Loaded: Amazon lightens bookbags
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Loaded: Amazon lightens bookbags

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Apple will likely launch new products based on Mac OS X Lion tomorrow, the hacker group LulzSec comes out of retirement to attack News Corp., and Amazon unveils a e-textbook rental service for its Kindle e-readers.

It's Tuesday, July 19th, 2011. I'm Wilson Tang on CNET.com. And it's time to get loaded. Amazon unveiled a new textbook rental services for its Kindle e-reader. Students can now rent e-textbooks for as a year and as few as 30 days. Key features include the ability to annotate, highlight texts and even keep notes even after the rental period ends. The notes themselves will be stored in Amazon's Cloud and automatically sync if you rerent the textbook. Tens of thousands of textbooks will be available from a variety of publishers. The news of the world's scandal has brought the hacker group LulzSec out of retirement. News Corporation newspaper, The Sun's homepage was attacked and directed visitors to a fake article claiming that CEO Rupert Murdoch was dead. Late the Sun's website redirected to LulzSec's Twitter feed. Taking a step even further, the hacker group then tweeted the name and phone number of a Sun online editor and to others associated with the company. Reports are surfacing that Apple intends to release new products tomorrow based on its latest Mac OS 10 Lion operating system. Drivers have reportedly arrived at Apple Stores containing the Gold Master version of the OS. Many reports suggest that Apple will be releasing updated versions of the MacBook Air and the Apple Cinema Display. Also rumored to be updated are the low end white MacBook, the Mac mini and even the Mac Pro. All new computers are expected to run OS 10 Lion. CNN and the Headline News have updated their apps on mobile devices to stream live news coverage if subscribers subscribe to certain paid TV services. Time Warner which owns CNN and Headline News has announced that regular news channel programming will be streamed live over the web for viewers on their laptops, smartphones and Tablets. Subscribers to AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Dish networks, Suddenlink and Verizon will get their service while Cable Vision and Time Warner customers are out of luck. Google wants to give you a few extra characters the next time you tweet. Google has reportedly just brought the domain g.co and will enable it for shortening URLs for Google products and services only. Google hopes that users can learn to trust that g.co URLs are safe and only direct to Google sites. Typically one letter.co domain is going north at $1.5 million. Those are the headlines for today. I'm Wilson Tang for CNET.com. And you've just been loaded.

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