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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 22: Samsung Tab or iPad?

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Mobile: Android Atlas Weekly 22: Samsung Tab or iPad?

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This week on Android Atlas Weekly, Android is sued again, a 3D Android Picture Frame and everything you ever wanted to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, All that and more coming up on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly for Thursday, October 28st, 2010. Join Justin Eckhouse along side guest host, Senior Editor, Donald Bell.

Android soon begin a 3-D and great picture frame and everything you ever once -- the galaxy -- all that more coming up on this week's edition of -- -- weekly for Thursday October 282010. I am just -- pass along side guest -- senior editor Donald. Now. -- -- course. They need oh. Welcome. Thanks for be announced and an Android task that we Khamese makes makes sense and got all -- and -- knowledge locked up in my head you're practically Rula. People that way actually than it. Eric can you talk through the rest has -- it I to right and driveways directly -- do that. -- -- -- slip into it okay when it feels appropriate we'll call you again. -- -- that's jump into it. So and grade the Android market -- he little -- marketplace the the official is the official and I don't know. -- the Google Android marketplace -- that yes the glow or of Android market the key -- marketplace and market interchangeably. Admin and trying to crack -- marriage use Massey. And -- -- standard marketplace but the Apple leases market that at -- -- is because they can fit more on that yet in the title you think I have no idea. The Android market this week topped -- 100000 applications according to Google and this is in comparison to the app store. From Apple which is that about 300000. Apps burning to -- -- -- Last week on the earning call Apple's earnings call. So. Woo hoo blue. -- you. Ten it's a good -- does infinite -- to have an extra -- you can read about. -- you know yeah and you know like eleven fingers but like you know. Yes in your app account while that might help you to it especially with your type you know and Andrea I don't know -- -- stop there. Yeah its a its a good milestone. You know I think that wants tablets would have become -- -- mainstream printer and this'll probably. Really group in more. You know I had has probably fuel the growth a lot because there's a lot of you know. Whatever. This saves the and that HD out rank will that also yet it's too -- -- the splintering of like one app maker needs to make. Maybe two to three different versions of the app or and there's also a payment the -- this -- same case in the Android market is much but there's always liked. The free version and then there's the upgrade premium version -- and there's the iPad version and then there's the old version for people who have all their OS devices and -- -- it it can be easily. 45 different persons -- -- -- That is true though I guess it is impressive that Apple has 32000 in their given how many apps they probably reject and you know Google's let. Whatever the heck they want to matter yeah billion -- -- but but in there. There's only steals a little personal restraint had been okay that's what this there's can have you taken credit card those -- hours. There are times can. So continuing on the theme of the marketplace there was a the -- An announcement that wasn't really an announcement ready for primetime yet. We talked about the rumors that PayPal was gonna come to -- market and sit alongside. Google checkout as a way to pay for -- adapts. And PayPal actually announce this on their blog earlier this week. But almost immediately took a -- Weird we it is weird so we don't know exactly why that happen and I'm still pretty sure that this is going to happen. I guess its kind too big and means were to be like a fluke right now if I found. App developer out there tonight -- I'm gonna be on every single platform and Michael I misspoke but he got some publicity PayPal doesn't need you now the publicity. You didn't take it's -- this break yet notes it's probably just. Innocent mistake. But this will be excited when actually happens because I think it's gonna open the doors especially internationally to a lot more. Users who can actually buy apps which has been certificate -- complaint the theatre market. Two point. Because you can only pay traps and I don't know like thirty countries or something like that. Which is why does a lot more free app frankly in the -- mark my system. The markets are and then in the app store. You know but -- maybe I health remarked that selected. I think -- from Google's my immediate this only matters half the money finds went their pocket -- -- they go through their channel or not. I -- Google buy you get a fact the owner Google phone Matt knows everything about you already. If you feel like whether the money get goes directly to them -- do not account should make them activated. Right I mean to be honest. You're you're actually right they don't actually make. Much if any money -- of apps that pretty much say. Have set asked as Apple that -- to really make -- money men and that's why both Apple and Google have these mobile ad networks. You know how -- I ads and Gould makes 99% of its money from -- and print off. The -- that it conserve feature so the more apps that are out there of that are running an ad mob ads in there the better there are so are we can get your -- -- -- -- You know it it'll be cool to see this actually happened I think this is part of a larger announcement that PayPal -- -- about. There. Digital goods platform. So I'm serve in the next couple eighty's I don't know and I battles he has -- -- -- an official announcement in the next. -- you still -- won't -- able to get away with not. Turning over a year credit card information to Google and some way you know it's not gonna be an option necessary for people who just don't like the idea of putting in it. Having Google -- their credit card information. I would think well you don't have. Updating your credit card. Information to sign -- form a sort of the count today -- which is different then he and the Apple world apparently there is some back door trick to not have to enter your credit card did -- get to the normal process to restore. To download a free app that you have to enter credit card right. Yeah I have an account and by having account you can have to have the correct correct and so in the Google and -- world you don't currently. So I think you wanna have to give them your credit card you may have to give to PayPal or some -- get money in your PayPal account meant an active the active CO. -- of great advantages of Mac analysis he. The downside. Maybe they're being extra pay walls you know from app to app they can -- access this kind of central. -- user ID attached. Credit card information for making them but. Write it off to be huge team to see what other marketplaces do -- what is I mean Amazon is probably not gonna use either of these right -- use their own payment system. And who knows with. Other marketplaces do you know what that does. Archos marketplace today -- -- The great thing about the Archos market but every time I've gone to play with it is that is only really showing me free apps and -- kind of the crappy apps that you would hope that -- pay for anyway. But within an -- -- -- -- listen we you'll use you'll get like the premium operate where like that. Download this one level of the game and then within the -- you can upgrade to like the full version have been paid directly to that. Provider. That seems to be the -- -- for doing their own little app store I don't know how literacy went to work out. Insisting well on that coming up later this year early next year. It will be interest in -- watch. Gives him money yes speaking and give give determining -- in a statement -- -- called who's suing Andrea this week. The answer is is it -- also. Kimmel. Passes to -- Malta which makes smart cards and sim card. Security technologies -- cool Motorola HTC and Samsung wow stint -- -- wanna leave anyone out there. They're alleging that the pelvic. Java run time uses the two multi -- job is -- technology which lets Java applications run on smart -- And Donald has a little extra -- Dad Leo do actually is talking much of malt -- in this -- buzz out loud because there -- the company that supposedly is working with Apple. -- developed. Integrated -- technology for some next generation iPhone that would. Make it's that you don't have to swap and sim card today it would automatically update the same information when it -- want to beyond that this magical. Integrated done -- 11. Mega. Sim card will -- right Terry -- in time in there PSA Apple and -- the really are kind of like in bed together it could just. He -- it seems like an odd coincidence that this company that only ever heard of in this one related story. Is also involved with and Google but not -- economic and quite yet. Well just to remind you who also suing Google or rather -- really Sandra could not reverence in Google directly. So Microsoft has sued Motorola over and -- was -- HTC over incredibly that was settled and then Oracle is also suing Google. Directly over the -- back Java virtual machine as well. It's kind of like this. Reminds me a lot of people a Cold War history -- -- you know. -- -- He's -- little Cuban missile crisis. Things right -- -- -- have a little like you know eastern European country fighter battles for us you're not exactly. It's pretty clear -- -- -- -- here right now it's if the big year for lawyers and -- deaths of at least someone. I'm so there was. Who is this from there's a statement from who exact. Deviate too long -- -- vice president of corporate development and cool. And he said. That. Binding -- -- which was originally a independent company founded by Andy -- Who's now is the head of -- division that Google was the best deal ever. Best deal and -- While he picked up in a garage sale or something bad policy I can practically -- it. I'm not turkeys and best deal David Google has ever done or that anyone has ever done in the -- and then. -- -- -- the best deal ever done was. Bill Gates buying -- for like 101000 dollars at some point that. -- That S so it's estimated that they've body and -- for about fifty million dollars and put that into perspective. Google now off of mobile have which is he pretty much as we said the only way that Google makes money off of -- damaged -- a billion dollars annually. Be fair they also paid 750. Million dollars for ad mob who serves those. But. The you know the -- part of that is pretty good deal. Yeah well I mean also seems to deal it's such a big part of Google's. Future. Finally it is not just phones it -- tablet little little nine dollar tablet -- moment Tampa hobby. Reflecting and -- decoupling of this 59 dollar shared a go. We'll -- does that thinking -- now beat it it's become such a big part of there. This strategy for -- they and a good deal we spend you know I'm sure they spend that much on their private jet. Fuel in the years so million dollars and kept -- gonna happen principally. An adjustment panel on -- -- this week. Same thoughts exactly here. Anyway it's you know good deals have you see the next mobile us there and -- -- million dollars under I would recommend that you pick up. -- skimp on jet fuel or not. -- yeah and now I would not go and buy -- mobile ads right now. Yeah now how much I don't know if we -- look this up I wonder how much -- PP for home. Right that they paid more than fifty million. Pena -- for pain and picnic I would argue that it more than a thousand bucks there are paid but that for another. The -- like the the palm -- -- the web though I -- -- episode the united get a bunch of well -- Hayden on 11 -- action packed show I don't hate them -- the the thing is web OS is really cool you -- might be enemy of my enemy my friend 1990 be all buddy buddy up with -- violence. I'm going yadda you have there's so many -- -- -- -- -- they're not Miami and mean has like you know. A lead developer. It is there all my enemy is because you don't -- develop the -- -- -- ten times Mac. -- -- -- does sporting because it is the U wise beautiful -- -- such as great OS. They -- just not gonna win at this point is my equipment now. The latest men's and it'll be relegated to printers have -- I'm also. This week Samsung has announced -- invent -- New York on November 8. Two we don't know what they're gonna announce that. The rumors are they may announce. -- it -- -- be the mother says I think is reporting -- Nexus two. And that I don't think that there -- saying that does actually can be called the nexus two but that'll be sort of in the same vein of phone that was sort of jointly developed by Google -- with Google. It's gonna run what they say rumored to be -- 102 point three. Code named ginger bread and so that's kind of maybe confirming that gingerbread is the B 2.3 which some people thought was to me three point no. Hand it might come out November -- who -- And -- Because it's -- to be the Nexus One phone -- style phones that the experience will be -- stock experience -- the updates will come directly from Google enough from carrier or from -- and -- -- interest -- I find some of it a little far fetched that. Samsung would release. You know the galaxy -- which people generally are happy with through that you. And then now we're also gonna released this phones that. We don't have control over. And you. At least and I'm happy to see -- a phone coming out of Samsung that doesn't have some over the top superlative -- you know to -- The Jesus. Knew that their own it's like -- -- -- -- if he's full. You know I mean it doesn't sell itself to hard. -- Right well most the ever we don't know yet another rumors that this is possibly the Samsung. Music continuum phone. That we've been hearing a little bit about we talked a couple weeks -- it actually has. Like a second. Display on the front. The sort of displayed little mini widget style right. Man number and the same thing meeting that actually was kind of for it again it's a BLO -- little display right it's like the additional exactly it tells you the timer what the weather is -- you've -- -- now. Or you just play like little Samsung -- didn't you know -- Japanese cartoons I mean like. Anti guerrilla sometimes -- -- that Google control enemy weirdness. Right. Yeah well last week we on this show we have a little -- robots that think at a Korea that we talked about. So my mind this document mean -- last year before the break. We have some photos of what looks to be. The PlayStation phone from Sony so engadget posted several photos. They Sony Ericsson slider phone sporting gaming controls and running and radio -- Com. Does not whole -- When you give -- wrong Mike resting Kurds. So this is important to note no memory stick on this one months and again and then would be all over the -- downloads and some. Com for games that's a good question I mean we repetitive. -- -- before the show I know if this is gonna be the PlayStation phone today. Carve out a separate place in the marketplace for these apps. -- create a second. Marketplace on the phone that he is so you'll -- to marketplaces. Or. You know how to in his tribute these teams. Because it's not just a matter of coming -- with his new -- it dances. Coming out with a whole new distribution system for Sony and for Sony's game publisher -- it in actually gonna games stop anymore and by years. Games well on me if it's if it's -- you know Sony's. And -- usually like impede their games on their devices. A listen to you on there headphones. And only -- Sony approved places. -- in there seem to be very still very controlling kind of top down company. That down don't you be cool if Sony really has come out with like eighteen. And he beat the coolest move would be if Sony came out with all of bared their license scheme products as downloadable apps that Android market redone it. More likely they'll come out with their own Sony's. PSP app store or something like that that would go -- -- product I would think Abby my dad. Yet and they tend to agree with you and what I also wonder is it is this gonna have some special sort of video hardware actually process data processing that the games need -- -- The only thing that this has that is different than your regular hundred phone is like the controller. And -- It looked at the pictures kind of weird so there are no keyboard. -- the slider phone with no keyboard but with just controls on -- so presumably it only has a virtual keyboard. -- So it'll be huge teams see I don't think we have you know -- -- -- -- because they estonians who have not officially confirmed any of this. Who was here there will be photos and soon. -- Coming up after the break we have a lot of and -- Talk coming up tablet block. How to block as well as he sex offender tracker app. Which whose commercial you're gonna wanna see so all that more coming up after the sport. Welcome back all right well -- are here to talked about this. Very highly anticipated tablet that I'm sure everyone has been waiting for it is. It's pretty impressive. -- he is. This what is I don't even know the name of this you and tried to set the whole joke there and images. You -- and it is the -- along M 150. Right yes and no they bring you all the quality in Fiji you expect from a mile long product. -- only Wal-Mart or Walgreens can hold it for you. If you're gonna and this isn't with the Mamas highbrow media Walgreen will come -- yeah exactly. Yes I'll take that forty enemy don't want you it. If -- been itching for that Android tablet experience that not want to spend more than a hundred dollars on it. There is a product for you. And apparently made to look exactly in the same vein as the I had complete with but the iPad. I home button. Placement -- like the -- -- Refined and these guys aren't -- pretty much everything. -- it if cheap. It is so it has or capacity type script touch screen. As opposed to -- -- which means no multi touch. There's very resistant rather it -- -- -- it -- and not expecting yet capacity yeah and Mohamed product if they so that if I try thinking -- long says he. Why wouldn't keep the antitrust that it has Internet Explorer on it had not really but I do believe from looking at this photos got the icon for Internet Explorer in the dock I think it also has -- -- -- -- -- into the addictive content. -- it doesn't matter is like. Even if it is just most blatant rip off and mishmash of -- icons and iPad -- design spec is flake. Meaning go to sue the companies there is there Shanghai April right headquarters are gonna move and disappear the next week inflate these companies and make these. Mike just cheap and raid based tablets and then get them out to Kmart or whomever they there. You're not gonna get updates from these companies now not version I mean got a -- looks like it's public one point. Fix or something on ethnic even if it to -- -- -- -- sales here. So I mean it's for people who really want -- heard the argument that for people who really want. Something cheap that they can use for of web browsing and email. And the rest of the actual apps store capabilities and all that comes it comes along with a full fledged -- -- art isn't that important to them. -- tried -- -- here's -- -- -- -- -- hundred dollars. Exactly this is the tablet you've been waiting to buy her children. Right like every time you know president gets a hold of I'm like the little. Truck a car. True but -- set -- -- you know as a dad there aren't there aren't like. I do you get a little paranoid about -- My son touching things might be toxic right come from sound you know. Plant just I had -- -- No I'm just saying like something that is that -- and coming you know -- the most cut rate. Corners have to be cut to create a hundred dollar tablet parents about a three sun -- on some gloves right give it -- -- if there's anything. -- go back and -- don't expect support. This is pretty popular 'cause apparently it has already sold out online if you go click through to the Walgreens page. -- hey it's not a hundred bucks it's only 9990. Exactly while. Finally and he packs and you can -- yet they double digit price it's awesome you can get a network -- USB dongle that you need USB for whatever reason. It's pretty cool you know you get one. Let us know how it is were hotly awaiting her review including the unit get a review unit. And someone buys in -- it would be good to do prize fight with one of these and there's so many of these types of tablets out there and again on eBay or in online somewhere. That it's worth I think it's worth spending -- as much as I might got these things are just awful when he actually -- play with them I think it would be. Helpful to do a review of something like this I think in 99 that's as well as it goes. Would be. Like educational for consumers to know what you get -- in and -- tablet is I think the most fuel sounds too good to be true -- And -- -- actually spelling out all of the different ways that it is too good to be true I think he needs to be done and that's happened like -- is I'm looking at. On July I think -- on the show to talk about it there would be -- log in 149. Dollar. Android tablet that came to Kmart there are seven in Spain this kind of the same story Android one point six I believe I made -- with him. Mean it's if it's the same deal where it's -- You know the marketplace in supported in the market. Isn't supported what I mean this one has the app market -- -- they took the best of you know app store on the market. Yeah and put them together it's twice as it is. Either one it individually cheap is the best seat in -- -- these things do you think. I think knowing what a Nobel Walgreens in the products today it's either that maybe this is to trick people who don't know them. To go there -- like -- been talked about this iPad thing out look there's that tablet. -- -- -- It's -- and I -- does go to. Kind of the downside. Android in a wait till the openness of Android is that. As much as Google and the high profile really great phones and devices that do Android right and bringing people over -- and your experience and champion. How great -- can be. The price of admission for creating and raid based products is nothing. -- and -- it had just as many. Android based products that can be horrible. And making and they what they do is they can't pollute pool -- or people who would otherwise have -- -- under expediency you don't get that they give people. -- bad name now. Life Samsung galaxy -- content they pat is a good drive I gotta hear it yeah that's -- Elaine is that these other knock out negative Sam turned out that haven't battening yes threats may give them in the -- have a bad man rates even looking at the galaxy to have for what now. To hold a few days he knows every here is to -- know about it exactly now tell us everything I know a lot about it I. As in -- a lot of time attention to make my full review which you can read up on CNET. As of this morning. It's a great product it's it's and they'll want all the carriers seven screen too passive like it's. Compared to something like not even -- the 99 dollar Taliban even make the -- based tablets and Archos tablets and the other. Less expensive -- from different companies have been trying to nail down a cheap alternative to the iPad. This isn't that this is. Expensive like. You're getting into like 400 dollars with a two year contract at the cheapest level -- and that night -- -- -- you you're tying yourself into you know. Two years of using on data plan -- data plan that's at least like thirty dollars a month. Or -- bright believe Verizon is offering a version. Without the contract for 600 dollars hurt by it. For comparison so -- 600 bucks no contract so you could uses a Wi-Fi only model. Compare that to the iPad which is what for 99. Media for Wi-Fi only way out or domain name -- that -- -- that three G capable version of the iPad is more expensive at 630 at the lowest. Turn right -- so it is does have -- be in that sense but. And you still you're dealing with so would you -- and it kind of into the nitty gritty -- paying per month how much it cost differences that. Right to do. Would you the growths in there and funny you 600 bucks yet for three G capable. Have. 630. For that 3-D capable iPad yeah it's when you buy. I mean. I'm going with the well actually it's for mean that it's just me talking that it may. I would beyond -- -- it thought it -- can edit your own decision I I have a crappy phone. I don't already have an iPhone or Android Smartphone. And I think that lot of Jimmy's house excited to play with this is that is one of the first time it actually gotten to play around with. -- really well mean fast. Android Smartphone experience and a larger like it's like Android smart phone large print very right. So back and now is I was really impressed by the experience all the features -- the integrated like accounts for -- don't think. Based and Gmail and -- -- -- everything's the same device and have it all on Mac with all the things a year probably already manages about. I was -- really excited right. So. This doesn't have like that the phone call button capabilities -- a new phone like and VoIP features -- get comments if you want me called it that. I wouldn't be excited to buy it is in the sense that it would be great. Like super. Tight super smart phone kind of experience not so -- that'd be great tablet. Very you know say in my life that they'll hold the void the needs to be filled with the fact I don't have something that's portable and -- super smart phone like. Great. So that that might push toward the tab if the price is right and since the Samsung and -- can be pretty nimble about pricing. I would expect that that we will probably see the price them at some point. Whereas you know an Apple products prices can be frozen pretty much for the lifetime a product -- that said. I think I'm in my final verdict relief for this thing -- it's. It's not as happily he has -- hoping it would be an and I think a gets down to the the crux of what we want a tablet to be. How -- defining tablet and that's they'll at this early stage in the game very fluid definition. An ideal way at tablets flattened. Size. -- apps -- certain capabilities. -- it down right now. I guess the question is is this gonna be disruptive to the iPad the marketplace or is this it is like. You know slightly better than amateurs first you know. Whatever attack on my. I'm not amateurish at all by any stretch and I'm -- we already know Steve Jobs opinion on economic conference on the plante reports that -- seven inch. Tablets they're not gonna make it there the wrong size they don't bubble -- -- -- don't have. Everything that we've got -- -- I think that a lot about hot air. It is a good form factor it is like. I mean the funny thing about every iPad app. -- iPad had you ever see is that it requires a little across their legs and gently place it later on and need some -- this. You can hold them on hand. And it's small enough that -- actually I'm using it -- the same way you would use an extra large Smartphone. That actually really convenient. But purely on -- and dimensions is actually. I think it's a great. Product science Brett. As of right now when you're actually looking at the software at this science for Android. It's -- all the Android apps on your phone. You know it's not bird is not quite taking advantage of the extra space the way that we've seen. Apps for the iPad -- of evolve to become much more like full fledged software. With with different columns used in different capabilities. I think even if he could do that on the -- science. It does you do run up against some kind of in between -- -- where seven inches and isn't quite enough to become like. A replacement for a -- book. But it is like large enough to be in that Smartphone e-book readers and -- them. Well it'll -- -- and see what happens here it seems like. You know it's it is a nice first attempt it's unclear whether. I guess the be enough adoption without what I just did the right I like I held -- in the -- Yeah which was five inches this crisis -- yeah and that there was little was just a phone is about -- says as the Eva right right now so -- web browsing and email it was a lot. Hand -- had seventeen ratified. And my take is it's a nice device but I don't think it's gonna be successful the current price point. So yeah I I I feel the same way it's itself as the hard hard sell but. I do you really gotta give. -- -- you know some credit for creating being the first to really create a product that in terms of features and power. Really is on par with. The iPad -- as like -- -- the well main machine so bottom line best standard tablet we've seen so far yeah oh definitely. Well that is not the only undertow we're talking around this week though I don't know the community citizens tablet but -- and noble. Announced of their color -- -- there and the color. Now one word and they'd drive actually has been meeting with them -- from the immediate concealing and color the color technicolor. Pillar. So it this is a seven inch. Hand you can do a lot of stuff that you would not expect any reader to do such as. It includes a video capable magazine librarians. It is he book borrowing is not something witness who expect. May -- -- hundred to one but they're gonna upgrade that to two to early next year which means that it -- also have watched on. So you wouldn't honestly expect that you reader to have flash so this kind of falls into the lake is -- a tablet is -- I mean I'll tell you tell me. I decide like they -- had a meeting and finds a noble one hour ago and they showed off it you want me to actually play with that I can hold it in kind of hold in my hand gets into the weight but they were gambling at forming. -- for some reason because the kind of cross the line of -- pitch is reviewing it you're very couldn't pay around too much. But down it is still and they they say this over and over again -- they're designing this for the person Applebee's that. The the email I mean got the email -- email web browsing. Photos video playback and it all of that there. And their own select -- with is little extras menu that has pandora preinstalled. And a few other apps and also opening up. You know bared their content of third party developers who aren't happy -- -- apps that might -- might want to have installed on this -- so it's I have its own app store. As part of like the Barnes noble nook. Store in general -- -- that book and this is. -- the tablet he is Wi-Fi only men. You know. Instincts -- it dramatic whether this is successful to me depends on sort of how well they poll. These apps off because. The way I use my -- now is by. Read the newspaper on it -- he used the can allow you and I want that -- And that's pretty much so if there is this -- can do those three things very well. Into fifty -- great price war. I I think the the harder design. Beautiful they -- like someone who is actually part of late though when not at. One Laptop Per Child -- -- -- -- -- designer to make the actual -- and it looks great. And it's not all green Hanson and I recognize and now I mean the little global hook that in a in the corner and like the backing him and the Apple fit and finish and it. Pretty awesome. And in the UI on the front. Doesn't look like and -- at all it looks like this kind of just in looks much more like. -- know that now it's kind of like. -- like a desktop of different periodicals and then this to cross the bottoms like. If you subscribe to different magazines newspapers Catholic that you're -- the little dash board but the stuff that's coming in read. I mean -- a lot of time. On everything that's kind of revolves around the reading experience -- But. That comes into like web browsing. Email. The and is that you'd wanna do with tablet there it it seem like they're less concerned with that and developing and -- part of its much everything's centered around. Even after they're gonna promote on the set things that are centered around expanding and enhancing being experienced. This is their keyboard. Because I mean keyboard -- and that virtual -- virtual keyboard I absolutely. Definitely -- it popped up and looked. It -- -- not unexpected. I'm Wilson is this is at least good to see because you know the original note was sort of by most. People not break really slow. And Kindle the sort of killing them for a long time so if nothing else good competition yeah have a color. Exactly and I think it's can be good competition. In the -- stays in general not just because it even if people don't adopt this as there. Android tablet -- exciting about it does put in a certain amount of design quality standard and a price. And point. That people can need to kind of match or at least consider -- and introduce a tablet that's going to be competitive right. Well speaking of competitor tablets how about the -- you do too blue. Who that going to be competitive that seamless that and lose literally dead on arrival when he got to you've got to me like -- -- day as the -- The radiology -- and then it after a couple days it just went blank enemy in monitors and indeed one let them. Base here in the office he he actually -- Just recently the GQ the first generation -- I think that happened kind of -- a sale on the old model. You can still pick up for around 500 dollars. The rumored to -- announce the new one that's Android based. That will probably have. That -- customize -- of -- like everyone does. But they mean now have access to enter -- market -- says there's not a whole lot of details here that. You know worth mentioning it has to Jews who -- steam case that I'm very I'm surprised. Still -- -- that he might fusion garage GG name is not being kind of -- Broke out of oblivion by justice still give them you know. High five on the fact that they were the only company that really have a competitive seeming. Tablet out on the same launch days. -- and he didn't get any traction graduate. I mean the fact that it's now you know at the end of October and I find me how they decent iPad alternative my -- You know and -- this nimble little upstart company was able to have or fusion garage the upstart company. Was able to have a seemingly competitive product round of the gate it's. It was not -- you courses mired in kind. Traversing but it -- they hadn't -- and that's what matters. Com aren't so finishing up here on the news front this is kind of the crazy -- devices. Category. Nikon. Has released I guess only in Japan at this point. Eight. 3-D. ATM 3-D picture frame running Android two point one. Three the part of it does not require glasses is the -- -- lost 3-D display. He could play 3-D movies and -- pictures. And the price it is kind of confusing but basically you have to sort of subscribe for 240 dollars a year in the subscribe to another service to get them to convert you -- to -- pictures to three. And of the the reports -- -- had trouble translating what actually happens here. Some stories say that they actually by hand have to do some processed here poses to convert -- 3-D. It be shocked if you know. They would actually have people doing that for you. On a picture -- picture -- I think for the three people that actually to buy this product it palpably it's doable brain. The thirty year old community to -- -- -- be pictures. Yeah gas fell nine and then -- just seven inch screen two I would I would want the experience and figures mean that it whenever. Yet it's kind of a weird little thing that it's always cool to see what people are want to -- It in Japan flows from the future I'm excited about it now it and -- futures the year and it is here Newton. Alright so there's couple notable apps this week who want to mention the first and actually got an email from -- Howell in terms Cisco. 200 analyst at cnet.com. And -- stick look at the sex offender tracker for interest. And the interest in part of this and will bring -- up here for those on the video and that are are. Is not -- and adapt itself. It is the commercial for the -- which is down by. And on -- Percent. Donated nine don't -- and -- it's. -- is because name and on Austin yeah. Bed intruder came in Iranian as a pretty amusing commercial. Promoting is that -- -- you know use and all the same. Phrases that he used in his popular. YouTube. His success that was later picked up by. Oddity in the news. Media it it today at the app is they think uses public databases. Sex trackers and maps them I don't think in real time it -- -- up some space that'll. Yet the demo that is seems like he's actually think -- -- -- people that the other -- -- sex offender now but I think it's used. Putting. DR kind of map augmented reality. AR -- yeah. Different locations of registered sex offenders they can -- kind of point your phone around in marvel at the amount of dots that may be around here your particular location for it and then quickly get freaked -- Or -- your bedroom window pane and -- and don't get a jump in there. Should -- do -- it. Also this week we we talked about and navigation Apple last week there was. Five bucks. And you got sort of access to offline maps there's another one this week called never gone is they -- hardware. Devices. But this is an -- That also sort of gives you the offline access. And it has -- live. Traffic feature. With no additional fee for that traffic feature have the -- is currently forty dollars in the market and will increase. In the next two weeks to sixty bucks. So this seems like a pretty pricey apt it's give them that. -- Google built in navigation is Ian and actually comes live traffic as well. It doesn't work when you are. You know don't have any three G service. You know free or the one we talked about last week which ultimately -- the name here. Was only five dollars and that was cool -- co pilot lives as when we talk about. Alpha save -- the the navigation. App demand laid on the on the galaxy tablet actually need -- in the ninth. You know kind larger than normal navigation. Progress -- would be great. You get too distracted. -- actually get out again you get the large print kind of version of the the phone navigation but if it were true. -- a get a couple emails here 200 analysts at cnet.com. First one is from deed. -- irreverence in it for you isn't going to work on tablets but no one has really explained why. If the iPad is just a big iPod Touch of the larger screen what is injury currently missing that to compete with that. Not I think it's a great question and answer is the Foleo can definitely run on a tablet and this is one right here. And we've seen a few I mean this. Street corner to Foleo beliefs and -- But -- it can it can work I think that the the distinction. I think that the mistake is to say that the iPad is simply a supersize iPod Touch I can see that. You know as far as speed apps in question are concerned by I think that the potential is that what you want a tablet could be. I and maybe you leave -- change from first person to person -- you perspective but. You want the talent to be a replacement for a -- you want to be more -- it. Boiled down version of a product -- -- otherwise he uses a laptop computer whereas. Certain features specifically missing. I think that when you when you see things blown up and might just be an adjustment of the way that apps and respect. -- to translate and map out the larger screens but it just looks. I'm a lot on a largest even at the -- the -- but I can only imagine even larger it just looks vacant make even something make the pandora app looks like. Things are like. Lake. Justify it off to the left the little awkwardly -- -- they don't -- the -- even when you maximize them out just it looks. Empty or it looks like. Pixelated are like Super Mario zoom in effect aquarius slate is not. It's part that there isn't so the one acts to accidents. You know. Android phone -- within a container that that has. Which maybe make things look nicer -- also developers haven't had time to sort of catch up to tablets man. I -- the united Samsung actually made a few of the boring apps in here I mean boring but I do know things like that -- -- calendar and -- via the contacts list. Available so that we put into -- landscape orientation you get a little side pane if it's. Better thought out and for the screen size then the kind of -- it otherwise out of the in the market. So probably you'll see because Google has said that so the next version of -- it will. Be more suited tablets that all the stock apps will work a lot nicer. Will be formatted properly and all that -- adding that the same way it probably just the hardware spec for it and think at the stamp of approval for what kind of for getting the market on them at all -- and maybe they'll just the market as well that have separate. How collapse from. Phone apps like the app -- -- that -- -- LC. One more from -- Chicago -- -- -- considering getting a tablet. Since the theme here you can. I'm curious if there's a program moral way to tether and enter a tablet and entered phones -- can piggyback the Internet myself on without having to pay one of those ridiculous hot spot feeds. Actually helpless. The retirement -- but there's a couple ways to do this. You know. The tablets -- they're gonna support connecting to your phone via Wi-Fi. So if you you have a wife I tethering service. You can connect that way if you don't pay for it of course you know kicked on this -- can route your phone and normally consider it that. With that -- this -- specifically to the service I think there's methods to do it via Bluetooth. You have some additional ideas well I do -- He believes -- -- got from Archos was the Archos 32 which is. -- calling it a tablet but it's as a 3.2 inch screens that's a little smaller than iPod Touch in that sense but. In the settings at how the site specific port tethering to your Smartphone because that's otherwise it's Wi-Fi only device but you can tether over Bluetooth. And he's here -- -- for if you Smartphone supports that current use that as deleted data. But. In that case you've got this phone sized device. In the party got Smartphone that has that he didn't make a lot of sense -- if -- -- -- add a feature but you got. You know you -- and get Android tablet that's the same size as your phone and -- But. I'd have to think that. If -- went to the trouble of putting that feature in their he point two inch. Rollyo little -- mini tablet that they would do with it and they've got like with all that another different tablets coming out there weren't meant yeah -- unique and different sizes -- you probably would looked at them to find feature. When they go couple different ways to get that -- hope that help you out if you have questions or suggestions or you know. Complaints. Immelt said Andrew -- at cnet.com. Twitter is into it happens. You can watch the live show every week Thursday at 2 PM at an attack on past lives -- standard analysts -- blog. CNET dot com's the standard -- -- you you'll find this show as well as all sorts of great -- news and death thanks realists O'Donnell. And unplug your blogger hollow plug the creative podcast every Tuesday noon and yet need. And go read my -- you of the galaxy tab on sprint. And watch the video and watch the video. Because videos -- -- -- -- awesome thing that it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
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