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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 85: Google Wallet has a hole in it

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Mobile: Android Atlas Ep. 85: Google Wallet has a hole in it

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Rumor Has It host Emily Dreyfuss joins us as we discuss Google Wallet getting hacked, Samsung's ubiquity, and the ongoing saga of Apple lawsuits.

Ms. -- -- your pocket and Apple's Samsung's and don't sit there and all the legal news -- -- little brains can understand all that more on this week's edition of. Welcome I'm just -- -- alongside -- gamer BB Hulu Hulu and special guest to address this -- a a thanks for joining thank you so much for having me. So weak we invited you on because you're awesome but also -- given -- -- -- yes that's true that is fact to have. A very old -- on the does not even -- -- -- The first incredible. Good thing -- passed on I'm very familiar with that. -- you have the same from mine mouth lips or pad which is you need you can't and upgraded because of the suite space issue. Yet so he tried to give me gingerbread over the air update is very excited about it and I was -- -- all -- -- apps that I was -- -- -- and then what happened was that my phone didn't have enough. What I what I learned was that it was dialer storage whatever that is was taking all the space on my phone -- because of that there was not enough room to update at all. But it took me like two months to figure that out and it kept saying you need to delete apps you need to make room. So I off -- all my photos home my videos in deleted basically every single app it's a bit apps that I need to live. Like pandora and Yelp and not designed -- senate floor absent in phone now not even a Smartphone in Bailey did anything and it still wouldn't upgrade to gingerbread -- -- marched in to Verizon. And then they explain to me is a really common problem that Incredibles are having an all Android phones actually will eventually have this guy claimed. Then once you've had it long enough and on -- that was -- -- And that is that it stores your all your dialer ration every -- -- ever made. And that actually take double the storage and it's not easy access yourself when you going to make room. To get to the dialer storage. So he deleted at all. Since then my phone is. I don't have half my phone numbers things area totally messed up and I -- -- got all the apps again I was missing. And you still and -- and I still cannot get -- -- This yet they actually have kind of solve this problem has -- -- and the problem is days have hurt his shin. The storage in -- you like this can only be used for apps and has come only b.'s data and -- abuse for XYZ. And they have got rid of that and am in and a Torres from San much -- which I think does solve that for a lot of people -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because I actually have to check my email all the time didn't seem like breaking coming out -- putting -- on the home page. And when this was happening when it was when it -- -- just -- it would not send me emails icons. Living in the dark ages it was really frustrating and upsetting in terrible so what -- -- next -- So that means an impasse -- don't know to do because there are so many Android phones I'm actually kind of overwhelmed about all the options I don't wanna do a whole rear ended. We didn't get the galaxy nexus and then buy now that a better -- -- -- three -- the let me take the secret. I think that is always gonna -- -- -- then I think then part of me is like while -- -- just get a windows. Because then I will be very contrary an and then there won't be a better when coming out because they're gonna accept it. You might be in the -- fear it could but you can start a new show. I think it's a little like this students today will help you figure out which phones via okay I gonna talk about some -- -- Sees me so -- jump into the news here with. Cuckoo walloped which I was very excited about one of the reasons I bought my -- the next does it. As NFC and doesn't really come with Google wallet because of screwed up. In it I don't dentist makes me -- album but. Google -- great idea to swipe your phone to pay for stuff I was Sony's benefits him responsibility. You know. Get into an elevator in the morning here -- an -- camera key -- around it it is successfully or. With the -- apartment when you guys do. We don't know if it's usually don't replace your wallet edict also do other things like how -- driver's license. -- -- -- Well it kinda I don't know how my driver's license on an and I suspect if it took X in my daughter's life since I got pulled over and I was like you look here is already out -- that in order. -- it you have the so called hard star com widgets lets me like. Get all my loyalty cards and there you it scanned America in the stores as a result -- and -- CVS or whatever it is -- -- those -- these are programs. But any away. Google wallet com so there's actually two cracks -- hacks that came out for -- -- from one was a very complicated way to crack the -- -- in. Which you know was not practical but -- showed that could be done and second which cannot. Shortly after was. A way to -- Get access to the pre -- card which is tied to the phone anonymously -- count. So you could just go to Google wallet app cleaner settings and then -- prompted to reset the pin and you could use the prepaid. And corridors and there's just not. Cool so. I think it -- -- that it. -- -- Yet no waited sucked thumb but the that the first wholesale little bit kind of blamed users and their like. Will serve a wide area have a you know passcode on your phone yet passed -- on your phone then this wouldn't even be an issue. Com. Which I don't agree I think governments have passed -- on its -- in general. -- you know I think some of the that's no excuse yet exactly secure exactly Google alone isn't. Yeah I mean that they're dealing with your money -- they need to be as secure as possible and also there's lots of problems with. Own blocks because you can Trace the swipes of the finger prints and see brilliant -- some of the -- of -- -- -- open. Yet -- that's a -- says they did act quickly Unisys said like hey if you have -- issues calls will fix this for you Nam. In I think like all credit cards are probably not liable for more than fifty dollars and com but than they did it. First -- stopped issuing new prepaid. -- to calm and then they fix the issue. And they have since re enabled. Prepaid cards. I mean debaters should go with Google wallet is currently can only register -- one -- Ehrlich Citibank. MasterCard I think -- You know which not everyone the world has. Or the FT's has prepaid sort of work around very -- prepaid MasterCard which you have to load up with another car which is just. As long process -- -- most people including myself. Don't do also because the only -- -- -- Google wallet on the galaxy nexus since you cannot downloaded from the market because rising doesn't -- -- have it is to download the -- separately. So men's hat doesn't even matter. -- -- exactly we are talking about this -- rumor has -- yesterday really quickly just because. Actually I'm Maggie Reardon with saying that maybe this hack is really port tending the death knell of Google wallet because no one using it's not easy access. And that they have this they had to take -- offline xmas. -- -- I don't know I'm and I did the school -- does -- give you ten dollars free when you install that's -- -- you know I can't resist reminding. The -- -- I think when spring comes out with their galaxy nexus which will have to Google -- preinstalled. Or -- least accessible I don't know if -- insulting. That may change things has more NFC phones out -- instincts. I don't know that Google -- it will. You know we necessarily but I think somewhat solution is gonna -- matter really care what it is yeah. Just needs to be eaten yet as the employment here exactly. Yes and maybe -- the hacks like this sort of the next step into improving the services. All right we'll wait and see what happens so we're gonna mix things up. A little bit here -- -- -- quick break rate now and a when we come back we're gonna talk about more Samsung stuff. The ground. -- I should be is -- as fast as most reliable four G network. -- four GL TE you'll get speeds up to ten times faster than three days so what does that mean well let's say you've got the new HTC thunderbolt. Or even an LG vortex you can hook up your HPC for your LG -- four GL TE. I have Verizon's four GL TE you know 490 cities and -- 118 airports. So it's faster. You got a -- Detroit race for my -- -- HTC recent pre and the Samsung galaxy. You're talking four GL TE and almost -- entire three G footprint one song -- this song is forcing him. Down ten megabyte PowerPoint presentation. Six -- enough that mean for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And worse and small business anyway our entire business from a Smartphone while I would like yours truly great -- -- HT TVs are easier Samsung galaxy next that's something. To put it this way if you. You have to buy a Droid -- and thanks for -- kids at great compact mini netbook with -- -- board tab. Providence when it -- immediately and that's not. Verizon it's an old person's. I love it it's funny because it's true. This is the issue we deal with on time here is like when you're like -- what my mom wants or phone arrested by. Most of us even Mandarin art prisoners like this in line and I can't explain this to do this -- But. Then I did that I I recommended one in my link older -- -- an iPhone and community she said keeps its Wii. -- -- -- Haven't I don't know it probably -- one click -- -- -- it is pre integrated. A -- I also love that they use all the real product names. And it again yes even got the worst name of the year in their -- or off. -- the only reason they changed and answers that work is because they didn't wanna -- -- to cause they're going. That's a bad associations with resume normal that's that's my take I didn't even realize it was like the seems -- isn't. Yet it's it's pretty much as the -- to. But it's the of the Xoom was so delayed and so underwhelming -- -- them. SD card didn't work until. Three or six months epic mountain four G came out six -- -- forests and it was a -- Look at thousand dollars to. Yes faster -- and I don't know -- it is -- -- through this. Is a good rate. Let's talk about some real products. Of the Samsung galaxy note we took a look at this at C aspects and a -- from Samsung come on and demo it and -- You know then the basic deal here is it's it's that being the phone first of all raid five point three inch not a tablet. Phone. Because it makes up in makes phone calls. But it -- you can write on a rating has a stylus pen EPS and and you can write on it because. That's what you wanna do with your phone rate -- and -- lose stylus -- Users Lorenz and a little pocket in the back. Com the enemy we we we've talked about the before and I and definitely very negative others. Concept. I'm with Steve Jobs -- like you know you were born with the best style sever your finger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway. Generally I feel like EST the great thing about -- -- -- -- ecosystem is that if you want to phone with a pen you can get that. I don't understand why you'd want that but it's your -- Yeah because there's a million Jersey have every size -- color. Yes yeah unending argument is that it's really just another. Mode -- -- you know I mean you can you can do all of the touch screen things you can do on a normal phone but if you happen again -- that supports you know writing then. You've got -- Or he would set just adult court brought in on -- -- -- yesterday and she's actually showing pictures taking notes in meetings and stuff and it looked kind of cool I mean. When you take notes and -- your likes and your trying to find the button pressed the buttons you just scribbling stuff -- -- that's cool. Yeah you know what else does that. -- -- -- The Sam Jackson it's a lot cheaper doesn't crash -- email the Paper. Yet and it reserves and it yet. Nobody's the end anything any more typically do -- -- Pictures all the time and black and white boards and staff at justice says that in the review their responses kind of delayed. It seems like if this is the core feature of the phone is the kind of response -- -- -- tenant. -- and require some training. Now. Because I was gonna say that I'll be fun for kids you know -- if -- in the backseat of car you give them and they can draw on it but if there's a delay in have to learn how to use it Smart and intuitive. -- I think. I think in the review the -- posted a picture of character recognition which was not so great so. Which it tried to you know transcribe some of -- had written great I mean disk this is. Always been the problem I'm I'm the guy who -- -- thousand dollar Newton when I was in college. I knew and it's so awesome it's gonna change the world it was terrible. Waste of money com. And then I have the palm which the only way it was usable. Like instead of this is this is animate favorite solution ever consider fixing handwriting recognition they just reinvented the alphabet -- -- just use graffiti yeah he's -- what it says. This is easier to you know -- best -- so it is basically a new alphabet. The you have to learn those way easier for -- to recognize. -- expected -- to change the way you -- yet yet. I had one of those two and -- -- little -- thing in an early -- and show you like different moves you make to make different letters and energy -- did you guys actually I learned all thing and it worked great and you're still fluent and C actually have a graffiti app for. Andhra. Are all of those people who miss that. I don't know those people are the com yeah actually I don't know -- more about technology and expose my. How old. -- So the admit it's great that they have this I think for people who want it but I wouldn't expected to be sort of a -- success. Of. Educational -- barely hold the pet and a hello the size of the -- phone yet again I couldn't reach your -- and get the buttons it's just not it's not gonna work for me. -- your pockets. Yet also to small also too small yeah. Well then you will not want to get the ten point and one inch version of this either. Helpful but it's certainly Loma. So there's rumors that at mobile world congress. Samsung will release -- temple one inch version to be clear to be fair it's not a phone it's a tablet. Which makes a little more sense to me like I -- concede drawn in on a tablet -- space. Nam that can be cool it's on. And graphic designers could use it if you're thinking about professional people. Professional people must make and -- -- And the record headlines -- -- that I liked art work in this post here -- -- well that is about the level that I. My artistic skills. Sinai I would expected tablet to do better then the phone from. The problem with all of these are technologies that are really just sort of bass on one manufacture electors the dual screen que Sera -- stuff from. Is that developers probably one month there won't get white support from developers everything. When you have the special features you need a bunch of apps to take advantage of them. In a few it is only on Samsung phones. Ports only on LG phones or whatever then he -- -- struggled to get that mass adoption from the developer community. Yeah unless you could build it in such a way that it actually can just kind of work with already existing apps and -- have to change but what can you really do the stylus. On and play Angry Birds into thinking. -- -- Exactly yeah fruit ninja that good that -- began yes we are solving problems sword shaped stylus included. As the market could mean you should -- -- Heard here first. -- -- -- Well we're not gonna stop progress innocent as -- -- just. So cool interest in. They have released or unveiled it should say it's not out yet. -- Samsung Galaxy Tab to -- follow up to be -- gas gets this as sensitive -- on. A seven inch tablet with the which we have here played with the -- and out of it. But it. Of this the tab to use basically you know everything you'd expect faster. A 104 point oh. Three G Wi-Fi. -- get a Wi-Fi only version. Com bubble up when -- talk about that or department of ports because that as well I've finance team of the price. -- is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like it -- -- Important part of -- yes this is thanks for keeping me journalists clean tap in and check your thumb. The Wi-Fi only version is rumored to be 419450. In the -- -- Three g.s rumored to -- -- 23 to 568. That's a -- across several European countries -- in the US will be -- instantly or. If these are real. My question is a seven inch tablet starting at around 420. When you compare that to the Kindle fire -- 199. -- yeah and the iPad does bigger and is only fifty dollars more. Or eighty correct yes sir is that it does is make any sense don't. -- I go out -- here folks -- -- look at the why would they do this. Please say this isn't true Samsung. Does it does it have a better screen is that. It does say that it's. A pretty good screen. Right I mean I think it is higher revs I mean it certainly. Can comic it's. Comes in models from eight gigs to 32 -- -- it has more memory it's faster. But it's easy sync -- -- -- -- three G if you want but the Wi-Fi only once starts at 419 routes news. Reportedly. Suppresses what you do with your tablet like if you're just watching movies reading books checking email. Why would you buy it why would you spend more than 199 when he says the fire does all that. Exactly especially when it says that it boasts that it's gonna have the video hub which will have over 1000. Films like Amazon has -- more than that reptiles and doesn't. Unlimited and like it -- part of trying you have -- free ones I mean. Yet know exactly can't compete I mean I guess if you wanna use your own media I think it's probably better for streaming off the bureau and servers are -- Terms of illicit stuff that. It doesn't give Mikey this for criminal incident means. And is and it's yeah every Samsung could be argued to be a criminal by some people's attitude and sought out this doesn't make any sense dummies. And -- for -- -- for a small set of these cases if you're a gamer and you just need to hype art have a letter. I don't know a year re calculating a 100000 cell. Spreadsheets on your. Seven inch tablet. Then you're doing it wrong -- with but -- problem I guess you wanna fast. But again these are just reported prices from a blog called -- -- -- news. He -- -- credible I'm not saying anything and just you can go to your own conclusions from there now I am -- LG hub. Of the hub of a few advocates could. You lucky. Gold star. Spiegel. Are being. Let's move on to our last Samsung story of the day visit I think it is yes I believe so. -- retirement hero legal battle so none of us are lawyers -- his preface the story with the EU. And nor do we normally -- -- and -- -- any consult a lawyer in preparing for this. -- but we do know how to read each. The battery that is up for debate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Com so a couple things here who's been talking about the ongoing. Legal battle. -- with Samsung and Apple for. Two decades now. This -- latest it is. The decision Samsung Galaxy Tab ten point one was banned in Germany around because they say it infringed on app on Apple's been fighting this you know and every country around the world that its first element teams. Com and tests a Samsung modified the Samsung galaxy ten point one -- release a ten point one and which I guess was different enough that it cleared the German courts and is now. Going to be available for sale in Germany. So good -- Samsung. Except as we reported last week. -- or possibly two weeks ago as the -- European Union. A commission. -- union's European Commission that's a little repetitive. -- -- at Google -- not the European Union. Actually none an amount not just yes thanks for clarifying that announced states they have -- a formal investigation into whether Samsung has used its wireless -- and patents in an anti competitive way. Com and this you know potentially related to the Apple story talked about last week where. -- was forced to take down any of their devices. -- business is not related to related in that Motorola had forced them to take down the devices because they had patents on. Three G and so Apple -- take -- three -- supplement the license it from. Motorola. And you know I think Samsung it it says some back and forth between like we on this ten -- your product in new on -- 10% of our product and its. -- -- immediate is related because -- to do with the licensing. Like brown -- got the Apple proxy get off the bend the rule is you have to license the technologies -- they did it in an Apple prop up their products back. And now this story is about how Samsung is in violation of the licensing rules. I appreciate you -- in the mean misspeak spoke and a actually -- couldn't figure it -- I think she's. Also I looked up -- with the European Union's European Commission is it is not a typo. It is actually just -- it's called the European Commission is their legislative arm of the European Union. -- -- -- -- -- Cerro he had and I think this is going to be continuing back and forth -- -- mistrial last week -- there's a new. Claim is filed by Apple against Samsung in the US this week it's it is going to -- and now. Com but you know at least muscles and talk about it really. All right so we're gonna take a real -- -- time. And will be back talking about some magic after. Welcome back. Because they're taking a picture and the looked at a later and -- -- who is that guy in the background. Every single ticket -- -- or have you ever been that guy you're just walking on -- -- your own business and you realize you just walks -- someone's picture absolutely try to be back. Photo bombing that -- think that's what. -- yeah I normally do that make up tempted to join me -- autograph. You couldn't make it into -- yeah. I don't know why. I don't try to permit that anyway so there is this -- App or technology. From a committee calls. Allowed to. That lets you sort -- take a picture and we're gonna roll video demo for those of view on the video version. Com. Of -- you know. In this case your lovely girlfriend -- in there. With weird people walking by and then after the fact. Remove those weird people from the photo to expose back. Office. -- also bulldogs and almost a little unbelievable totally is -- -- It's likely that they there was that add or that video online of the guy with his phone in Times Square. And he would put it up to the big and screens intense -- and suddenly what was on the screen. Oh yeah and there is being the -- of. That's so -- gimme that -- -- -- -- And then it was a success -- yet exist maybe this is real well there's a company behind it. That's not -- and -- -- -- it produced a video it promoting it. So we don't have details about when this is gonna come out there's some rumors saying they will announce something at mobile world congress. Which is what next week that February 27 simple -- Just as Kanye so this -- demo it but they say they. It may not even come out to them to Android market in May just come preinstalled on certain device so. -- reportedly. Reportedly. Com. And -- I want this so get a forming mean the -- call most -- to Lotto current schema. Calm parents and next. We are gonna talk about. Following on the sort of Barcelona mobile world congress theme. -- interest in devices we might -- out of there and generally we don't like to it you know going -- not a bolt of every little piece of hardware but it there's -- mentioning things. HTC for example it is set to release in the HTC quite true which. You know to -- prize is a Quad Core tablet with one gig of ram and -- much -- So bridge of their -- And then -- -- company lucky gold. Are just a no that's not a grocery story is that this is an algae eating. He turns out. Eagles there is either that -- it's like a pet food licked -- pet store. Everything gets a spherical things that get all this this week. I the only DL. Jesus for lucky -- -- limo and -- music. -- and comparing. Yeah yeah and we need -- -- translate this to see analysts spoken and it. Turns out in Korean at least according to -- translate you know which isn't always right. It's announced. -- -- -- Except for the better access -- that. -- There is a lucky gold star he is. Theoretically or are rumored to be releasing LG optimists view. Atom which is cutting -- -- because it is again a five inch screen keeps -- is eager screens which I'm not a fan of I mean Minas -- -- is actually too big for me. Com five inch screen 1024 by 768 resolution and and an orthodox four by three aspect trees and so way to go the unorthodox route there LG and -- Wish LG would have a great Smartphone I have a very fond feelings about algae because I used to have LG flip phones and edit is made sell well and beautifully. And then I feel it wants everyone's -- to switch to Smartphones they haven't they haven't had a hit. Ever. I think that's true maybe this optimists view will be yet -- -- ISS. And -- for -- three aspect ratio is. May be good for general usage but not great for watching movies must have and TV which is you know 169. And response must to have. Gingerbread and jamming I don't know. Maybe that would suck yet. Don't do that don't release any more phones -- vision to read you is that illegals so I guess you and -- listen to me. How -- ice is in there for so long now and it's not even out on the mini devices minority totally sick of it. I want the next one the next telling us they at least he didn't I think you need to do yourself to gingerbread him. -- Why on -- As well -- online though and economists three again that's for tablet. You're. -- A document is brilliant brilliant there are you -- -- aren't so Samsung you know as that is an apartment that anymore but. It looks like it's -- the galaxy S three which is kind of a bummer though -- -- -- phone. But. -- -- just in TV marine's release. Samsung galaxy sparks. Which is a faster version of the galaxy nexus as these want to (%expletive) off all people would spot this phone. Don't do. This but one thing I would just point out to you is using your phone already believes the only fast -- -- not showing off to me how amazingly -- isn't ten. It could be spent. Actually I don't really care about it it's faster but if they -- -- -- phone -- -- -- -- through the -- -- -- -- -- Here that -- The -- who. -- -- -- sounds like a row -- that is very upset. Just gender and exact. -- you'll see what happens here I don't have many complaints except for the battery about my phone and it has re booted by itself a -- Which is never gonna lose -- -- from your. Yeah I mean they -- -- with the RAZR Max two which was also. You know. All right let's wrap things up here with a quick story about the Nam. Resist -- Google Rolla. Our opponents who girl Oakland little. And sounds like a feral apparent to T Arlington who grew up amid the must -- If you think the Nam. Interview hints at the -- and celebratory for Valentine's Day right if it. So that Google Motorola merger has been approved finally by the US and Europe which -- a room. According to the stories and so that a -- is -- are we tell them. Is basically gonna -- -- -- sued China Israel on Taiwan -- you have to approve it but they are expected to just follow suit. So. We will see all -- the kinds of crazy who Rolla. Things as a result -- -- again it's all. Bad world domination yes. On the home what will happen. -- and I think that Motorola I mean they keep saying there's going to be this firewall between -- -- -- I I don't believe I don't mind that I think that them. That's not true and that Motorola's -- make in the galaxy the nexus phones and that you know I almost hope for better integration between the OS on the hardware. Isn't Apple point. Well I think the point it depends a look at it but I think the point is Nam. Patents. Hello I really was a patent play and not hardware -- -- but. I don't see how it could be -- went to buy it -- like oh look this company actually makes good phones emit the original Droid and you know me -- I -- Solid product. They say there won't I said they well I think one of my predictions for this year actually. Have to do with that. And it was on via I don't believe -- Front. -- -- mouse resistant team now. Sure that cool. Are correct about firstly is from Roy -- who says on last week's show you mentioned problems with fragmentation however you only -- software issues. Processes OS and customer delays guy Avian Samsung moment -- moment -- is rooted of course know that fragmentation and hardware is far greater problem with a hundred. Ultimately the internal components of the individual phones hindering Android developers and analysts on his way -- -- hardware wise but many others don't have dual core processors. Dedicated graphics chips blah blah blah blah blah. -- basically saying it's difficult to write an app when you. Have to support 101000. Different CP use speeds and types and hardware and we -- kind of talked about this before in terms of the Samsung note and then here's hear echo. And Tom. Yes I think this is definitely an issue compared to sort of other OS's where. There's another error platforms like iPhone where there's you know for phones at the unions -- in there are changes -- -- -- fourteen inches compared to. Twenty million. Is different. So I agree right. Rom. -- what's next hero. This is from Kevin great show and welcome to the new co hosts. -- that's -- I think that's -- I don't know he didn't know how to pronounce -- -- and I -- it -- it. Ethical and a new content -- -- -- Martin. I noticed the last week's show there's no mention of Google's new privacy policy is there's a new policy. Or defective Google services on -- and com are they going to be used. He basically says we didn't address it -- and he's right we did address at last week's show but if you're interested three weeks ago so. Go back three weeks and -- to -- Com is there an ad blocker for non rooted devices such as a browser. Ad blocking plug in that personally is ad block plus. -- -- -- You know I don't know but all of our paychecks are paid by ads so we -- -- -- I can't help you -- -- The you know let us know -- find out if you wanna steal money he steal money directly from the three -- -- thoughts and com and then lastly Kevin says an -- At the show hasn't mentioned yet Nam is dual currents. It has really slick magazine like interface and CNET -- will include publications. And I am not sure if this is tablet only I don't have -- -- -- tablet Pomona phone. It is not a -- it's not it's not tab and only -- two I don't. I think we may have talked about it at some point. -- EMI team actually manages our relationship with who currents and we spent a lot of time making it look good there com and I think it's on. You know not just Android phones tablets but also IOS devices and -- -- -- Great show look forward to hearing your input from the new two cohosts in the future. -- mark here -- -- Past -- we -- talked about Google Voice was a last week and how I want to make phone calls over Wi-Fi or VoIP calls with Google Voice and I was mad about that and got a couple emails. Com including this one from LD -- I can only -- Larry David. Not that obvious assumption that it's a secure is to imagine in like writing -- to 5000. Pretty. Irritated if you like economy as a guest on the show. You know just sent -- an agreement. -- -- -- but he suggests. Sit trade CS sip simple and -- A couple other. Things to sort of make. VoIP -- on your phone which I definitely heard of but I also read that Google didn't want you to do this and Naimi said Dan York county fugitive. Use these ways to subvert them in use VoIP calling -- So anyone who does do this do it at your own risk you Nam and users speculates that maybe it's an FCC thing why they don't do it. Honestly think it's an FCC thing I think Google does does on his soft all the phone carriers it's -- -- -- we give their gonna way to. Make phone calls and not use your service law. -- so thanks Larry. -- the next one is pharmaceutical bear. -- that. Really made at. You need to cold air if you think it really helped out love this -- want to animate two cents retail consultant. On its. I never had jobs. At sprint and how to solve this for a lot of customers who got the idea. Nexus S four G gingerbread and later Vanilla Android does not sport FaceBook -- It is removed from the OS and it was sports Twitter now. We talked about this last week someone asked about this and Google answer to ban them because FaceBook. Violates the terms of service for Motorola sinkers -- they have -- Probably privacy policy things from -- -- -- is also awful experience for most users as FaceBook sucks on mobile group and for real. Not to say you can't -- though several -- Passing pictures and contacts these third party apps but other -- that you can only sync with -- which does a pretty good job may be the idea on your phone. And I believe TouchWiz I don't know about -- but frankly I doubt anyone cares. Who of this show and keep Android news -- -- and older. The thing is I gotta say I -- implement an iPhone. -- you do yeah. Well secretly hasn't been navy that's what I still believe. That -- doesn't -- them. -- Ryan Seacrest went on some. -- talk about some certain phone -- -- co worker ran secret exactly and he had actually revealed that -- uses Blackberry by sending it -- right before him a Blackberry or maybe that was his managers and has half his Blackberry. It's either way someone was -- Com. There searchers CNET TV classic -- C Mandarin a ritzy restaurants. Have never watched islands -- -- Canon. -- this next emails they -- Okay listen excellence from mark and it says I've noticed that. He compounds the problem by frequently maintaining a large distance between himself. And the microphone. March I have no idea -- -- tell him. -- -- Thank you thank you for years for your -- -- I think -- got an all under control. -- really thank you -- Is a problem near the mega brands when you get eaten like appropriate distance here if you then turned to stipulate you brought in lake hit your face I had I -- exactly. Because -- Republican and it dangerous. I helped a little. -- streaming out aren't I think last one here from bill I'm a couple of episodes behind what is the deal that bill. Really catch and keep up -- month. But have been hearing recently read Justin's comments and battery life of his -- nexus. Also but to act complain about and much Edmonton's. I also bought -- the other day when they're released and -- and battery. Current person buys from its nemesis or point no point to since that version was released schools updated the open source code for when it -- -- -- several. Fixes today in order to get -- and he basically says forestry hasn't been released. You know as an over -- update the phone however. He read his -- and installs -- new -- but does have four point oh point three and Nam. That he serves on a massive increase in -- battery. -- -- atmosphere efficiency ethic is the word and Nam and that he went from -- canyon -- six hours suited. As -- C seventeen hours of these returned to a huge -- So it's true I don't really I don't know -- I feel I have read in my phone in the past and on new roms I always feel like it's a struggle and com then for announced that -- in a stock. But I will be excited when they actually release this is it -- it is fix that battery life issue Ehrlich. Increase -- by 23 -- and in software that beat me easy. -- make me less angry about the galaxy S plus her. Alright that is our show for today and -- Now does so much for having me on grant such a great time leading candidates for them and on we will have you backed new -- -- I get a new phone when I route nine in the -- -- -- -- Look for it seemed that -- can -- it on -- we did in one of her early shows we actually had. Darren Kitchen on and he -- -- on the air I think maybe. And Anton dated at one point -- well that. I mean I actually would love that because -- I have to read it myself I'm gonna be an idiot about it and so I'm here in the loving supporting and helping hands and you guys help me yet. Yeah all right there is a one click root for in the incredible qualities on Stewart and C I needed -- -- to the -- deeply appreciate it here. If you'd like to learn more about 800 you can follow our blog cnet.com slash hindering app lists or watches every Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific CNET dot promised last nine. Email use Android atlas at cnet.com. You can follow. Show on Twitter -- -- -- analysts. Updated this spa says and on Nam who -- Jim -- at the American beating. On Twitter follow -- at and -- this very easy. You can follow me just an -- not my real name. Our phone number is 866344. CNET that's 8663442638. And that is -- for us this week we'll see you later.
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