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Android Atlas Ep. 91: Segues? We don't need no stinkin' segues!: Mobile

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 91: Segues? We don't need no stinkin' segues!

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CNET editors Lynn La and Eric Franklin join us to dish on tablets, ICS updates, and apps on one of our roughest shows to date!

Then. When it. Boom and a new galaxy tablet a free nexus tablet plus a crap load of avenues. All that and more on this week's episode of hello everybody welcome -- Android atlas weekly. We are here join today with some special guests we've got Eric Franklin -- Who talks about tablets and things all the time and all the time he -- -- right and we also have. Lynn long witness. Doesn't do much. But she doesn't even work here. -- found -- and treat elderly living in the box you know you news here and -- then she writes about phones mobile editor you know stand. Anyway what's your name my name is BB. -- are you sure I don't -- and equipment. Anyway. -- Andrew -- weekly just just started off. -- you may have heard that. CNET live is coming to an end. And so this will effectively be our second -- show. Which is some sad news for a many of our fans out there -- this. We are happy to say that we're moving on to. Focus a little bit more on on demand content and video content so it so it's not -- All of the videos are not coming to an -- just sort of -- live podcast in this format now for a forcibly around. Whirlpool still be around -- some of the I think -- daily -- page yet. Yet for a for a still be on Monday through Friday at 9 AM Pacific time and also reporters around -- survived years it still means. Along that it yeah that's right and the daily show with Conan O'Brien -- with -- Jon Stewart panels to go Sylvia and nobody is actually gonna have a Conan O'Brien so that's the suggested -- -- it right on. On the PS knew that breaking news -- news on Android atlas weekly in Hilliard of your friends -- -- -- -- jumped right into this we have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab seven and just came out. Yeah yeah it's Nam. It's the Samsung Galaxy Tab seven point sent. -- -- Yes it is because it has a seven point seven inch screen. Now has a different from the previous. Samsung galaxy seven was that was one of the previous one was called the Samsung Galaxy Tab seven point oh -- And that will follow -- and sent me yet isn't it. Column in the follow up to The -- -- Galaxy Tab. Just tap which was which had a seven inch screen. -- -- basically just -- have a seven. And number. Yet column to reading about its new one just you know when they came out like this if it's gonna point it became of the week. The early in the week that the iPad was released so diapers -- on Friday -- -- -- Tuesday. You just -- next to him exactly how we think it's I think it's -- weird that. We got like 23. Tablets in that week there -- new I think like. Vendors are just waiting for the iPad announcement was sent it out you know this news got a waiting to see Apple's gonna do. Their new tablet before they released their tablet thing that's so that when -- but anyway I came out that week. It's it's one of its the first app that I know of with an analyst screen. Has -- seven inch amoled screen. Here its initial -- -- discuss can. Amylin now that means that very bright yes well it not necessarily what it means it is -- I was -- Active matrix. Organic LED. Yeah light emitting that -- -- -- -- from this for the tech heads Tellme and second you know that the lab guys in the lab -- -- tell me. When I go ahead and S and -- gonna bomb yeah it's at its analyst screen that just means that the deep blacks get to true black. So there's no necessary -- -- act like -- home it's just. When you. -- look at a black screen and we do -- reading them actually gets. Complex he really really low and what that what that. Offers you is this really high contrast. So the so the whites -- even brighter even though the brightness isn't nearly as bright as other tablets. The -- still look brighter because -- black this'll the contrast is so great it is to give you this really poppy color. Home. -- true blacks a movie using gains especially look really nice. So Amylin means very very bright. A little. Lack of brightness but that has -- as it gets is a hundred tin can goes for -- -- square which is now Gabby relative but I tried to select BB 340. As far as our highest brightness you can you can -- accomplish. I'll put this would like as a hundred -- the brought the V battery life doesn't suffer as a result of -- that's. Which what is the biggest -- the -- the biggest drain on. Tablets -- so that's. Penny shields up and the size because I've played into the original Galaxy Tab seven or whatever it's called yes and I felt like it was just kind of like a big clunky phones and wasn't a full on tablet didn't feel like a tablet clinic indeed tablet -- things on it sure would merely what a tablet tablet eating well I mean you have like -- -- Alia you know I mean. -- comes with a honeycomb. -- -- -- yes says that it's red -- Risen. Right next year headphone Jack now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you -- that there were blood in the room with you so I heard that little. -- -- Our -- so -- was a saying Osama something. I was talking about Galaxy Tab yet and decides that I got about what -- -- it's really and it's like that -- it is. -- far -- small form factor tablet I've ever seen. It's really well design has its aluminum back. On here and for me. I prefer -- tablets. Bought. And I haven't -- I'm looking canning and it -- -- column is for me I'd prefer -- tablets but. Seven point seven inch or no the -- up to eight inch tablet. Feels. Pretty good it doesn't feel like -- -- training to any tablet -- things I wanna do on like it's pretty good full. For playing some games they can sleep at -- -- rip -- game on there. And you can play that you -- it uses the excel or amateur home. With a gyroscope -- -- whichever one it is an -- it feels right if you frankly -- -- -- I kind of more -- playing games like those types of games that use -- on rumored or gyroscope. On a ten inch iPad or tenant Simpson -- -- seven -- feels more appropriate for -- -- so I mean there's definitely a marked difference from point seven inch. Tablet so I think so that the biggest problem with this thing is -- it. They they release it to Verizon. So if you wanna get it you have a couple of options bursts you can buy it outright without -- -- Verizon but not -- two year contract. -- -- -- -- -- Again that's ridiculous for a tablet and has -- eight -- tablet that has sixteen gigs of storage. That's a ridiculous propositions. Column so you shouldn't do I hate that yes you should hate that. Everyone at this table should hate -- including -- -- -- especially okay I was thinking yeah she's always drink and you know. Problem in a probes -- Or you can -- for 500 bucks if you separate your -- which. Also don't recommend you sign up what you contract with a tablet east this market is still in his niece in form in my opinion and does know. Yeah you you don't really know what the tablet market that look like it a year and you -- be stuck with disdain a year from now -- it's a good tablet. But. Who knows what else they'll be out -- a year from now. So I don't recommends that the content but if you have to sign up you like a really want four G has four GR Verizon for -- -- -- If you like I really want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It says is a great tablet it's got a super bright screen. He says and -- -- log into our readers with a it is it is not a super bright scheme but it hasn't amoled screen via which means very sharp and very high quality images yes -- but it is very expensive. -- -- -- -- -- -- It was speaking of tablets com. It -- that. It actually it was a meeting of tablets. There's a -- other about a possible launch of the Google nexus tablet which would be you know Google's Vanilla Android tablet for people are saying that it's -- economic -- lie down which is in June there. Who miles around and developer's conference for. For developers -- developers Google developer -- -- to Google. Right right so so tickets went on sale yesterday and and they sold out in thirty minutes while which is I think a new record as far as Google -- go -- But on lot of people are saying that it's sold out so fast because they believe these tablets will be given -- way out. For free. To people they go to that. I think there's some like 900 bucks so -- did -- basically you bind. From willing to -- well I mean the thing is a lot of people they go there you know and -- -- -- entrances it's sponsored by their their workplace rather. It's completely your age forty know who we had some people go there last year and industry came back with a Chrome books. They get -- and some people -- out the Galaxy Tab ten point one -- yeah so. Yes so so this -- I mean people are saying that the galaxy nexus is gonna come out of and you know I I I think I agree with that I think is gonna come by what -- what will -- what you Wii points and like that that's convincing you that this action and be there. Well. Just basically what happened last year and then sort of the rumblings in the industry about rumors going around yeah about a galaxy nexus tablet coming out -- have you heard anything about -- galaxy nexus. I've only heard rumors like you I I heard that he assumes Asus -- -- That was like our best of CES tablet of this year that uses integrity processors Apple's -- for about 250 bucks. I heard that Google saw that. Saw that that tablet coming out then. Went to the Asus and was like hey. While we turn this into the galaxy -- -- -- -- the nexus and Google nexus. And bring it out for about 200 bucks yet so -- -- I heard. -- be cool if we can get a seven inch ice cream sandwich tegra three. Or better tablet welfare for 200 bucks. That's pretty cool that's pretty awesome yet or there I think it was at 150 to 200 bucks within the team -- who better. Yeah I mean I'm just excited about like a Vanilla Android something that you know Samsung doesn't slap its own. Its own UI over right -- -- things about that possibly slap in things but yeah like you saying I CES tablet would be pretty cool but. -- might be even cooler is a jelly bean tablet world and certainly. I -- Charlie and better things we -- don't think -- -- way back to my second Segway Africa are not life. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People are saying that it might actually -- come preloaded with jelly -- and -- -- is the latest version or the -- -- -- rumored version of Android after -- to -- five point oh yes HI uses media editor at five point now -- -- yeah I mean what. -- confuses me about this is that very few devices have ice cream sandwich on them now and -- are you talking about jelly bean which may come out in June and Google -- I mean how many phones running ICS right now yeah -- by natively how many phones and vehicle and -- just acting one is one phone I -- So you can. -- I centenary committee that was an understanding. -- April and calendars in third quarter may be for this thing yet and I mean how many tablet as a race I think you into. Maybe to use them to retrieve -- -- three devices or any ideas than the guy who don't like when it. You. Ice concern was that a failure for Google mean do you use it lets you compare too well as a guest -- and gingerbread has been Florida. Only. Intent is that they just need more ice cream sandwich native -- -- was devices and more updates and mean. -- and steal your Segway but an expanded pilot -- T just announced and other devices thanks in San mentions about. Six -- seven hour class and everyone's really excited but it's also kind of like why. And I know when you develop. -- -- have to kind of development months along so it's not surprising that jelly bean is being -- embarrassing and had them shooting at like 23 versions and it didn't antibodies readers saying we want -- in -- and we licensed and it updates and. No I mean totally Google should be thinking about working on -- totally -- but I don't think they should be. Necessarily. Given to us in June when they haven't given us you know very many ICS updates but but he did say that AT&T will be updating. Yes there's a lot like would you say a slew -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Crap load of device and it didn't -- me with his -- -- AT&T sunset and we'll come in the next humans and it was kind of excited the Oslo -- -- Chrome has -- one -- like I'll see it. I'll on -- I see it at and it was -- me. I guess he wants to see some phones get some nice and sandwich and you know you do believe it when you season. I ask. So yeah it's not like H Atlantic Paris -- -- announcement and it is also Samsung galaxy -- -- -- the united tab has yet. And it's like the galaxy S two sky -- and the galaxy note. Of what -- -- the most of the tablet vendors of word yet -- then is insane they're going to upgrade to its content to some point like this summer. So maybe before. Actually being comes out we'll see to it early jobs at ten. Devices to tell her eyes I don't know like the other day at the -- and -- -- that large window that. Mean if they feel like -- -- semi is a failure for them and even -- one of five because. -- is really cool then do it but I don't think it's a failure I like ice cream sandwich and admin area for -- -- -- -- -- which is what really matters yes sexiness and prudence. It's easy experienced that which translates into. -- -- -- so when you're when you're dating someone. All about it on her face yes exactly that's entered as -- -- -- -- -- -- this is going to. Go -- and -- We're going to use three dimensions. I was concerned something would have -- -- -- weighs half day -- you take it. Com a U. Dating. -- dating. LG and Samsung. Are not dating. But they're both talking about three devices. And I just wanted to -- -- guys take I mean we're gonna talk about this exhaustively but LG and Samsung basically. They're both saying events they believe in. The 3-D format on phones or on mobile devices you know whether that be through like a link -- lens which can reflects the -- I don't know -- -- -- -- it -- Look I'll try to impress anyone here are well know -- They are double and I don't want pseudo -- is that it's kind of a big -- to be thrown around but. They definitely believe in it and they say they're they're gonna continue to develop 3-D devices in the future. Yeah have you used a 3-D tablet. -- -- 380 tablets there aren't any help. -- with 3-D screens there is one tablet the LGT mobile G slate that has a 3-D. Camera -- camera that uses you know the kind of the old -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- classes -- Palestinian styles yes exactly -- -- -- now. On treaty and it wasn't very good as far as three -- -- to anybody purchased that tablet. I'll also know know what you know I don't know wonders is sent to purchase -- -- I don't think it. I haven't seen in the LG tablet since -- think. I'm -- yeah so I was very. I mean and others like HTC evo 3-D when I came out you know a lot of people were kind of buzzing about it and then -- you know it's after that first kind of you know initial buzz and I I didn't really hear much about it and just. Three phones in general I haven't really heard much about it so -- its interest in in me to hear them LG and Samsung. Really believe in him. Yeah and that's right I am at mobile congress analysts and -- and -- and announcement and can I forgot who but he got his hands and and defense algae ups and speedy Macs and is it was people you know now I guess and utilities. Do you believe in the three on the phones. And intense antitrust -- and -- intense word and things. Unless that you -- to say. Yeah what's up. He's watching these aren't much on that note -- -- -- -- and knows -- -- but we are gonna take a quick break. For advertisers to do their thing -- Hello. We are back. Area here are eaten and that he's human and and second who lived its peeps I couldn't see it's -- that voice -- Nextel partners next -- list includes. Rica however if you are at this Dublin was talking before they show on iTunes and that difference in so. Next up. Blue stacks have you heard Lucent -- Dennis was in let me explain anything Andy explain -- -- blues taxi is. Virtualization. Software that is a very long worked hard to say. Virtualization software for windows wire we talked about that on the Android -- I am well aware that they don't -- -- Why am I telling me what -- because it allows YouTube play Android apps on your windows computer okay -- I don't know -- any you've heard but windows eight is kind of out in beta on that's the real one is coming out soon and it includes like -- natural touch interface soon and so. Yet this software. Will allow you to plane you're on your Android apps on there -- it comes with like some patent pending technology. You know optimizes that software for the hardware and your computer -- layer -- Some hardware graphics acceleration and was shown in last year's alpha version now it's in beta and anyone can download it. Yeah security do that through -- -- the Chrome browser. Simply. Entering into mazes -- certain entry -- -- mean certain certain apps have been developed for the Chrome okay cattle market -- insulin useless kind of weird because that's just another. Fragmenting yet part of a series and this is -- these aren't. Redness or develop for the Chrome browser windows on their vote for the outages and you and you can -- an actual. Android app yet -- -- you can. Including games you can you know use Evernote. Things like that. Evernote originally ferret -- which you ever use this and now when. Your windows computer to awful 'cause I don't play any injury apps or the Android games ever you do mostly any Andrea -- I'm testing tablets. I don't go home and in Britain meet deals and rip -- -- you know. About -- mean -- is this a gram of my Android phone which I don't have because it doesn't exist. Now uses can. -- is its organic residuals -- it would mean he decided to teach you can who do you really know. Her and then I don't. -- -- -- -- a nuisance of course I don't use instant that's because I'm an educated and. Does this shields and yet. We use this -- minister and now you yes I -- you do. Everyone else what kind of an instant end user you know I really to have V is your -- -- -- kind of. I don't wanna did too much because Aliyev fonts that stereotype and adolescent growth in such as of Margaret if mr. Graham like a -- railroad tracks you're an endless and you -- Landings and so campus but am I like to do it and I A don't have lightning and DSL are in -- mountain vacation and Swansea pretty up nine phones I -- -- -- I tell us when it's nice because. I was another story that it's coming to Android. Very soon again last week we talked about coming soon but now it is imminent it is it is change levels to increase because. This could open up at a site level is then able to sign up page I've signed up for it I didn't are -- it. On unknown special apparently. Even happens. Like crashed -- and -- you'll like -- That does -- seems Angry Birds came out no one. This and for that it. Still -- -- -- news comes just put it out and make you people download it yeah that lets you build that people will come about in Seagram. Why when I care about -- -- Isn't for me what does it do -- -- another camera -- -- -- -- I think there are a couple of by dissident. Clones and islands I don't know well. L I -- one thing was like -- -- compared instrument that systematic and went in at daylight Martin's atlas the social networking experience them as has -- as -- -- -- completely -- an analyst Jeffrey -- -- -- and -- was like. 99 cents or whatever and then the editing is like you'd get and it says posts so in -- you have that the effective. The pretty -- and that's a saturation was happening as he took the picture which kind of made it hard to gauge. But. In this program like -- do it. You can do it at your leisure plus like the thirty million plus users like you said it's social the social networking and sharing your photos again. Making -- look like you're okay you can you can tweet and FaceBook permits you anything like -- It's an article that you sold me I'm down to -- it's fun poetry idea I've signed up. Winner -- an easel out of third party. Photo editors stuff. Liked -- you filters you know it was and what we mean again I have other apps that only went crazy effects of my pictures and use its time. All right so you don't have to necessarily use and sick and am. -- the facts right so than once used you know beautify your pictures in another app -- you can any negative malicious damage there. It has something to do that some people -- and I really really nice pictures and scientists take little that somehow. -- their new and edit an answer and because it's also the comedian and yeah it's really an -- so I mean for anyone. Well that's well said -- The communities -- -- projects like immediate Fashion Week they sign up specifically with people using -- and just so that you had in mind. It's in its sounds. Sounds exciting to me it's -- -- and it -- exciting me I'm just sour because I don't have it. Well that's the roomful yeah -- but I -- sign up so anyone. You know we we wrote a story up on -- you can actually goats and -- ground for Android -- I'm not sure exactly -- the URL is. And that its its like -- -- dot -- slash and a makes it easy to write bigger -- and you can sign up CB. First in line for instant grand entrance supposedly better than IOS version. The -- In a blue and this is not let anyone -- that talks to -- that are very. Well I'm on -- be here waiting. When I am now waiting for them Angry -- space isn't that just came out blow he has played it well ho. You're -- on the edit my in the beloved -- mines that are very corny. Regularly thing's gonna throw that out there being melted yet gamers. But anyway I played angry -- space data have you guys heard of Angry Birds and -- and -- assumption -- -- -- now salute. Angry Birds what does that. So you zone you are some kind of an omniscient being looking upon these birds who are angry at pigs you -- useless. The pigs stole the eggs of the -- sound how you use a gigantic slingshot to slinging these birds. At the pigs effectively killing the -- of a point -- -- tilted axis point is secure place. But everybody knows -- Angry Birds is now in space. Yes yes I'll take a moment that this is to -- sort of exhibit. Because it's big mulled that over for it's yeah anyway when I -- I played -- -- tablet which is blatantly and on the phone because. When I do my my slingshot and happily all the way back yeah yeah -- -- to see my hand anymore only -- -- -- fast and ladies when he doesn't slingshot and that's one -- -- no idea yet on top of but yet. I mean -- thing and I found is that it's not as intuitive as. As the original just because I've never been in space and I don't understand the physics intuitively. That's what -- -- so what you do you shoot. You know you -- of a bird. At a page who's on a gigantic planet to -- at -- and -- ever. But that planet's gravity of an effects via ROU mostly low of your grade -- its. Like. Each planet I -- has a different. Attribute -- gravitational. Commuters on whatever is that the is that what happened that Jason showed it on yes a little bit yet yet I think the bigger the planet and it -- -- -- and stronger. Right so is it more fun that Angry Birds is does that dimension -- Does that -- and a large at the mention that you should be buying this thing while android's is free. And -- -- Farina of -- a free version there's also an ad free version of app for Android phones can and there's a which which costs 1999 cents I think and and there's a 299 version for Android tablet comes an HD. But honestly just get the free version if you have a tablet -- that's exactly the same thing unless you really wanna sport of developers which is fine but you shouldn't 99 -- support. And support -- and confused and outlook and have that money. Yeah so. Space it's space it's well you asked the question do the challenge -- was kind of addicting so that made a little bit more fun because lets be honest. I was just killing it on the original. I. Obviously in -- like crazy. About a big cannot -- five seconds when I'm on the -- on screen. I don't you mean I hear you yet. -- you -- know exactly means that you watch me play and -- you know will be after that's okay that I can. I'm about apps yet another -- review right review apps and notice that there so I actually have an app of the week for that -- You know we just talked about apps there is that you have a degree -- -- Angry Birds are not in Goddard space but it isn't it is. Another almost as popular not quite as popular obviously causing birds like the it's huge. It's but it's at a temple run. Temper and anyone who uses an iPhone -- you know an iPad they may have heard of because it is. Very popular alt click pitfall from that picture doesn't that picture's coming at fault and -- -- -- Sabo -- is the answer is Indiana Jones like character by. Let's be honest he does Napa leather jacket cute isn't -- hacked yet still nothing like Indiana Jones says he does that -- I. Defends title in his hand the other -- -- that bird those that my friend that my friend is a monkey. Of that evil -- Is a good question -- As an evil -- monkey button but I mean if you haven't played temple run. Yet if you haven't -- temperament it's would -- games where you're character. Is always center screen and you just keeps running. It's a perpetual runner likes to -- space -- yeah yeah and and you you can jump or plankton you can -- to the left to the right -- slide. On its its -- -- Yeah that you're talking motherly before the show -- you've run into coins you pick them up and an option you can buy things with the school also and you buy. He's real money to buy calling its you can do you -- you can -- -- accurate if your child. Your parents credit card tournament titles and you probably won't do that. Yeah that's ridiculously -- -- -- and I don't I don't get but. Like -- -- before this isn't like a real game as is like that is later used you know you go to washroom you know you spend you know. Ten minutes in there you plays some -- run. Yet you leave the washroom -- forget about temper on until you know Washington that this that's how the game is not a army it has this game yeah I mean is definitely not like -- -- you don't read the story temple. I'd like anti -- some -- because these evil monkeys are chasing him -- I'm not obvious is there -- end to the levels. On I have yet to reach an engine to a level because I -- no good to him. But it's very fun. -- -- so it looks like it because -- -- and read about a go to cnet.com go to download dot cnet.com slash 8301. -- to. Just go there and find what I wrote about it. Because it's -- and -- in Oakland and analysts it looks like. Graphics predicted do you like -- other really good I'm in a 64 I think it's actually one of the first which is at a high water but. And analysts -- -- you know I mean when I was users and I think it's one of the first professional runners that's actually the reading perspective. Ethical -- it's awesome and so it's -- you don't actually do the running -- huge -- and. And I can honestly running giants -- on any -- and -- and little sample because it. There was insane -- Of the nest she continued I also don't account and have a lung capacity. It doesn't -- on the -- you've been punishing them. She's not thinking percent of -- the camera on her she's dangerous and less. Than you needed engine he'd -- I -- -- -- actually. Many panels to me you know that's all I got as far as -- of the week. And it is at. -- like Illinois and I think. Ya know we do you have eat and email -- -- at this part of the show. And have you ever watched Android and this is no have been had never imagined I hate you guys by the end of a -- at this party senator. I watch -- religious. Anyway. On -- email. And so this one is from -- in Melbourne. Australia. He says hi team I have finally taken the plunge and switched. From an iPhone to a Samsung galaxy note that in the big switch that is literally a big switch and -- to the galaxy note which is like what is it like 700 inches and. Five point -- -- -- -- -- -- Five point something which is pretty much 700 inches more anyway -- He says with his iPhone -- my iPhone I can customize which apps can have access my GPS location. I cannot find this option with my Android 2.3 gingerbread. OS is this option available. Upon -- downloading applications from the Google place -- the app will tell me it wants to monitor my my location but I cannot. Deactivate this -- delete the app. There is no option while. Well right off the bat an app before you downloaded it tells you if you need your GPS location and if you don't want have you GPS location then you can choose not to download at up. Or you can. Walt after you've downloaded an app you can turn off all of your GPS capabilities on your phone but that would obviously debilitate you in a way and but I did -- And do. Who is one of our experts on rooted phones and he he did say. Interviews you can Sunni anger and -- keynote and can. And so on its -- good -- yet. It's a look at this he did it specifically YouTube that it. It is no elaboration and he -- he looked -- as you fill them last week now. Yemen narrative elements and he he different totally forgot last week and then I had planets like countless activities liked it Tuesday component. -- -- -- actually pretty. But my levels and assessment -- It's actually pretty fun guys and -- to -- and a bow tie. It at the and now that I know that the accident is a five screens and I don't look at. So. So in -- you -- and I haven't you or galaxy note is five point three inches. And back to your question. Back to a question of and -- one did mention -- if you have a rooted phone. There are actually -- that you can download which allow you to you know deny GPS access piecemeal you know just app by app. -- one of -- called permissions denied so you go check that out on. If you have a rooted phone or if you have a rooted tablet I should column -- the galaxy note is -- can -- Yeah. I think that is our last email. And Ireland all -- and Colin Moore wants you to sit there and read stuff for a look -- -- -- that was the only email that I was capable of answering. -- It was that of medicine -- -- and very intelligent people. Listener comments I am very intelligent people. Yeah -- so yeah that's it. Again this is our second slash a tune in next week we have a very special show for everybody. Eric Franklin will not be their normal in law. Any time. Soon but on but I want to thank them just for coming through now -- welcome -- -- Having fun to drop some some mad crazy knowledge yeah those -- tablet its -- phones -- totally man -- and made the show. -- everybody -- pirate its Android atlas atlas weekly you can you can follow me on Twitter at -- -- DB or. -- you can follow me Annan that place need -- in ideal PU on tweeters. And tweeters on the. It's slim and blonde who has slid thirty tickets and wouldn't have eaten Anthony -- settle in line so being a lot -- -- in La -- taken. -- And used -- non other -- -- Gadgets and at -- is -- that -- -- -- an interest in and you know Android phones she covers Android phones and Erica resentment tablets. -- And of course you can call off with. 0866344. CNET -- 8663442638. -- leave us a voicemail. But next week's -- -- show. Which is sing all the things you say. You -- single all the things -- -- -- and I don't know what your -- -- like you should leave us a policeman it'll. Do that. Ends -- -- doing -- anyway. -- -- Android atlas all of this by. -- yes I want.
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