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Android Atlas Ep. 92: Farewell, until 2020: Mobile

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 92: Farewell, until 2020

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We predict the future, all that and more on this week's edition of Android Atlas Weekly.

-- and I'm. And we predict the future and all that more on this week's episode -- of welcome to Android atlas weekly. Episode 92. The final adventure that I should come up with a better -- to head there for now we are now are now here. Final frontier that's taken -- Aren't Walters rips stuff off angle is that owned by CBS that's cool yeah there are only -- -- fair use. Excellent yes so as you have heard last week and other places around the Internet it's this will be. Let's just there were gone on hiatus. Until the year 22 money. Probably a secret and restarted after CES in January 20 Tony yeah I'm -- -- that work for your schedule. Now about that in mountain and -- -- click that and I mean it. We'll send your media invited to give back to us. -- -- -- So until then rather than sort of leave you with a bunch of old news we wanted to give -- -- shows that you could -- they hold on to. Until then and has listened to hover over every week. And we're gonna predict. What is gonna happen in the in -- ecosystem during between now and twenty -- And good her work for you. RA. Oranges in the style of previous prediction shows. Such as the one we did in Vegas -- December of 2011. And I'm so this is this only here's a way clinically sounds crazy easy year. That's the year's -- not very far not been very hard 21 -- and that it. So do we have Charles Lieber got appeared. As this Foxconn or something. Calm. All right so we're annual round Robin we're gonna start with the Timorese and it tells me thinks and then -- and -- -- -- All right my first prediction is that Google play movies will be re re branded. As YouTube. Google -- movies re re branded as YouTube yes. That is right now there's a disconnect between YouTube and in this area who movies whatever its -- about the -- -- Google play. Who complain about Google mean played music perhaps the whole thing will be re re branded as just the Google market. I think until the movies already play in the U2 player on the web. I think they do that bought I bought that bought I rented. Reservoir dogs and then -- via C -- that oh wait you can't play. Google play movies on your phone if it's rooted. And so they said well just go on -- YouTube and watch it there still haven't done. Digital recorder 'cause -- -- for a quarter but then something about -- in the YouTube. Icon in the corner just turns on the two minutes into -- and like I can't sit there. -- -- that YouTube icon in the corner. Was he can now he certainly will be -- via the appointment SI like this I think this is good I'd buy it. -- it's good re branded art. The next. I am saying that Motorola. I think here's assay of cedars you have -- -- -- a I'm going out a little -- motor roll ceased to exist as a separate entities in -- -- part of Google. -- and Motorola anymore it will be cool phones. Moon. That firewall -- that -- it's not the what if that would assist the other way around one of -- rules -- says there's more catchy and we'll Motorola. And so we wanted change all of our mobile initiatives to Motorola play YouTube. It could be -- -- that up yeah. Yet. I absolutely you know a color Roland -- -- experts -- quick the how it works out. They have a they have a longer history -- -- you know. And have like some of their products -- on the moon only in the instance of the edit yeah that'd mean -- around for as long years. The radio has haven't. You can sir -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that's not the radio and they've been around since the days of review communities. I think in the get their start in like -- you know it walkie talkies or -- Pay -- design it to the alibi that I'm making these things well that's what we do here -- though I'm an environment would -- value that willow could. Yes what he's a -- -- -- I was gonna roll that. But I NG if it was actually effect and it's gonna catch -- president of okay we'll print so we'll keep working on Apple wanna give us your. -- bet your prediction I'll I'll start with a serious one. It is theory -- -- kids. -- injury custom skins that hate so much since you arrived. I TouchWiz. And whatever else -- ability previously -- out of control. India Wii and the when he sees them more control of things and they'll eventually morph into. -- -- breaches and OSS OS SOS's. -- in and of themselves they'll probably start building their own app stores their own sort of -- distribution services. To get around Google's rules for same if you want to have the -- -- Google -- market. On your device you have to do this and -- and much like how we see different distributions. Of of Linux. It was like for example Ubuntu -- basically Linux but it's something else will start secret. Phones that are based on Android but not powered by citizen is basically what the Amazon system. Yes first annual see you see what Amazon has done is -- I mean. The the question is if it if at that point apps will be interoperable. It probably will which you probably. Would have to assay for example if you buy an HTC phone you wouldn't be able to just pop on the plane market -- After popped on to it -- -- HTC's work at play. Market. In -- standard. I expected seated -- seems. Potentially possible that -- we are a -- -- video this last week. Two weeks ago at this point when -- TC is rumored to be purchasing -- The very -- distribution service that could be a step towards a we want our music. Distribution we -- step outside of the umbrella Google played because who wants everything to look like. Ice cream sandwich and we want things to look off since -- Ian. We want marine widgets and we look consent materials since it today -- uses underlying question here on -- -- openness of Android will breed. -- future fragmentation will finally live up to the the promise that all of all the doom and gloom that we've been out -- we've been forecasting. It well that is two years. Internet yeah I would get next -- -- you know the kind of dovetails pretty well I think with -- and once and I think Android will be available as a standalone desktop office. On and it will come loaded with Chrome browser similar to the way windows comes with I. -- and I think I might mean that you know desktop aliens. You know might might have their own skins and and and and install mobile -- are not against mobile software. Software that you cannot get off to say crap ware crap where there's a good. It's suing Android citizens basically taking what Motorola has done with -- laptop. Not laptop that wouldn't call them well top yeah exactly. And actually saying this isn't just dead now -- you know this is your actual. OS it's all on one thing Maria de -- Asus had the thing in the thing in the thing -- -- reduction of he's really meant was that the -- top yet remote or there doesn't always have to let that becomes their laptop -- like. -- authority do in that. It seems like -- -- starting from I understand what I think that's actually a good point but I think instead of starting from phone standpoint -- -- I instead of I think it -- maybe tablets we'll just take over the phone market and -- -- the laptop market. In general you'll start seeing more of that -- people will you know maybe have like some sort of a all of their stuff will be stored on the cloud and maybe they'll have a keyboard to hook up to every now and then for working but then. You may be just as they are no matter what OS running because it's you're really just rename the web OS not the web OS -- us -- used to -- that. -- -- -- -- -- I like it. I you know a good view already starting to see people just like oh yeah I have a tablet I don't even have a laptop at anything -- need to do that it can't down my tablet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know people who do that and I'm -- reserves data insulin when it I think you're certainly gonna see this my question is. Is that the majority or is at the minority of how people use a feel like eventually that will be the majority. I mean they're -- you start make in the simpler and people's needs for computing are pretty basic -- -- just need to get on the Internet. Most of the time in the registered there I mean -- browser -- -- and so how far off are we. Closer than you -- yeah I mean earlier in the cloud and I've seen within the next five Yahoo!. -- -- You heard it here first. Appeared here. Direct I had this is probably my most realistic of -- predictions. You ready for it. IOS we'll just be a skin on top of Mandarin die on the app now Clinton of -- And this makes total sense like -- develop their own OS when your -- it. Be great -- would be great. Well it'll be great for Android users. -- -- -- Movie -- on a little tip into my hand on -- there are estimates it will never -- -- district saved Apple so much money. They can I mean they're all about building great you lies they can still do that but they're not the worry about the -- in the -- in the talk into the hardware blah blah blah but they need that they need that cuts in the kernel in the top into the hardware and -- control how people use their stuff the math and Zoolander has control and I gonna give that. They will never cycle from the T of the -- -- I think -- well. But let me just preface this -- they would never admit it so although. I'll probably be right will be no way to prove to people -- Revere it as the you know that they'll never admit that you'll see on -- scenery Nelson Nelson and Linux threat. Something like that if they say -- ago. So I am pretty charm probably are ready shipments mean is that it's impossible to group -- as. When it's funny -- -- -- you very possible route you can hook up the good -- -- it impossible but he got next and I next. -- my next -- I think that Google. Will Begin to tighten more control. To tighten the -- and try to gain more control of back over the look and feel. Of on the injury open source project at the very -- -- done this which style guides and -- with rules for apps that -- can't beat out in the market for as far as like. You know what's your -- has to look like and what parts of the interface you can change and whatnot. And I think that we're gonna start seeing or -- -- years Moore head butting between Google and those OEMs which will probably be the reason for my previous progression. Google bull. You know start going like -- look it's in the wild west for awhile but if we want to be serious about taking on Apple. We gotta stick to some standards and LH TC and Samsung. And I and LG -- Indian and then another williams' are just gonna eventually go oh yeah we we can't do that we need some sort of -- to -- -- product. -- prediction one. This is. Quite a well thought out argument here that makes this modernized look pretty silly actually. I did really fast and as for this though I treasury. And in the -- -- -- -- all these partners -- I think. Well. I think this is slightly like -- likely but it would be really good thing. And then it definitely now your previous prediction makes more sense to me -- Of the team here -- -- -- -- is only slightly. More and so Leo I think I think it's a little ones like what's what's more than slightly to better. Likely likelihood of them apparently lately he's figured in the -- All right fairly likely I'll say it's likely. Back to January when you get. -- I think -- Android at home initiative will be in full swing. And we will see lights appliances security systems etc. all powered by Android I mean it sounds futuristic and far off but it. I think it's coming. 20/20 by 2012 -- toasters yet and it's entering it in your bed NFC chips into our skin so that when we walked into the home boom. Settings. All done. I don't agree that can wait for the day I don't accidentally at a loss through Bluetooth four point now must -- into a Bluetooth and media. Low power in all there -- -- but my prediction for last two years of way and has been that there would be an 800 -- -- -- I powered I mean legacy incidents control when he -- the Prius -- appointment will at least twenty years ten years. What -- -- is that its original okay. It's it'll be awhile before we -- talk about this again and hum when what do you mean by powered late. It's true we cannot talk in an episode which you'll be able to a yeah you can control it it -- the logic. Will be controlled by an OS which is -- and you'll be able to use your phone to. Set the exact -- -- of here. She started letting go over to the toaster for the Brady and it services like come with a Parade Magazine that you load up -- -- of the -- your Android parity -- it will put the bread toaster or you. Do you need to protect -- but he -- the phone -- -- it'll track who and track trends in your toasting happens things like that and I'm actually I get stuck on machine. Let me like magazine loaded -- like now I'm envisioning a toaster that you just put a clip of -- -- students those people -- It'll be the best thing census has written. Never toaster a -- there. Are -- to mine next on us those the the fire dole are also better release of Android will be out actually did some math on this -- and thank them. About read on if they keep -- same pace. As a final release zucchini bread. -- be released for is the new phones the Sony sung the nexus. Quasar. And that's not because obviously Sony and Samsung up. You know join forces at this point yes. We're -- -- museums in light switch over -- -- Chinese characters with the Roman numerals. Double A and the card for phones and it will register as bad alien -- switch to different -- -- and dad seemed different thing. These can be canine animals whose you know Apple's got it got two cats -- -- you know visited dogs. Dogs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is an Italian dessert sheets aren't the other -- I have is zeppelin which is another it's pretty consistent. And under an open house for dots. Candy is -- and -- and Apple and advocate and an excellent comic book news dot. But not a dessert now. Zucchini bread if you read -- and that's the most common one I don't know value to -- it doesn't celebrate a suite. It's sweet it's lot of -- It is. And barrel and it -- -- his airline expert at current -- -- is somebody will finally build an Android powered iPhone killer. But -- did you know what if they don't typically out ball me. In that feast with defeat Apple revert to full time patent trolling but. Us -- something going on AT and if you consider them. -- -- processor yeah. And I'm pretty sure this is gonna happen. -- when it's when he. Android will become self aware at which point it will send an Austrian bodybuilder back in time to preemptively and any hope for -- human rebellion. This body builder will of course -- winning Android powered sunglasses. But that. Awesome and middle schools with a built boom is a normal to a cycle of the appointment. -- That she will take care of Edward Furlong. -- -- that the sunglasses will be hooked into. Net or its tenets that the opposition. Won the kittens and it knows and that is with the being the news that -- Beings to machines are powered by and features in this analogy is China is -- again. We're talking terminator -- -- -- Android is powered by S Canada. -- -- Is standard power that's correct nobody in the in the second movie it turns out that like the technology behind injury is the reason that humans can actually create injury in the first place. Thereby making injuries and grandfather I think he's right whoa this is already coming true because Google just recently hired the head of DARPA. Regina -- her name here here -- this Regina Dugan. She runs DARPA. And that it's trying to basically yeah that's wrong. Minnesota very classy stuff yeah that is just -- military base that will end mankind I know that's. Is the trigger an excellent times -- yeah I would just out -- okay I'm just things commensurate I think fury revision. I -- I got another. Ready for it. Google TV will be twenty times better than it is today. That still known. -- news. I think they're not given up on this thing. You know I think this goes this goes -- with your first prediction that Motorola will cease to exist as a separate entity may be. By that time cable boxes will be Google branded they're better reaper and Google played movies in school TV. But it. You know I think the call them Google. U2. TB to -- angle and yeah I mean what they call -- that its YouTube TV. Here's the YouTube box that people really like yes the -- get some of -- U2 bucks -- two of them they said. It all that. Mum of error when people use AppleTV. I know I know I don't you want to -- entities who you. Present an Xbox. But it to utilities -- Because I -- an -- a hot topic. -- a week. -- its own music is not very good report. And wise and an arrogant. About it because it's not twenty times Bettis -- -- picnic and if people use Apple TV is I don't even know what -- -- either. Bad. People leave to I think it's all about four million calm as -- once they come out -- apps it'll be a lot better Google TV it's okay it's just I don't want to computer. -- make TV to be a computer urged want to watch. Media news yet that's that's kind of what I'm thinking is -- Google TV apps -- mean nothing to me like I'm not gonna play Angry Birds on my TV it's just not gonna happen but. Contents is kind of what I care about yet and I think maybe the reason Apple TV works for -- because there already existed in India in -- -- credit roku actually is pretty successful solo they have a lot of content is easy and it's super cheap. Now I mean Google TV came out that -- pretty high price point so they've had a lot of stumbling blocks that. Maybe someday when people start adopting Google play. -- goes by and the -- YouTube YouTube Google plans to YouTube. To play right into it in an improvement for parents or anyway it's actually into one -- now they're at a aren't into. Militants of that through the -- -- for densities and money ever. -- -- Google's self driving cars receive already been working on -- -- legal in two states right now. Will eventually evolve into an ad supported injury powered Google cab service. You be able to call robo cam which -- entry -- haven't come automatically to queue up and take you to your location deceptive. -- a couple video inner steel ads on your way. There are to be the best thing effort. Would -- your floors are regulated electric car without a crappy drivers for the you. I don't know much about -- -- -- self driving cars -- community. You know all there was an action is one accident but it was actually turned -- a -- ran into it. Works it ran into it someone ran into it and so was in the cards fall into and it stands -- -- I think that the -- for people at this point. -- factor in all of the trips people -- And all the accidents to Google's cars honked -- -- people -- and no they just have like giant remove backpacks. And -- the arteries on the and the sensor arrays to -- a couple of and I am not a they actually can't even drive in most states. I think what is it -- some southwest southeastern southwestern state. Arizona. They can drive about how is like a driver there are written so it has Leo Burton in the past -- cedar. The other hand on the -- -- like compounded when I was learning how to drive. -- well I for one want this to happen you're scared of it on the little -- and I'm scared of people. Yes I am too that's why this needs to happen people can't he can't especially now that there learn how to drive. People the weird thing is like there's car sharing services is that they're usually populated by people who don't normally drive. And soon I think stating what I would hope we can drivers -- either the worst drivers -- -- -- -- like zip car logo on a Prius coming up on me at hello the way. -- Reverting -- alternate route. And. -- prediction about their critically T twenty. In 2000 swing. Instead Graham will still be coming very soon to Android they're very very soon -- very. Because there are now coming very soon -- the recording very very legitimate even closer. It's. The students relatively -- -- relatively speaking. On on the scale of the in the entirety of civilization are filling -- a -- -- -- -- -- waiting is -- blink yet. The but wrinkle and I was in billions and billions of years we've been around. And that we have an adult relative to how long the earth has been around -- and accident that if you haven't -- skillfully back to them the big bang -- -- -- -- That when it does come out it'll still be in beta team and 120 but it's gonna be -- better than -- on certain paranoia is so if that was the very weird thing. And that sort of assertion. -- only -- in some ways better the IOS version. In that it doesn't exist yet so -- -- it. Current good one amassed one -- -- -- has more realistic and more boring has -- Most standard phones. Will have late your camera's built in. An interest in boot have you played with electric camera I have. And are they elected his season bikini like the -- anymore. -- physical -- camera will be built in Seattle be legal -- militant -- coming -- of the Idaho. Date and to my throat technology will be built in is really litigated this thing and administer rises yes exactly audience and doesn't know what much of this may be to light field cameras -- basically captures every. Sort of angle of flight and correct me if I'm wrong here so that after the fact you can actually focus the camera on whenever you wanted to -- if you. Take a shot out of January irritants you know actually want to folks on the wall -- non gamers face. -- happens Clinton you have this and I can do that after the fact and then their software. So I think this would be great for camera phones where -- just like get a quick can you honestly have time to focus -- very well when you take picture. -- we're looking at them but others think Hillary brand -- -- and pictures of himself. -- -- This is -- -- -- so PO click here in the -- yellow below and you see that again that there. So let's looks on the stuff in the back it's pretty it's pretty cool I think it's definitely still a little early stayed twisted that non. You know they'll be perfected and in all of our phones. What they need is like an automatic like. Screen cleaner -- -- -- like every time that I'm -- -- yellow obsessive about keeping though the winds on my phone clean. But there's there's always like -- in there. And before taking a picture of that white balloons off with my shirt takes you tell him a windshield wipers yeah -- like the original sort of nano or believe phobic. Technology. During the rightward move my portfolio Leo and -- well as for that now I think I may have missed yeah yeah that Sony would like that on like that the linens. I think the robot will just take care that's where it. Story about it gives -- next prediction in my last prediction the pirate them out of order. Cingular you'll happen -- when he when he and we will actually be powered by Android. Through some weird since it is of the organic and -- the -- You know that -- the -- and on Black Friday this year and went to worry about it anymore. Is that likely or what's what's even more than likely more extremely likely or extremely likely that's -- I'm gonna say. Extreme -- right there okay I'm gonna go with thumbs -- -- Happen and in you know. I so I heard so I think that is our predictions -- Stephen at one big prediction again and have them really very generic production that I will own an Android device. In the -- by the your tweets when he. That's my prediction -- -- into Wikipedia -- that it Jason Howell rule. In that you can -- prediction -- you have control what effect. It's treated predict that he is gonna get a new integrated thrown in the proceedings and -- -- -- in development. Now -- device via phone if it's probably worth toaster it's my most likely I think it'll be a toaster. I think you should get hearing. And hearing yeah it's very -- hearing it on Android monocle locally elected specifically. It is very only if the -- -- at the nexus. Animator hired pocket watch news and and honest chain pocket protector the that -- that work this means they retaliatory rocket. I make -- phone okay -- ago at a screen. And the flexible -- screen. -- our right to have anything else that it lingering production Jeremy I have a have a real quick note about overtime -- about Nokia and the idea was actually founded. In the year. 1865. And it was incorporated. A -- return that is digital. So well wow sorry about. They -- sales general and we literally -- I just rolled it Motorola -- on ruled in September. A since 19281928. Yes 1281920. Reviewing that suggested Nokia comes with -- -- -- -- Com -- they started in Chicago Illinois as the Galvin manufacturing corporation. She says she didn't know that new and they were one Motorola Nokia Motorola or one of the first to commercially make the first commercially successful car -- He then. I knew something's happening let's eliminate -- completely review hanging that was invented to know I think they've been around for as long as a radio happens. I didn't specify car radio when it went to the radio. Radio's -- between the radio itself when you have that they had virtually empty aluminum first commercially in cars. And then they changed their name to Motorola. In 1930. -- -- -- -- -- I think that is our showed today we actually have to -- Apple storing and iphones so. We gotta run and planner. This could. I don't actually predict that today in in 20/20 -- still exist under applicable and to provide their contact assembly committee on my -- thirteen year contract to got a great price with sustainable. Parents and -- on Verizon's lagoons -- and so this show is going away until as we said jittery -- funny but tune -- and we are not. So will just be here in the studio. There its other blankley every Wednesday chugging away. We will be here doing a variety of things -- team are. -- about I have endeavors I ranked on the right for the Android atlas blog I -- download and write about Android apps mostly. So tune in check out some of the stuff that I -- I also. Host occasionally tap that. The the funniest it is. Ever tumor that's true except that from our classic thank -- payments so that cnet.com slash Android atlas. Is redefine your various writing and editing and indeed probably about your videos as well indeed. It and download.com. Awesome. -- I had carte tech is an idea so I'm still -- for the car tech blog. Do video content for them as well. And Dahlia we we still have a very strong focus on core technology a lot of which is -- powered so. Look for articles and ditty is related to car technology in injury time for me over cars at cnet.com. Awesome and and I actually work here just show up there who runs and I guess I -- I do a lot of cool stuff. Most around CNET TV so go to CNET TV dot com all the time we're gonna actually be releasing a bunch of cool. Apps for. You know mobile apps and connected TV apps the next couple months to sport the new and upcoming. Content that's happening and who knows maybe -- do an 800 video here and there. So follow us on Twitter I am not my real name team -- is him at BB. And on iMac and give same as -- -- was an -- analysts Twitter will still be at Android atlas. And Stephen is doing a -- cool stuff as well. I will continue producing reporters' roundtable and am also going to be producing some new shows as well as managing our YouTube channel and all the live events -- will be doing recover. Apple I think its physical threats and some moderate. Ought to get a Google event we're gonna cover one's yes I'll make sure recovery -- excellent. All right any parting words. -- guess that silent -- I'm I'm. Thanks for joining us you really appreciate. Everything. All holes you too -- in if you do want to send this email even though we won't -- him back on the air if you wanna you know. Tell us we are awesome are horrible or whatever. You know handwriting analyst at cnet.com. -- the email address they think we did wanted to final call out our good friend Terry and where else thanks -- -- elements thank you expands. Yes send -- -- later in Dallas at cnet.com. And we will see you on cnet.com. Newsweek. Tony Tony. --

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