CNET News Video: Amazon reveals 3D-like tech with new Fire Phone
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CNET News Video: Amazon reveals 3D-like tech with new Fire Phone

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announces new 3D-like technology that not only allows the Fire Phone to display 3D images and 3D maps, but supports 3D gaming and features a way to scroll through web pages simply by tilting the phone.​

Here it is. We call this Dynamic Perspective. This is one of our lock screens. We had a lot of making these lock screens. Show you a couple of others, let's see. alright, how about forest. How about the lens. Let's go in to maps. And let's go to the Empire State Building. There we go. Let's zoom in even a little more. There's the Empire State Building. I think that you can probably imagine what the dynamic prospective technology can enable for gamers. I'm tilting the phone to look everywhere at this level. So, you know, basically, I'll kind outline what you're trying to do here in this game briefly. I can maneuver this block of tofu, tofu, and my, my challenge is to collect all these blue orbs. That's the chi. And after I've collected the chi, or as much of it as I can, while avoiding the deadly spikes, you see those deadly spikes? Then i have to save fortune kitty. The pink fortune kitty there. OKay, so this game's actually really fun. I'm gonna, I can hop like this. I have to hop high enough to get the blue orb but low enough to not eh, we're gonna call that good enough. But now notice, I can look around. Tilt the phone, and that's a very natural gesture. So on this I look up, I tilt to the right and I see fortune kitty over there. Let's go. Yes. Bam. Okay, saved fortune kitty. Alright, good. And that is Dynamic Perspective. [MUSIC]

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