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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 47: An Android phone for the fairer sex
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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 47: An Android phone for the fairer sex

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The 404 co-host and known iPhone user Wilson Tang joins us this week and gives us Android guys a fresh perspective on this week's Android news. Speaking of the news, getting around your carrier's tethering restrictions just got a bit harder with carriers blocking tethering apps in the Android Market; Amazon and Barnes & Noble prepare to go head-to-head in the next round of the tablet/e-reader war; and we get news of a whole slew of upcoming Android phones, including a massive 4.5-inch model and the first Android phone targeted specifically at women. All of that, plus the answers to your emails, on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly with Antuan Goodwin and Justin Eckhouse.

Cheap phones phones for women in 210 a goal all that more in this week's edition of Internet weekly for me that when eleven I'm just -- -- -- Antuan Goodwin and special guest. Wilson tang you guys things for me on -- Caribbean -- For bringing here. IPhone in New -- spirit to I. I added you rate but there. Labs everybody knows that an iPhone four and I -- in the studio. I've while I didn't he knows that that's a lot of Iowa this -- you -- here. Aren't well. Let's talk about something that is not even possible. I guess without -- break in on the the IOS platform. Which is tethering. So we can tether -- -- -- that the pay for correct exactly. We in the Android world we don't feel that you should be required to paper -- -- Very new. And again there are papers and -- -- I. To see in the Iowa as well people don't wanna pay particular either -- like we want to hand over -- twenty bucks every -- agent -- your. Verizon now. -- did you feel like it's a you know your birth rate. But I picked -- 300 stance on yes yes as long as your you know you're paying for elective -- demand -- it's gonna make sense if yeah unlimited data plan that you have to pay acts sure to tether but otherwise. Because like conceivably you could be. Using and data on your Smartphone plus your computer plus a -- and other things -- And and to be honest you know it's it's really about economics there's a limited amount of spectrum have been about -- Then without their instruments gotta pay for that in -- -- now I was paying more of a border wireless company. Making so little wonders now if if I was paying for like twenty gigs yes. I do want -- -- I wanna use exactly the way. In anyway I what I paid for for exactly. -- -- I think we talked Reppas on the show before how. To be great if there was just like I have a data and it's whatever ten games opening gigs my music wherever one. Exactly -- map you'll about it I mean it's like the equivalent of paying for things twice. News and I feel like. And it is. I think part of the reason that I jump ship when the -- -- -- honest if they -- we'll give you free tethering for mobile month and also unlimited data -- the lifetime of the phone. I'm a little sad because my free tethering is gonna come to an end in about. -- attendees at this point. But my phone rooted so I once the tethering in the official tethering stop second use via a wireless tether app. To continue doing that -- I did on my first in Android. Without having to pay for it but me be that may not be the case -- because you've got news coming out that the they the providers are starting to crack down. On an the sort of like tethering -- and putting pressure on Google and having these. Apps like wireless tether for root users. Which is the one that I usually use the free app that only works on rooted phone to having them removed. From. Via the entry market. Dangers in the wording they use in this one -- have asked them for her common specifically. Maggie Reardon in this case I'm so AT&T and Verizon representatives declined to comment -- have a cool chooses which apps in the Android market. And neither company would comment on whether -- gas -- to remove the wire tethering apps. And then when Google was asked they stated that they are not block and out. And instead it is simply making it unavailable for download. I'm certain carrier's network in a request of those carriers but the difference in. Blocking an app and speaking -- -- available for -- -- Provisions the technicality because they technically they can't block anything. Advocate Andrew -- -- bones. Roll -- allow tried loading if you get the PK -- of an -- forum. Or from a friend are trusted source you can in you can install the app on pretty much any phone you want -- -- -- that slide loading hasn't been disabled. By the by the carrier oh firmware level which it has -- a lot of AT&T but even then owns or if he really wanted. You can inject the PK using the SDK. Arcades I mean. Just -- my two cents and as much as. You say you can do that like the questions. Yes he liked anybody with the technology being even knows -- ETK is in the first place. And figured out yet it's everybody else -- sort of like they're taking away the right for general consumers to -- easily. Let's be honest if you don't know what any PK is your both probably not rooted in your -- like you'll be able to run wireless tether for root users anyway it so -- kind of exclude to have the of people have been. Basically putting -- extra step in the process -- I mean if you really. I mean as a fad -- like watching packets. And you know keeping an eye on what the data is and how the data being used on the user base is there's really no way they can. -- from tethering my phone. Apparently without enough knowledge they -- Have and sending letters to users who are using tethering on their phones without pain. These are -- there are tracked and it's relatively easy but you see -- deep packet inspection sounds like really complicated but almost like every router. -- some form you know packet inspection and and really the carriers are incentivized the right way. To block people were doing -- like at the end of today only takes like a thousand users to pay for one of these machines -- looked into the data. And then don't know exactly that and why was I tethering is found without giving AT&T -- -- but that -- is -- -- -- double of me ended with kind of dual role with into the next story which is the end of the app PDA net three. Actually has -- functionality built into this latest update that'll allow it to mask the tethering from the carriers so basically hiding. The way that it's using the data. For exactly that purpose so I mean if PDA -- they can do it on their happen at the paid app. How was the stuff the next version of -- for example the wireless tether -- the free when that I use from ruling that in also. And he's very well maybe they could -- an offer two levels of tethering heading above on the screen where it has. I'd have varies its level one level to not recommend -- yeah I don't doubt that it. It's really be that the equivalent they don't put buttons for -- question. Well I mean it doesn't that's sort of suggests -- that like. The Android market place start in the first place -- much more open market then in the Apple App Store. But -- -- and finally the manufacturers. The carriers especially. Are pushing back. And it's like they're -- -- Google. To -- into -- -- -- closed model but a less close mountain had originally planned and and promoted -- Well -- -- said. It's not about openness is about giving you choices c.s don't have the choice to go -- and -- you know -- stock phone like that Nexus One. Burn -- whatever you know. That the nexus series of phones and that is totally stock and he -- -- do -- you want that. Or you can choose different carrier who -- and in like -- that -- it's always still side load apps. -- -- -- -- and in Newton in both -- figure and even -- -- -- Newfoundland happening. The toys nibble here in the Amazon App Store isn't fat -- app. All of it that are fun bloated they just happen automatically and if not through for technical the equivalent of like of the one of the tech review the example of double click in the exe -- On your PC does just the program. And it -- blocked the program and they're not doing that right now. Is there any chance that we'll start to see these tether -- show up in the Amazon App Store. -- maybe we'll -- days because they don't have like direct relationships. Necessarily with carriers they don't and I mean that is an interesting way around it lacks. I would I -- -- a little because they do have agreements further Kindle right. Sure -- -- -- three G versions supposed to get unlimited lifetime downloads over three G. That -- -- -- -- sort of thing but that's another like big enough laws and yet. If -- it all on broadband it's like an e-book for a couple killed -- well right now it is you're standing have a relationship they have relationship between people -- me now -- risk these low. For now -- there is news coming up -- about Amazon open -- into foreign. The Erie is soon to clear this did to finish this one up there are two carriers who haven't really -- -- yet and that is. A T-Mobile and sprint. Rate as -- now happens it is in many apps -- -- that we know. So but. And I and that's that goes toward the T-Mobile AT&T merger the whole reason why. I mean I believe anyway the big read these reason why they dark there's less restrictive about these kind of things. If they just wanna hold on to the customers when you're in third -- fourth place. You can't compete -- -- the same scale as AT&T and Verizon when it comes to rolling power isn't in the such -- you've got to find other ways to hold onto your customers. And AT&T it -- -- is considering an -- data capacity network to check email or phone call which indexes DS because I've been adamant he goes to that article last week actually by our very own Maggie Reardon. During the -- T. Owns the most spectrum in the whole country. Like he's believed -- more than Verizon. -- to get somewhere along in some markets double the amount of spectrum that Verizon. And still nationally renowned as being the worst year. Well I feel like anytime you start talking to anybody about oh -- as the phone doesn't give the signal. You -- anecdotal evidence in every case I mean it wouldn't when the of the thunderbolt birth canal. The only thing I heard from people is what I never -- four G connection like I have been using -- phone on nothing but we're due for a month. And keyboard just like Ogilvy and it's not the theme in New York in the know -- to new York and four -- connects in the entire time I was there. It's all anecdotal at the. Anecdotal but it's powerful I imagine this -- -- yesterday when the Verizon iPhone came out it was a completely different experience because I just. Turn on the the phone that it call it I was praying anymore. I it to connect. Though right anecdotal but there's a lot yet in Carolina thing is that -- people don't often into the hills when the only -- -- -- well people like this woman with -- on the left that meeting the really loud at this morning with supermodel but because -- -- an issue but when the bus runs well. Nobody -- like. It is running on time -- -- -- them duplicate it Spain Italy and Canada but the time you tell everybody you know late because the atlas stupid bus driver didn't topics that are that are in the next time you get on Abbas. You should you should tap the buster and -- the good job good jobs there are adopting I had the idea. And that is our cue to move on her NASA -- Continuing with this sprint to sprint lets you you know. Get tethering apps currently and they also. We've heard about this for awhile -- it finally launched I think yesterday in a two days ago on May third. Google Voice integration with sprint. And so this lets you basically either. Take your -- -- team sprint. Mobile number and use it for Google Voice or speaker Google Voice number and use that for your phone. And so it's pretty close to a you can already do. I think the differences. As blossoms kind of pointed -- earlier that. If you wanted to port your existing phone number and you have a contract. To Google Voice that would -- contract yet. So this -- it gets over that technical hurdle. And there's also a twenty dollar fee I believe. It involved if you want to order Porter Google Voice number. But not on sprint and so that's part of did their announcement if you have an Android believe it's an -- -- or any kind of -- isn't. Think. Not entirely and notice to netbook and with any kind of maneuvers to Google -- in -- -- Knowing that Google earth and it grew when movers. And -- I believe it's actually what we -- a colleague -- belief. I've indicated that -- But it just makes it a lot easier because I know a lot of people want -- to port I've wanted to put my phone numbers it's the same number of head for. Twelve years now Hewlett outstanding 15100 people -- -- with a number. I -- deported but the issue has always been you technically break your contract with most carriers. And yet paid extra twenty bucks. So it's not worth the 320. Dollars or whatever it is for the the termination fee to get all those extra features -- -- I'm so. Critical of -- -- -- -- did this that you know I wonder if they have some kind of exclusive deal for awhile. Back continuing on the sprint theme here time. Based on Saddam. Let's the FCC documents and looks -- sprint is getting ready to release a four G low cost and rights are -- That looks a lot like the epic four G. Pretty similar specs but they -- Guessing here this is Scott Webster on -- house -- it is speculated it could cost less than -- hundred dollars. Should be sort of knew practically a -- have a low cost. Hundreds phones and -- we have low cost forgy. Fairly feature rich in great. Well but then I'd be curious what the differentiator between the high and low and is a -- I mean it's great that they have four G but. Is it gonna be -- actually use because it's so slow. -- -- that's been -- issue for. It's a gigahertz processor soon you know it's as fast as bent on owner -- I've found. The display is smaller. The camera is you know the only three point one megapixels -- these phases not a whole lot. -- I think that's interesting though but because. I think that. There are there if you know for a number of users of benefit to having the fast bandwidth of the four G. But not necessarily be you know extremely large screen. That the massive process there you know they wanna get the data fast but -- -- -- doing a lot with it. So you mean they need maybe they'll need an HDMI video out and in you know them -- ray is that all of that you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How to richer phone videos and Arafat for a moment with a drink in one hand and the massive. Thunderbolt on the other an outlet you don't miss my small screen. I -- being able to hit every corner of the screen with one hand -- feel like -- -- drop the phone connect it. You some weird. -- -- -- the individual overstating them by exactly. You feel like doing some assembly pulling your phone out of your pocket in the and replying to a technically isn't sticking your back in well. You know hanging on to a -- the -- on the bus or like while while eating a sandwich. You don't think you almost have to use two hands and it's like not everyone's that involved in their device but I mean -- you know maybe they don't wanna wait. In twenty minutes for fifteen minute or five minutes for an MP3 to download -- -- Wanna be able to. -- get that extra speed. Yeah I don't know. I mean if you have a slow phone that I feel like -- -- isn't necessarily says the limiting factor for iPhone lifetimes it's more latency accused sort of waiting floating near as a rendering time of the browsers like. I don't know out of that the link. You know where if you do things like listen to pandora radio like that that little bit of extra extreme holiday period or if -- once -- -- YouTube video that. -- you'll have to wait for it to buffer okay withdrawn. But that that you -- -- -- But agreed that accurate yet again. To better read in bed on you can score on the user community Pittsburgh -- but I just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you're lapses go back and listened to last it teaches them. Not that many have a -- -- -- content may get some get on the let's talk tablets should we shall we. Amazon. There's been lot of rumors and Digi times is basically. Command saying that. Taiwan based on tech computers. A manufacturer Taiwan is going to. Start building Amazon. Android tablet. That will use. -- True move. Who. -- -- Or that the. And that they're gonna come out in the second half as year. And this makes a lot of sense -- think this is inevitable and Amazon's been really policy in Tina there's with the release of -- I -- of the -- App Store and names on cloud drives that is permits just -- -- at that point. And with the competition -- from Kindle. -- sir head -- on the -- 800 tablet front and it I think they -- -- to do indeed bigger surprised they didn't release a tablet at some point the next year to. Read it yet and it seems like if they do enter it is kind of -- obvious choice here. -- do you think that they're gonna sort of fragmented off or. Or stay with Indian to a family -- -- as they do have to scale the brain and and the ability to sort of do it themselves suit and and just use the work that's already been done and do they -- -- had the financial incentive to. But then most users it's sort of be like hey I still want existing library. Of Android apps. It to the questions there -- so Willie fragment it. Eventually they'll be forced to me early on to the same degree that mean the mix a little fragmented also. Yeah if it -- -- stories. And cultivated -- You know. Specific. Apps that work on the Nook Color but is -- initiative. Stock inch version -- -- rate now the -- if you really wanna you know you wanna do everything yeah but that with the newest update became a recently -- Free relatively full featured for most people use nothing in Amazon's case. Because they've got their own -- stars that pack and fly. I mean there will probably use their own exclusive left orbit and -- Pretty close to. Bureau. With -- Google's what what I'm saying a subset yet yet -- close what all. What I'm saying is like is is and the science of business segment itself from. Is the existing -- -- for can get ready for it in and do it on their own. Because they really do is -- on the long term you have a big incentive to do that. Because they have the entire infrastructure in place for the for the cloud of for the next generation of computing. They've been selling software and selling books and selling media. Since its inception. In the -- and make a lot of money you know charging either. Either users or publishers are -- cut. And just owning more of the vertical involved but he from the user all the way up to the hardware. I think they certainly might fork but I think it would be a mistake to fork so if you look at it right now if they wanna go with honeycomb. They can't read or can't get -- that -- go and do a deal with Google. As schools -- to do a deal with Amazon who has competing App Store room. So if they want to create -- a lot of honeycomb tablet niceties they may have to build -- the cells based on the 23. Code instead of -- -- honeycomb boat but. Actually there area to differentiate is not going to be OS. It should be on apps and services. And that's where they can add value when it is reap the benefits of this news. Enter and you know stock would be. So via ask a Forrester report. -- -- analysts also speculates about the tablet that. They think it's gonna be unbound by expensive data plans. And that also. That Amazon may sell this -- at or below cost because again they're gonna make it up on services so that. This could be sort of one of the very first live super. Cheap gas. The candor -- -- -- -- its. Objects. IPad competitor. -- yeah -- you have some here and there are yet. He -- the heavyweight. One that actually prices it really really well. Well I mean the the question for most consumers when it comes to tablets right now is why not get an iPad and if -- as -- can come on say hey we're gonna give you a tablet for a hundred bucks -- 200 bucks. But you gotta -- B music from our services you gotta buy the books from our service or these suffer from our services. That that's okay the the thing is that other manufacturers can't do that. So Motorola doesn't own enough of the that the spacing between. Around users to really be incentivized -- like that rated so it. I think they're really get position and my guess -- before -- -- -- -- surprise that Amazon didn't release to tap. -- well we'll see soon enough. -- -- -- that that that it reaches the panel of conversation -- just clicked in my hand in the but the first paragraph of gonna use. Which is don't you just like a fun elegant thoughtful color display that's not an iPad competitor that -- even in the color competitor that does the next Kindle. Yeah I meant that might -- -- -- might be their first step into the market they -- just sort of like update to the Kindle to do color me. The actions to connect to be plain Angry Birds on the exact -- screen. But -- legendary gesture. I think. There's also been rumors that someone would release a -- -- -- Tablet that has like EA overlaid it a regular screen name so if you're just reading it can be yanked that if you're not a could be your regular color screen. It is -- -- it won't be competitor at all offices he cables in nicer. -- Which is -- because that's the black white right now. Yeah whoa you're assuming that means to me color. -- very seriously doubt. So talked about someone else who's coming out with a new potentially -- it happen and that's Barnes & Noble with their nook which we were just talking about according to SEC Filene's. They planned to release a new reader. On -- -- -- -- for a according to Wall Street Journal they think this new tablet new -- will be. More powerful than the current tablet com and perhaps run honeycomb. However. Our. Her own David Carnoy. Author of knife music com disagrees he says -- want to do exactly and -- and overlooked. -- that. Probably justice is gonna be sort of an update to -- and Noble's lower end. 2009 and hasn't been updated and -- that. Not exactly a great thing but it's not very competitive with the current. Crop the candles. Okay yeah I did just just to compete so it's that we're now looking for -- a major update although some other people you know speculating about the honeycomb thing. The suggests it might and I don't know I think that the current Nook Color. It's too new for them to be. Pirated laser and yet -- -- -- it seems like it's doing pretty well so why of why replace it unless you're gonna replace it with one that there's a lot hearted hack. That the -- -- it could be. -- -- -- -- -- -- So I didn't notice -- -- -- article but I guess currently. Your phone doesn't automatically switch between four G and three G it and if it does. It does. It doesn't automatically switch before -- -- -- thing is that sometimes it takes that a couple things. Though you may find yourself like if you're on the fringe of four G network. And your forgy -- felt. -- may be correct and -- fifteenth -- -- upwards of a minute or so before the full relative wait a minute there's no forgy. Regina would and during that time you just don't have -- and I think that allowed people are running into that issue. And that is that a future muted as not a teacher. I had -- -- -- still don't -- noted that -- -- -- like the ability to switch because unit that the kind of contradicts the article. Right now which says that there's an update available that will automatically switch between. Verizon's four GOT and three G network seamlessly. Elizabeth -- there anymore if basically if there is cutting down. The time that it takes for the realized I don't have forgy if tend to do something else -- in the interim because -- right now. If you if you find yourself click on that for example -- the four G coverage isn't everywhere you find yourself on the edge where your phone in the little forgy. And then and in a little 149 it'll to stay in -- militants completely ignore three G. Until they realized that like wait a minute something's not right. But the update is supposed to nearly as an alternate routes and raise a little bit more seamless yet but now here's the good thing is that it's been pushed back. So it's not actually coming out -- was supposed to hit this week. But it's been pushed back according to an article on Droid life. Without dates -- to win it's gonna happen -- if it's been put on hold. And their referring people to support site. Also -- -- the screen chat here why would they have to blur out the time Latin. With that port running well I know I think -- know this tonight's like nobody's gotten it. Mr. and it ignorance fuels that says please direct customers this -- -- provide details when that they will be available. Was in it does it doesn't. It -- says. -- -- -- Says soon yes -- also elect our are. Was it our next -- -- and respectfully. Third quarter this year so I think right now our -- -- that you are to get three update is not come in anytime soon. Also -- Are at -- take a quick break here but when we come back we're gonna talk about. The first Android phone -- women's. -- stay with us -- Welcome back. Our rights are no year old -- -- to hear about differs from for -- but first let's talk about some phones that are imminently coming now. See a couple of these so there's the Motorola Droid acts. Acts to sellers and -- was. A pretty popular phone a lot of people are walking around with that -- com -- the bigger version of the Droid. Since new wells the Droid to as a keyboard this one doesn't and it's kind of it's cut it's basically he adds -- -- curriculum leaders since two -- Com. So the jury next -- best format may well last couple days from now and it shouldn't feature a dual core tegra two processor. 768. Megs of ram. That looks like -- to Kent German. That it will not support for GL TE. -- but that. I think it's just like it keep -- But the -- vote in favor of the -- and like immediately dismissing that window and becoming into development before. Motorola had at fifth two. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would look like pretty -- phone but then also apparently haven't been issues with their four G network. That again I sometimes like defeat -- anecdotal. But because I haven't had any issues with it but that and immediately knew that -- -- to -- -- -- and I did -- look at them -- it and the volume they follow me they know them and -- holding our -- it will no longer everyday guy with the bank and phone. I think it probably is a lot more to do with -- -- slash you know there's there's a huge array of on. -- -- -- -- it started you know variance to the development times and they they -- recoup their -- at some point name this is where the X two landed in the -- -- With getting into in the first places. Which phone to. -- that is -- is always a new phone every week. And you'll always be wrong yet another goes outlet would and you get -- gimme something about the phone and -- of damage and get the -- So also up on the -- list here is these so inexperienced playing coming on May 26 finally yet beaten when in this. For a long time and then V Droid three. Coming up and fitness -- -- but pretty soon Madrid three. But they're pretty similar to the Droid -- Android two. As -- -- of sliding screen keyboard but has a larger display four inches front facing camera. And the -- treating lip. Is gone. A little bit part of the moon and it was the best part of my continue to like widget in your keyboard between the number keys and the functions -- and it would just stand up. If it depends on it yes yeah at and I don't know that or I was an athletes -- -- back to the XP your place why why do you think it took so long for the phone can -- mean it was advertised heavily during the Super -- -- You know could force a disturbingly it because there were -- that and I bet money -- it like when I saw the commercialized is that that is. Wacky and that is creepy as all -- to have the -- attached to the -- yet at least it's taken so long as they had to wait for people to forget about that in my -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When it comes off that -- -- -- -- you'll just sensing the commercial that the Pinto. -- could have been this software platform as well as it -- this is this the first thrown at the polls Sony. Is -- includes the first. It is the -- and think. And let's the other experience beat it to the market I -- -- I mean could have happened is the other one had the PlayStation in -- -- -- But it just didn't have that they don't stick. And in the but in the creepy commercials yet that statement and the commercial public are always previously -- to commercial super creepy. Back in the date. -- -- and acute. And I -- -- -- I'm avoiding meeting with the words on. I'll probably have to check my bank account. And I'm actually that the part of -- that -- it. And me a little bit fat -- -- is -- mean I think aboard complain on this show about. But the huge screen is that the Detroit three getting the larger -- screen -- -- -- that all phones are gonna have for its screen now or heard union. You know it they're gonna be. Really good phone with the smaller 3.5 inch screen in the future than the public everybody just don't like to there was one big screens. And I'll get half warrants for example the Samsung infuse for genes you have four point five and go the wrong direction ago. Sorry and I mean at four point five -- screens are in dangerously close to that five inch tablet that we saw it he has. Which I mean that's. Massive massive. Displayed there and you can pretend your pocket and you -- and -- recede after relate you to be that guy or -- cargo shorts. Well -- biases that -- known for women. I'm not it's not the phone or -- but he -- -- So lower target -- -- the Samsung infused forgy. Has finally got to release stated pristine it's. Must it be available may fifteenth for one mini nine with two year contract. It's I don't know him. Anyways I -- super -- -- plus of the can put in the accolades around Amylin. Touch screen eight point nine inches been -- it. -- Super thin without bulky phone -- this -- takes up a lot of surface area. The eighteenth he's also gonna be on AT&T it's gonna be their first -- plus bone in the file for going to be the HS UPA enabled it lines of for the the republic of you know all the controversy surrounding the -- And -- -- like. Slower -- limitation that they had on that as far as the bandwidth is -- -- be the first phone out of the box. That has that functionality. Enabled by the yeah yeah by default but we'll have to be activated. I mean like we've we've you mentioned this before -- it's like really blurring the line between. Tablets and Smartphones to a point where what -- with the difference between this and the visit did Dell's slate five inch and yet. -- in India street -- yeah. It's called area tablet. Yeah. It's. -- the iPhone tablet Andy Mac tablet the but I don't agree at all is you know in product terms what is really the use. Or. Smith -- one upmanship I think I think you'd like that there's somebody out there. Whose brain -- integrated that you just like a little how big A the loans which -- say yeah like I want a bigger phone the Johnson and the you risk seen in in American Psycho they're comparing business cards somewhere in America they're a bunch of -- -- a table comparing phones right now. Think I guarantee you it's happening somewhere are we gonna see bigger pockets and enhance you -- into the party. I don't know because brief eleven Morgan -- -- -- Or I think what's gonna happen is the the clip hasn't come back. I'm in the republic not that there was ever -- you guys literally had to dialed in podcast definitively been good conversation and -- column. Belt clip for phones coming back in the Booth you're sick that out and interest income received -- okay. Well let's it's talk about. You know potentially error most. So access articles -- week. The -- TC the lips which HTC is in the planning phase for a phone that is specifically targeted at women. Around their -- focus groups to receive direction and are open to launch on Verizon later this year. Each DC -- will feature Herbert suffered peaks that may. It more appealing to women. Can have a green hue with a soft touch rubber casing for a better grip. And feature both a front and rear facing cameras you can -- your children so basically -- it has been Vodafone well it wait wait wait its gonna have software tweaks. Including. Harming wall papers with shop being calorie in calorie counting apps. Go ahead women be offended the offended. And ultimately have died from like putting like an app that tells you your fat. -- yeah there's that thing was the exact same -- CC keeps putting out. Deliberately that's where -- -- -- gonna do exactly if a unilateralist applicable actually gonna speech technicians -- basket. That's certainly feeling that. And because that's the front facing camera it'll be like yes yes yes and that is because you consumed 3000 calories -- let's close topic pretty close let's -- the odometer happen -- with another with calories. You know you know. That and when these are marketing agency media giant pink wallpaper that's the only difference really know what somebody picks it up -- pink wallpaper with flowers. So do you think this is gonna network them or are women -- be so offended. Is that there it is Buick is ridiculous -- and -- of the industrial Droid. A bill last week when we talked about the the Africa and the girl and neck -- the cute girl index of the phone that I followed moves. That I've anecdotally file most women with -- on my. And -- the pre industrial. Beefy looking phone I mean there's soft phones on the market in the -- -- -- it seems to me like. If if a woman is heavy enough to be looking it in for its -- He's probably also said in afternoon that -- She's looking perspective. Capabilities -- not look in war. An -- that you can get out of the market penalize you track your weight and download -- And ultimately -- promiscuity. Rate there. Scale. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. Yeah aren't well live about Mozilla 86 in the -- -- actually brings them the Palm Pre. And -- advertisement at the beginning of their campaign was very female centric to the point that I think everyone thought it was little creepy. Again with the conflicts she looked like she was -- -- afterlife -- redheaded chick staring into the camera yes. Forget what the verbiage was -- it implied that they. You had passed away without an Internet red -- for you youth if it clearly -- Didn't really work though -- is. I don't know any women little on any people in general who were walking around the country exactly but I am just anecdotally -- didn't -- according number of girls who bought. The incredible the errors. When the first couple Droid. Phones can mount an error -- -- just -- it -- it was not. -- as industrial like I'm gonna cut my hand open. Like the original Droid easily look like engineering sample were in an easy. Yet there's this kind of we can figure was just dinner wasn't great follow you know -- you -- and I don't know single guy with an I -- -- -- -- I'm the end that and I don't think any -- would be -- American -- -- doesn't. And found right. -- Our pilots fly through the next couple stories here rim. We talked about this that are month or two ago. Dead the playbook will be able to run Android apps and so -- at Blackberry world in Orlando this week. -- gave some details on actually how that's gonna work. So the playbook is gonna have the -- player but -- simulates a gingerbread. IE -- 2.3 environment. And depending on incident when Google releases honeycomb publicly in May get updated to honeycomb. And so. It he won't playing -- -- apps you know you can't go and just download and a peak and run that. Developers actually have to repackage this as a -- I don't know. Anyway but that will actually be pretty easy because. Rim is gonna release an update for the -- development -- so -- -- Re export that out. And apparently doesn't even need access to the source code as rim -- road. Several hundred apps running. That they didn't have access -- code. So you repackage it is submitted to the Blackberry app world for approval. And then people can. -- -- on a -- books it is missing a couple API is. Hands. The weighty. Rim is looking at this is is it sort of transitional so that -- developers can get their feet wet with the playbook but. If they really wanna go in full force firm is encouraging them to actually develop directly for the. I -- there's so many things about the playbook. To complain about. And for me you know it's great that -- -- -- I I would rather that they actually focus on doing things like. Putting a calendar and email app on there. If you don't have a Blackberry is great less deep into what they need and -- -- you know for for the platform in the long term. This does nothing -- to really make developers that. Create applications of their platform bread and make -- not -- you haven't yet. Com but it's interesting nonetheless and and it's good for -- hundred developers who can just expand their footprint pulpit. -- let's say one last story here before it jumped email. We have talked about as a lot what is going to be the next. Version of Android. It -- it seemed like the Wii had been narrowed down between ice cream sandwich and ice cream and that's who uses integrated media sort of calling that it is going to be asked -- -- -- based on. It cool developer who made a comment on their -- it is she tracking system -- This bug will be fixed in ice cream sandwich. So. When that comes out we're all gonna have it's it's -- Are well and they know when questioned -- people them as music when they can finally emerged from porno and the 2.0 series of of enjoyed operating systems and according to an article. That it might actually be that ice cream might be for one version and ice -- which might be for the three point oh or some other version. The -- call it not long after any column came out maybe a month or so after there was a story with an interview actually that we we covered. They didn't do the interview but someone at Google said that -- and next iteration. Of I guess of -- -- OS would be emerging -- of. Yeah we definitely dinner here that. I'm hoping that's the case because if they keep this fragmented app that is -- product fusion in a difficult development environment doesn't help the platform. It anyway and then that's still the issue renowned for -- column there's very few apps compared to gingerbread. -- exactly. -- and even within. Within ginger operated -- -- you -- -- between -- -- ready for Leo. You know they. Get the news of the and Google Voice and video chat coming out. And it only works on like these phones. And I mean he -- he didn't like big news that we cover here at CNET words like Google Voice YouTube video -- now but only if you just want. Well and next week as Google's bio conference and so hopefully they'll actually clear sum this up because a lot of people and developers especially. You're looking for some direction. You know one update will work here -- you know -- our network on this and maybe we'll actually see some leadership from cool to see it like this is how we're an improved -- across the. Higher platform. Welcome to the world and and right fragment its. He. Our children while you can well let's talk about your questions here's amino yet to -- -- at Was -- the first is for. Chiquita. Logo has -- would like to -- -- TC thunderbolt and was hoping you could point me in the right direction for a beginner. He used to jailbreak my iPhone but -- -- is totally different. Now them on hander and have no idea how to get it started tanks and on the. You ahead she is they were all different tack though -- -- -- -- and he probably immediate she wants is distributed. -- me install. -- -- and on the show. Flu our -- Seth Rosenblatt actually has. Three video series for routing your injury moon for installing custom firmware and then also returning -- dot. They're very. Broad and we'll give you a pretty good idea -- what you're up against. But then for specific. Directions for -- ACC thunderbolt I. Did get my information from the often cited XT developers forum. You'll put the -- to those the links to -- to -- specific instructions routing the thunderbolt and awful for the one click root for the thunderbolts. In the show notes even if you're gonna go the one click route I recommend you at least read through. -- how to for the -- you know the manual routing process because if something goes wrong. During their one click -- process and -- I interrupted. Middle you'll be better equipped to -- asked for help from from somebody on the forum. -- it definitely -- check out the show notes which we're gonna put in there and should. Join the way. In related news. -- -- -- -- Reading marathons -- I'll just now -- that's yeah. That's what I've been doodles that the environment around. How -- you have the phone and rooted nook from. I'm -- I -- everyone I knew it in Korea only -- note. All I mean but it has any reason to -- is. The only reason -- -- was like tethering -- but I have you know. Sprint overdrive so it never really made sense -- that. You can do it because you can because you -- well I don't -- real affront on in the beginning was -- over Kevorkian's war. I mean what is the that the incentive. -- -- -- -- And he's just isn't very Texan -- well I mean it allows you to. -- can be real cool strata around -- rooted phone you'll hear is there's that -- you can get into and out. -- added we're using in -- -- phone club but. It's a lot of fun but I mean you also get to do things -- it would help spur things like you can run apps. That require access to your phone may be blocked. Stuck so things like. Don't laugh but a screen shot at that we have to run into us is that any -- fun with phones. Why -- I know I know the epidemic of simply owns it ha. The -- -- if they via the tethering app that we talked about earlier in the -- also there's some really cool apps. For example titanium baca. -- which allows you take a snapshot of every app -- on your phone and the data. Now so if you moved to a new full north on the happens to your phone over black are you can reinstall Angry Birds using titanium back up and only if people your global and stars. -- keep all of your data. If there's one there's also some -- -- He continued to lose that is you can get. With titanium back up even offers EPA's off he could potentially give your friends DPP's. Apps you paid for dads and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but that. Not I -- positive here well I guess the fundamental question is Justin are you happier -- that your -- did so I'm so happy. Yeah well I'm so happy to the feel lighter and free here -- -- -- -- that they get into the actually get -- clubs now. I don't have the -- liners like look renewed its -- -- it where there. -- All right let's go on to another question. Hi -- -- that was -- in the market for a seven inch tablet since at the moment I don't need it and it's one. I considered the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab ETC fire or the Nook Color. Is it worth dealing with HTC. Nonsense. For a tablet with a stable gingerbread OS vs pro you were an unstable -- -- Here's -- -- Tuesday. Wednesday yet the -- And -- mile circular route the -- you take that off your list. And then lets you like you you're getting it and and you wanna can -- -- and play around within the fun -- for that. But that's the only reason that in the color keeps coming up India. In the tablet conversation -- as -- -- -- 250 -- tablet exactly but it's -- willing to put the effort into doing it. It's good for like embedded like and it does not have an account and debit blaming you can but it does remembered well. Somebody had an -- -- before the -- came out on the color. I mean I noticed that you -- -- in the leaves that she yeah she did mention on the company's tablet through there all the -- yet but all the fires the is is that honeycomb -- the -- and I thought I thought the Zune was. The only honeycomb tablet available right now Asus or Acer might be making -- there are pretty sure that it. The the flyers -- ago. I mean. For -- and I know that you can install a clean version that's one thing that she can do you. Most importantly the process of elimination union threw together don't -- extra money on -- Galaxy Tab. And -- think anybody means it's an interesting form factor but I think most of us who recommend or having. It just the -- recommended if the temple foray. Yeah okay it's a Vista -- say that -- player is under 183. Mean. Loses some months. Now this is as of -- -- -- editor -- the latest -- that com. I don't know I am I -- the tab is fine but it's their power didn't. It's I -- just at the -- is that the better option out of all three islands. I would say of the theory it's. If definitely the best three. If you don't wanna put the effort into the -- -- routing in and basically just have -- like -- geeks toying with mental note. And you don't want old hardware which is Galaxy Tab running it would -- Are it will go one -- -- Brea -- as my wife and I both have fifteen dollar month plan. Plans to -- use it works out. Find both. I'm sorry the -- -- unit that's what it says yes so basically they have. Too low use plans that include -- minutes. And that works for them. And they're just wondering if nothing about bad at all -- -- That they can use a phone -- hundred phone. It is basically anything not activated as a small tablet or Wi-Fi -- only able Mayo apps tetra. I sons both have America's four point three and I would like that at the use and to make calls. Would irony they use. So it's I think. And nuclear I'm not totally sure there ask a bit you can put it is this is -- -- in you wanna get a used phone. Without service and just use that as a tablet. Then yes you can do that. If you wanna do something else. -- -- -- -- -- Well yeah and I think they're actually a couple of products out there if you wanna buy new. I think this Samsung galaxy the player player -- it is -- the an Android phone without the that the phone service. Yet no it definitely has been its it's like two -- -- of make it it's at 182 if you wanted to get something really cheap you could just buy a used ammonia. So whatever is the best deal. And dented does the player have Mike I wonder as it sounds like -- stated maybe newspapers -- that over here. It might not have them -- built into the the unit but I'm. Pretty sure it actually the ma it is -- -- it doesn't have a microphone capability. Iowa hopefully operated some clarity -- but it feels pretty humorous again their email -- -- enter an analyst at You can foes soon Twitter app injured app lists the following it -- -- -- to follow me. And now my real name -- Wilson whose -- wraps the artist and you can watch this show every week. Thursday's 2 PM Pacific. CNET tech obsessed a lot of the -- it's an entire -- past lives -- slash Android -- list. Won't. Into account -- -- -- app -- where you can get the show every week as well as cross parts of great Android news. Plug your show Wilson. Well you can also listen to me the iPhone user on the refrigerate show at the 44 I -- that at slash -- last -- -- watch live horse but will -- -- At some every. 1130. Years. Each. Eastern eastern. 8:30. Pacific. Cool aren't well thanks for coming on today and -- sega's next week.
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