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CNET Update: Amazon's new series is decided by you
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CNET Update: Amazon's new series is decided by you

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Amazon asks users for feedback on new show pilots, Twitter dabbles with the TV business, and Google launches app for donations.

Amazon wants you to decide the future of streaming television. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. Amazon Studios is launching original TV shows for streaming but as for which shows will be aired, well, that's up to you. Amazon commissioned 14 pilots of different shows and viewers are asked to give their feedback so Amazon can decide which shows are worthy of being continued. Right now, there are comedies and children shows up for vote. There are some big names tied to the comedies including one starring John Goodman called Alpha House, and there's a show called Onion News Empire, starring Jeffrey Tambor. The shows are included as part of the $80 a year Amazon Prime subscription, and this is all while Netflix launched its 3rd original series called Hemlock Grove. These streaming services are pushing more original content to stand out. Twitter is also getting into the TV business, is partnering with BBC America for some mysterious new project that syncs tweets with entertainment TV and that were shared via tweet, no surprise there. Microsoft is also dropping more hints that we could be seen a mini Windows 8 tablet soon, during an earnings' conference call and executive said Microsoft is working with partners to produce a new suite of small touch screen devices. There are new fitness watches coming from TomTom. The company first made the Nike Plus Sport watch but there are two new devices coming soon, the TomTom Runner and the TomTom Multi-Sport. These are said to be among the thinnest GPS sport watches and these track activity with accelerometers. The watches can be synced with smart phones and fitness programs like RunKeeper or My Fitness Pal. No word yet on prices or release dates. Several apps are getting some buzz lately. Check out the LinkedIn app which just got a redesign on both Android and Apple devices. LinkedIn has a new look that focuses more on content and personalization. Think of it as more of a news feed of the business world and simply a place to hunt for a job. LinkedIn is also starting to show ads on its app. Yahoo launched a new weather app for Apple devices and it's neat because it doesn't just tell you the weather. It shows you by pulling in Flicker photos from different locations as representations of weather conditions. And keep an eye on the new Android app by Google. It's called One Today. This app highlights different charities everyday and gives users the option to donate $1. The app also can be personalized to show good causes that you might care more about than others. It's in unlimited test right now in the U.S., although, Google keeps no money, the organizations have to pay a 1.9% credit card processing fee. That's your tech news update. You can find more details at From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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