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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 86: Jelly beans, Android sunglasses, and another dang pen phone

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 86: Jelly beans, Android sunglasses, and another dang pen phone

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Rumor Has It host Karyne Levy joins us as we discuss Android Jelly Bean rumors, the pen-friendly LG Vu, and a couple of crazy Android implementations. Hint: think sunglasses and toothbrushes.

Jelly beans sunglasses and another -- and phone all that more on this week's episode of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Generally about our emperor Stephen Podesta an umbrella podcasts receive the epic but -- autism dev invited -- -- them buckling itself. Well I didn't deserve it I think you should Wear a little good that I'm admittedly never see his bases its. In your face these to be far more wrinkled that it is. Put it I think it's appropriate -- -- here because they're -- this episode has at least 50% rumors. I know -- and I had nothing to do with that I opened up this dock that and more we're talking -- and has like -- and catered to me. Compared to the -- that's -- I love that. That's how every show goes exactly -- we cater to our guests. Well let's jump into it talk about our first -- -- beam. Silly reasons. Musicians. I like Ayala a former president Ronald Reagan and a big fan jelly beans I agree -- have -- -- -- -- -- he's one of them didn't like broccoli that was towards -- -- circuit. Tons and obviously I mean well we certainly don't -- -- that is taking in my brain. Monday was presidents' day next added up a little bit and SS and habits that was my -- is here for. Presidential study -- up the -- today daily TE yes exactly. I anyway let's talk right hander and I don't know why it seems like a good idea. Not so -- -- he has been name for the next -- Mandarin which we've known for almost a year now it's a -- -- a long time. Their friends over at -- Taiwan -- -- times. Have come out with some detailed rumors about when -- -- will come out and -- -- will be. Test let's run down what they're saying it. First all the saying it's coming out in the second quarter. -- that com. You will be able to. -- has dual boot windows -- based tablets to run. And friends and that it's basically going to be optimize for tablets and potentially netbooks or notebooks. Com. I -- the other one has already optimize for tablet right that was the big thing with honeycomb was it was going to be optimize for tablets. About let's keep let's keep doing that and running and ice cream sandwich is also optimize for both tablets and phones in that just came out. The exact brand no phones are running except for one pretty much right so as far and is generally been coming out Q2 this year. I'm gonna have to say did you times is lying lying just -- I mean their business -- or anything -- have to be -- if that's not why I'm -- I'm still -- silly terrorists and -- -- the first time that -- -- Straight to your face and well not street mines -- cricket and they're welcome to come in and be a guest. Mike from the light -- right -- Reggie Digi times yet c'mon get -- -- -- and that's his name I think that's his name and her equipment. And the other thing that's pretty weird about this is that. If they did this -- much will be killing schools Chrome OS. Which is already for notebooks. Which wouldn't be a bad thing -- -- is anyone using Chrome OS right. Well that's the -- that's what their you know if they give it a fun delicious name. Then maybe people start using MR and start it generally means -- and an email psychological. They are on this path of just colliding. Very soon I mean that's a -- and it seems Chrome and entrant seems like. At some. So they may now make it the Chrome browser I mean I don't really know what they're doing with remarks doesn't really make odd cents to need to have these different OS as a deterrent that differentiated. In most consumers -- I mean most consumers don't even know what Chrome OS is right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- -- to crawl and general agreement here but what if I throw curve ball. Sold last week the mayor's two weeks ago we talked about this that and -- at home saying -- -- called Lander and a home but it was annoyed that media hub concept. And so an article on -- here is basically saying. Is that they think that -- -- at home and 205. Point oh decades jelly bean. -- be released at the same time but not just at the same time but there are really the same -- potentially says that. Whatever this -- is will run jelly -- and that's that's -- -- be really distances second quarter. Now do you believe this. Whom do you know I still think that disease times is a big -- sympathy but it only does the -- -- -- greetings. -- rich tell me more about this Android at home this in this hub. Com so based on what we heard -- last week is that essentially with -- media hub so that. It would download various TV shows and music can store at all and then distributed to your other devices. There's not tons known about it. So it so it could be kind of -- a mean way how. Chose a different than Google out resentment currently works with -- Google cloud and then there's rumors that. The Google drive will come out which is there -- how you newsgroup which is something else. -- -- -- -- -- -- Three questions I think it's kind of your personal cloud almost a crash says that. I mean maybe if you have a massive music collection you don't wanna keep everything there are maybe. Now that they on Motorola this is actually your cable box which cable box person's story and stuff and -- -- it's a little -- beat me. And I feel like you did there. -- you're -- cern. Yeah I don't know exactly but I would like to know you know so interesting so what it. Originally when it when we read about the -- -- -- same -- This doesn't seem likely is because why would they release -- Drake five point now. When an Android four point oh isn't anywhere yet nobody has ice cream -- trillion messy pot -- access direct -- which she did so -- Keeping Google in business -- down at a time. So. But now saying it injury five point knows actually Dennis and in very -- of -- -- in -- home would make tiny changes -- that and it changes the -- And then it jelly -- might have just been to throw muscle you know like -- -- -- so I now now I'm maybe -- -- reconsider my -- a -- and very telling B -- will be announced let me throw one more thing there are -- This I think now -- could end -- eighties. Are you more. Is it possible to overall giving Google way too much sense for being logical about their OS releases. I mean have they done this before have they shown that there is any logic to when they roll it out and. No that's very true where hey that's true because then you know they -- rolled out. This one's only one phone and then they rolled out honeycomb which is just -- tablets and gingerbread Dallas and god knows -- and then nobody really knows what anything is Calder -- version numbers so you have your rate may be. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's called something else in our all -- just -- I can't remember they confirm that and I -- -- they deny silly to even the name is as the rumors that you know we just thought that was -- could just -- jello jello exactly. Because you do -- do you mean the -- -- But do except they get stuck in your teeth -- lets you use them and -- well tell us what you think and write us at cnet.com. Com so when we talk about last week it was. The Samsung galaxy note yes we all love that as I remember. Is that I remembered for his it was the size of is great for pockets yeah small hands race ran for all of us that -- dying to read on their phone screen. -- -- -- -- By EA exactly so this week we have news of the LG Optimus view. Which is also coincidentally a five inch screen. Phone niche thing. It is designed to be -- friendly. All hands come from our good friends over at lucky -- -- com also Korean company at a restaurant. Looking. That's Fandango ticket outlets -- -- has today. I think day Emily said though last week my -- see -- ironic comments on immigrant wave and I said I thought it's not like that's store. Regular goldfish out from -- -- com. And it five inch tablet to what I was wondering. Is -- I don't want to get in trouble here but. In Korea is it just do people really want to draw on their phones. In the meantime -- -- is -- something culturally that this makes sense -- on big phones have taken drawn. Do these companies like how loud and talk about hey let's come up with some humongous phones that are -- from -- or did they do their own independent research -- -- or or their lake looks Samsung did it we can do it to you rate credit tightening. It's it's interesting -- lake in the past -- phones and tablets and everything are getting smaller and another getting bigger. And then what you know and are they gonna get smaller and did you -- Zoolander. He's been talking on his little -- music you know and -- like the cool thing is a bone is assigned you know of it nickel. Now it's a -- this big eyes docking on a tablet. These are fat bullet which is the lame tests need the secret -- coined the term -- satellites. Yeah I mean the references -- last week. Where you're saying is do people actually want this or do manufacture just for some reason think that people want -- phones because I. Don't think I have met someone yet is like oh yeah I really want a five inch phone. Think he's a guy who bought a big phone but I didn't really want -- -- this big -- wanted the other things that this phone had. You find that. Phone because how -- is that -- four point three inches at 35 feet. Yes so I mean it's about of the size of a huge billboard. Do you find that found cumbersome is hard to handle. It's not as bad as I thought I mean I want some incredible which is you know much smaller -- to this and I thought I was very worried it's not bad. -- this bigger screen -- mean it's nice again I don't as they think it would choose it. That it's not as bad as the top but yet this is four point 34 point four -- -- -- is a lot bigger. You know when it just the dual -- was reviewing that galaxy note and says she had one inches -- Aniston and taking pictures with -- and has lake. That is hugely you know you can -- -- what it. Appeared to yelling they had many of the -- and percent. I have to say I played around with the stylus and ice to have you know -- whatever was when a -- of a Treo Palm Pilot -- currently. And never loved the stylus I have a Nintendo DS how to stylists don't want it whenever the plane around the stylus -- patenting especially the one that's a little bit bigger that's. Like a pen size Silas. That's kind of awesome and it's super responsive than I don't know maybe my next phone will be at twelve inch. Alex what Evernote TOS and look forward to -- that -- -- -- I'm like talking it's -- the size of an iPad in -- note yes I'd like to make -- fun all you need both two hands and help. The -- as a company to make it didn't exactly. Or just one correction by sprint has its four point 65 inches so hold your complaint -- -- I don't know what I'm talking about -- please her other stories this clearly -- Anyway this phone. Sorry to disappoint you won't be available in the US me believe it will show up in Korea first next month initially running gingerbread. -- It's the -- even care whose major releases. -- -- -- -- -- Gently as it's not -- jellies seen Gigi B -- -- -- even care about this twenty fives that monster her current telephone for kicked its -- and I -- -- attack it could be called career -- I was looking forward to women are actually. The cloned them. -- -- -- -- -- -- But they do expect to -- and -- out within three months -- -- -- day when did you suite three months. What -- -- or why don't we all just switched to the Blackberry Playbook. When you think you heard a good thing about that. Equipment but having you know meet world. Well the new OS is came out Blackberry Playbook OS 2.0 and I mean the reason I think that we care about it is that. The -- it. Easier to for developers to port their apps. -- Android apps over to the Blackberry OS. -- and it -- given up on Blackberry development program McGrath I carry. All other people are getting arrested at his and there are too drunk. And Tim makes -- apps of their lake you know what you guys. You're doing easements to be doing go to the Android developers I mean you can blame them -- -- I think this wasn't that hard for them because it's in finder app surges of Java -- that's pretty easy to get -- of a Java run time environment on your. Operating system verses like trying to port IOS apps words its objectives he thing than not there's not -- sport did. Say what's it is the processes you just take your existing happen. Run at three it is saying and it read packages it yeah I think there's a down Blackberry package here and then you'd do you upload -- -- -- and and and it turns it into. Whenever a Blackberry -- which I think it's like a bar. Jar jar jar jar them. You have to giant of -- announced at the far this equipment company Juba. Com. -- apparently doesn't show up. I mean I can't imagine cycle looks like a native app the same exact way that native app would be developed right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess it doesn't always work for everything there's probably some. Low level apps that are you know making. Calls to hardware that only -- it has. And eat meat it's a Blackberry to come up with this thing that only works like part of the time came and then when it doesn't work daily -- sorry our. We don't know line it's -- don't know if it -- will. But email still works great on Blackberry -- and you know let -- email those keyboards are un -- ice to the Blackberry that it playbook that -- And the Cleveland and the playbook blows my mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Blackberry news president. -- president elect sensing element and the pearl. Yeah in the emerald room as -- -- than -- hundred apparel from ticket for exactly and then I have man am at a curve. And that her -- she had the torch elements like wow -- -- is that's here that's very mean and -- I was all and it in the -- real as. You learned about the world -- web exact -- and I really -- terrorists that there is smaller islands my front orchestrated using this thing called Netscape navigator -- it and then when I was on -- well. I was as a top feature -- Anyway let's talk about other geeky stuff other molasses that you could potentially run on your Android phone or vice -- Or say whether who to -- to the dot got it I didn't get an -- saint. So there has kind of in this trend. Trying to use your phone as your desktop computer. Because we love convergence and stuff like that. As there is a Motorola. Web topped I think -- -- -- reconsidered docket he gets the specialized you side. There was only available. You know when it was doctors optimize your keyboard and mouse it was still Android those just a new -- And that didn't really catch on. Com so now let's try again. -- to the basic company behind it. Monocle. I think is the name com. Has developed -- to four Android. And what that means is sort of the same thing that you have your phone. -- you take it. And you docket senior. Who Booth who docking thing. And -- Then have your monitoring your keyboard your mouse and suddenly you're using new Bluetooth so. The -- is still handwritten looks totally it is under -- -- except you dock it when it turns to boon to. The end I don't really I don't know what -- yeah. -- -- You know I think -- when you can run net two things simultaneously. When you -- it it's like Linux dirty little annex I guess -- Eisner and yeah just -- at a I mean enter it is. Ultimately it is it Linux -- Unix yeah right so it's insane idea or other open source which is cool and if it -- you know a different. Skin or whatever and you when -- -- that's and and all of your contacts. And messages and everything it's all shared seamlessly offend it's basically -- their version of -- web. Web top -- and it was a more complete operative system exactly when you docket so rate lot -- bringing on like. The concept here I just don't know if people actually want to -- Com so this is something that's gonna be. -- pre loaded into specific devices and some things right so they're looking for manufacturing partners right now not. A download that you can go out and get right now or potentially any time ever its you know I think there are signed deals. With people we're gonna make phones that can be docked. So -- news I don't know -- I think. If you jester looking for -- silica. Chrome book at the computer a netbook. Nam where you don't really care about the apps on their so much. -- in this network is -- -- -- now I can use like full Chrome. And desktop environment or Firefox. Here because there are bunch of Linux apps out there -- that. Her. Good -- but if you you know I think most people wants to use stuff that is either windows or. OS-X. It's not that I can do the same thing it's honestly gonna replace that until we are -- 100% cloud base and everything is this cloud and -- don't think we're quite there yet but we're pretty eclipse. I think I agree and I think that that's what Google partner whoever's making -- is banking on is that we are getting really close. And that the people who. Would use this like I wouldn't use sense but the people who do or not -- not easily try I am well that's okay hearing -- and has a Blackberry after all. Blackberry basically use anything and -- world. -- People who do use a certain it's cool or useful we'll definitely I think jump onboard and wind land -- even more useful once it would add. -- you know. They're gonna put isn't as seamlessly. Share -- seamlessly with withdrew you know with all their other apps -- -- sound. I do like the concept a lot I mean I a you know if if if I can do the same thing with windows or OS-X ominous tone I think that would be pretty cool. All right we are all gonna brush her teeth but stick around and wouldn't be right back after this break. To -- feel good now Minty fresh and Minty Minty fresh. 70. Let's talk about toothbrush. -- brush. -- your story to it and in truth. Sure shared -- I didn't write this story well but there is aimed a beam Asia. -- the but there isn't a new being brush which connects to an Android app that coaches use it which is on brushing your teeth. Yeah I mean optimal brushing time -- two minutes per session and it. It helps you reach that optimum time apparently so the deals this is an app that connects to their special toothbrush. A negative press has replaceable heads but it's it's a manual to press -- times -- Fifty dollars. Two time. Yourself as -- supposed to -- for -- amendments yes to get the full affect of to rushing right you have to brush for two minutes. So -- Pay fifty dollars this you know did not look how much does it you know one of the the this is what I would like stock -- I yes so I Panasonic care which I think at about -- fifty or sixty dollars breaking iMac costs -- and pretty cheap. And its electric which is better than -- I think. -- -- purposes and it has built into minute timer. Right so this is this is a manual -- this isn't even a for a year -- so for fifty for the same price you have something that does for -- it does have for an -- get this thing and it and it continued examining a sixty or -- about you can get not only that two -- -- -- one that. It beats every thirty seconds until you to -- quadrant it's in your mouth -- That's awesome the content even if you're gonna start your gums are bleeding -- her husband gets to -- it is the question what does your sonic care. Connect to your Android device. What is the point of connecting -- the nose tells you like how -- you -- and it's as good times and I'm just trying to you know shenanigans and credit I don't. So let me tell you guys about the tooth brush that my name in not -- for mean. It's -- Justin Bieber toothbrush. Ends. It has to each -- its manual as well it doesn't connect to an Android -- think -- Because it's embarrassing that it -- a Justin Bieber song for how long you're supposed to be rushing out. So well importantly where is I think that's a week easier than it did -- -- You can dance to it -- Deanna and get your exercising your two minutes a -- time you have Justin Bieber. It didn't but -- -- metal in it -- but -- -- it away and forget it. I think the way to go I think dumb. -- I actually got sent to to press here. Like a year or two ago. That sings the bare and simple bare necessities. That says that's skewed and so that's on my son has used for a long time includes times as well and then like halfway through its as good job keep -- Oh my god I haven't gotten -- lab and really use my Justin Bieber toothbrush because -- -- humiliating but. Even on the myself in the -- estimates events -- to tear humiliated some dignity and. -- hate myself. Since I haven't I wonder -- the use its nine C I'll I'll get back to you guys and see maybe he says if he talks to me that ends and is -- good job. And souls on the agony gives I don't know error -- -- on my friends. As he should I don't a ruin year. You're gift or anything but tests -- audience knows the Justin Bieber to Sprint's rush at Walgreens is -- 99 and a gigabyte five of those for us. Exactly and -- that and other different songs about you can get a yeah it's. I've got two of them one of them oh wow -- it okay well placed is because Disney one that's purple and -- young. One of them please baby BB BBO. For the -- agreement on the they even have -- -- and -- and then it's also and it does not now and never say never and I think -- dependable attendants. You cry act now on yeah I mean I'm like talking to that's -- -- hello I think is it it. This thing on replicate this -- dozens on you got except for Steve and that the proposal does. Click that -- that looks like there's like this graphic things here is that like measure your frequency to think that like her every day how long grudge that day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know you could get a stopwatch we keep it also -- Iran actually has a stopwatch you can you can get that -- at. Sure you can you can do it a -- you know you can also sing to yourself as -- -- earlier that you can and one of the comet enters on the story was -- Adjusting the ABC song which is what they teach to infants through the tip you know like when your brushing your chief. I just like the godfather series right and center. This ensures browsing as Steve for so long that is -- not -- office -- it could still bleeding gums. Yeah there you go all right so we apologize to the people -- the beam -- -- work harder next time come on. But here -- -- next thing speaking of -- -- connected devices. And look. So -- hundred powered. Google classes where you might call them Google goggles for -- While not for trademark copyright -- ninth 2011. You have the Azeri -- -- talk about these on rumor has -- we did a -- -- name session about the use and incidentally I wanna point because of this nominally Dreyfus said that they were not. Coming out and I said that they are and lo and behold chance to humiliate yourself Ohio State. This is still rumor I think because it's from an anonymous Google sort thumb and that's good enough for me nuts yeah. Our -- wanna clarify for our audience and let them make their own judgment but it. This anonymous Google employee has in by the end of 2012 -- will launch apparently -- powered. Augmented reality heads up display glasses that are. Basically like the Oakley -- -- Take cancer and a cool took that your pieces to -- out the side. Let you know what do I know of a cool. There are three or four G connectivity forward facing camera GPS and a flurry of movement enters middle cluster on a press of current Smartphones. Similar cluster on the price of that toothbrush -- article -- when millions of 600 -- of -- that. While city could imagine. That these basically turn you into terminator fans to live Green is -- with -- -- calls -- Now for and it and then. 600 dollars I want to -- -- well you can get that this is that it oh she just a trainer that's -- for its part for your story it's. Does the same operating systems running it and read it I icebergs and slow. That it's -- it's raining -- radio. Yeah it's running donut and only works part of its -- you're terminated glass is run ice cream sandwich or doesn't it doesn't sound very very idea. Com so you can imagine you put these on what we're -- in the morning and it -- you -- traffic is Le and Nam. You know Iraq now on the street simulate code macros and -- and -- -- separate Google+ profile takes a picture through. That's -- artists are all kind of creepy seriously think about like -- if you use the L. What's called monocle Kenya which is pretty awesome -- -- hold that up -- deacons looked on the street and it shows you. The name of every business and how to rated. Nam. Had a he could seed coupons for businesses as -- -- street I see people bumping into each other all over the place. Totally because they're finally and incurred the frozen yogurt place -- everybody else -- can -- -- temptation. I think this discussed is mean and greatest super fragment -- great it's on every device in the it's on it's on -- a lot of different sounds and now it's gonna be in classes to lake. How much more and what else are they gonna put a link -- -- where else where -- to -- after us. This is a what is creative -- this is this is where have you can put it anywhere you want in a toothbrush. Yet in your glasses and -- kind of limited. Like some other operating systems which were no longer allowed to mention on the apparently I don't think does not exist an example. And a I want these CIA you don't -- -- -- no muscle on -- Either now I would have to see what they look like I -- two main -- -- San there's a picture -- -- if they make me look like the terminator costs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that is no that's not them -- doesn't Oakley those amply music -- actually exists. Yeah we did a review on them back when. -- was here okay so she did a review on them and those are like for -- So they play music through I think its Bluetooth and their glasses out there I mean it's all inclusive so now add -- that. Augmented reality -- hands. Google wallet and you've got a -- of Google. Yes I want to use it's just it's like snow crash is read that. The men are welcome to the what it's like. We all live in our own little connected. -- in the world with our goggles a leader we wouldn't even be able to talk to each other just have to text you -- and come up in your every tech issue with my eyes as -- the biggest and commitment. It does not -- personal content exactly. -- this will just make things of which he's here. Nam. Basically. To connect with your TV so the idea here Nam. Is that it. Are having trouble on our own site -- in this -- -- com. Is that unlike -- Apple TV is rumored to -- voice control with series that he could. Talk to your TV essentially it's a -- meander and -- In images load up the download podcasts and play it for you. Google's gone a different route and basically they're gonna have voice controlled -- -- your TV but it's gonna be connected to your phone or tablet so. He talked to the device which you probably have right there -- -- you rather than something that's across the room and if you after speakers are really loud maybe doesn't work -- -- -- this approach. Com. -- rather -- yelling out York's yeah you're yelling at your phone purity yelling out anyway exactly yeah I do wonder about the delay though. Re designing a figures can be it's not gonna be connected directly to your TV unity through Wi-Fi and then back to TV. So yeah I mean there are -- It's true and I have used some devices like second screen apps like Google are not moved media from. Tivo has an app threat average composite and fast forward. I'm a -- and it actually works really fast domestically become use to our TVs. Been so slow at this point to change channels and -- -- that this won't even be -- slower read necessarily come but how didn't. Connects. Doesn't is not doing something or you can -- yeah you -- Says do that I have and that it Saddam. Met I think generally. Kind of think -- -- the little. Not the most useful feature to put it nicely to connect stuff especially -- -- very aggravated. Problems -- to -- to cause teens -- Isn't -- look like a lunatic -- about it cheerleader. Com. That doesn't work very well the voice stuff actually works surprisingly well even when Bolivia's claim. You know works really well the remote a remote control it just works that English I just know it works and it's -- Well what I mean that the cool thing about -- can act is yeah -- the voice being kind of works that you do have to use a -- stock phrases like Xbox Xbox. Who lose whatever you know you have to say -- freezes and messing with Siri was that it would be a little bit more conversational. So be like Sirius channel two we user whenever you say and so next neck next -- just text you can. -- I think you're right if you can accomplish. You know. Ten different button clicks -- one phrase like there are examples when -- -- so if I want to do you know I wrote an excellent guide and go to search and and -- in -- -- with the remote which is hard brains of that stuff make sense basically volume up volume down Nam. Yeah I mean and again and like pulling up the diet and like defining a channel solid bets like making you sweat and is I think the -- you know hard. Tasks and it's funny that barely making a problem on something that's -- -- a problem on the and then you know creating a solution for it and it in which is you know talking -- your TV which you know. How government the -- a remote control is pretty easy to zero as it as read and I authority there and it's for it comes -- -- -- -- Three we don't always know what we wanna watch you know so I can only say what what channel this problem rates -- signs -- -- say bring up the guy made. When you could just do with the button anyway if we can answer the question. Him just fights and find something like or what do I wanna watch right now. Then again and -- content like it that's cool then it knows your mind yes but on Google TV is soul. I mean it doesn't stop working factory I thought it happens this. Maybe it will work with the new Android at home thing we -- -- -- show which everyone's gonna and that's. He's now -- -- -- B jelly bean B yup yup yup. -- this thing can do one other thing which is he can. -- sort of as a home automation devise potentially speak Tuesday. You know turn on my TV -- whatever and do stuff before you can actually start in Iraq the TV itself. Now tightly control all this with my classes. That's all on the. Eggs now and maybe that was the next you know the next iteration of this is that you does blink blink. And then it turns on whatever you want it don't it was a re public. Yet I don't don't change a channel is as important. -- I think that is our news but I think you have -- app of the week. Are sort of Angry Birds. Because sort of Angry Birds now that I'm not tell me more is telling me about this -- press angry -- Angry Birds Angry Birds got PIR in the past. Anyway Angry Birds space is the next. Iteration of the game and it's supposed to come out on March 20 seconds on. We're we're assuming it's for both. On Android and that other OS that we don't wanna mention he's got that which cannot be -- -- yes Baltimore Baltimore and -- And on but yet. I think we're gonna have to deal with gravity issues -- All kinds of things that happen in space asteroids. I'm just making this up at this point but there is that there is a short video. Teasing the release. It is so -- Scary. Its -- on senator restrict that's a game and not like a movie trailer via -- -- -- -- -- and Angry Birds movie -- -- -- no script. Like real mean -- and eggs are. What's his name Benjamin button -- -- -- of the as the Benjamin button to. I think about it when -- think about his name. I've got less Angry Birds gotten me through some boring times it's waiting for the train. -- I'm glad there's -- another switch and up. In space agreed adding new physics agreed I think it's it looks I mean I know nothing about it other than that trailer that everybody to sign looks great looks cool. -- let's do some email in their in house at cnet.com. Offers one is from our good friend Larry David. Justin thinks -- addressing many known last -- vendor and -- while I'm not the real Larry David. Honor -- -- redress this yeah forget an -- now. -- not the real Larry David or the real Steve -- there I do admire their work. 2000 basically sort of addressing the whole Google Voice. -- Wi-Fi calls. Things com is there -- -- Nam. And he basically says that yeah I -- some of them are kind of some urging Google. Not to use VoIP. Com. To make calls but some of them are actually VoIP on their own and they largest -- their own service in your forwarding your Google Voice number to this other service. It is also kind of a weird worker and -- cinema theme of so basically your rights at an -- subverting Google's service but -- -- hack mission. -- -- want the real service that works. Com. And then today he says -- the world won't work with that -- And they are warm welcome to Jammer in a matter -- his proximity to the -- it is. And AA shout out to. Happy injury team. -- The next one. Is from Mike and -- dear Internet house gang to start listening the podcast -- scope -- -- and join them very much. And now look forward to them every week he -- -- look towards them every other week -- now he's awesome bumped up the level. I have to admit that the -- has benefited. Benefit greatly from the presence of the lovely and talented Emily -- apps industry loan us some -- and only -- and l.'s new world fans. Italy's energy unit had an infectious -- for a good bounce that low key low volume from the custom. And the new one team. In fact I'm willing to strike a -- in an animal is a half and she promises to make regular appearances on podcast so promise to purchase a new Android phone recommended by -- Dallas team and act as a volunteer newbie Guinea -- Complete luddite when it comes to consumer technology. And let's just operate their own character restless -- -- we feel about this deal it is a multi point oh I. Sure Emily Dreyfuss would love to come on the show as a regular regular guests rank and so that this person can have that. -- Friday class recommendation from UI is on the -- the -- years he had thought what are we can out of this. So we get to recommend human. Crappy -- phone. Ever and have them to be a Guinea pay and test apps for yeah. Room and they get -- every week. I know who wins in this situation who wins. The deal is that this will we would also get and. -- Mike does say anyway it sounds like a win win situation for all. Google entering gets a new customer -- -- it's a new Smartphone toting listener and I get a new phone and regular access to the cheerful musings and -- that's. Love this show and keep up the good work. Over -- by -- will impact on. On all answer for her yes -- -- I'm convinced that she says let's. Haaretz forget seem -- from Adam from -- -- -- Dallas. While listening to you guys talk about the pros and cons of these stylus on the galaxy note. -- he can't -- -- a concept for an entry tablet that would stand head and shoulders above the iPad in terms of graphic design capabilities. -- be a ten to thirteen inch standard tablet designed by Wacom. And Adobe and its hallowed be full featured at higher end specs but would also utilize -- pen interface technologies like the one. And the Wacom seem to hoops drawing tablets -- I -- an -- and half the brand names in the scheme of not to complete the package it will also come preloaded with full feature version of toll Photoshop that was made specifically for 800 with the option to purchase. Other -- optimize Adobe creative suite apps online concept is just wish -- I want to know what you guys thought about it with anyone including Stephen considering buying -- device. -- could be successful or even commercially viable -- was priced at or below 700 dollars. Out. -- -- -- Love this show atoms from Newtown parent so 700 dollar a doobie Photoshop tablet Android based. -- I he's. Asking you Steven I'm not really into Photoshop -- arts trying to that it and like I hate -- -- at the app. I mean an artist's -- -- -- one and 700 dollars. There's a lot yeah I don't I don't I don't know. I did they do have been a lot of it they don't have exactly creative suite they have much to do it yet to be apps for Android but they're not and Bass -- -- -- I mean I think it actually think it's a good idea but I don't think it needs to be. -- whack on Adobe. Collaboration I think. You know to be LG or Samsung yeah I think that would they would have to do -- -- you know step up their their -- game may be incorporates -- Wacom technology and then Adobe would have to optimize their apps for. That pen technology. I don't think this is actually too far off we talked their rumors last week that this Samsung. Note stuff was actually gonna come to a Samsung Galaxy Tab. -- inch tablet potentially even at mobile world congress. You know I mean why not -- the -- -- Really -- until you've tried drawing without saying really you don't realize how awesome it is and -- effective it is so. Sure bring -- to a bigger than you don't even need your. Wacom -- wake well I don't know -- whack a ball.
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