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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 87: Updates from Mobile World Congress

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 87: Updates from Mobile World Congress

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Google dishes on Android tablets, Jelly Bean's surface, and exciting new devices come out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Google dishes jelly -- surface and all the mobile world congress news that matters on this week's episode of. CD's February 20 ninth leap day here -- every clubs each year leave here I am just the next house that his team are -- this -- emperor. Even -- in the morning everyone. Here and it's the competitive. Welcome. As going. The asking me via a -- in our special guests. No letting. -- -- most of our team is busy doing in this little thing called mobile world congress there in Spain. So -- -- TV. Via -- and we'll pretend. CC. Let's talk about what's happened in Spain since. Released at least we could read about it and says -- colleagues -- state. There's a lot of interest team uses tons of hardware and we'll get to some of the more interest in stuff -- it. Google had a lot to say. The first saying. That Andy Rubin talked about was tablets and -- hundred tablets and as they are -- -- down on tablets to win that Merck has obviously they are not winning right now. According to him they have activated twelve million standard based -- so far. That is sort of since the beginning of time compared to Apple who in the fourth quarter last year sold fifteen minute now. Here you are right and -- a bit like him. Com and they have sold -- about 40000009 pounds overall. So cool is behind and but he says that twelve is going to be the year that we -- down to make sure were winning. Nam. -- I mean can they do it. I want I want a mixture did he see that in 2011. The -- couldn't they would win. That -- that's when he eleven would be the year that they would double down and -- -- I don't know I mean he certainly they talked a lot about name we came out with honeycomb and honeycomb tablet optimize. Operating system and now in my screams Sam went to that unifies them. And it's when he eleven was just -- -- in the ground I think so. And you know Google today expand on the some bunch of the behavior of -- -- a role laid out we're gonna double down that and then. The vice president of engineering. Hiroshi. To lock in Merom. If ours and the humble -- have to cough maybe you can say it -- I couldn't. Yet materials come -- -- that he said. You know he did an interview with PC mag com. And they sort of said hey what can change your position and instead -- phones took awhile to the to ramp up we want those in 2008. Now there sort of dominant. And we think that tablets are gonna sort of have similar trajectory. And that they're gonna continue to invest in content. Announced that they have a video rental store. Trends -- tablet usage state of the bookstore. They're gonna continue to invest in content to try and make a difference. -- I mean they didn't have control of features that way you know that other company does as far as hardware goes so yeah they're definitely gonna have to. Ramp up their store in their offerings to the people's maybe get some awesome apps in the. Awesome maps he had means suing -- they did talk about apps they went through a lot of different areas that Google the Google ecosystem for tablets. Has challenges width weight down it's hard to find talent based apps and he said. -- you to do something to address that -- so the question. And the response was. It's a challenge of course -- define what an -- the tablet app is verses to -- a phone -- Nam. And he kind of takes -- -- that there's not a whole lot of difference that because of the way under it is architect -- that they're the same thing. I think that's not quite a great answer I think. In consumers' minds there's difference and has clearly differences and apps that are optimize for tablets are laid out and out the graphics that support that. And as those that don't and I would love to see -- hundred App Store take a similar approach to what Apple has done. And separate them out and really call -- once that are optimize. And we'll give you much better user experience than ones that want. Right so I mean Hiroshi. If you're if you're asking me user. Yeah that's when -- we'd like to see if it's not. I mean I like you said I don't I'm not satisfied with cancer that it is challenge -- -- that's just something that. That. Is better now that the environment has ice cream sandwich and things like that I I like we said -- with Apple things are separated a little better tablets. IPhone apps. You know you know what you're looking for Kenya. I think I'm constantly on the track I'm not looking for the echoed Apple ecosystem model with Google but I am looking for ruled to be more aggressive. In creating. Any easier to use eco system easier to use market. Spec minimum specs I mean these are common themes that I certainly bring up that I think. Will benefit consumers I think -- Google underestimates. How confusing it is and multiple levels from behind -- phone to get into a market for consumer. And yes it promotes choice but there's just so -- confusion. Com that how are they differentiated now like out of tablet apps vs phone apps for -- -- out how to they have different different change. It's a great question com I haven't spent a whole load time to be honest in the app storage because it. On tablets in -- market because. I frankly find an experience easier and -- candidate and -- -- -- -- more off as my tablet then you may Android tablet. Yet I mean I know I know when you go in the market there is at least -- editor queue created section that -- you know featured apps for tablets. And that things like that but I'm I'm not sure -- How -- of a job they do as far as promoting. You know some of the best tablet apps out there. -- the users -- I'd like to see more of that duration and a on their side in the market in general spouse especially around tablets. Of the interview goes on to talk about ice cream sandwich and lake. You know when DCB consumer. Com enemies the -- how can we get -- and -- and future operating systems out to. Consumers quickly. More quickly and his answer is there's actually says there's very rapid adoption has been sandwiched between -- OEMs have announcing here. Which it seems kind of odd considering that -- -- sandwich came out. A couple months ago so opt -- seems like it's only on one phone right after he says that's a rapist and stop -- that city babies and about the developers of -- -- -- thinks that's kind of what he's saying is that -- we're gonna see a bunch coming out soon. But from a consumer's perspective. When your comparison is Apple where their sale like this OS is out and that means it's out all the phones now -- Right it's big difference but consumers are like well this was announced couple months ago but I can -- it like it just spotted a phone instruments old. Now we have no idea when when we might get -- you know depending on what device we have. Yet that creates a lot of confusion in and you know -- of buyers even select them -- off buying until -- understand it does come out her. It's just too confusing its -- -- again. -- iPhone or something that I understand how the release cycle works. Nam. Let's see what else they talked about a how they release nexus phones and OS -- optimize for that's -- Google's strategy is kind of when they're coming out with a new OS -- has its limits to. Optimize it for the nexus device -- -- chipset which makes it hard for other developers other hardware manufacturers who don't release phones with that chipset. To. Adapt it takes them awhile -- if you change that strategy. And the answer is kind of think Google's strategy is to get something consumers' hands as fast as policy also -- -- -- -- OS that was available to. All of the different chip sets it would take a lot longer to get that out. Palm did everything it wants you which I think is true but I don't know that that is just -- bad strategy. They mean. I feel like wide availability is maybe better than having something that comes -- a couple months sooner but only available to small subsection people who wanna buy that one -- Yeah I mean you're certainly in this at least a few users off. By releasing it to just one phone. And and having everybody else salivating over it for anyone -- phone one carrier yeah you know wondering when they're -- again. -- and and and on top of that I mean you still have users that are working out the bugs on that one phone. Because like he said Google you know once release it as soon as possible. Which is totally Google style just throw everything out there get it out there's less -- Actually yeah I -- I mean I think I think I think it's great for a lot of things you know but I guess we're just pointing out the problems with that strategy. Yeah -- -- it's all -- balancing act here really over talking about is the strategy between this closed ecosystem where you control everything in this open ecosystem where everything is just. A free for all homeless and you know both have benefits. I feel like there's probably a middle ground that -- love to see in great move towards where. Again they say it here's minimum -- respects. The need to meet -- -- -- market to be called sort of an Android. You know certified device so that as a consumer I consider knows that when I buy a device. It has these minimum specs that maybe that -- -- it's going to be upgrade able to. Feature OS is for X number of versions. So I feel like to have some security and it's not just combine this device that may be. Worthless and dead and not a credible -- you know two months after comes out. So. Can someone fix that he's. Out what else there -- some news about Android activation. Who had to have that story we have on the -- Around this this was -- I think we've seen a lot of tweets remainder of and this is how are typically releases and activation. Are out -- and -- accordingly accordion and the the Android platform is now seeing. Over 850000. Device activation per day so I think was it just last month that we heard it was 700 X ray -- January via. -- -- so there's over 300 million devices. Activated. To date -- device activation today. -- right and that is significant because. Apple's OS was last seen. At 315. Million cumulative devices. And so you know there there probably hovering somewhere around 330 right now. Which means that I think Android may be poised -- -- Right he had -- a -- and Eckstein added a tipping point or something like that Nam where they -- really crossover and it's possible that they've already overtaken if you just look at overall Android devices that includes like the Kindle and the com note which -- to have an official Android market devices -- I think a Google account in those. Vietnam. And he has Apple now -- But Apple's also counting devices that are phones here elect I. Exactly. Paso tipping point we will keep a watch I'm sure we'll have more data in -- you. That's this is really just think it's. Just like a couple of last week -- put -- a story that says there's going to be more mobile phones than humans in 2012. Which is blows my mind look where they are going landfills right and who could. -- what's happening at Edwards talk about this morning actually com. There's a lot of people who have multiple phones like you see people around the office who have their blackberries for work and their iphones for personal use. A user to read that many -- -- To compensate for all those people out there that don't have a look at just adult courts -- Yes it's not a good thing you know what it actually is is and other countries where there's multiple networks and sometimes you carry multiple phone deceit of coverage in different areas of country. -- Africa has this issue a lot -- -- and I know. Just in the Philippines you know I've been in the Philippines a few times I know a lot of people. Have different phones for the different carriers as well. Say yeah and I think it is it's big and it's crazy him. Espionage scheme problems this means all that's insane I just I don't wanna believe that there are more phones out there -- -- if I don't wanna believe that could. Aka. -- their. So. One last thing before take a break and this is on a ongoing topic of the -- cool acquisition of -- Rula. Nam and so at mobile world congress Andy Rubin who. We did miss from forests and of this Canada is -- -- title as head of a hundred or Google. Com he's the head Android. Is the heading in the right then maybe he is the rule violating the -- picture of -- -- -- helicopter behind him. But I don't know where the helicopter comes in the play -- -- Paris Hampshire. But he said he sponsored the Google takeover of Motorola originally however he wants to make it clear that they have. Built -- -- built a firewall -- wall of fire. I watched. It literally built -- firewall between the companies in that it. Quote I don't even know anything about their products they -- separate from me and I'm gonna continue to do my thing. He has no radio it's -- scouts honor yes. Which I you know I keep calling. BS on this as -- feel likewise you know really about -- big company I know you jeopardize your other relationships with carriers. If you get involved. That around. Do you think this is really -- and they really maintain this firewall. You know I think I think to an extent she's she's trying to keep its hands -- that's what I want to believe -- but. As far as him not knowing anything. I'm gonna say he's overstating that firewall it. I think he's got -- -- something you know. Where his employees. In a bump into each other in the cafeteria ranked -- -- the equipment at the softball game -- -- wouldn't recommend it. Don't tell me. I mean maybe there are different buildings and Yuma I think Motorola is known beast and until the lawyers the -- that's maybe they're not moving in any event and it won't run into each other but it. -- -- -- maybe I mean. I mean there's there's a conflict of interest you know so there is. Will see what happens we'll see how long this -- I think at a prediction about this. I'm all right we're gonna take a quick pre but when we come back we are parents tell you everything we know about jelly beans. State. And -- Welcome. Back to. Discussion -- of one of my favorite candies. Jelly -- Notice of the jelly belly via BS fans picked. Thinking they're over here to in the Bay Area again they are in Fairfield Fairfield in a pickle factory -- -- via -- So we talked -- I rumors last week that Google's next OS would be called chili beans and -- beam this week we have a little more. Hilarious rumors evidence if you evidence yet. So apparently Google's -- refuges go into the Booth at mobile world congress they -- giving out ice cream sandwiches. But he could deep into the Booth into -- -- press area. -- have in the told bowl. Bennett we have a photo here -- as well it's actually kind of a large -- Filled the width jelly beans and -- tolerant. And -- declined to comment. Song about -- -- -- But the iPhone -- -- you know Eric Schmidt on the phone on yes we actually yes -- Did. There were no black jelly beans and there. No no. That that if that's and Eric Schmidt to writer actually. Its new -- -- Anyway could this -- could assign. Couldn't. I think it is absolutely definitive proof. That the next OS is going to be comb jelly beans but that's just my opinion that's the only way we can take it yet. Anyway that that's -- -- gotta -- a pretty funny. Hearted it's a marinated do a couple of little harder things there's a lot of harder at the came out of mobile world congress gonna look and at all good at cnet.com slash enter it at list. -- -- to cover the interest imports because you wanna hear us just rattle on about this phone had 2% more. CPU and that phone we've talked about last week someone -- corps yet. This is the first two -- core phone -- you can. But we -- talk last week about the galaxy note -- rumors that there would be galaxy note. Tablet. And there is. It's the galaxy note two point one. And it is everything you would expect it's basically like the Galaxy Tab template one but it. As the -- -- thing image eager about type two is ice cream sandwich -- point four gigahertz dual core. 1280 by 800. It is not a phone. So don't try to make calls with that interest. Mum but it does have a GPS. Unit. Hand. This isn't -- -- yet -- -- -- yet it actually comes preloaded. With about Photoshop touch and -- instinct is we actually had someone was an email voicemail -- I think any Melo never had someone talking about. What was it a stylus enabled. Photoshop app around on a stylus enabled. Tablet and this is this is pretty much -- I mean -- we know that it comes preloaded with the Photoshop touch up but what we don't know. Is whether that Photoshop touch app is optimize for use with a stylus but there -- you know I'm gonna. Go ahead and assume that it is because it does come preloaded portrait as early as works well you know -- app is. The comes preloaded here otherwise it's ten bucks -- for Photoshop there's. An underdog -- -- Pretty good deal -- it yeah I mean I have actually played with the -- a little bit program. It's I mean I just. I use my finger and in the stylist Susan I'm at my disposal including here is the best possible stylists -- -- And that the deal and doubts that sent. But I might have to disagree when it comes to this -- -- because it was very hard for me to Trace objects. On the Photoshop app with my -- the zone and now I'm kind of excited to see what -- might be like with a stylus. Yes it can be chemical com. -- I like to check this out with Photoshop. Pretty cool. We will that we saw someone's problem where we didn't matter at Adobe and -- it's also -- well. -- but we let them know about it that's -- that search will take little to the -- yes. Parent does next once we have two more visas are rigors that I I'm pretty interest team in the -- that's awesome I'd never buy -- -- But -- the keypad phone. Me you can take a look at this video we talk rapist but -- so. It'll walk us through this is this phone uses tablet as the computer was it. With the phone. It's a phone but it's got a but wait there's more it's got -- docking station. That is not actually docking station it's a tablet so when you do as you slide the phone into the back of the tablet and tonight you now have. Any tablet I'm not sure whether that. Specs aren't -- inches if that's not good enough that is yet if that's not good enough there is yet another contraption to be added on. Which is a keyboard that folds into that tablet making it look somewhat like a notebook. -- ultimate. To experiment slamming its citizens from a series. It's similar to that transformer crime -- Excepted the phone is the base rather -- -- that piece of your operations there. And so the phone stores all the data. -- you know seekers take that off you have everything in and seems to be a pretty nice phone. Even without all that mumbo Jumbo four point three -- -- amoled display. Ask him sandwich. That because it's kind of a no it's cool. There's no I seen -- -- and if I can pay like maybe 200 bucks and get all that extra stuff -- written -- me feel like this is in Munich has 600 dollar investment on top of the phone. Right I mean if it's if it's not expensive you might wanna just give it. Kindle fire or something in addition your phone -- -- explorer just to netbook her something there. -- -- a lot of the phones you can just actually plug in HDMI cable in hand to use you know Bluetooth keyboard with now yeah. So. Yeah -- this specific hardware for this specific phone. That when you upgrade your phone -- potentially worthless. Because you know it and actually keep the same form factor you and then. And and without the phone. These -- on sooner than useless. Yet so I mean if you have a separate -- and you can actually use to things -- -- exactly. And -- this does have a -- as well so follow up on a -- already -- -- -- which doubles as a Bluetooth headset. That I don't understand. That I mean I did see that there's a button on -- that allows you to answer the phone and you just can click get ready to respond style. Exactly this does seem something like Q wouldn't that -- And doing cool -- -- -- I'm not gonna buy that -- I might play with one if -- and sent somewhere in the office annual who were not. This next thing is something that I would warrant I don't want this phone that. Due to light this idea a lot it is -- Samsung galaxy beam. Com. And it is that Samsung galaxy phone which is not super parity it's a one gigahertz dual core phone. With says. One point three megapixel camera of Volvo off only running under a 2.3. But it has a Pico projector which basically is is that small little projector that his hand held. -- built in so you can project. I don't know exactly the project but potentially anything you're -- on the strangest on the nearest wall you -- I think you might actually be able to project here. Just your phone's desktop. Which would be cool but also you just. If you think about how you would use this economy times you're showing people photos on your phone never -- -- and around an export ports are retired. Com and then they have bad breath and they smell alone you know like that a backup wizard don't want them to touch your phone. Exactly. So this solves a problem -- his project your photos on the nearest -- switch went right through them -- -- It's pretty awesome. I mean I think for me I would probably use it to show people some YouTube videos -- I find myself. Olympia to videos on time -- you know to French on pay check this out it's hilarious -- but now everybody can see at the same time on the wall. And -- the speakers are in this -- Yeah and that's a good question and it hated this is its fifteen unions -- -- to -- -- -- super bright. Thumb that. Maybe it's really bright for a pick reject -- arena those are rated -- And anyway I think it's cool and it really it week by phone with this I don't know if they I would pay all that extra -- -- fifty bucks extra. -- -- But more importantly I don't know if -- compromise on specs acquitted by -- slower phone just to get the projector peace or phone. But how it's gonna gingerbread and it -- gingerbread and it looks a little beefy like it does. I mean it has to be pretty much -- you have reject from there but there's a camera of the candidate is remember this com. Maybe last year at CES -- like that that. Projects. From the actual camera you know you -- which is pretty cool but people don't really use cameras anymore and -- -- phones so. This makes a lot of sense -- -- -- we'll see where this goes. Like to see more phones -- I think -- I think each HTC made public that's from the projector built in it but really nothing sells like a long time remember seeing commercials. Interest and we'll -- at school -- Com carried to an goes through this -- note that the -- real quick. Yet she we have them. -- a -- how to -- basically. You can use your phone to send actual printed postcards to friends anywhere around the world. For a dollar fortieth. It's critical -- you just so you know take a photo of whatever you wanna take. Of what everyone ascendant and you can now. You can add your message to the back in the address and everything I mean we we have a video. -- In a world where. I'm -- cnet.com. And today I'm gonna show you how to use your mobile device. To send an actual printed postcard to your friends. Then consequently -- that I don't really care about. A local -- on this and -- postcard. Okay. I really care about. It. With touch no for Android or IOS you can take a photo with your phone or tablet. Have it printed on a glossy postcard and mail it anywhere in the world for a dollar 49. To get started download and install the free touch -- app from the Android market or the iTunes App Store. Next fire it up and pick a photo to use for the front of your postcard. -- can take a new photo pull one off from your FaceBook account or pick one from your gallery. Once you've made your pick pinch and -- to control the zoom and placement of your -- or do a two finger twists are rotated. Next flipped the card over to answer -- destination address and your message. Yep doesn't offer any custom style options but the default is pretty -- classic. When you're done with your message it's time to make your payment. Touchstone -- post -- credits for a dollar 49 each or in packs and it accepts PayPal or credit card. Just sent you love and good for the -- -- he learned from personal space. I really care about -- And that's pretty much it cards usually arrive within two to five days in the US and UK or within three weeks anywhere else. I'm DB with cnet.com. And I'm just showing you how to be a better for -- -- -- really care about that but. So -- sense of physical and physical it -- -- and I actually sent -- and -- myself on its glossy it's it's well printed I should say. Any news as I said perfect for the French. Cool so I -- it a quick update on the projector phone since I actually did in 2009 release a projector phone which aka. The -- TS Samsung show. Which student. Work out farewell apparently and then there was also a Windows Phone based on from LG and shoes I ever Windows Mobile six point but so. I'm sure that can decrypt. Yet too big -- are already there -- email. First email from merton. We had talked last week about -- Widescreen manufactures might be releasing and based phones -- with huge screens ray dot com. And some Marin wrote in and says hey I wondered if it was a cultural reason -- Koreans -- want a phone with the stylus. 01 reason might be there alphabet it's a lot easier to rate with a pen. And with the the roundabout way can be done with pretty keyboard the same would be true for quite a few other. He's in languages. -- speculating because of you know the symbol based languages where there's potentially thousands of characters. -- Then it could be hard to type an obvious that never on the net of those -- languages. On a regular keyboard or maybe just -- -- up the characters would be simpler. Yet they remain in what we're making the assumptions that in these countries in Korea -- The device would also come with the -- keyboard -- -- -- -- but we -- saying is that for languages that have maybe you know a thousand characters. -- might be difficult. Right yet I'm -- I can just imagine that on a keyboard haven't had multiple option shift. Command control to get to the you know the 400 pages remember having to do that and and you -- And Spanish post threw me off has both certificate. -- -- -- as intended you know that's just 28 characters yet. Meaning it's a good point and -- Yeah I mean it's certainly easier for -- a lot of the more complex looking characters at least in my eyes in the more complex. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go a warmer email from Marcus at night when a compliment. When I wrote -- originally -- had no idea how much have a saying that this was going to turn in. To the saga continues we actually had another email if someone. Saying the exact opposite of what you said Markey said that I in fact was not doing -- good job and I still needed to raise my volume. Yet again but we chose not to believe we did not yet so market thank you very much thank you. -- -- RN we have a voicemail from Chris wanted to -- the galaxy S two -- from sandwich. Armaments -- I am curious if anybody has information on land Samsung galaxy gesture will be getting arched arms are march. And what other devices will be getting charged and so much and one quarter. -- -- will be appreciated. I know the answer to this. It's getting in on February 3. That -- -- dividend. -- -- minority if you you know. Are unknown. A funny thing -- -- on his head before I went to the Verizon store while ago hands. In you know the guys they -- as Iranians know what's so. Then they start quizzing me about when feature phones we're gonna re released on Verizon. And as -- And popular Wii which which one of us were sent Verizon right again. Yeah so we don't. We don't had inside information while I certainly don't and if we did. We couldn't believe it doesn't even -- signed in India. And lets you come by. -- You know some special presents its -- -- came and national February 30 Europe wink wink see here. All right that's -- efforts say. Anything -- to us and number they get -- -- Well thanks for joining us if you wanna get all sorts of freezing interest -- Android news and rumors of releases for as -- -- its code to our blog gets an attack on. Slash Android -- You can watch as every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific. At cnet.com slash live except for next once they will be a special time twelve minutes later. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Follow us on Twitter at Mandarin darkness. Followed Jim Maher and -- are to be the -- meaning that it's not my real name organs -- -- XX. 344 CNET -- 66344. 26386. Week.
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