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CNET Update: Amazon lights a new Fire under iPad
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CNET Update: Amazon lights a new Fire under iPad

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Amazon targets the iPad with new Kindle Fire HD, the next e-ink readers are glowing, and Motorola grows the Droid Razr family.

We're just blowing over you. The new Amazon Kindle have arrived and -- Kindle fire tablet got a few upgrades. It's now called the Kindle fire HD and there are three versions a seven inch model at 200 dollars which ships September 14. And coming out later on November 20. Is a model that's slightly larger at eight point nine inches and that starts at 300 dollars if you want four GL TE wireless with double that memory it's gonna cost you 500 dollars the same as a new iPad. But how about that forge and data plan it's not included it'll cost -- fifty dollars a year but you only get 250 megabytes a month. Yeah I will be streaming movies on the go with that plan. But let's get to the improvements all of models have a better screen with less glare a front facing camera there's a Bluetooth connection and HDMI out port. It also has improved audio and better what -- reception. You'll also get new features whisper sync and now also works for audio books and games there's new email support. And there's an app that will help parents set time limits for kids. And as many. This is the big. 140 dollars. But Amazon just priced its paper white. For less at 120 dollars it ships October 1 if you want three G connectivity -- -- forty dollars more the battery will last. Only weeks with the light on it's -- hair thinner than the Kindle touch but the same weight. And there's a new feature called time to read which -- your reading speed and estimates when you'll be finish with an e-book. The non light up non touch Kindle with special offers dropped its price to you you can get it for seventy dollars and it ships September 14. -- Amazon is the 130 dollars in October. It's a little more expensive than Amazon and -- also came out with a five inch mini. A seven inch 800 tablet has specs similar to Google's nexus seven tablet. Starts at 200 dollars for gigs of memory but that are dropped that price to compete with what Amazon just announced. And are looking for droids Motorola to shut off three new RAZR Smartphones for Verizon -- that will run the latest Android operating system jelly -- There's the RAZR HD and the RAZR Max HD both have improved battery life. And the RAZR and the smaller of the bunch. That's your tech news roundup for today by more details on these stories out -- blog slash update immersed in is in New York I'm Bridget Carey. --
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