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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 49: DoubleTwist's Lucas Dickey drops by

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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 49: DoubleTwist's Lucas Dickey drops by

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DoubleTwist Product Wizard Lucas Dickey joins us in the studio this week to talk about syncing and streaming your media to and from an Android device. In the news, Google closes a WiFi security hole, AT&T opens its restrictions on 3rd party apps, and Motorola announces an amazing phone--save one missing feature. All of that plus the answers to your questions on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly with Justin Eckhouse and Antuan Goodwin.

Generate leads Google patches and we talked double twist -- that more in this week's edition of Internet us weekly for May nineteenth 2011 I'm -- accounts -- Antuan Goodwin and special guest book sticky. Hey as -- don't welcome it's going up astronomy expert -- -- Thanks for letting me her -- you guys in the united union show. It a little bit of a little bit of Twitter harassment going on there -- was polite about it at least. Very much so yeah -- Lucas actually reached out to on me after -- talked about double twist on Twitter. And and we developed pretty good report on Twitter. And we actually missed each other Google -- last week but now we have them on the -- a look at -- -- what exactly do you do adults with so I have the distinct pleasure having the greatest title at the company might titles product wizard. I tried for head of awesome. Product before the product in god and we thought that one might have some religious them backlash from some this instance we might be -- with so. We we had -- the backing -- became two wizard. And previously held titles like product manager and -- literally excited minority. Indicative of everything that this type of -- does. At little company the size of double twist that means -- a clinical product guys we -- across something like five platforms. Somebody else that has to make sure that the there's a relatively unified experience across all of our applications. Right so a lot of our a lot of our listeners are they were double twist. Because we talked about it quite a bit actually comes up a lot -- -- rest are complaining about thinking idea. To the Andrew platform people -- who -- -- -- with -- -- these human rights but for those of a little for listeners who don't know. I would double -- is in a -- -- the elevator pitch. Yes so it's so it doubles as a vision is to connect them all the devices in -- what we collect call your home cloud or your your home environment. It's a media management and playback application we've -- transfer. And -- the or windows Mac and Android and those primarily worked very tightly with one another from synchronizing content back and forth to your desktop environment Android. But. The initial vision that started with moving content from desktop phones involves -- Being able to stream content from your Android device -- say -- years Xbox-360. PlayStation 3. And as of last week your Apple TV running -- analyst went through your -- which the second gen Apple TV. And being able to strangers on us on the data feature at this point lead and then just continuing says turn it try to support it's many devices that exists in -- possible so embracing standards like you and you Ian PU and those who don't know with plug and play and it's being shipped with. The majority of the devices these days in various considerations. -- a model that. -- configured in many ways we try to work round all -- difficult configurations to make it intuitive possible. -- you as a user. Play your music when -- did you. When your pictures. And screen on annually if at the nutshell that and believing that the chair and itself. -- can -- I have a question that -- I think that given all the news of last couple weeks and and given this picture actually that I'm looking -- on your website. On the introducing double twist air saying. -- a picture of me -- computer and there's some clouds outside the window. So what I'm wondering is what is -- was gonna do with the clout. So we actually this is very good question especially considering. And and seniors don't want me to mention competitors the Walt Mossberg did a piece today on all things -- -- about them. What's Apple coming met up with then group. My old -- cloud player in cloud drive -- Amazon brand which it did before coming to double twist. Google's new music data and you guys alluded to not having had your beta invites yet have you -- a chance to play with it yet new. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't worry I brought one with -- in the event that you just play with it for them. And we actually. We we. We're under the the them as part of our vision and being able to unify all of your media. And being played back January with -- -- -- we call your home clout because there's all these devices that -- like to connect with in your home environment right. We we're. Agnostic view whatever specific other -- repository your media source achievement in. So you know our plan loosely it is the connect one of these services we've -- for it to be through public keep -- -- and maybe Google would offer. Or Amazon offers -- but companies excel offering -- for developers ourselves to leverage. And I expect him -- -- out of Apple. Before it. I'm not expecting it but you know -- wonderful news they chose to offer it and we would love for our customers and their customers be able to leverage their you know I've -- A Mac but care. And -- also have an Android device and sales have Sony PlayStation 3 so. Within -- ecosystem of the -- different brand -- device models that look to you leveraged the cloud so. That was very roundabout way of saying we need but to work with any of those companies I think that many companies are -- -- human plan to do so which is what particular. Schedule that's -- -- work with others will we ever see that double twist I would drive. It's entirely possible so there's there's for a company of our size yours you're aware that there's huge infrastructure implications and I am -- has occurred where. If the -- -- users we'd rather. Leverage opportunities -- partnership is especially the company. Like -- looking at their footprint in the public and spent. A few dollars on. Whether it's an old -- Napster or her. Players and -- player -- that are. You know -- but to do partnerships and Google both of whom have a relationship with us and so it's like this -- That expanded at the same time -- little leery of of the cloud and in some respects and there's been a lot of attention to. How how. That the labels and publishers have responded to. These cloud service -- -- with you guys are understandable. Obviously use as a close relationship between labels and give -- -- -- his them coverage. If we happen to hold a slightly different. Concern which is and what what exactly -- cloud services mean for customers in the long run and right now I put content into Google. It's a beta service I don't know how much they're gonna charge -- I don't know if I'm never gonna be able to export anything from the service break if I rates that would create play lists the play. At play counts -- going to be able to export that and I want to take that on the restive. My device ecosystem and those concerned us used by -- and implement and waited. Unity expose that data publicly for companies like us. -- -- that's always my concern actually with all sorts of Google services I think we talked about this two weeks ago in terms of Google Voice. -- to keep saying when it's free for another year. And I'm like well before I switch my phone number to that. How much is it can it cost in two years to whenever you actually start charging for the -- going to be 500 dollars year. It's it's -- it's actually something that like so obviously I was involved in in. That the price model that Amazon chose -- cloud driving in cloud player. But one of the things that you know who is as much as some people. It's been in which media coverage you're looking at which press coverage you're looking at. Coming out with a dot dollar at least was a promise to customers that they they -- -- -- had some price point that they can assume would be. At least four. You know given that its Amazon they almost never the price goes up for those goes -- you're starting at a price point it's relatively reasonable someone -- in my. -- MX customers feel a lot more confident that it uses so. Feel free to jump in on off switch topics slightly here so why do you have apps -- -- So part of that predicts -- habits with a vengeance and a half months but you before. The market launched a website. There was no web interface for navigating. 800 apps then. And given -- you know there is real. There was the it was a possibility to get access -- -- index of applications we thought people might want an interface to browse through and it's much more usable. And then and small interface that you get -- -- entry device now eventually. And who came -- with their -- Market interface web interface and they continue to -- Better and better with -- and what they're doing and the special announcements at Attica Ohio around them and that as a filter and merchandising -- -- which. -- it was a major. You know it's -- something that I constantly harassed -- -- counterparts that. Google about is you know I'd like to be able to merchandise things in different fashion -- -- exposed to different fashions -- us but the ecosystem itself. Needs to have improved merchandising aren't that grow -- And sort of scale that Apple's had some success that they've had -- newcomer hope or Amazon Napster and excel it. Merchandising doing great deals etc. I'm -- -- agency. Much impact on Annan on sales -- -- -- hoping for. And the risks and some. -- proliferation of and what we're hoping to be a little bit more editorialized -- going on that happening now and then -- learn some lessons that now Apple's -- that world which is. Which is wonderful but it still. Don't -- bottom line ups and -- website yes. Impairment or Erica. But yeah I got a one if begin to switch gears again. One of the questions -- -- -- can had about the double twist. PC software for Mac and windows. Is if that -- word supposed to. Be your primary place for you go to -- with your music or is it more of a bridge between iTunes. Windows Media Player. End the device. -- so. I think it's a question lot of consumers have -- -- is well. I think we're delicately trying to play this. It's little Maryland -- for some customers actually a large chunk of customers they simply expect this to be the bridge because there's so am married to the Apple ecosystem are in fact they may have. An iPod and iPad and Apple TV and in the Japanese -- for the phone they have no plans that on the discarding. ITunes. And that particular use case. Where we're going to be garage band at the same time you know we'd love to have customers adopt our desktop applications their their soul. And media management application that desktop environment. Which is why we you know take steady strides move towards improving desktop environment. And right now and there's so much attention and -- from rapid market growth around. Android and they. And the new entrenched players like there's iTunes in the desktop environments that's easier for you and nimbly. Attract users and the same time we are trying to improve the experience -- And open to feedback and on -- there's -- defaming the re re re recently as they hear it or merely trying to sell column out on Twitter related papers. You know -- windows you released their did a month ago Mac has one coming rat -- rather imminently a lot of it is dealing with large libraries you what's important. And Annette -- quick quick fashion with iTunes and there's only so much we can -- Republican guys who returned here and make that movement. A seamless and at the same time. After a company like us that's that's both. Business to consumer but we also have relationships with the carriers and aliens -- you can imagine a lot of them are trying to use and move customers away from Apple. In other a lot of those customers are heavily invested in nineteen since they want to see in transition from night into something else to their device -- We offer that perfect -- where there was actually who has the partnership with double twist where it enables real well actually -- The T-Mobile has had branded desktop experience actually since before -- even had an -- client and we are preloaded on the G -- and your preloaded on. Alex yes for energy and number of other forthcoming devices with T-Mobile. You can imagine and -- such -- that it might when approached them and one of many revenue models there revenue streams that you potentially have market -- relationships with. Carriers and possibly. -- -- factors well. But yeah it's it's there's a definite need -- you can imagine with people. Chasing deals that that Apple. They need to companies like -- -- -- need net. Void between. If somebody ethnic origin. And we're happy -- Several were questioned where it took back to the news. Commander and -- -- not listed in your podcast section you know what that so we have. -- -- calls me on on the spot that's actually when I can answer relatively -- shoot me an email laughter as we get yet it's less but. We actually do you have done a very powerful. Web indexing system we built for that. Nothing like that existed -- the resident applications -- -- The synchronized. Or to subscribe to podcasters search for podcasts and and and -- with iTunes -- there there -- a little bit. It's Apple so there is little more closely monitored difficult it and -- as with anything. He -- mean now -- mention -- But in India and awesome we'll do that and by the way -- that says that narrowed -- you know I'm on Twitter and doubled this is on Twitter and outlook sticky. Doubled -- double twist -- we monitor and noses and -- tell you that that's how -- plucked him out yet but yet here. And you monitor those and and as well as tweets to -- and and quite a lot of questions about -- Of podcasts we do about them awesome and it index doesn't think that barrel check back on the adult -- everywhere next week. -- in you can also check out -- at last week's episode if you wanna hear but doubles with new feature double tap we talked about that last week on the violence that analysts. I do between eleven group -- area moved through Apple in the brain. Do we talked about that -- then they go take -- back of the -- the really cool feature that allows you to Leslie. And second in about ten seconds into an hour it's a double tap taking -- -- and -- NFC technology which right now only exists and that. The next assassin and -- some other Motorola -- that Eric all right now and we're open ended in early incidents -- it and take human excesses with the technology one of them running -- with them both human. And -- the devices together it's more beholden apt given how it works. And it triggers -- handshake. Euros -- in -- and using Bluetooth -- Wi-Fi. Either song -- -- transferred from one the other or. But failed. Initiate activity from one touch and -- should be allowed in the months while the app to share photos as well. And it's. Worlds looking things other than NFC and -- that's for a sort of proximity based chair. You elect a likable but functionalities to be cool ever hours were refers to the bump and so one of things that you -- I I'd love and -- on I'm gonna talk about one of the advances we have over -- which is we don't use any cloud based service and there's no dependency on three G -- -- gear edge connection it's actually happening. And directs that -- that -- device. And -- those are kind of avenues they are pursuing since. And we like the idea. Not necessarily your data your your plan which is getting smaller and smaller. Side acts -- -- data plans or. Or start charging more harper smaller and smaller and -- -- we can circumvent that make it convenient for you and not costly for you. Rather than. Mixing -- the news about native plant community leader in the shadow. -- -- why do some news -- into the news. I'm so first up we have our. Semi weekly feature this is actually a double episode. -- little -- three but called the useless that of the week. I don't think it on without them. That. Little -- ruling on an amendment and feel free to use your own sound generation. You zoom in on the sides and I'd -- be out there yeah it does of illustrating how useful of the stats -- With. Yeah go ahead we'll the first story it's about. Markets here but not just markets -- fails -- about ad networks. Three coming in. For. About basically saying that I injuries. Giving -- -- the lead. As the top mobile a platform. Right so it's from millennial media which is an ad network. And -- saying and that this is in the case I think for a couple months that I enter it. Has taken a lead here and -- just. -- terms of usage but in terms of ads delivered basically. And that they have increased that by 10% month over month. May now account for 53% of -- ad impressions. Delivered. Compared to uses 20%. From pilots. So. It did sustain its nothing new. It's. He doesn't necessarily account for the whole ecosystem because it's one kind of had. Network among many ad networks and it's not even. The Apple one so you know Apple has their own -- platform. So it may be skewed and that's what it sees the -- But it's fun. You something that I forgot to mention pre show as I wasn't sure you guys are -- that the end developer console for Android. Now has a direct integration than Arab mobs it's an opt Easter. Andrew developers can leverage that the -- -- the seeing that -- -- number. Grow -- it and maybe become more or less useless for you guys. Two or three months and room. -- any of course -- -- you know at the consumer. And you're not really that interested in at numbers but at the developer. Lot of time in of the advertising revenue is what makes. Building in an effort with lucrative. So if you want to see good and I mean -- apps. I get free app that a lot of cases there's these numbers are important in that case. -- -- It also indicates the health and the you know increasing importance. -- Android. Out there along with -- second story we have here which is report from Gartner. That says that integrated led Smartphone sales worldwide last month so there's a her last corner -- hundred million Smartphones sold worldwide. -- Android accounted for 36%. Of those compared. To the second place. Which most people would not guess is Symbian still at 27 point 4%. I -- imagine that that is on -- sharp decline. As Symbian is payments dead right and you know to be replaced in the near term with windows phone seven. Or whatever it's called by the time and actually start rolling -- on Nokia phones. And then followed by IOS with sixteen point 8%. So these two numbers combined to show that you know -- kind of on me. Really steep upward trajectory again -- And we knew that we talk about it every week if -- every week and grade gaining share and raid on a pair of entering. In -- chair. Who was actually some -- you don't -- go. And that the end of my -- -- -- freestyle for the rest of us actually. -- But -- if we there was also some talk if them detrimental news and and rate. For 200 users of other being a security hole. With a lot of a lot of attention around this. Believe it was some sort of people could take advantage of the problem with his wife I'm with a. It was basically that when you get on days of open Wi-Fi network -- -- -- without security running. Your phone I -- founders is all the time but your phone sends your sort of authentication information your log in house -- to Google. And Google sends back this token. And that allows you not have to us to log in for a period to fourteen days. And that -- substantive. -- -- -- Over anyone listening to evolve the public and encrypted. Wi-Fi traffic could take that token. Rabbit out of the error -- book. And store it and then for a period to fourteen days use. On your Google services or get into your Google services. So it was -- susceptible on public Wi-Fi because. There was an encryption there if you were on an encrypted Wi-Fi network -- -- -- big deal. Google. Quickly has sort of roll out a fix for this. And -- they say it's gonna roll out globally over the next few days users don't have to do -- thing. And this is unfortunate part is that its server side -- you're not dependent upon the carriers rule in which case there you might not have it for another area a year and half forever forever for that matter. It sounds to me kind of like it's fire -- art -- you. In the mobile version of. Yet I mean this is. It it's actually scary because it's not anything you. Think about horror as a user even kind of -- -- that's happening. I mean and I I connect to Wi-Fi networks all the time that are open. What I do think it's like okay. You know I'm -- and that's a sell all my web browsing -- so this stuff is almost here in units on your phone -- using Gmail. That stuff is really visible -- -- -- -- it -- it probably shouldn't be but. You know. I think most users don't wanna think about security. Threats in minutes oh it's an have to worry about it -- -- -- that's normally the opposite unfortunately. -- now that wants fix. The interesting thing here is that. It could happen even if he didn't know it's so what happens a lot is. You get -- new wireless router and it's just called Linksys -- access point name. NC connector that but -- any time you're near any other router that's called Linksys. You're. Phone will just automatically think it's the same want to connect to it just starts sending data -- that. So it could be exposed without even knowing it is that you're connect to -- as Wi-Fi access point. And this is is probably -- no matter where you go whenever you scan once an hour or two dollars that free public life. -- -- -- -- I can hopefully get around that by not turning -- -- -- find you need them their apps on the market that'll turn off your Wi-Fi after a period of inactivity. So like if you are connected to your home Wi-Fi and it's called Linksys which it shouldn't be change the name of your home Iowa front from the clever. The that way when you walk out of your house you you know when she gets out of their range it'll turn off the -- -- it won't be randomly thirteen for at this point the two utilities that again. Prevent another advantage that is the battery -- and Android devices notorious or Wi-Fi isn't big battery yet consumption activities so praise helps -- in that respect as well. There are some GPS navigation -- files. If you have -- fell off it typically takes a longer time to calculate the outlook it -- Alright and everything else -- -- really take a quick break now and that come back and talk about us have been good -- AT&T instant for the Android world. Stay with -- we're back. So we've talked about we've complained about I should say AT&T and there -- It look at that we have so we don't have a green -- -- in the studio business that today we have special black integrated with the what is what the salmon. It actually has the double to smuggle them but above that -- -- he 2000 classic. My eyes and -- is the spooky. In Maine and hanging around studio and room. That's exciting they have a little -- and read over here and agreeing underrated. Just like that -- the folk art down in my office that sometimes makes the trip up. Who doesn't -- toys area. So we've complained about. You know AT&T and how that's handled -- hundred phones a lot. Mainly that they don't allow you to you. It's all third party he can use. From sort of you know outside -- -- the market's site limiting this but this is called. And dissident really came to a head and we talked a lot about this. When Williams -- App Store came out. That there was no way pharmacy AT&T users to get dams on App Store on the authorities have to jump. Through a couple of hoops to get App Store on the air on non AT&T phones but on AT&T phones you just couldn't do it lets you -- your -- owners of them. Have -- now. Through its sounds like some arm twisting from Amazon. He TNT has changed its stance news is going to allow this very -- -- on a couple phones and are in the process of this being opened up all. He T 18100 phones to. Site load -- case. So the real -- -- for -- I would be -- advice -- -- -- -- it's a good thing for AT&T users there are a lot of committed. Phones and -- he's actually coming out with right now. That are attempting. And you know to unlock that capability. On the phone -- if it -- it preaches and me. I feel like those of the companies mentioned having an. At the -- think it's kind of weird. That in and then I guess maybe if that's the case of eighteenth at and it finally figured out you know one of the streets of the inquiry platform. And that being. You know is openness yet the openness that it may they'd be -- if the phone that you know. People are looking at the Android platform because of the openness because. They're geeky -- of toll than that you've done all these really often things on their phone and in the first thing. -- to do when you feature phones and of the you know -- carriers like these things down that's annoying and its its good that they. A taken a step back in and revise their policy. Buy it again in May be a moot point. -- because may be anyone who actually wanted to -- -- stuff. On their phone avoided AT&T in the first place or people who really want -- to do -- techie enough that they just routed phone anyways so the population. It has wanted to do this. Mean there's a you got -- there there's a large chunk of the population that just news there's an Amazon -- currently get -- free paid -- every day and I wanna get in on that. And I don't wanna learn how to route map I don't want to void my warranty I mean everybody the you know I mean there are people who are interested in in the -- technology especially in in the wake of of Amazon. Yes in the context in which your hands on this just adds Alley TT yeah its exposes customers to be paid apps on a daily basis they -- -- -- there argument there has always been security. Rate which seems -- Potentially. Could be -- a good reason except that if you look at what has happened in Mandarin market. They have to necessarily kept tons of security threats out of The Who polices. We sent -- monitoring. -- markets as it is yet it's not it's not the Apple App Store talking about here. But yeah I mean I agree it it is good for AT&T it's good for AT&T'S customers and it's good for him. -- And speaking of Amazon. There -- -- talked about there's a little bit but I think there's more solid evidence now that Amazon is. -- not one but two Android tablets for release some time. By the end of this year. Re answer that -- that if these -- withholding in the picture. -- Kindle -- -- think -- the Kindle 2. But did that we even begin Amazon investing a lot of energy into -- software side of Android -- there MP3 store and the immigration. There with the -- players there with their. Kindle -- -- would not. Their App Store. Making the jump in next economy and -- if it rumored to be coming out with hardware. I mean it makes sense in the there's so invested in it and you know is indeed you'd Kindle -- soon -- -- not freed. Two. Build a product and fill that product you know something in a box that you can touch and hold them -- a few very conceivable. -- -- soon. What we do know about this is there -- we think we know according to boy genius. That the two tablets are gonna be. Who -- our code -- pay duty and Hollywood hands at the slower of the two runs the Nvidia tegra two. And the faster and -- Quad Core LL processor greatest president named amber. Com who we don't know the screen size of them or any specific date that. -- I guess apparently Jeff Bezos actually -- sort of a week. Confirmation. To two reports that this was true. Which is -- more than you'll ever get from the Apple's media. Yet -- Winking the -- -- yeah I don't know exactly what that means that. Here is can keep secret. Continuing on -- CEOs last tablet thread here there is a Stephen from the Nvidia CEO Jen. -- -- -- -- told readers that he thinks the iPad. Or -- or tablets outsell their iPad within three years. Com. Is -- -- Android phone took only two and a half years to achieve the momentum that we're talking about. I would expect the same thing and honey -- tablets. So the question I have is. His second -- can you say phones did in this matter of time so tablets can do it. In that amount of time as well or is tablet is the talent markets to hold different -- -- cancer of compare them. Incidents that trajectory. That we're seeing their. I. I don't know -- -- I mean. Feel like phones are a bit more ubiquitous. A tablet -- -- via phone. If the phone. Granted -- the need to keep with you at all times. Tablet on the other hand. A lot of PF -- -- In that weird -- between really being smart phone and not -- full lol you know differently featured. Personal computer. The mean -- data related -- Tablets are also new right phones on the iPhone came out or even running Android phones coming out have been around for a long time like cellphones and even Smartphones are you so an ever was in the park east to upgrade him and every two years from -- contract expires. At tablets you know first of all we have to convince you that he needed to -- -- the first place and second of all. It's not necessarily tied to any contract I mean they've been trying to do that it unsuccessfully. So is there -- Is there even are reasons to upgrade. From that and now if you have an -- and is that are. It's just so many factors here that it boggles my mind whether you know this is true at all on what is the feature with of tablets in general. But I was gonna go into my speculation is probably still does anybody here -- and the it is the -- improves there's some things that I'd like to see it continue its improvement. Access to. Manufactures that we tend not pays much attention to in the US. And in like -- Asian markets or other markets that'll be manufacturing roots in sub 300 sub 200 dollar Android tablets there's no reason. I think to -- that those might not like proliferating countries like India China. That's that are where -- huge volumes of people who aren't necessarily Wellington a you know that extra dollar that -- you know currency equivalent in a -- could be. We do tend to think about things from very are as American administration. And and I think in America there are a lot of people were -- yet has the best when I'm gonna get that -- hadn't yet there are a lot of people and there are market compare. You know phone that we've never heard you know outsell. You know the top feet you know the -- -- -- -- just because they're less expensive and. The feature fronting -- Tucker. Users is featured on system -- court in Japan as they transition to use what we consider Smartphones and US. -- phones are still popular Asian countries as well there's there's a lot of -- -- fact that price points nights but the other reasons you carriers and control. And to market I don't see any reason why -- -- Tablet targeting the lower price point might help the Apple. -- month. And -- speculation. That well -- off. -- but you know Nvidia has a vested interest and enter it tablets that -- right. Or just tablets in general. So in a lot more as an Nvidia gets help more. Says speaking of tablets there is an update to what is kind of at this point little announcement. The to make phone calls. You don't like that district. Well it does did this one's bigger. The -- document the Droid next to him there are some tablets are the same size as that critics -- -- cut the creative. I think you'll have line of the -- -- -- Evidence whatever it is -- the five inch tablet on the market now break. But I mean this is. -- opponent and at four point three inches four point three inch screen. But idea if basically. Please stop beating around the bush the update to the generated the Droid X -- -- It's been rumored for awhile it's been leaked we've -- -- -- -- coming but it's been officially announced this week we've got three by Bonnie Cha over on the Internet as long. And basically it'll be in stores -- to -- Online today may nineteenth. And -- -- tweet fix for 200 bucks on a two year contract. Big four point three inch scratch resistant UHD screen and in Nvidia's tegra two. There will be in the takers don't think so but so -- the -- -- well it. Three -- only. New NFL this announcement I get really excited about it but if I'm trying to get rid of my wonderful work on ever. But I will not go back to -- -- This read it to its three G only so some people are gonna be is when it. For me kind of seems like dot net phone. It's funny because -- kind of their phones are like either or in a dual core. Or urinary orgy AF toward the end of it can't have outlook you had both you have a twenty minute the battery life. It's true well that's by the planet hasn't come -- -- are exactly and right now forget them through the way to strip hydrogen generator to the back -- that thing but. But yeah it's yeah it seems like a little bit of it's not get the you know while would you come out -- what looks. You know by what what could be a flights of -- without having -- like chip technology but then. Verizon's four G network even. You know all expending. -- all encompassing right now there are still. You know market that are outside of that and that don't actually have four GB every -- inflated. Three times in the future so. You know it for their entire market -- signing a two year contract here -- the long time. Re edited -- having guarantee -- four G will be in Bozeman Montana. In two years. If brilliantly if you don't -- where he's coming and forgy cost more. There isn't a little bit of -- -- -- for that and then also you you know he's saying give me the option. I can turn off the -- -- by the federal you're out steal an option to buy a thunderbolt and go about options clip your options are. By different -- or by the renewable with forty or of the -- -- charge. If I had a thunderbolt the problem is that could run Netflix like I -- on -- through the old old incredible. Explain to me how you doing that if you're not in the -- -- A just downloaded from App Store. Because I have -- his mind isn't of the four is a four approved phones for this. But if you don't we have a story actually feature in the -- an -- today. How to run Netflix app on any intra device. Though it I think that it pros prove this false. -- I'll work on the thunderbolt basically what you're doing is your phone have to be routed. And you're basically running a hack that. Basically makes your phone identify is one of the supported phones so that when you download and run the net worth at Netflix app. When it does the check to see. Is this that supported phone because it seemed like right now that's what it's doing it's not really hardware doesn't -- -- on in most cases or in some cases -- Rather that it doesn't pass the check. It basically spoofs your device -- ID. And that makes it think that it. A supported phone in most cases I think it's gonna be the nexus. -- You're spoofing but and it should work in a lot of cases but in a lot of if that doesn't work that instructions. Are on the -- of blog. Over there the new and improved Internet bloggers had to content. -- one more story which is not specifically -- -- related but I wanted to. -- here because we talk our ice attack complain about this all the time. That is data plans for my ten different devices as -- Verizon announced that they're gonna offer tiered fee and we plan for data services. And they don't have all the -- have one plan that offers a certain amount of data five gigs and gigs whatever it is that you can add multiple devices. To. For some you know one fees so you can have your iPhone in your Chrome book and your. You know. Whatever your little MiFi cards and here. Room. And -- just felt like out of going to be the beginning of a really big fight. And I used up all my -- and -- And -- -- review -- Britain but I mean -- -- if there. I think it is in terms of the same adjustments. I have -- -- -- where it's likely wanna be able to distribute again with the crops on there. That's not a -- in terms of people to family of devices yes manly devices plans with difficult. Who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- decode it well I mean I think that should be part of it that's one of your devices put yeah. Let's get to emails to these emails are sent to -- an analyst at cnet.com where he can send your own questions comments and complaint. Got a -- emails and analysts and -- -- -- pretty quickly. The first one comes in from Rudy. And the Motorola -- wants to buy a Bluetooth keyboard -- they're compatible keyboards seventy bucks they think that little overpriced. He wants to know -- you've and other Bluetooth keyboard or is he stuck with the the one that Motorola's offering I'm I'm thinking that any. Keyboard that compatible with the Bluetooth -- expect it should work went injury honeycomb which is what the camera and rated. Donald bill also says that any Bluetooth keyboard should work fine -- -- busy being proprietary. And Bluetooth keyboard. So he should be good to go I'd just look for the HID expect. When you -- it when you look in it then. You know compatibility the prices -- that it is using. Eight -- -- on the Bluetooth. SS feed you have problems with that go -- -- don't don't don't get the album of everything. The next question comes in. From. And and I can't announcement that. You mean tourists old tech that it feel like that threaten me actually learned but we appreciate -- mean millions and the need to appreciate it and emailing and -- basically. The person asking about way more play at the rear projection has hinted that. Participating in the chat rooms on the -- we have and hires. Log -- that you -- you -- the client. And the channel is a CNET dot Phoenix -- Once you're in there and if you have -- clue what the hell talking about piracy. I just go to land does cnet.com at the time this it was -- and this case -- suit with 2 PM on Thursday's. A Pacific time little left at cnet.com. And there's actually -- chat window. Right -- -- I read this question differently I thought he wanted to know what chat rooms he go into discuss reading his phone. Oh XTA developers that. -- forums. Day they actually have individual forums about it pretty much every single -- phone every. New windows that in most Smartphones actually. They have individual formed through -- and the guys on the former usually very helpful and very informative. And if you have a very specific specific question I take that out enough -- -- -- -- Trying. We will. Have -- do were doing their business. Will -- a question comes in. From someone who wants of the point -- that -- think that Google music -- being unavailable outside the United States. Is an example of fragmentation. He was is that people -- not doing this. -- that Amazon would meet their marketplace and I'll player available in the UK. My answer to this is actually -- nothing to do it fragmentation and -- denied even a software problem that the copyright problem the reason Google music is available in the United States as. Google doesn't -- to deal with international trademark law when people -- -- sharing their music in streaming their music across international lines -- -- -- nothing to do. -- fragmentation there that really Google issued more -- a -- trademark north of the surprise -- and beta phase one and minimize the number users -- number. On there. I mean I'm in the unit and -- don't -- have an -- and before you start complaining and open a bigger problems here from. The one more Jose. -- asking about he says -- Google I -- 2010. And Google say they are gonna bring push notification -- he wants to know whether any plan. In implementing -- It's already there. Push notifications. Are already in injury I think starting with pro you know. Right that's -- it if you want to -- push notifications and action check out the Google. Chrome to phone app. -- push web site from your Chrome browser to your phone to the popped up almost immediately. There's also push notification and Gmail. And on devices that have it now exchange -- now. You don't see this as much as you -- -- iPhone apps -- elect Kennedy get CNN and has like the breaking news alert to the push alerts will. I mean it because -- iphone's notification systems and intrusive yet. -- your face with numbers all over the place just -- here's the pop up window right in front of what you're doing. Enough to make that noise. But in entering the infant on the -- of cases of sitting up there in the bar and you look at it and see it. -- especially if you're killing -- seventeen notification need to start running off the -- You just know that you get more in the -- knowing. One Mori email from the pre technical one and this is from Brian -- -- an HTC evo is considering a nexus -- -- He wonders a in the fifth where he's an upgrade but if the main part of the question is he wants -- -- -- evo. But he doesn't want to like -- data. You can't evo four while and he doesn't want to -- through the -- process and final with app and -- it. -- routing will actually in most cases. Require complete data in -- -- So -- can if those at the back you do it fortunately. You can always -- download them. From the Google marketplace now if you don't wanna do that for example you had Angry Birds. And you don't wanna go through the trouble getting all stages back you can actually use an application that I found in the U developers forum called before -- What -- did that allows you to get a temporary root. On your phone after you restart the phone that -- disappears. But you can get a temporary root access for -- RAZR phone is. On for that fashion. -- -- -- -- -- -- You get the temporary root on your device then you install titanium -- for root users now. If an app that basically allows you to back up all of your applications and -- Usually it only works on rooted phones that because you have your temporary root access. You should be able to back up your apps and settings. Now when you go through the process of routing your you know when you wipe all of your apps and data. You can just reinstall titanium and analysts and bring back all of your apps and all of your -- and all of your. Settings or that was. Says he's sure though that. -- in the -- though. Clear trapped routing always clears the need to know my incredible -- mean in most cases routing involves the white. As supportive HTC one was at all different most of the time they're gonna work -- mean most of the time when you're doing what the roots. Or even. You know they're installing -- rom or something like that you'll see that -- usually say even if they they. You don't have to -- -- you mean to wipe them really easily suggest you do it anyway okay is. -- -- that when you start reining in issues like fitting that -- compatible with something else. -- I would say that if you're gonna go through the process of doing like the root in the white -- probably in most cases seem -- trouble again you wanna check the specific. Steps for your gifts aren't your device but. I am not mistaken even with pretty similar dependable route -- my phone. -- -- -- -- -- Interest in its -- is lucky yet -- but I mean the profit that I mean you. The profit that outlined it also bid if you decide to switch to the -- to -- Because then you'll be able to -- -- here at the data off of your evo and in you to nexus. Brute force captain pots and hit -- good lawyers that back -- -- it using an FB card. But. That's all the infinite and I've gotten that -- amount of talent and it. All right well thanks for joining us everyone and if you have an email some mass email to -- -- Alice at cnet.com can follow. The show on Twitter had entered app lists follower ant farm has yet to follow me -- not my real name. Watch this show every week Thursday to PM Pacific cnet.com slash -- and the new year re design blog cnet.com slash Android. -- Thank you Lucas speaking -- with for joining us. And you today can find you want Twitter at -- -- -- -- that's right or the commendable with that double -- It is you're free to ask questions -- -- to respond. An area off from -- -- for common along for the right thank you. -- -- -- -- -- --
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