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Amazon Press Conference Special: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: Amazon Press Conference Special

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Since there's no video available (and we miss you guys), re-live Amazon's special Kindle announcement along with the Buzz crew! We'll be amazed by early reports, astonished by the low prices, curious about Amazon Prime and screen resolution. If you haven't already read all the stories, it's new to you! Enjoy. --Molly

Okay we're live. Hello. Hello worlds. Hello Kenya Obama then and I hear a -- your magnitude and this is amazing every now LSD is in the -- -- lights. And as he's -- San Diego. The landlord had to work a lot. Or -- they wake up early in the morning to the elements -- God I gill is as little under an underground through -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like -- like some in this I want -- Felix and in this commentary. And culprit -- are. -- wakeup call. You better be up by -- player your regular day -- -- and let me just tell you need to Buick and pleasantly Q with so a lot of this morning. Because we got here six we intravenously pumped herself with all -- of except -- drugs I had Apple. The I had the armed. And Starbucks protein little -- show violent -- -- -- and I think. It's again a -- at cliff granola bar and and -- what did you cover -- and. And it just like it. And -- public and failed to dial. Even thing. And bar and the minority now. You go home. Twitter is reporting that the Amazon. Attendees are being moved from one holding pen to the other. Good morning -- -- well -- -- buzz out loud -- live special coverage of the Amazon Kindle fired tablet events. -- -- of the my PGA's should why aren't happy catalogs and. This and if they don't ask why it is 640. That this -- time. There aren't any of it -- -- where we're trying to get -- Bridget Carey. In New York and we are -- -- -- -- following our live blog year at -- because in fact there is no. Live stream. Of the events and so we -- getting just like pure analysis. We got plenty to talk about news now Paula. -- and the -- On the line blog -- -- you -- That is so we are expecting well I hate to -- mammals like at the start with a spoiler well let's -- -- what they're saying the Bloomberg party has a report. They are saying that -- Kindle fire is already is now official. That it has it -- seven inch tablet and -- it's gonna cost a 199 dollars compared to Apple's or many 91 mini nine dollars when we are talking about the price of -- like the over the if they can get it to one lane and how would be sweet and because everyone's been thrown around to 1994 in an indictment if they really wanna -- -- do something with this. -- -- That's huge and also undercuts. -- of the nook has dropped their price from two for -- nine. I can remain as such I think it's still too Fernando so if they even undercut the note that's really their main competitor in this space right now when they're trying out that budget tablet. One any night averages 249 -- let's be honest I don't think that there really trying to go after the iPad just yet -- They're really trying to take that lower and middle market establish some sort of presence in that space. We'll talk a little bit more about this of some of their strategy moving Ford of -- we're anticipating an actual full fledged. IPad -- competitor. Amazon tablet sometime -- 2012. According to the rumor mills and according to the supply chains what people are talking about. So this might be -- -- -- entry level introductory tablet. To scoop up the notes market and missed out some as a player and then open it up for next year. It's very interesting there's been a lot of speculation leading up to this event that Amazon would. Not. But not tried to directly -- after the iPad because at this point there is a great article on PC world actually -- and look at this point if somebody wants an iPad. Like tablet they're going to buy an iPad in others kind of no reason not to. Unless -- so devoted to Android or so sort -- philosophically opposed to. You know not having flash on your iPad. So so Amazon is not likely to try to take them on directly at least immediately think -- that. And would be a smart damage will we've been talked him out before is really. Get the price down and see how the market responds yeah you know -- if this becomes because they have all the media content and assets. We didn't really talk about it too much earlier but you know we talked about how -- lock down a deal with fox to get more content to increase or streaming library by like 20111000. Titles and they also have recently L lock down according to reports deals with tablet publishers where they'll be working with -- nested. The deliver specific magazine a publication content to the Kindle platform as well yet. They have -- and -- Amazon's MP3 store. Which will help deliver you know they'll little -- plug that directly into their -- -- -- they do have. All the multi media for a consumption device that you need to get things Roland. -- they really do and and it's very smart for them to sound like we've said target the sort of market that uses it strictly for. Media consumption in the reading and and and and I've been trying to look at some -- on that but if I recall correctly. A lot like a significant number and iPad users use it to -- you know and and everybody is using tablets to consume information and news. So -- That -- that. I gotta say -- -- I think there's a ton of potential there there were all those reports about how. Men are really embracing tablets but women are really embracing. It it can be very cool there are though reports that. Amazon has been working on bigger better tablets. Including possibly -- ten inch version that would have built in three G. Pre Amazon prime a dual mode option that would make it possible to flip between a backlight and CES. Last year sold. -- -- see if that we'll see we actually are seen in in the mainstream market. And we'll Vietnam and I mean it sounds like Amazon has not going to announce it today but that again for the ten incher but doesn't know -- -- -- -- kind of way. The new Amazon fire might look like -- will look like reports. Coming -- -- GGT. Where claiming also that route you know Amazon. Actually outsourced -- their first. Tablet. To OEM clients and what that means is if you guys remember the Blackberry Playbook. They were outsourced from the same company initially for the designs -- so according to hands on. And that this report the first Amazon tablet the -- on fire will look very similar at least in -- hardware design sense to the actual. Rim Blackberry Playbook and -- to be a seven inch screen it'll have that Basil malfunction -- totally different obviously be a less. We'll have Amazon's kind of own feel and signature on it but from a hardware standpoint that's another reference for what we expect to see out of the Kindle a fire today. Yet. And just in case -- just joined us to the report -- saying that the Kindle fire has it that -- details are coming out already. That it is going to cost -- 199 dollars also that it has no camera. That it has no built in three G its Wi-Fi only at this point so we'll see. -- chatters in the live blog so and also if you just -- -- there's no live video stream of the cement -- Stupid. That we are the live video -- business tools a -- cool pictures and images that will actors and images and things. And stuff so will be able we'll be keeping an -- analog I mean it's sort of like now that we aired in revenues and received -- -- But. We're still talking about -- I like about it we'll see what they actually say. What they actually amount what do you think about -- -- the potential lack of 3-D. If they're not trying to compete in that. Higher let's I feel like the three -- feature because it'll instantly -- up that price point by at least another sixty to seventy dollars just based. And their goal here is sitting -- and at which does not have three G and -- -- -- a price point and I don't think it really mean it really matters. For me personally whether I had a tablet or not. I don't think three G. Still on a tablet. Is really -- have feature yet. You know a lot of tablet users that purchased the three -- -- feature at least on an iPad. I think I've really used it. Once in the entire two years I've on any type of iPad because it was when I was at a hotel room. I yet you know and some -- likely to get Internet -- like okay fine I'm gonna drop that whatever is twenty dollars for two gigs of data. Temporarily but other than that. I've never had to use -- and most tablet users will agree that yeah typically around -- enough. But I'm not -- -- for three G feature and if that bumped the price of just by Sony -- alone it is not worth it I totally agree just not worth it yet and they know one cool thing that. When we talk about tablets. And why this might be really smart play for Amazon is. How what are other behaviors that title users have we talked about how media consumption was an important feature that. But also reports and stats coming out for -- retailers in research. Show that tablets. Typically also tend to be what they called the alternate buying machine so let's in the radio last night and I heard about some of these stats. -- -- -- let me look these up and see what's going on here tablets only count for small percentage of overall e-commerce. But according to retailers. While conversion rate is somewhere around 3% for shoppers using PCs. It's four -- 5% for shoppers using tablets -- that conversion rate might be small when your time a larger numbers shifting over italics. That does make a dent now what's also really telling though is a lot of retailers here in this report say that. Title users place bigger orders now we know right now. The one that's domain is the iPad so typically. It like you said rich be able to rich people have tablets -- -- at this -- So in some cases though. They're saying that tablet people -- -- -- order or meteors on tablets. It adds ten to 20% more on the tab on the final total price but what they purchased. On average compared shoppers using just PCs or Smartphones yet so behavior lies the -- market still very young and -- -- right now yes rich people do have the devices and some not so rich people. But they're willing to spend more on the tablet in this is a play for Amazon will this 199 tablet. Enable them to actually even increase more sales. Through their portal through all of their retail and vertical is and media that that'll be to see how that affects Amazon's bottom line and that's why it's a smart play for -- even just sat -- And what's actually really fascinating and looked up like rich and I think I actually -- finally I let ritual I've looked up information that advertising and mobile devices they get a presentation in Denmark and talked about a lot about how. Advertising is a lot stickier and mobile devices people see the adds a lot more they're more likely to follow up on something that they saw as an out on a mobile device has linking that and I found his great headline from September 13 this -- Like the richest 20% of Americans are still buying. Your readers as opposed to tablets I mean I really I think there's a lot to be -- for the packet that Amazon -- thing that really get that the Kindle. The candles and awesome media consumption device but right now it's a great device for books so we are going to. Make it a media consumption device that has a world of media available to it it can be more portable than an iPad it's not going to be. A seven inch iPad -- nobody. So far the market has pretty resoundingly and we don't want a seven inch iPad but the market is also and we really want that no attack. And we really want Kindle and so that and I know I mean I'm excited to see. If there what other details aren't any but so far attempts to me like this is -- good way to go because you're not turn -- You know you're not trying to go head to head -- and they're jedi they're definitely a unique position did you and I kind of an elegant not -- -- we have these Bridget Carey on the phone from the Amazon. Right now so I Bridget. A Bridget what's going on and Bridget Carey -- new -- New York reporter joining us on the phone. You have a really cool sexy kind of graphic with your face that says Bret Taylor -- -- so what's going on over there right now Bridget. Well up or. Out by the age on. How well the app or -- Hot and that giant camera on -- -- Red amber hello history behind and magistrate all -- lyrics about. On fire and thirty cracked -- and I thought that. But. That you're gonna melt -- out -- we're up here in a press up and -- And it's totally -- up. An -- ironing there. I don't have. Please bring the fire they -- get -- feel warm now about how many journalists or what's the space but how big is the space on hold people as I hear in the room later and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it looks to us like Bloomberg. Completely blew the Kindle fire embargo. Hear -- if I'm assuming that there was in fact in Indiana they had completely shattered at this point because they've got a story -- saying. And -- and -- museum has -- -- there you are waiting for the announcement. They opposes story saying -- Amazon Kindle fire 1997. Inch tablet no camera no three G. That is that make it -- it's a way around the press are neck and. Yeah I credit here with spirit about Bloomberg -- -- so that at a on. Let us remember our widen highway not necessarily nobody likes it -- -- breaker. Bloomberg. Read again and again. -- Yeah well that's about it. As it has. That's gonna be out -- alert upgrade. Yes absolutely I mean that is cheaper -- to 49. -- -- -- -- In that color Nook Color. With the -- touch as my little guy -- reader as an I know you another of the MS didn't years of being -- in Bloomberg is apparently also revealing that. That Amazon my injuries and ultra low priced version of the original Kindle may ninth at 7979. Who now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well. Like -- -- out there on -- -- and that the fire will be a touch screen. Like. -- -- -- -- I like and a touch but for Amazon. Yet recognize tunneling there are corresponding -- by the way that Barnes & Noble may launch a Nook Color to the next month. Lol I'm excited to -- -- is what this price point that's fresher than how the ludicrous. Asked me that after a great question is at. -- probable. -- at the -- and great. Meet. At the direct and edit their. The media. Now we're going to be a strip everything out of the academy -- Erie Intel and you pick it out on Mac Alex. Going to be. And. Yup absolutely lol looks like it is seven. Or it's 10 AM your time now so they're probably about to get started. Where are you now are you actually in your seat are you out I am I. -- -- You. Can take a picture and -- to needed to -- its. To return to our. -- it. Then NASA has. -- our in our -- -- actually over at CNET news.com someone has posted what appears to be at the official images now of the new Amazon Kindle -- at Bloomberg at opening -- If ever -- but -- -- broken -- we're gonna throw out everything we have on this idea have a picture Stephen you -- you threw it up on the area live stream really quickly. But if you take a look at this a pretty much looks like. A Blackberry Playbook with Amazon's cute little but shelf really does and which is the. -- I you know I agree I think that my one problem with the Nook Color is -- -- than -- -- that you have. I think it'll its a little too small and -- -- limit the -- to I have the original. Light Kindle which is even bigger then you know the new -- program and and that's to me is perfect and -- -- If you're not easily constantly flipping the paint others -- -- who. Teachings and this out and check out. The eminent hospice in the chatroom like this is my next and others are posting the official pictures. I really am excited to see whether this thing is going to also support all of that in the video library and I mean I assume that it will -- how well they also blend it with. If at all yeah I mean I don't want that -- -- According to -- according to what we've heard though that this'll be this will be. At least the seven incher is -- to be an LCD screen and -- LCD equals backlight. That's the sand and now that I'm a bummer you know I mean the note that the Nook Color is LCD screen also via cell. I think Amazon's really -- unique position though because we're talking about earlier about how okay. The market has shown that there's a place for. Amazon's known for being -- any reader and this is their way also to push some of those users. That has been sticking with the Kindle platform for so long take -- Attack and attract. Okay good cameras. -- later and I. But it'll be -- -- they they have meaning position where they've treated that kind of -- relationship to the consumer to give this a try -- we're a lot of these other companies Blackberry ATP. They keynote other -- in a moral lessons -- for Centrino ones like. Well I don't really know what you guys have done from a tablet standpoint why should I trust that some and the price points were just ridiculous to. Apple and Amazon already has this proven platform in terms of the hardware delivery like I don't. Nobody had problems that the Kindle you know -- -- -- and it's a good solid device people really like it. And they have -- -- the all important ecosystems -- some people are talking already about how this is gonna have movies books magazines and apps. Because it appears to be reading and -- and as far as we know. That actually is one of the few things that doesn't seem to be totally abandon the merged yet -- remotely then that it has. Rivers had down said that it was using Android but it would be using anything like -- coming to make using an earlier version of the Android OS. Which. Is on par with what the Nook Color is -- -- -- -- policies so that -- -- as Bridget noted is has begun. David Carnoy and our live blog at CNET -- outcomes reporting that their interviews now with Kindle users on the screen so. The testimonials fixes and this is like these things have gotten down to an absolute sign -- beginning of the keynotes and if you well. Is the part about how you talk about how -- you -- How -- I'm expecting that there will be how many sales. We Kindle -- I actually never reveals an -- day at -- I have yet know exactly they'd all like to. David Carnoy reports that so far it's very lifestyle He and -- -- all about the which is very -- -- right -- highly. I love like we can make up where that we want -- If you just joined us know that there is no live video stream coming out of Amazon presser which I personally these bomber that make -- -- near the young. But we we're here to give you live commentary of the live blog. As it happens snail -- to the minute reporting. You know we're talking about the LCD screen and we are also talking about that color. CS which is a -- Muir -- display. And that the one of the challenges of it is how -- what's so funny what happened I think that my hair held back. -- that is can experiment anyways sorry but the odds are more important things -- -- But one of the challenges is that is -- -- able to display video. And from what I can see you just with refresh rate and how how that display were. They never showed any demos of video on it at CES bright it was all like magazine pages I even if it displayed video. You would just like the look a lot more bland because it's -- it's like ink on why would why wanna watch a video that looks like a Mac magazine video a video on a magazine. That's dole ish better for reading but not for watching video. Now He and also we're talking about refresh rates -- -- I would say the line thing that could make it that much more palatable though is that it does sound like it may do. -- way cheaper. A regional Kindle version. Whether it's just a huge price drop on the existing candles or a new version that is actually cheaper their reports that they're in and out for 79 dollars and if it was a -- nine dollar Tyndall -- probably rule out. Any type of touch screen interface on an. So it sounds like -- anything that would be. Maybe there's just him he'd like them that Apple 3GS and iPhone 3GS units are being priced strap on interestingly but only got stuck it out like a Christmas stocking -- -- nine dollars a whole lot that's my sister and my mom and my grandma. -- -- Announced on the vast media evidently -- -- -- could definitely get -- no other really good gently into it is no matter what and -- having -- -- outstanding. -- we might wanna check what else Bloomberg News post because someone just in the live -- -- Bloomberg is posting that -- Sony nine dollar Kindle is happening yet. And night when I mentioned that that in the -- -- -- it -- you Blu-ray advocate. Yeah. I think that makes is widen out and test that I. -- -- -- -- -- Don't hear anymore and I'm -- that -- that Jeff Davis is out on stage is saying for years ago we set out to improve upon the book when you decide to reinvent something that's been around for five centuries -- going to receive some skepticism He noted. -- blood let him let them basically saying anything can now. Equipped with it would killed it. Who killed it. -- testimonials from users saying that it was wonderful to be able to increase the text -- on the Kindle that they hate their regular Paper but now and it I have to admit. I read way too many. Thousand page books lately. And I really prefer to read -- on in case you're wondering what that sounded as by the Internet the -- blog that's our love the -- color average live -- Which for -- than we'd all we can't stop. But the other personal iron but even on the page there should be about Apple not you can then choose to implement them non. The telethon on -- one on Tobago -- guys that there. That's according to figures -- official yet that is the one -- -- -- but going back your thoughts as we wait for more kind of posts from the keynote. Men once I got -- -- touch which is it dedicated. I love the feel of books I'd like one of the old school Leo that I just love books that man. When you have an. You have ten books on there and now and it's -- -- I. There's no reason and the visually it's a -- there's no reason to go back to books than smelling it. -- -- -- -- PS I think do you like the UN -- -- reading. -- -- -- -- I know I wanted to apply what -- united -- -- right now -- -- I'm just saying that some sort of like cents in the past. Signals like a -- Pretty similar to be happy with plastics mount me like -- -- I love that plastic and Alabama new Kindle. They could totally do that I'm pretty sure they aren't built something in the plastic little books now you yeah I I have to say for me I live. They coexist pretty well because it's not -- spine. Well for also I think that you know part of the reason that e-book readers will not kill books dead for a very very long time is children. Like children's but you know I mean I've got reams of of Paper because of children's books and then. It. It's not as fun to get like a Kindle gift certificate for Christmas -- Or for your birthday or whatever if you really want to -- I mean seriously -- just like an. But a book is also an outstanding it is that's like if so let it grow from a -- -- can't -- like books they'll have a place. Keep Iraq -- in both our chatroom and a live blind commented thing I would drop an extra 79 dollars for an. That's why I bought my little -- touch that I realized all I realized that over time it's like I can't read stuff on a backlit screen drives me crazy and -- you know I turn on the brightness all the way to. Simulate paint her. -- I'm gonna happen so they have a slide now they're going through a lot of quotes from the original Kindle launch when the press really thought it was going to -- And He showed a slide of physical book sales over the past fifteen years compared to Kindle books sold over the past four years -- -- really blew up -- -- and and use and it's working. Because it's an end to end service so it includes the entire ecosystem. It knows you know when you get it in reach you by name its pre registered obviously and then you have to -- but -- -- started with 90000 books. Now there -- over a million U -- got. Give props to how Amazon execute on their first consumer device me right I mean this is it was. They're going into a whole new world for them and it's they've done it -- the product itself is executed well which is one of those things that we talk about like. You may have all hardware specs but just the seamless execution of how you interact with their actual Amazon -- -- it's done very well it is absolutely. So I'm just this and about a little but it's deservedly so. Nothing -- there's still busy getting their. Are getting their -- -- It will fade out and I mean really what's what's going on now with the with the keynote itself for the we are now it can't not -- and keynote -- -- with the presentation the press conference is that they're continuing to talk about extreme -- of the Kindle. Now they're talking about the ecosystem that they built so that you could buy once and read everywhere. On Android iPad iPhone when it's on Blackberry Mac PC the HTML five app which is typically called -- tests -- it sucked Apple. Think where you can also will. Order books directly. It's. -- really need. Just because it is linked to our store right there and html five and don't need to use it amazing to meet that was what it was brilliant things -- -- -- you know like back to the back at things. Like the fact that they made that app available to everyone and made it basically an embedded service -- if I do that that behavior completely works from every on the Kindle and home and then I read on manager on the Droid in the line at the cursor X. And was -- -- it was an F -- Apple when they you know would assure they were working on it for awhile but they -- one of the first to be like you collect screw your little terms into the store -- will. Strip out the ability for people to go to our site. To actually buy books -- maker relational file that that works just like the app we meet the Eisenhower when -- and -- -- people have. And guess so but we don't have to pay you guys. A cut from the sales. -- sealant can manage still talking about Kindle singles which were those kind of one off. Books that you can and a they can publish yourself a. That's one thing I mean I don't not gonna say -- Kindle sucks because they don't have real page numbers but. You know on the -- feels like it's nice to have real page numbers it is apparently that is I didn't even realize that the -- that is something they've been working on. The real page numbers thing. I never notices to -- and yeah it's it's only I think it only comes in handy when you have a friend who has the physical version. And they say poll on page blah blah blah did you check out this thing and then when you look at your Kindle -- it's like a number. And there's no you know it's that whenever 1400. The percentage yeah yeah I -- I think. It's good for -- Of the real page numbers it added that I had no idea that it soundly doesn't work -- all books that are -- I think in retirement. Doesn't work on all Kindle books -- Kindle models like the looks like now David Carr writes that. They're talking about their library lending feature. Which I -- I I think that's awesome by the way did we. I meant that Russia -- -- and I'm pretty sure we did did it again I mean untethered you know other -- readers have had that in it was one of those missing -- of features that you're really hoping that Amazon. But in line it's also. Based on the publishers -- you work with not every book. -- you have can be shared our lands to another person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet do you see this right now let us -- my old titles such cartilage is zone -- tax Bloomberg did drop balance. Pop is not called -- -- -- that very thing. But the -- -- this is a Debra Lewis is a different lessons -- their violent. However it is in fact it uses infrared touch like the -- touch -- it is smaller. Lot later. And actually a white ish color not the -- -- I like -- I like a dark glassy Turk program. Do like battery like the -- and if there actually can now. Weirdly I don't have an opinion is on the fastest you know I was too bad that surprise -- -- according -- an ally Canada and an. It has audio attempt -- -- ninth. It has audio house speaker on the front all the -- blogs are a little. A little pokey. But there you have -- say it looks like it has -- -- -- there's a speaker yet there's a speaker pictured on the front which is -- let's see who can. They're gonna so acquired -- not even closer -- -- this is the cellular and elsewhere which I load. Which means it was worth it -- I. -- me let out exactly like it thank goodness. -- -- This is emailed copy so they're showing off how the touch screen works -- -- on and I like that they have a super complicated looking picture with a lot of red arrows. Tap for the next page on the right column tap for the previous page on the left column and then tap for a menu in the middle. And I think -- live blog is any way you wanna advance and my -- looking at it -- -- the from the chatroom oh and -- honey is this line. -- I can't stand out loud I don't think there's a competing lab -- with a lot faster. There are no. Apparent how couldn't have. Passages. There are no buttons on the device according to David -- and are left behind its tip is -- -- -- people like to read single handedly so I guess we keep burial all right here there's the image that I was talking about. And really that's you know way to keep it simple there about the looks nice and clean right there it actually -- -- -- -- the device like Mary. Thinking like that -- businesses holding it in his hand on stage. Looks nice and portable -- -- And then so you can now use your left hand only with the new -- of the -- haven't I think that is cool like you'd read one handed -- and. Just keep tapping -- and apparently meat and there's different ways to rezone its that He can -- just for the previous page yet maintain or the many can change the zoning yourself. There's an -- that's -- like that. -- are starting their demo it looked -- Part of the demo includes showing you how you can reuse zone -- touch screen -- that could help. It does -- propagated that it is really just a setting that you items top left top right with you wanted to term paid back paid for yet. We stare at -- actually should say -- -- -- -- screen shots that were also looking at were supplementing our CNET -- blog coverage which is excellent. With this is -- next. But this is yet good news for left handers because you can get that was one of the complaint about they bury the original original -- -- you'd either W there's only one previous page button which actually bugs me too and it's on the left side. They're saying under the light and actually looks a little more carbon -- -- -- that there may be two models. In a new feature called X ray which looks at quote and -- bones of the book. Nobody seems important tasks you know when I you're not the only one. Thanks thanks I don't know what that means because -- can't -- thing -- Me. Of -- they -- 01 minute it seems to be having problems you. I love our entire lives like that runs like -- of the -- but but but but the question mark. And no touch. The live chatters in that -- -- saying that it had page turn keys in addition to the -- yes. Yeah I had both you can click on the side. Hire low and and you can also slight turn the pages into and it worked on both sides bank which makes we still feel good to -- You know it's I mean will be the first emit -- when a new -- -- -- -- -- sometimes comes out. And you hated getting steadily better than its dealers I'm just being honest -- -- like. Police are still right now now I I like -- I think the Kindle. -- -- -- -- But as a woman touch we're all still trying to figure out what the bones are and your -- -- -- suggest that it might -- mean really yeah. That are better jobs are occasionally about the -- of here -- -- and the signatures they cover. Yeah I hear someone of the screen shots from our friends at the verge does my next. Next remote shows three tabs one is the pages one is the chapters and in the book as a whole. And references and within their self atom and it's also kind of a search feature apparently -- one thing that it will bring up Wikipedia entries for terms with in the book and things like that. I'm curious to see also if and will wait to see when the announcement. When they announce it if this Kindle leases and -- in greater has social looks on -- them because although it's not like a game changer it is kind of fun to be able to like highlight excerpts and -- just post them. I like -- you know a lot yes we dumb or FaceBook come. -- -- Yeah isn't that that's on the net that is on the net and then something has may Begin to be built into some of the sharing link if you can share the book. An aside I do know that reading Kindle books now I often see it that you can they'll show you passages that a lot of other people piloted moon -- But I went I think the sharing thing is cool and I hope that -- I hope there will be additional features like that yet the ability to share passage to that is really cool yeah I mean where. We are just who. Or any TU and we want to take advantage of the network ability. With network of bill means little software a -- and applying insulation me too much trouble -- So -- like that old Kindle keyboard is gone for good. And name and the new design at least is is pretty clean. -- -- -- them. We think about touch screen only guys. Other Wi-Fi drop down so that all the -- blystone. And while -- -- hang on iron lungs. And. The cheaper -- apparently maybe by -- Card -- also our blog is working better announcing ML SI networks guys that we don't we come back home now aren't they Kindle. -- The Kindle touched 99 dollar yeah the this is -- -- reported that -- 79 and 99. Malia -- drive -- the Kindle touch is 79 dollars and has an infrared touch panel with reconfigured touchdowns it's 99 dollars okay it's 99 out. And they have put -- saying with a quote from Ricardo -- and -- -- net saying. What goes on psychologically but when the average percentage in 99 dollar price tag something in their brain actually it's true. Which is totally true. The iPod nanos exploded want to get that 99 dollar price point this. Exciting and -- -- erected they exploded on the app that appears to be that there announcing. Possibly to Kindle so this is a super advanced. Extra long battery life millions of experts in sixty -- audible integration. The X ray feature whisper sync and free storage in the Amazon cloud and that is 99 dollars. -- It's excellent. -- -- 99 dollars -- for 99 dollars and -- that. Who who who who we have another device we're announcing today says Jeff -- those that look exactly like this -- Kindle touch three G. Who the signature feature here is free three G wireless global access and 100 companies countries countries. -- -- You can walk into your local company and see if they qualify and now he's service and does we do know. Huge -- still dark out -- dark. Right Hollinger guy as the Kindle three G touch or -- touch three G1 49 -- calling -- the top of the line -- The line 149. No hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots no paying for -- -- hotspots global over 100 countries. -- -- that all sounds like you read it straight off a slide. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The village of beta says about a 99 dollar write fibers and. It is though many millions of these seriously. Who would -- 9999. Dollars not the wind -- and any says let me ask you this question does isn't. What if you don't be touched -- you don't want touch. -- -- know how every I -- -- I love it. So Bloomberg -- -- but so right now though the holes. If I have the public and that's right they have not announced any 79 dollar model yet to announce 99 for the -- touch 149. For the Kindle touch three G and whatever he's gonna tell us now is gonna be -- by law. Then that's where you get -- 79 dollar Kindle if you don't need to actual -- a lot. So. You don't you don't -- -- are going up or. The so this was well worth -- I'm so glad I had to do my -- early in the morning. Meet -- so there's a new set into a new by the way it's not like a price drop on the old one and new 79 dollar Kindle with out a touch screen. Yet such -- 17% smaller 70% Sony 5% lighter than the previous generation. This is going to be nice this one might be the -- -- -- to look for for your -- friends and somebody is about to have a super holiday season all Mikey -- holding it up it's totally tiny outlets mall has and navigation pad it doesn't look like it has a -- -- -- keyboard. From what we can tell my very first initial picture it'll take a button and a few. About a -- like -- home and in the center like a. Interesting and whether I wonder if it's tethered like how would you get what's on it. Is that it's faster page turns that they're making premium products now and non premium prices. Thieves must be of the seas are totally subsidized by. But so the original -- and devices by the way the 79 dollar model is shipping today who. Today He also says they're going to -- many millions of those which I would say is yes. That's not all hall. You'll. Shipping today pre order now everyone. So we've had three -- -- recap quickly we have had three -- be announced so far all of them at new devices. The first is the Kindle non touch 79 dollars shipping today. That is and then there's the Kindle -- -- -- touch three G-8 149 dollars and Kindle touch with a touch meaning no and Wi-Fi only. For 99 dollars. Now there's a look at it to David Carnoy does mention that Bezos is talking about -- -- special offers and then there's a special offer. Entry level Kindle if the drive that below 79 dollars under -- -- not earn FR EE. Well. -- C He said we're making special offers better because customers like it so much is that the special offers version became the best selling version of the Kindle instantly know. They're adding Amazon local so special offers offers that are localized to you. Our standard goodies screen savers He says to the offers show up basically just as screen savers when atop one He says the great thing is you know we want you to not know that -- whether -- special offers or or art. Finale is showing off the the ads they integrate with Amazon local. I remember when they first announced special offers like. At the time I didn't have an. And in the store but a lot of people like who wants ads on their Kindle -- in Maine but it was an intrusive at all and a slightly -- used it -- -- an -- Kindle for other reasons but it -- entries -- at all. It looks like they're not announcing -- Special version. Special offer version it's about. This and now it only is as cheap as seven dollars this one will feature the special offers on built into it for less -- the nine dollar price point at his -- meet the family. Of all their premium product that non gaming -- look at that -- -- -- -- that. From seventeen and 99249. -- even. A 149 dollars I have to admit no contract no monthly fee of three G wireless everywhere highly -- That Korea all of its own is a remarkable for the rich. All those the richest 20% apparently you're only -- -- -- an ad for the new Kindle family. Very interesting I -- killer lineup. That is a killer -- -- for the holiday season and it's all. -- -- document at the beginning -- So hard disk just in case you're wondering. So far there's no sign of an am 999. Dollar tablet but our only 27 minutes and so there could be even or. Hopes that the same thing those for the -- nine dollar model is there's no keyboard. I know I and I are curious about how that's gonna work -- -- -- those -- back after the -- for fifteen years we've been building our media business. And he's talking about Amazon is in music. Hear it com. -- -- -- -- -- So they're showing is Amazon's video service with 100000 movies and TV shows you can buyer rent them. There's new releases you also delete instantly watch on 300 different devices. And then there's a says they're cloud Clare has been well received. YouTube and this is going to recent media -- This is the part or -- -- -- fifth. That's exciting so far after affect is placed them well worth it I was really worried effort -- -- on the Bloomberg article. Was Bloomberg just like all men they're not guessing but -- they're glad I'm sorry they went straight honey badger yeah I they they did that's not a. They're talking about their Android App Store every app is tested for qualities. The free app every day. Novell is one of they're also there -- other kind of behind the scenes animations the entrance or when they're like you know what we're gonna do our own version numbering and it. Promote apps the way that we want to make the pre and like any Angry Birds was Angry Birds I was -- -- and like right off the bat I think one of those was. JPJ -- -- tyrants and embedding 79 dollar version has to think person purchases made on the computer and that's I would think you. That's a bit of a -- but it sells -- eighty bucks -- says they're not only talking about apps -- but they're -- they're mentioning Amazon prime now yet. Yet we have this program. Program -- and I've heard of it it's. Believe with. Scott Stein says to clarify it looks like the 79 dollar Kindle. Does have ads and special offers on -- so that it that's why it's that -- is that it's. Which has -- -- fine by means by many. Angry Birds Rhea was the first free app thank you James and -- levied chat -- and thanks for so many of you turning out. Now we're getting we're getting a good idea like how many of our tatters are -- and -- -- Latin. They talking about optimism Amazon prime with its pre -- day shipping its millions of items that 79 dollars a year has millions of members. Seriously at one of the best things on Amazon is Amazon prime and I united Amazon -- Bob. -- the -- just worth just three pain at the holidays it will Paper yeah. Amazing. -- It actually looks like. We're gonna boosters and -- like old. You know you guys -- Apple so much gets overtime on Amazon carried out a week earliest that. We like we like Amazon to guys it's two dollars Leavitt -- there -- I follow Amazon deals and they're really asking about Amazon Kindle right now. Like the Amazon deals Twitter feed is now it's a little like I totally until it -- -- -- on deals. And -- talking about the Amazon prime streaming. The 111000 movies and TV shows. With unlimited instant streaming at no additional -- he's gonna set this up like you know you you can do streaming from so many different devices. But not from us directly call -- until now until now -- also like five dancers swarmed the stage. Hope springs eternal there's like a -- pyrotechnics. Kind of excited about the Kindle fire below -- really wanna know is when the dancers nothing but. And whether the pyrotechnic everyone loves pyrotechnics on that -- -- and -- -- exciting about the media partners now CBS unexpectedly NBC universal and fox. It's a great program it's an incredible value and it's going to be on now now -- about web services to. And they're cloud front there storage service. Designated unit is really lighting them all -- -- news. A bowling sound effect suddenly -- really useful -- So bowling pin nine mum would have missed -- doubtfire. Me see if I can throw this in here. David Card may in our live blog says come on let's get out of the tablet -- -- hot -- here. You guys -- posting something in the chat -- it's a the first commercial. For the Amazon Kindle. I'm just so you guys have something a look at them to stimulate your senses while we wait it's acting all about mission critical applications on Amazon EC two right now -- how IS three holds 449 billion data object that's what everyone wants their marriage and -- top. It docked day -- don't bill goes up on me don't -- -- but no -- objects. And -- AT&T showing up -- the different. -- who. Who could you have possibly about the second and it's good news for the -- and and it's seen then it died -- -- -- -- -- this advertising and brought you by the producers of the Apple it's an out right yeah this thing. I don't have an -- everything. To have made those says by the way about Amazon marketshare. And marketer Amazon has Coke and there isn't yet a Pepsi. Boom I'm not ECT storage. -- The the data objects. But I got started Amazon -- real low now that permit for -- -- raises -- -- Drop it like raises from the floor is like -- Anyway ending. Like dancers and fire predicted that in it like a monkey and -- like. Well anyway it's back to our EC two cloud storage statistics and I was -- your mind doesn't saying. It is believe -- objects which generated. So we asked ourselves is to -- instinct is -- some way we can bring all of these things together into a remarkable product offering the customers love. The answers yes. It's called Kindle fire. -- Does -- of the interview posted -- item -- -- -- down the right we got -- affect -- addicts illusions and -- all kinds of stuff that. Just happened. Desire simple black border seven inch -- -- -- IPS display ultra wide display -- at the dual core processor. It weighs fourteen point six ounces I know dual core processor -- there are rumblings that it was going to be a stripped down internals just as it -- need as much power at -- -- Corinth. This is good look at it it's like -- said Basil total tablet nine. It's. Scott Stein and are in our live blog notes it is the playbook -- -- which I am fine it means you're gonna that was nice for -- It has all the contents as -- -- a 100000 movies and TV says a million songs apps from the App Store magazines. Then and that's good about. Waiting for the repressive regime and its. -- -- -- And that all the uncertainties that has backed up in the clouds He can -- -- and you -- an analyst and Google we need -- lazy to get that net culture why -- -- -- -- on the things that the seven -- played a -- like a true widescreen this. -- Yeah yeah and announcements news Spanish and Japanese and ultimate I gotta say magazines on tablets. I'm such an -- -- magazine merely rate now at this moment I have a -- half tall stack of magazines on my copy it which if. I need to get -- pantanal the old days seriously for 199 this is gonna be read it yet. The calculus is showing up an Apple USB cable and talking about think he's. The. At an. Old. -- Is -- drops the -- those Bob. Whisper sync will work with movies and TV -- -- and wirelessly download and backed up to the cloud. All of the Amazon content makes -- it's Scott Stein notes in our lab my son already has I cloud matched. They also have a feature with their movies where they'll be bookmarks. Essentially you can -- -- your TV then move to your fire. -- remark gadget of the week at -- gadgets of the week I -- -- -- if it's. Tech is sexy says teach him in the chat -- indeed. Customers will lover whisper sync feature for books keeping track the pages what if this is just how we set it -- -- whisper -- also worked with movies and TV shows well. Does. The time. I. Channel Tunnel that girls in that picture. Now. You get themselves pro -- some proactive for when -- reliable -- Reggie. -- and and -- -- around in -- -- just to get a feel for your responses copper on energy Erin says I'm some over the Amazon right now the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody has killed others where we'd talk ever but but what He enticing about how he's -- on safari -- and guys yes stoked about this. This is blood Android tablet makers need to learn that different people on terror suspect things -- pretty good tablet in a really good -- This let one of the things that you should note though is that what this is doing. Is trying to move all of the entire world onto. Prime. So factor in the eighty dollars a year. -- purchasing decision because you -- share. An Amazon press account and that's wonderful on super useful -- -- shipping them but if you wanna get the -- streaming you have to be an Amazon prime. Primary owner like you can't -- MB of shared account so. And they're as saying factor that into -- when an event I have no problem with that that's a huge content library that's available for a decent -- content library that's reprieve but. And -- you know it's a big add value and it's gonna get more people into their ethos is like Amazon prime your pain any company's 79 dollars just flat out every year. That's it that's a big stream for them yet. An -- -- it really and they can use someone in a variety of different ways and. Definitely. And -- and -- out minutes not to not just paying eighty dollars and a year for it to search or streaming you're also getting like free shipping free -- appreciate shipping unit. That delivers. On time David -- says if this is 199 dollars -- will cause Apple and Barnes & Noble some pain. It's touch screen only and there are no buttons on the front of the device at all. They're talking about how how you what you can do basically has a carousel for navigation. -- this is mine experts say that scrolling through looks really fast you can pin favorites below the carousel also -- -- a favorite icons right there. Things you interacted with most recently will show up on top like the movie that you just watched. The subscription -- just downloaded or web page you viewed. And this is legit -- you know also with the then using the black -- play or sorry the Blackberry Playbook hardware. That was one of the best devices displaying flash on the go that you could actually resize on the fly with your -- the pinch and zoom. It's of it has -- that's the video on this in the video quality is going to -- is gonna be pristine yeah so. In an outstanding and Illinois -- program as having. What is happening. With having them many many problems. -- you mean like it's -- there comets are coming in late. Now Googlers getting booted out of -- and I'm not so just -- -- -- trying to follow us live on the minute chat it is having some problems you may wanna look into. Another it seems like -- the mid. Chat on our page is loading up -- -- -- wanna containers to. To some details on the actual screen after I just like gloat over like a little fan boy it'll have -- 169 pixels per inch and LB gorilla glass display. And -- it -- the minute chat on our site on cnet.com slash live is. Down everyone a plan -- Or it's something you can refresh and also maybe it now's the time to -- -- yet to -- and beat them. -- -- -- though there they're showing off they're still in demo mode it's a guerrilla -- gorilla glass display apparently. So hopefully it'll be like pretty tough that's 011211. Now. So. Chemical -- -- problem we have to have a cool sound effect whenever I see something you just said. Are you serious company and I just said we're gonna find something for that it's. Is it like a -- -- man. Our hope that all. Ideal and I do it once and -- There's figured -- finishing -- the music when. You're safe there -- And then they're showing off some of the background that the multitasking abilities so he's leaving their music playing in the background while they open up a book. And then there's the top menu that controls music playback everywhere in the system which is pretty. This is -- illness than the interface that is -- -- and pretty and simple. And -- I actually heard other playing for ninja playing video games -- and you've gotta show the games it's all about the game all of the games. It actually is like it's somebody earlier in noted inner and our live 199. Dollar price point if indeed it is that we haven't heard that yet but if it is. That is cheaper than the 3-D -- when a person and a. -- right you know showing kind of how out of touch this game makers thirty hassles like three -- nine or 349 when it came out. Three pardon. It is so far by the way I don't know that we have any details about sort of like what version of Mandarin it is yet they haven't revealed an Al custom interfaces and the interface looks it does not look like you know standard honeycomb. -- -- -- that's pretty very clean very minimalist when we always like using those words mean -- minimalist. Non intrusive. Further strengthen weird screen -- it looked like a -- page curious if they haven't. Talked about too many apps yet right -- -- -- multimedia features. I would assume and hope that. Netflix might be one of the apps letters running on this device but we've seen in the past or Netflix on my -- Android based devices was limited to specific devices. Then they opened it up to a few more phones and and said it's any. A device that supports Android 2.3 and hire. So we'll have to see what the OS is actually -- news on this device to indicate what are some of those if Netflix or other apps like that will be. Operational. That is a good -- that can be the one drawback. Well and let's be honest it's Amazon -- to deviate from that love -- a bit and one of like let's not forget it is easy to forget but Amazon is a closed platform. And I would be pretty surprised. If they allow. Widespread access to competing things like Netflix like they might they may not they may deviate completely from the sort of standard. Tablet as computer model and say you know you -- -- you can installed apps that we generate for you and you can -- Netflix and you can't you know read you can't have another bookstore. On there. Like there's gonna be no it's iBooks app. Available for -- for the Kindle fire this will most likely be a device that's pretty well locked down to Amazon because that is what they do. And I would be to -- they deviate although if it's running under and you always heard it. XP. By the way Android atlas is the first show of the day coming up after us at 10 am Pacific time and obviously they're gonna be talking a lot about -- that you want more. Details I'm assuming that -- -- researching right now. Details of the standard implementations -- -- get to hear more about that later. So looks like they're talking about the web browser -- now and don't talk about that and first challenged. At it's okay the schedule change -- okay it's a confused so either time out some of their web browser -- -- -- the challenges -- display in modern web pages rapidly either. Flashing up a picture of CNN's website and all the different elements that it has involved so their looking they looked for a way to accelerate web browsing through Amazon's EC two and they're calling it Amazon's silk. Which is their new web browser optimize for mobile browsing on this device in Amazon itself because -- its -- A force -- there's a source in that cool. I'd like to introduce to you. Amazon simple and certainly in June 5. And then -- B of militants on other rather I don't know. Now Amazon cure rates their own apps that are submitted for their specific store maiden. So that's up to the developers to be like. And it looks this is definitely not. -- Sign it and -- device not an open standards of actually. Its Android -- are closed mind to manage our Marty said -- that's not such a big deal because they have the big content library in the you know might not be as much of an issue. But there are streaming library is nowhere near the size of Netflix. I mean we make fun of the Netflix library. But it at least is like 20000 titles TU Amazon's newly announced 111000 yup so there is going to be some content missing. And what we throughout the 100000 that's for being able to purchase and rent which is different than -- -- cell. You know sometimes as numbers get thrown around we get mixed up by the 100000 as their purchasing and renting -- library verses -- streaming which -- 111000. -- -- Right now demo David Carnoy says engineers who. This is -- one of the most exciting parts of the keynote engineers are on screen discussing the new silk browser. -- -- -- about adding Amazon's EC two cloud computing to the browser. -- them. And that's on -- noting that that their own browser thing is uninteresting that it's not Chrome OM they are -- Amazon very serious about end to end. In this platform they're there and mean. There it's so funny because Apple gets all the flak for it and Amazon I think doesn't get as much -- they don't make as much hardware but they are super locked down. Company and this this device sounds like it's gonna be even more so like going to try to -- that they're not even calling -- an Android tablet -- -- it. Android is sort of like an afterthought in -- The browser on its own is actually pretty big deal that they've made their own browser -- and it's silk. It's made it is Hilton. This means. Of -- Split browsing split between the front and and the back some content they say will be apparently cache locally on the device and about tablets. Or whatever nerd time -- -- Answer or. It partially lives in easy to you and partially and Kindle -- -- okay next. -- -- Well you know -- -- in us to sleep with this -- reason that -- can drop the dynamite. Three clashing assets that are running cloud with persistent connection so let's recap this might be a good time for yes for those and you just kind of the mid client on the cnet.com slash live page has been a little odd to you might wanna download your -- -- decline pulled so far. We've seen. Or. Kindle related announcements as 79 dollar Kindle has special offers and -- -- 99 dollar Kindle with a touch screen and built in Wi-Fi. A 149 dollar version of that touch screen Kindle. With built in three G and no contract and no monthly fee and then we just. Had -- the Kindle fire announcement which is there touch screen tablet device with access to the entire. Library of content with. I'm assuming and haven't specifically. Said this but yes an Amazon prime subscription. They have their own browser built in but it's it is and medium -- multi media viewing device as three other candles are all. This is a touch screen though it is -- it. And then the -- nine dollar model is not a touch screen display this is using physical keys. 99 and 149 models are both touch screen devices correct. But only time -- price point seven starting entry level -- -- -- It's not the most popular. 79 dollars this is huge and we also they haven't jumped into any more -- specifically. About the new Amazon fire -- in the fact that we know it's seven inch screen. It's LCD either time out -- the features with the oh web browser which is their own web browser that they built. And treated for the device called Amazon silk. -- timeout you know the content of streaming movies that you can throw up on that device as well. The books the web browsing but no hardware specs at the moment other than that. Ray but very play it's a dual core processor and adults are not that dual core processor. And and it's very -- -- of the Blackberry Playbook. Mary. Actually -- digit -- GD DDD DT. Had post up saying that it was basically the same hardware. As a -- which again. I'm totally fine except for one problem the the playbook had a really annoying super tiny power button yes it was a finger you had to use your fingernail -- -- to turn on -- ridiculous so they're still they're fired up by the way about their own brother. Which has -- -- I mean it it sounds interesting technologically speaking it is a cloud browser it's definitely. Mentioned it does most of its processing all the heavy lifting on the back end on Amazon's cloud server infrastructure. And then serves optimize files to your device. Over what they're calling a dedicated channel so in theory. It's a significantly faster browser because it's not grabbing the web every time it's -- -- predictive rendering indexing pages in the back and and then caching some content -- Yet David Carnoy says according to this kind of -- of any other -- amount Amazon is claiming to be able to predict your browsing habits. And passing some of those pages -- you go to constantly are frequently in advance. That's on the advantages of them having this cloud delivery system behind them supporting them that not necessarily all other browsers can do we talked about Google. -- some of your results that the when you search. It'll be able to kind of predictably -- with this is what we think but you'll want -- -- some of those behind the scenes but. If this is able to pick up on your behaviors and let's say cats the top ten web site you always like to visit them. Now sure that will be demanding on the processor in the back -- right maybe that will affect battery life to a certain degree. Maybe but the biggest problem and swimming and outages months. I mean everything in the iPad habitats on they've -- -- but. It's pretty awesome so here guns here's what we so farce equalizer and it just at how much is Kindle fire going to console it was surprised He went over kind of the basic specs IPS display that -- think that's the browser the dual core processor and -- flats. It's a 199. Dollars. No woman. Or -- David Carter put it -- down. Set up a flight you have to be different -- -- have to be there aren't current on him godsend like this you know that the news about an hour old. -- -- -- Embargoes embargoes lit on fire left and right with the Kindle buyer. So that dual core processor like we're saying Italy fourteen point six ounces -- multi touch IPS display free Amazon cloud storage. No additional no I cloud. -- that storage they've also according to this initial slide it does not look like you'll need a prime membership. You know any anyway -- any level yet and now that's very interesting and they're definitely not specifying that and I wonder line. Maybe there is I -- I would say you should specify that either way yeah you know if you don't need a prime membership be like dude you don't even need a prime membership. -- -- He did drop that is kind of building the story of the whole Amazon brand and Amazon prime as one of those features and a. Seeing you many I think it's very clear. That you get that you have to have a prime membership to get all of the free streaming but the fact is even if you don't have that. You still get that like -- they point out on the slide eighteen million songs movies TV shows books magazines apps and games you can already buy or rent all of those things -- -- so it's like. It's not as though the prime membership is necessary. Like at new spot I think -- -- FaceBook account is on a it just it's. So it's not required that at 299 dollars plus -- guys go shipping date Tyndall firewall ship November 15. Cool. November of -- I want. -- -- -- -- -- -- Us now certainly in the or Riverside San predicted that be out -- so November sometime what's what are -- All we'll see things one is that he's living you can pre order today all the other is indeed dismayed this amazing point in our chat. You can buy the entire Kindle line up for less than an iPad three G. That is a that is -- finally headline that's a trailer there. Day -- 199. -- India that are coming out aren't that -- well done. That's as bananas. Be -- that is is bananas. They're showing up a whole family now from seven and dollars 299 dollars they -- this is -- Much more frankly much more than -- expected actually thought that there was gonna meet the widened the fire -- fire. And then may be some talk of some kind of 79 dollar something -- about it -- them for -- Or -- people. Which is also -- because they you know when you talk about secrecy of keynotes now these days even Apple keynotes we pretty much almost find out let's say like. Fifty to -- 5% of what we're gonna hear. And for Kindle to be a company that may not necessarily be as. Locked down. Although my friends -- work internally with them have talked about how they have become a little more. Maniacal and secretive in nature with -- different apartments working together they were able to pretty much keep at least some of the stuff that is still juicy stuff. Under wraps the and that's a hard thing to do in the today. I know I and -- Bloomberg had blown the embargo. Strippers thing in the morning. Maybe they got an awesome exclusive but they didn't -- it that way. That we wouldn't have known really any of this. Other than the rumors so there are obviously some unanswered questions are editors now are gonna get hands on time with the device so definitely look. Keep checking CNET all day long we'll have a first look up very soon. And blog posts with things like -- screen resolution which we don't know they didn't talk about specific battery life on the Kindle fire which we know why should -- -- -- let you know what's the deal with Amazon prime. Or what Liu. Obviously it's not required but you know what else will you get. Is that street Blackberry hardware and they have the little. Power button and things like that will all be coming soon as our editors get their hands on -- and hopefully a video up pretty quickly. Yeah also the entry level Amazon Kindle -- nine dollars that according of them will be available today to order the higher end. Will we I don't know about the tunnel models in the middle but at least this hiring tunnel fire you can pre order today but will be available on November 15 yes -- Pre orders that pre orders start I -- aegis of the spam and reiterate again no I know I don't know how little I know you know that's what you say you know. Viola and have a -- -- and I don't really know over the -- now I know you know weird isn't it you know I know. Anyway compare -- range. That. That it wraps up our live coverage we'll definitely keep you posted my initial response is I definitely think that this is -- temple and Apple's lead. And play at Barnes & Noble under blah god -- -- -- on -- watch one of these things about this announcement before we wrap up -- Amazon might have preemptively. Did this because they were anticipating the Nook Color to to be announced a little later so now we'll see. What no color to -- they don't have the ecosystem. To compete yet but -- -- -- we'll see what they -- but this is a very. Compelling and I'm frankly just exciting announcements from Amazon across the board. These are David -- and the -- -- -- landline and absolutely true these are the prices that people have been waiting for. -- -- In this state made -- all about pricing and and from that perspective alone Amazon -- -- and mail them. So coming up next on CNET live -- -- And and you are scheduled -- and then after that is Android atlas you'll definitely not anonymous that has we will have I'm sure a lot more details then. There -- I'm sure be hot speculation about who's gonna put gingerbread honeycomb on this thing first He is a so so what it's created is also a fast or for -- 9 -- yes I -- -- see how -- -- -- -- -- take an -- and play some video sega's don't go anywhere. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we don't really -- -- and alerts you didn't want a good get a and come and check it out but thank you for joining us this morning. And we will see you guys tomorrow. Or the brand new -- -- -- buzz out loud weekly look at 10 AM with the says the --

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