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Apple Byte: An iPhone 5 and iPad HD this fall?
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Apple Byte: An iPhone 5 and iPad HD this fall?

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Apple is looking at wireless charging for the next-gen iPhone; we'll sift through the fact and fiction of the iPad HD; and the AppleByte sets its own Guinness World Record.

What's up! Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad stuff inside the world of Apple. Now, it's another playful of iPhone rumors for news to face on this week, and we start up with Wall Street Journal who's reporting that apple is preparing a thinner and lighter iPhone with an 8-megapixel camera sensor for a lunch in the third quarter of this year. The new info might squash the debate between the next iPhone having the same form factor or not depending on who you believe, but according the journal, Apple has a goal to produce 25 million units by the end of the year. The new iPhone was planned for summer launch, but it wasn't ready in time, and their sources say it's still could be delayed if on high precision the company that assembles the iPhone can improve their production rate. Now, another nugget the in the article also says Apple has been experiment with a new charging method for their revamp of the iPhone in the 2012. Apple has already filed funds for wireless charging and syncing to iDevices when it makes contact with a docking stand. It's currently being used with HP TouchPad and Pre phones, so it's a realistic possibility, but let's not ignore the iPad 2 when it comes to the rumor train. This is my next blog. It says that the iPhone isn't the only new kid on the block this fall. Yeah, I knew that guys, alright, a new member of the iPad family called the iPad HD will support a double resolution screen, aimed at the pro market for video and photo production. The report says it is not the iPad 3, but in addition to the current product line. This is almost hard to believe. There's really no need for Apple to do this right now, but we'll see how this rumor shakes out. Now, stories based on actual facts, a fun application by the Big A reveals heated wireless stylish concept with the iPad and iPhone. Steve Jobs hasn't been the biggest fan in the past. "We're gonna use stylish, no. Who wants stylish. You have to get them and put them away and you lost them, yuck." But this concept would allow the heated stylish more precise interaction to enter day or perform actions without actually touching the device or specialize paper. Alright, let's take a quick break with a how to for controlling your PC with else, the iPad. -Even though your iPad lets you do tons of great stuff when you're out and about, there are plenty of reasons why you might wanna access your home computer instead. I'm Sharon Vaknin for with an easy way to control any computer with your iPad. First of all, if your mom is always asking you for text support, it might be just easier to take control for computer instead. To do this, I'm gonna use a free program called TeamViewer. Any computer you wanna control needs to have this program installed and it's compatible with Mac and PC. Go to and download the program on your computer. When you open, you will see an ID and password. We'll come back to that in a second. Now, go to your iPad and get the free app from the app store, launch it and enter the ID and password from your computer, connect and watch the magic happen. You will see a helpful screen with gesture tip. For instance, use 1 finger as your mouse pointer Drive with 2 fingers to scroll, pinch to zoom, and double tap and drag to move windows. So, now you can show your mom or friend how to change the setting or maybe even send yourself a file from your computer, but what if you want to actually stream media from your computer to your iPad remotely. Instead of taking up space on your iPad by storing movies on it, you can stream from your desktop computer with Air Video. Go to and then downloads and grab the Air Video server for Mac or PC. Open it and you will see window where you can add folders you wanna share with your iPad and it's pretty need because you can even share iTunes playlist right here. Now, go to the remote and check enable access from internet. Also make sure automatically Mac core is checked. Make note of the PIN and will be using it in a sec. Next head over to settings and check require password. Make sure you set a strong one unless you wanna give hackers a free pass to your computer. Finally, make sure the server is turned on. Now, head over to your iPad and download the Air Video app, which is actually compatible with all iOS devices. Hit the plus button and select enter server PIN. Enter that PIN you noted from the remote tab and you will be given instant access to the videos on your computer. Just remember that your remote computers will need to stay on and connected to the internet for this to work and that if your iPad isn't connected to Wi-Fi while doing this, you're definitely hugging your date usage. -Alright thanks Ms. Sharon. Now, in some news for Blue-ray fan, it's still not coming as mail order option on your Mac, but a company called Macgo has released the first universal Blu-ray software for the Mac and PC. Now, you'll need an external Blu-ray drive and you can find one cheap around 75 bucks on Amazon. The software is free for the first 3 months and 39.95 to purchase, but it's a logit solution for watching Blu-ray on your Mac. Now the battle with iTunes for digital music continues. Spotify, the music subscription service made it official they are coming to the US to take on iTunes. The Europe based service offers cloud based streaming of more 8 million songs for free without support and Spotify gave no official date except for the date of soon, And amazon is making sure there will be a Sirius player is as well by offering unlimited storage for MP3 and AAC music files for people who upgrade their cloud drive service to 20 gig of storage. It cost $20 per year. You can access your music anywhere through Mac or PC, android device, and it's also iPad compatible. Okay, let's check out some Quick Bytes. Jailbreaking fans. The 3.0 browser based jailbreak is available for iOS 4.3.3 users and also works on the iPad 2. Apple was already working on patching that hole, so you guys gonna get on this while you can, and Skype 5.2 for the Mac is out and can upgrade to premium account that's about 50 bucks for the group video chat feature. It also allows you to share screen and documents to multiple people. Now, unfortunately, standalone app doesn't appear to be compatible with recent Facebook-Skype announcement and only the Windows version supports it at the moment. And then check out gadgets that we have to have. Check this aluminum keyboard case for the iPad 2 for more good friend at MIC gadget that are also the creators the Steve Jobs statue. It's $50 and the sleekest keyboard case we seen so far, so you wanna check it out. And finally, were leaving a story of a 15-year-old boy named Edward Saakashvili, son of the Georgian President, but get this, he set the Guinness world record for fasting typing on the iPad. He typed up the alphabet using the software keyboard in the just 5.26 seconds and beat the previous record holder -by over, but how really ares about that kid. I was breaking world records of my own last weekend. That's gonna do for this week's show. Make sure you send us an e-mail at the I'm Brian Tong, and we'll talk to you next week.

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