did tasker. And -- -- it was limited to sixty seconds. In -- -- -- -- is clear that music and I was trying to explain tasker and fifty seconds and. And yes and then we've eliminated the -- Com so let's see this week we actually had been running a series of -- of CNET top country and entering apps and in -- did his list of ten -- yes and all the viewers or readers voted on out of those hundred over the past ten apps. And her own Kent German has tallied the results. And we are here to present to -- the official winners of -- CNET. Here's it says top -- but it's really top ten into the top ten of the top right so number I don't know if these are in order. And I'm gonna assume -- or her number one. Google Maps. This is. It's kind of a no brainer and I think. If they've kind of odd that it's on. I -- -- -- -- picking my hundred apps. And pick any preinstalled apps is right -- would you tell someone to download Google Maps but. Right Google Maps is at its -- it's a huge differentiator it know me I'm shocked that. In an iPhone Apple has offered something like this certainly -- buys stuff that -- found that will do this it for free. Yet it's kind of it's what makes it hard for me to even to -- a review GPS. Software and and hardware also. And it really makes it hard for me to recommend anything else. As far as the navigation app on Android and residue while offline -- unless you -- offline but even that the hearts fail. Two a lot of people leave state it is I don't think people care and a few months if not I did on my trip to Canada. I mean yeah I mean it's it's when you're when you're going on -- When you when you go and off the -- -- traveled through Death Valley. Which coincidentally is generated -- bad place to reliant GPS device because all the maps Rabin on everybody's. Server but. But yes you're if you're doing like a lot of like long distance traveling. In the offline maps matter but I'm gonna save current overwhelming 85% of people who are just trying to find a restaurant in their town -- -- -- Online maps especially now that Google Maps catches. And -- but it cloud based apps that are. He's -- to enter earth they say they are off they need to improve off. If you can download sections but it doesn't work for directions -- application but I mean they're getting there. Aren't numbered -- to afford dolphin browser HD. Which is. If that effect in the secondary or -- -- replacement browser. For the stock injury browser and I think -- -- thing is I think. The last time I looked at dolphin I think it actually uses this dot. Rendering engine. But it adds a lot of features like tabbed browsing that actual tabs as opposed to -- guess you can have multiple windows in the stock browser which you -- -- -- to them in a weird way this -- -- tabbed browsing. And bunch of you why. Upgrade -- gestures and like. Sidebars. They just make it. Really. Easy to use this is actually sounds like none of it -- -- use its its my default browser it is yeah I started using dolphin browser about a month ago when -- -- right about the time Firefox. When gold on Android now -- -- maybe it's time for me to look at other browsers in use Firefox and dolphin back and forth. Four about a week and at the end of the week dolphin with my default browser. Aren't I know I don't use the gestures but it and I don't like the year ago and have. My favorite feature in another -- in dolphin is that you can change the user region in the mean -- Right there so if you go to a saying you're kind of annoyed by their mobile site -- -- operating in and change the -- of the desktop and beautiful site without haven't. Leave the -- in going to -- -- -- some really kind of very specific thing -- -- literally my favorite feature in the app. That's pretty -- Right number three is lookout mobile security so for people who are vast about you know what virus protections today use look out. Our viewers or readers here are -- is a good bet. It's I have it installed because it doesn't just do virus you -- back up your new data on your phone your photos. And you can also. You know. Has a missing device feature so they can remotely wipe stuff her friend locate your phone. And you know a lot of features it has -- free. It also has it has service plan but it definitely have -- -- check it out. -- -- next. Next step is sound -- -- Notes is music ID app it's kind of -- them with the one that can meet this music guarantees that popular resound around. Is also -- -- says you can sing into it. You can come into it and it'll it'll work that way also basically -- over the way it works -- you hit a blatant. -- older phone next to a speaker. And it identifies the song that's playing the newest version of sound and also has lyrics salute -- and sing along. And annoy everyone else in the bar. On behalf of B on the phone leisure reading the Olympics. And you can get there is right there in the -- -- and -- two versions of the app there's the regular sound town. Which is free. That basically lets you identify a couple songs from month and then -- sound -- infinity. Which you pay for. And drops at the withdrew it and -- music. Haaretz. Has speeded up here for as the while -- -- -- six here read it later from his next happened. I think a lot of people are pretty -- clearances but basically in time you're reading something -- considers. Decide on your phone to send it to read it later. And then access at a later point it can dual -- whatever it isn't for offline access as well. Go to your computer and then read stuff He has been tagged as read it later. -- And then we've got Google Voice. We'd see is basically sort of Google's. I don't know what to call it -- holds -- Eilat bits of text messaging app it's a phone service yet the -- -- -- -- and I am using this for your voicemail. -- should be yet. That it does voicemail transcription at the combination of -- a web service. And does -- -- transcription and handles. SMS messaging not in MS messaging that's annoying because there one day of the year that I -- -- Since when Spitzer as soon as staff anatomy switch to place -- number. I'm veterinary tech and Google Voice. A nice if you're always been because it's -- and then there's Google plus. Is coming and number seven. And what can we say about this that has not been said there will be too much over the last three weeks. I its number eight fruit ninja which -- -- actually beat -- on my iPad better haven't really used on my phone because it seemed too small to me he's on your. I have played fruit ninja. The -- the demo or something like that on a phone at school. There. Are no -- don't -- -- clearance automatically not a when does not some as well have a number nine. Plants are zombies was one of my suggestions. It's a tower defense -- game you -- it plants Andy fight off. Hordes of oncoming zombies it's really fun really addictive and -- -- -- it really cool anecdote about this is -- try to take a screen shot of this -- while compiling my list. And -- the game up. And you start playing two point right have an interest in screen side and then -- -- the states and did this for three hours. On the weekend sitting at my desk I said it Midas for three hours playing plans for his armies and had finished the stage and -- crap posts with discrete set. That is -- play in the level. That's how addicting the scheme is definitely were revoked for -- mission. Awesome. -- right and the last one is doodle jump. Which looks like it's a Kent German recommendation. -- have never actually played this game. Permit and may have played a world it's been ridiculously simple and it's always at the top of in of the team's list on their excellent -- -- at. So basically you tilts the screen back and forth. To motion control a little bouncing -- there. -- million incidents. I -- an -- free when it was the free -- -- -- -- on Amazon and then you re -- -- hard to get some of them. Government witness that in a minute that's the tandem. Should reduce -- unit ever devised -- -- -- over the latest device. Reviews. Over running Android atlas cnet.com slash Android atlas. Is the -- -- over the top is the Motorola -- three. A lot of people been waiting on this phone. And they get a very good review. Empire room -- -- what's noteworthy about this -- And why bring up is because. If you don't really care about four -- if you live in an area and you fort Jesus not going to be coming anytime soon. Is probably the best phone on Verizon's. Network right now. Three G only so for a lot of you that's gonna be -- -- -- off but I mean it's. Really good hardware feels good in your hand and feels like the -- one to -- are people complain about how the -- -- with -- plasticky. The Droid what was really solid 33 is also very solid but the allowed people also complained about screens or -- out bunnies -- -- Of the Motorola generate three. In -- the other end of the spectrum is the impact and never pronounce the manufacture of us who -- -- -- -- -- In 835. Idea it's not only does it have been extremely annoying name that is both difficult to say and boring too pronounced. It's also the cheapest phone on MetroPCS is. -- Android phone on MetroPCS right now you can pick it up for nineteen products. That's about the greatest thing about this and if you wanna. And the I don't know underwhelmed -- you could sit out. Just because very thorough review of the in 835. X -- -- -- under world. Barrett the other reviews not underwhelming the phone and the reviews. -- The room and while way -- so -- says solid. Homeland while away an -- Whenever com. -- as -- team know let's get to them. Three motorists enter in Dallas at cnet.com that is it so you can send this and He Nelson's comments -- office and you -- and -- -- -- courtroom. Both -- it's a great rates in and basically says -- what's the best video player to use for Android. And we both said. Just been built in one. If you just -- most -- basic video -- the stock player is the one that I use mostly because. A lot of video players in the in the -- market -- They don't really do anything that's better. What -- in the stock player. And also I don't watch a lot of local file that if -- blessed be -- the card and you to go through a lot of trouble to convert them to anything. That -- played on most Android phones so if I'm gonna watch video left on a music streaming it. So if my answer for the best video players Netflix. If your phone supported out of heard good things about mobile player. Lifehacker actually have a nice write up on an out I haven't actually used it. A board ruling to that the senate if you wanna check that out but I think it supports a couple more format that. Again I've never personal use that with. Aren't so sterling -- in and says He edits. The evo shift is each -- the -- -- -- -- because He dropped it in battles apps on -- current but when He put his old -- current into his new shift. The -- didn't show up is there any way they can get them to recognize Napster does have to download them and then you. Long story short. And -- parental along. Yes you'll have to re download them -- -- if you used the move after SP function in the menu. It just moves the the application over there but it doesn't actually create a complete EP case that filed the filed -- -- -- cards either gonna be. In a secure and encrypted folder or it's gonna be incomplete or some I don't know how it works but it's weird. He's gonna have to re download. The app from the markets and you won't be charged -- candidate now -- -- you will not be charged again. That's that the story that if he's doing a back up the settings everything in the future than you should do something like titanium -- -- -- He if you want to saying that -- you don't care about settings you don't wanna route you can also use Astro file manager there's a hit -- -- He came back up. -- -- -- And then I guess you -- we only have. Temporary one more certain routes to the short -- -- yes -- there way to block calls on -- phones I can do it on my old dumb phones thirteen silly that I need an app for that. But if that's what it takes. Do you have one network sciences. Dickinson Dickson so I think we have three different way justice and so the first depending on your phone but -- -- to my phone I encode to a contact. End. I guess the question is would you want done to this cities wanna send -- voice spell I can choose a contact -- contact basis just to send to voicemail. But if you actually want the call to go away. I'd recommend an app called call blocker which opened in the show notes which lets you. -- know basically. Choose a specific contact phone number and you can. Just -- ring you can have good voice -- -- you can hang up on them. And I've tested this and hang up works and you know I can imagine if you just have some annoying. Persons on -- my own -- that -- on and a third way right. If you use Google -- if you use Google Voice as your primary number and that's the number you give people. You can use Google Voice to block. Colors. And -- go straight to voicemail it's that they're way to do it. If you use Google Voice and you're giving out that number. And that is all the time we have looked and we're ready kicked out of the studio yes if you want to check out more injury -- -- -- -- -- over at cnet.com slash -- -- with our newly designed Android -- -- With a lot of great tips tricks and reviews. You can stream the show every week Thursday all my -- next week Wednesday at -- yes it -- -- time we're changing times cnet.com slash live so next week Wednesday at noon. And if you miss the show you can also -- -- -- -- -- you can send us email you have a question comment you -- now -- we are. At Android atlas at cnet.com. I can find of the show on Twitter twitter.com slash and -- an analyst. You can find me I'm at and duke and Justin is at not my real name and we -- you guys next week. On Wednesday. -- -- -- --
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