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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 88: Google plays, Apple pays, Android listens

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 88: Google plays, Apple pays, Android listens

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Mobile editor Brian Bennett joins us from New York as we discuss Google's new Play Store, voice apps, and NFC. Also, jelly beans and key lime pie make cameos.

Google plays. Apple pays an Android listens all that more in this week's -- those. Welcome. Internet us weekly from -- 2012 O special days. I'm Justin a cast alongside -- beaming Hulu and from New York sitting. Special guest Brian Bennett -- there there is as slow dance. Like irrigated -- Thanks for joining us we have. Action packed show. Via an earlier -- -- it hasn't happened to -- you're gonna fight to the death the three of us that's why people tune in Mandarin Alice for the action. Well there -- says there -- some interesting news this week actually some interest team slightly confusing news to me. That may be has now -- and so. And varied market. One way or didn't go layers at a different. It is now called coop play -- When you and walked me through this. With the means to do -- -- -- markets so -- straight yes yeah. But the news that Google -- what is that. It's it's part of Google play -- Internet market so. -- but it's basically. To me it looks like it's a big re branding thing. So so the new Google -- rolls out the sale of apps music movies TV shows. All that stuff books on all -- -- used to be the place you'd go to -- in addition apps which if accurate knows. Movies and music and books. Even if you work on any Android -- I. Yes. Yeah I mean I think you could buy them through -- the web site through a desktop. And Chrome browser. -- But. Actually the thing is that and I understand -- percent -- as far as confusion goes as. What I understand it has actually hit many phones in the near clean up. Haven't seen it yet -- yet -- I have liked their music apps so the music apps suddenly set play in the -- market still says mark that it -- -- young and my phone yet of playing music from my phone still has the market -- on I got to my tablet my. Samsung galaxy ten and the -- But on screen along with the market being updated to Google play name on -- -- The Google music -- it basically just changed its name it's it's pretty much the same app but now it's as playing music and then. Then there's -- play. Videos and -- the -- trying to roll up everything into one interface. Eventually and so you have 121. Stop shop. -- -- -- -- -- -- It looks to me like contagious kind of wanted to branded as a Google thing since it's going to be experienced across a lot of different devices not just Android devices and I think. You know I think it's really confusing now but I think in the future it's it's meant to be less. Confusing for everybody you know considering there's there's. Gonna be Google TV boxes in people's homes and this mysterious media box that we've been hearing about what Google's been developing. So it's a good forward looking -- -- -- -- -- it I guess the way it has been it's kind of like if the and I was gonna give -- an example of how the Apple. App Store -- iTunes was called. Something but then I realize that iTunes is actually kinda confusing because it's called iTunes but the -- maps and movies in there. Him yeah rebrand that too I play when you think now -- equipment. But -- -- -- what you're doing here. Immigrant. It kinda reminds me of never liked the marketing. Around Sony products few years ago it was all about -- and and a big sleeve button. And -- and it -- -- just show up by with a big you know people you know very hip looking people want ministry announced sentinels of the speak. Like neon play button comes out of nowhere don't -- -- -- You know it's like kind of like this weird -- whether they're -- consolidate. On all things fallen into one please. Attempted to announce its that's been -- money. I think it's all about money really it's all about making you buy and purchase you know. They -- their goods that they want so they don't have again had had to head against Amazon and now and you know Apple services are things. You know. -- make sense -- I think it -- I think it's really going towards integrity cater. Class is ready to drink here is this has been -- -- -- -- word that the ecosystem. -- -- -- -- It's going towards the lake is isn't just a phone and uses tablet thing this -- this set top box connected TVs saying a refrigerator and whatever. This content is available everywhere. And when and there's a lot of mobile world congress stuff I think that. Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin talked about. They really want to push content as a means of adoption for tablets like -- folic. The reason people were not using tablets as much -- bonds -- tablets was because the content side wasn't. Up to par with competitors. -- and you know I think this is one way to try and address that is it's it's been like hey look we actually have both content it's been hidden in this thing called Android market before. But really it's the content marketplace and one of the things that has has apps of course but there's also movies music and while while while while. Around so. Go ecosystem you can yeah you're definitely would district Newman president and equipment. It -- market -- the good thing for everybody is that it's. A lot of the apps and movies and books and music are on sale now. To secure to celebrate -- launch -- for the first week. I think they're offering an -- a day for a quarter and then their top 25 paid apps are. Fifty cents each. Which is the very -- price -- -- there people get in there are buying stuff. Yeah it's not the first time they did that right all summer they have like the ten -- apps are -- winter I don't know. And apps and they put music on so far it's kind of Google's -- -- strategy as. Make things cheaper makes things free. Yet. You know there's a thing out the promise of this. The unit guys have ever bought an Android app recently lectured -- want it has to -- Which can get for free. About seven role during the ten cents -- Curious which -- -- -- so I haven't actually run into. An Android app that are that I would actually five. But the -- a simple statement that made -- noticed its interest -- -- A discussion actually when he had problems since he was like I was like who buys that any -- and -- was probably five or six apps -- a month. He designed mainly games I have -- Alex swift he has no Nokia board replacement. Sixty -- There is a perfect app and had a couple dollars I have on my podcast client which is dog catcher. -- -- Jessica about a gamer to. -- Tom but it's true I have not odd that many apps because. Maybe is already going -- what the hundred store has done compared to sort of Apple stores. Really push apps to you have based apps resident pay apps. Madden. So there's usually sort of a late her -- support -- -- alternative to anything. Yemenite find you know whenever I set up in your phone and own testing phones and -- I get the experience of the phone. I didn't supporting over my apps in almost all apps some for -- -- apps I'm using are all free apps are there like Google services. -- stuff that's for free like you know. -- -- besides some of the Twitter FaceBook stuff forever. And not. Maybe. It's. You know Google listen you know that's 1 thing I actually am addicted to this and it's spamming me -- So on the -- up by that out there you guys school through listening and what's up with the rule. Listen if that's the -- terrible for years which is why I had -- dog catcher has. -- associated and a Yahoo! is well worth the six bucks to get rid off restoration -- point taken how our content. Remain so -- -- -- movies music. Books com okay well let's -- I I have I have taken the plunge and I did by attracts. From Amazon. So I definitely have done that before and the reason -- as I have you know. Tend to spend money on Amazon so they carry locked into there ecosystem you hit this is that -- Oh I felt -- -- Yet so yes I am I don't in ten -- about the fact that ecosystem there. That you know was certainly you know I I like it in its FiOS -- tried Google music and have such -- horrible experience so far. With it says taken forever to upload tracks them. Offering such a pain so. Yes so the paid content I've used. Has been really has just been. -- Google music. -- area and Amazon music Amazon music and you know let's see that's pretty much it honestly. Haven't really like some it is cheap guys think what -- are -- to. And -- and that's -- about a lot of games and I think that's really the big difference if you do you play a lot of games and there are a lot of -- a premium titles that Britain. You might wanna pay for you know just like. -- -- in plants vs zombies and things like -- yeah not available for free. And they're games that a lot of people love especially people that are really into. Gaming even outside of their phones -- -- -- indeed. Around oh actually I -- amend the statement I realized I actually bought a bunch of Google books. So who -- -- or not he read them on your phone or tablet. Tablet -- -- cents a Galaxy. Tab secure the first person I have met who's on the really amazing. What mean and I've I've bought die Amazon Kindle browser you're using -- too but yes actually I find that the who books and -- such pretty good now. On and I dig how it does that you know animated page flipping thing and it sounds lame but I -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll just for the record -- never -- an IOS device okay. We applaud you. Dot. But my ticket -- I scientists slate I'm -- rule Katie alright if I know I remember -- this now. And then mountain like. You know I could do it like that and Android. In Oregon and Apple spy is no -- regardless what people -- -- -- office. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know how it can said without saying that -- competitor is a series killer tried to avoid that they're but it is gonna come up is gonna get awkward. -- so we had heard rumors before about the this star -- -- That he stated main channel -- dual major Middle East and or Yahoo! com. There's a new story out to that is sort of on a CNET news about the -- -- assistant project which. Really he is it's rumored to become -- -- leaders this year in the fourth quarter. And it's. Supposed to help people complete tasks as opposed to -- the voice based search that Google and has now. But it also helps you complete task will victims you can navigator text. -- But this one does seem more down the Syrian line. -- unlike series it will let third party developers tap into. The sort of that platform that -- platform to enable their own apps to do that. And and what -- at the rumors around this is all rumors. Are saying is that -- most supposed to be it -- engine rather than sort of a search engine but it will have the full power of Google behind it from -- theory which. As some weird search engines that isn't cool behind. I guess my question is is this. The same as major who are these two independent. Projects that are you know just gonna converge at some point in -- being developed. Together. Are these the same people. Doing this and and I'm just a little bit confused his -- you know kind here in different stories here. Read data menaces -- par for the course with rumors threat that we hear five different ones and one of them has a right. -- maybe some of them are missing some information campaigns. By Apple's buys them that's -- which -- do you like better than. -- -- -- -- I can say assistant without question myself. Of how -- must be pronounced that major owes much -- here it is. -- little to and a generic I don't think -- economy took as a copyright issues though. Is that I think maybe CBS counts are to start. On -- planet lobby of Trimble's -- I think you're right. Anyway I'm pretty excited for this I you know any voice recognition stuff to make. Things easier especially when driving is great and it is kind of cool -- You know third party developers would be to tap -- you know -- -- something you could tell that game. You know by immune siege didn't. Red or your text messaging application and in some -- the problem with the voice recognition apps that I've seen is that you're sort of forced into using. There Twitter interface -- there text messaging interface of I can achieve picket Tuesday apps that are still want to use but those apps could be voice enabled. That would be awesome -- who was just an ecosystem full voice component -- -- -- Today don't know what it the only -- -- I mean I'll put in my two cents to amend and then live in the past week in the Bluetooth world. Pretty much chicken out some headsets and I'm learning all about Bluetooth port and own everything and a lot of it ties in -- of these handset makers have their own apps -- you're saying her voice commands and it's a confusing. But are still you can. Just flip over to the already. Built in. On Google. Now -- actions. And it was -- recognition. Features you know and use that instead with a headset so. Found I think if they build it in greater functionality that's more like a -- daresay. Then. A lot of those apps me -- jump on the the built in. An enhanced features that are in the -- -- about that would be awesome in that would be awesome. And it you know I do I mean I got -- tea believe or not Windows Phone has some -- thing. Voice command features in it as well vote. Yes. Who has not -- -- send that ran I don't know anyone has windows. -- -- and what's Windows Phone. Well it's like -- phone ring it and it's probably Microsoft's. Only remember reading about that company and enough. -- -- bigamy because the super fast. It becomes a look at dot matrix partner if you think if you're you know if you -- within 24 hours. Little Paper clip it hopes to dial looming question. So if you can't wait for Google assistant there is Apple is couple apps out but wanted jest. Came out recently. Or yesterday I think at. The launch conference. In this is called. Robin. -- this it -- is a voice app specifically aimed around driving. Its name but only election this -- and do broaden its like here. Robin -- Batman I think so I think that's exactly what -- real -- and but I love it. So we -- trying to as early on and all thread here hmmm. The idea is that it sits there are in your passenger seat and you can theoretically although we connect to distort at all. -- her hand over as a phone. -- not the -- you're looking for. And -- then ask it about the parking situation and or to navigate for you or the weather. Or trafficking -- that -- it gets it's traffic information from Twitter. Does that even mean -- like his looks for people tweeting about bad traffic and -- -- All personal like who would be tweeting in traffic that's a lot of people a lot of people but you -- -- That's illegal yes at least in some parts it's -- -- them so here is Robin. -- And -- -- my hand and rules if. -- -- It's been that fifth. Or stuff like alligators you San Francisco International Airport. Actions case. Cisco apart. Is back back. -- -- -- Yeah that's it. -- -- -- -- -- -- So navigation did work in our test and the weather would never work it can ask -- what the weather was. And all it would say it is -- -- on the screen now and then they would just remain on the -- screen. So it just came out yesterday maybe that and has very much against -- -- its limits. -- You know the thing is I -- not to let me -- an adequate to step if you like to go home. And my GPS with a little things in you know keep yes continue -- -- -- and -- for a funny -- and maybe that's the deal. It is -- -- I know what exactly is going yes yes but basically. He tried this yesterday was -- today. -- today. It's no coincidence that -- -- total store and -- of abortion all right. And I think that somehow the saga. This device has becomes aware of itself. Now it's gonna be reached now under -- business. -- -- -- TV's gonna start talking to like that's gonna be wild sky and be sure you want to be watching the real housewives. I'm not that's good for you. Anyway it's in theory it's pretty -- But -- anyone think I am getting hungry. Yes beginners I am little dessert -- -- we've -- we've got a desert -- rumor for everybody are backed yes. And so it is rumored that. -- as we have speculated. PED next Android OS after jelly bean would be called kit Kat when we had speculated that. But that is not in fact the case according to this rumor. It will be called key lime pie. I am a big -- -- -- -- No curriculum night I rack my brains last night -- think of other key. Letter desserts. And I -- Cannot come up with anything. That was from this country. Children in -- ME app that I love jelly beans -- it's so weird that. You know jelly -- it hasn't taken -- firm -- we earning confirmation brand about the Chile bean name. No I don't -- it has been. How would that mean it makes me doubt -- that makes absolute sense actually know what and I think it was confirmed. Now I'm gonna go back to take a look so I think it was action -- Google did make a slip recently said that -- talk -- jelly beans on the table. At the and the gas congress yeah yeah yeah and -- well I think there was there was the kinda -- confirmation. So -- Though I got a tea when I thought about this as I was chatting with some of buddies of -- few months ago we're talking about what will be the next versions you know. And key lime -- did come up I'm and we thought about that immediately like that would be awesome that's that's a good name because everybody looks Cuba. Frank it's diligence I love jelly -- -- though. And -- sandwiches. -- can't wait till they release -- because we did when -- attempt was released. We finish this so. First we'll have jelly beans. I'll bring those in new and exciting that Alex had been key lime pie -- don't expect it to another level right now who's who's -- -- and a big enough negative story -- store aren't that'll work and bacon opens them. Anyway a -- guys think about that where you are gonna take a quick break and -- -- be back with storm. More exciting news about lawsuits -- -- -- stuff Android related. -- -- -- Well we thought that -- semi officials that the Wii you -- just utilities. Dependent children here. While McCain can -- and go there not some -- Amendment to the tickets. To remember a 3-D glasses. And in my progress this show because them. As was a terrible mistake and metrics. -- start -- ecosystems or -- Well as some audio system you know what I actually during the break I was -- double checking out on my appetite for -- generally beams. In the yet doesn't look like it has officially in the you know confirmed. Actually -- it just -- I'm at a message from -- from Chicago in the chat room. And he put the story in there that says Asus corporate VP confirms jelly -- is -- -- and trade. Class them so this is from march 5. Okay there regularly. Parent it was a slip -- Does slip. Whose -- has been confirmed by Google though and via the -- corporate. You know I don't jelly beans and those who can we -- its moons. Please. As a key lime pies only way I'd. Do vampires and everything is added to the -- while. Well okay let's talk about. Financials. I -- Financial applications Google wallet which I continue to be excited about has -- -- onto my phone. And I've never used. Is going to be released on ten. Devices is here on sprint so I think. I am correct in saying that today officially. Google wallet at least in the US is only supported on sprint phones. Yep that's pregnancy can sign loaded on the -- -- -- -- for Verizon -- or on to the GSM version but it sort of officially. Just on sprint phones but. There's gonna be ten more of them coming out sometime this year. Com in its -- -- I really liked the idea this technology but there -- about to face a lot of competition because the rival service which is crisis. -- -- -- -- -- What's -- is that -- -- is like from Verizon and some other people. -- basically crisis Wednesday. Like season's -- as they cobalt. A couple of -- you know basically the three other major. National US carriers. Got -- Verizon T-Mobile and AT&T. Which is probably why they didn't want. -- -- phones aren't exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes in other plotting away in a mountaintop -- and -- selves. With a long beards and lots of phones they're trying to figure out what -- but put on them and what not to. And apparently. That's -- think as Google Google is in direct competition. With Fatah the carriers and crisis because they want to have. You know they want -- -- with the monitors take. On the information. That you will give them as you -- school wallets -- You know hopefully you know -- doing you know. Little tickled on information which is very valuable to them and advertisers. -- such as you know what what your purchase history is where you buy it where you are you know it's analyze the last office and use it to sell its -- Which is a lot more lucrative than just going to this the supermarket with a credit hours. Now so so yes -- -- services and all sorts of related to whole ecosystem you could say it's gonna supplement content. -- calmly. And yet in general I'm -- had about the idea and I don't specifically area which service. I use -- quality service. Hmmm. You know but I don't know the details and I'm all for choice and I think that that you know if they think -- is good then why don't they just let Google -- out in and a -- my -- -- here Google wallet on to Verizon phones and let consumers choose. Build a better product. -- don't build walls -- -- None of that ecosystem exactly there's a lot more you can do with a -- -- this. NFC's in -- mobile payments remote payments and certainly the number one thing that we have some kind of gallery here that says all the different stuff that into. -- cool photos of like parking meters and a here's dislike. -- a machine -- the -- store. Media the next one is like a lock in a motorcycle yet start your engines. -- -- -- Eyes via troubling you can check in with foursquare. In league teams. Around. What I really want to do is to be able to use. Our elevators and our security system here residents here are a bad thing -- -- swipe my phone and I don't know. -- Yeah and I and a seat in a C technically. Allows you to do that. Then once once offers. Its enabled moments and it probably have to update error -- -- built in security assistant. But the science and I don't even think they would have to because. -- I understand and it's the communicates with. RFID. Like it pretty seamless really yeah so -- ER FID tag it should be viewed that as well. Where you could do an idea which means just. Slap your ID. On the back of your phone. I'm pretend it's NFC and -- you're good to go much -- he went into building that that it costs. Aren't so. The last story break through we have one more we have two to more and more stories don't hang up yet don't turn in his -- one's a doozy -- He's so I don't get asked about the -- time when as -- -- sandwich coming up its own well I have an answer sort of -- -- -- Verizon. Is officially dishing out -- yes to more than twelve devices. As far as when we have no idea. But we have a list of -- -- devices. That will be getting it sometime. Sometime. Probably before are a killer app icons -- Definitely. Made it -- before jelly -- so there's the -- -- there. HTC phones LG. -- Motorola and Samsung galaxy yes if you got any of those devices just and you know -- comfortably for a while. And you'll get it -- -- Twitter -- instead. We are set you know guys. I don't make a prediction here -- so if this that I get -- on -- -- -- but I'm thinking. That everything from needed here and we've got NFC. We've got Google wallet -- amount and with sprint and ten devices they wanna put. Who want on then you've got. It -- -- coming to twelve devices on Verizon. Verizon is. In a part of crisis. So I'm think it. And also. -- -- -- The moral reasoner. Droid RAZR line intruders -- Macs have and it's he circuitry in them. But they don't talk about it. Yet. And their number one -- and have seen. Aux and a -- And I. So -- thank him that that these devices up on Verizon's. Special Motorola devices. We'll get NFC capability or at least. Google wallet and a senator who want -- -- Asus while he ability. Seem -- most likely mean even at. -- uranium in me. You know maybe even sooner and -- a prediction speak on speak on him. Seen here to hurt it here first so you're saying by CT and -- early may right thumb. You think we will see the release of paces and has been sandwiched on. A bunch of resident. And yes. And I'm thinking in this well the reason why am I was gonna think about this isn't checking out this -- that's it I'm -- Rolla. -- -- beats liver right now people look at this and say oh let's to have -- spot. It actually has and it's the circuitry built into its case they -- to -- it. Theoretically. With the other phones without haven't entered any information or anything. Well but it doesn't work yet on any Motorola device. Some think and it's gonna happen soon considering marketing its third -- stereotype about here are some things so. I don't think it's gonna happen. So for those -- wondering. If I Hayat I'd buy it your belief. Hope that hope that for you a -- wanted to give a little. Education dinner and wondering. More about ISS. -- don't know is the goddess in each and Egyptian religious beliefs. She is worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as the -- -- -- of nature and magic and Asus Vegas means room. So moon as they want to have -- mobile. Payment grown. Well that's actually really interesting because I spoke to -- payment digital payment analysts months. And that he told me. He told me this buzzword -- phrase that the one -- the one who enroll this is the one who controls -- who minerals. Contribute -- abilities and you know the one who the one who minerals. Is the one controls like it's all about control whisper. Should she keep heavy stuff the -- up. They are able raise your -- is there were about to talk legalese. Or as much as we can pretend to know. We've had a lot. Back and forth but who's -- who and just to confuse the issue a little -- more. -- We talked was -- -- two weeks ago maybe about how. A moon rose to banding. Patent licensing fees from Apple. And to Apple had originally -- -- blow -- -- crazy that's way too much money in Illinois 2.5 percent -- Now according to a Dow Jones news report Apple's offered Motorola mobility and Samsung electronic it's deal. Somewhere between 1505. To fifteen dollars per device. Which apparently is in the one to two and a half percent range. Calm -- -- -- about what they want. And so now -- in a situation where. We have Apple. For every IOS device that they sell being who cool essentially. And we have. Non. You know Google. Or -- manufacturers paying -- -- for every place they may. And there we have Android makers like HTC -- Apple it does -- -- life. You know what -- just and they just don't keep their money -- make their devices and this is insane. The. I guess -- -- -- -- a weird. Money waterfall that circles around the -- money machine. Bright and detailed account that says like revenue and -- -- it actually works out better crawled them. Now I guess if 11 makes one company makes a windfall it -- flows all the way around back again. The -- but makes it worse for us because Scalia. In a crisis -- -- -- currently and probably. The lawyers win. Com aren't we are to the app of the week. Point of this show and this has been sort of exploding at the last week the scheme called draw something -- -- nonstop. Tweets about it what is -- Yeah I mean you know for a long time even still today a lot of people were on the words with friends. And I kind of thing. Playing scrabble against each other -- -- for a little while they were hanging with friends -- hang man. And now it appears that draw something is ready to take the world by storm already has in fact. It's kind of like dictionary. That's -- Hello and welcome to tap that app I'm Jason Parker and this is the show which are the hottest apps animals days -- the hot new game that's made its way to the top -- iTunes App Store. The challenges boats are drawing ability and her ability to identify bad -- its. It's called -- something. It's very similar to that old board game dictionary where you would draw for someone they would have to identify what you were drawn. And -- something there's no time limits -- drawn. Because it's a turn based game. Kind of like words with friends swear. You can take your time -- picture and then you send it off and then your friend who get the notification will then have their turn to guests -- drawn. And then draw -- picture around. To get started. You sign up -- the game or you can sign in through FaceBook or Twitter to find friends once you have a game set up. A screen comes up asking you choose an easy medium or hard work. I'm so word like sun would be relatively easy to draw with you know register yellow circle but -- a word like rapture will be much harder to draw required a lot more work. Once you've selected your word you can start drawing right away or you can use the included tools like line with -- race -- with. And you also have a limited number of colors that are up -- in the top but you can buy more with sets using the points -- earned within the game. Once you're satisfied mr. Girard you can send it -- to your friends and your friend gets a chance to figure out what your brightness and then draw a picture is on for you to guess when it comes back your way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- awarded points based on the difficulty of the word -- was -- -- so easy word would get one corn were hard work aggregate reports. You want to earn coins -- because he used -- to buy more colors and -- only given a limited number of colors to start off. This becomes extremely important when you have to draw plants and you have no Green. Unfortunately color packs a pretty expensive. Certain have to play a lot of games to earn enough points to get the Green from those plants the estate thing about this game is that you're not competing against her friend. Objects instead is to go -- as many rounds as possible so it's like a team working together to try to get passes many drones can't. I should note the game is very addictive and I already have a few games going even though I've only played over the past few days. -- something's on sale right now for 99 cents at iTunes App Store but may move back to 199 -- -- better gravelly care. I'm Jason Parker from CNET and this has been tap that app thanks for watching. We should mention even though that's had in the iTunes App Store it's actually available. In the Android market as well and brutal place in our the Google played an Android market you can play ecosystems store. For -- -- -- but there's also a free version to know the difference in the pre in the pain. Its ad supported by O'Connor you know it's pretty easy just -- -- and you won't notice math problem. That's when I do. -- -- start drawing pictures of god. Fried chicken. Pizzas and stuff and cities obviously subconsciously. -- went oh man I really wanna draw it Coke. -- Battle that looks like a -- game. I'd Iowa challenge uses again oh please you you're I have -- and the widows who play with each other. Yeah well we -- yeah you'd be helping each other or it. And confuse. People. That's going to email at enter data -- cnet.com meander -- -- I found your input. Engine you know and love from way back in the day with anomalous -- news. Bobby blah anyways -- -- -- -- here's a link neutral -- show notes for graffiti Pirro stylus. You know. -- all the styles are about the old days of it on and using graphene you know that was awesome. And so there's this app and -- -- a free version as well but this graffiti -- to 99. -- have a full graffiti access which has -- an app that has its own sort of alphabet based on the -- stuff that says that it can better understand -- ranking. Because traditionally. Apps that. Required just natural -- our very core understanding. How people -- And it cools -- that I don't have the person's name in here but thanks. Next one is from Macs. I'm sitting here playing the injury game burning sands three -- you -- makes this game was commitment. On my thesis crime. Wall watching your show and -- -- utterly puzzled with your statements of -- lack of tablet apps rendered tablet. All Android tablet apps work on -- -- apps work on tablets -- 300000 tablet apps to choose from. May be need to put down your beloved iPad and spend a little more time restricted and where it acts that's right. -- -- Maybe need to put down your burning sands three -- listened to or show little better. Because -- leave -- we said was there's very few apps. Optimize. For tablet Android. Devices. And that those that there -- it's hard to find because it's -- really split up for well in the Android. -- -- There. Comments. Thanks for your email. The -- 9% of supporting this call again if it's. From dame you lover viewers in their listeners. Hi guys you said you thought there is difference between talents on graphics but that's not entirely true. When you -- commander -- app he created high. Middle that'll load definition image from a ten inch tablet will use the same image as a phone with a -- a screen like the galaxy nexus. However many cases you -- want to make separate you live for tablet but this is still fairly easy in the Orion system by aka click and drag -- -- -- Keep up the good work of this show dating yeah I -- so I think he's correct here from what I have seen in the from developing Mandarin app from the point gains still to sort of -- -- -- -- is that. Really I think. -- from a technical point of view but from from a usability point of view -- you really do need to create a separate interface even if it's just somewhat tweaked. To work well with the tablet vs a phone because -- You use a tablet differently it has different challenges and it's different size -- just stretching stuff -- Even using iris images doesn't there's -- salt where -- trying to -- and old can. So. Solve an elegantly people. -- -- battery the last one from our good friend Steve uncle -- should -- should. I'm not a Steven coroner of these student over it while you guys are really well and in the celebrities and CNET got Larry David certificate -- Spherical bear says I'm a fan of the Google play branding except for the market. I'm gonna be calling -- the market as long as I use Android regardless but that's beside the point. Why is my question. I was reading an interview from CNET Jamie Rosenberg where she said Google -- will become a single experience for users. This creates a more powerful experience around Android and also increases opportunities for content partners to interact. With more of Google's offerings to Google changed the privacy policy again only this time slipping it under re branding. -- with the news of assisting coming out. Now Google's moves to change -- share content between more sources only makes sense in the effort to build something a step above -- You may make sense to me but I'm also the only place -- different school. So wanted to hear your opinion missed having show this week and ice -- to divert. I think he's seen -- wrote yesterday yeah. We having to show that speaks even go there. -- by the way now yet -- -- right now. And it's over almost. He damning data I think these these -- about two opinions here. Great. To -- -- crime is equality in the -- if they did well I mean no not not as the results of the Google play 300. But -- -- out of thanks for the comments have any specific feedback for him. No I mean they did change privacy policy and you know just a couple of weeks ago where -- last week or last week -- not -- if he's aware -- that when it. -- since then we haven't heard of any other privacy collection policy changes slipped under the -- That be sneaky -- be evil may be eaten and even that might disrupt the ecosystem that it would. -- -- Our -- here -- ecosystem seeping in that is our show for today go to read all the latest entering news you should go to cnet.com -- -- -- -- If you'd like to watch us live every week aironet Wednesdays. At 10 AM except for this week. You can email us -- an analyst at cnet.com follow us on Twitter. Act inner and Alice followed -- Maher adds teamwork BV follow me -- -- my real name. -- -- Tell us all by yourself and where they can find everything that's great -- Well you can definitely follow me on Twitter and he Oliver Bennet. And that's Bolivar from -- That may help you remember -- you can also check out the reviews that the you know cnet.com. And dialed in. -- for our podcast on not all things phone and Smartphone related. Cool thanks for being on the show one last thing if you'd like to call and leave he voiced no sir we ran out of time for was -- this week. But will play them next week -- 663442638. And we'll -- guys next week.
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