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Amazon Fire Phone makes a fiery ring in CNET UK podcast 393: CNET UK Podcast

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CNET UK Podcast: Amazon Fire Phone makes a fiery ring in CNET UK podcast 393

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Love is a burning thing, but can the Amazon Fire Phone set our hearts aflame or is it already burned-out?

[MUSIC] Hello and welcome your listening to the CNET UK podcast. This is episode 393 for Friday the 20th of June 2014. Fire one, Amazon has lit the firework in the smartphone market with its new 3D Fire phone. But is it a banger or a damp squid? Once we find out how beat everyone at the World Cup and why Apple is slashing prices at the Apple T.V. I'm Rich Turner joining me in our Fire Proof London Studios this week is Luke Fire Eating Westerly. I learned a little about fire eating the other day. Yeah. What's it all about? All about saliva control. Of which you're an expert. Yeah. Yeah. Nice to know. And Jason the Fire Starter Jenkins. Oh. I see your '90's reference. And I raise you scotchal. [LAUGH]. All 90s, all the way. Fantastic. For this and all our [INAUDIBLE] videos, head to CNET or youtube.com/cnet and let's start things off with the latest news. Okay first, first story then. Echo's of London Olympics. FIFA has banned players from wearing Beats headphones at the World Cup, because Beats is not a sponsor, Sony is. Beats is like a headphone company. Yep. And makes like streaming music stuff, and Apple is buying it for $3 billion. $3 billion. That's a lot of money. Wow. So who's watched this and stuff? Who knows more about this? And so this is Beats has this fantastic marketing campaign, right? They've got this advert called The Game Before the Game, and it shows all these, these players like Neymar and Test fabrigastin, and Lebron James and Daniel Storage and it's like, Nicki Minaj and Rio Ferdinand, Teairra Mari and Serena Williams. All these, all these, like incredibly [CROSSTALK]. I've heard of some of those. Incredibly, huge names, some of these huge names, and it's but it doesn't mention the World Cup once. It's really really clever. Aah. It's all about the build up to World Cup and all the players getting themselves psyched up and and then they seem to have Beats headphones. Doesn't mention the world cup once. It doesn't infringe on any trademarks. So Beats is basically winning the World Cup in terms of marketing. In terms of actually [INAUDIBLE] [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. Oh we've won. [LAUGH]. Look mom I won a World Cup. Exactly, exactly. That's exactly what you do. That's how we did it in 1966. That's how we're gonna do. [LAUGH] That was the noise they made. [LAUGH] Good job. [LAUGH] But hang on a bit. This story isn't actually do with this brilliant market cap, is it because Beats is giving the players, the football players Yes. Beats headphones and sending them to the Olympics, and they're wearing them in non-designated areas. That's true they're wearing them in training and they're wearing them in hotels and. [CROSSTALK]. Oh dear. FIFA isn't happy about that because Sony has paid FIFA lots of money to be the official headphone manufacturer. So they're supposed to be wearing their Sony headphones when they walk into the into the grounds but they're, they're not. I feel terrible for FIFA. Yeah. I know. What an awful thing for them to have to. What a lovely, lovely, lovely organization they are. Yeah. Lucky underdogs FIFA and Sony. [LAUGH] Missing out on this one. But I mean it really is [UNKNOWN] actually have to benefit for events like the World Cup without paying a penny because where are Sony and Panasonic? Who's talking about these things? I mean, it shows why Beats has got the whole kind of the sort of image thing sewn up. Yeah, yeah. Maybe that's why they're worth $3 billion to Apple. Mm-hm. And it must be something. [LAUGH] Must be some, must be a reason surely. [CROSSTALK] It can't just be that their headphones are sort of possible. It's a dream. It's like Rome in Gladiator. It's just a whisper, it's just an idea. You're buying. But it's a valuable idea. Right. Yep, absolutely. [CROSSTALK]. The World Cup continues so, enjoy that. [CROSSTALK]. All right, that's enough of that. In other story, right, UK courts,know those courts are here? Yep. Yeah. They've decided that catch-up TV service YouView has a name that's too similar to something that no one has ever heard of called YourView. [LAUGH]. YourView YouView right? So YourView is a service from business to business telecom company Total Limited. Mm. And this raises the possibility that YouView have to change its name. Although it is appealing, rather like my self. Yeah. [LAUGH]. Well, they've, they've appealed on a number of occasions and they've got more, more appeals to go. But, this is, I mean this is a weird one because on the face of it, it doesn't sound like they're the same thing. There's a TV service called YouView and there's this B to B billing thing called YourView and consumers are never gonna get them mixed up. But, technically, behind the scenes, because they're, they're kind of online services and all this kind of thing, there's, there's a lot of similarities and sort of behind-the-scenes stuff. So, trademark experts and judges keep saying well, actually, yeah, that you do might have to change names. So, yeah they can, you know. What would it change it, what would it change it to? ViewYou. ViewYou. [LAUGH] ViewYou sounds like a creepy camera. A Kinect. Oh, its also, well that's true actually. There's probably a million variants on You and View and that kinda thing. It's not the first time it's happened though, because Sky did force Microsoft to change their name to Sky Drive. Which is now called One Drive. [CROSSTALK]. Maybe the U.K. is the hot, the sort of center for intellectual property with ridiculous decisions. Yeah. Assuming people can't tell the difference between names that are slightly similar but fairly different. Well if maybe if Apple will ever make, gets around to making its iTV, we could finally have that big iTV you know, trademark battle we've been hoping for. And maybe they'll be forced to change the name of it. May, may, may, more than likely, maybe iTV, the TV channel. [LAUGH] Will be forced to change that, yeah. And [CROSSTALK] to, I dunno. What's iTV stand for? Corrie, Corrie, Corrie Street. iTV, Independent Television, is that it? I think, probably? Originally? Yeah. Yeah? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds about right. Yeah. Let's go back to that. It's got a nice ring to it. Hm. Yeah. Carlton'd be great. Going back to the 90s. Carlton. LWT. Yeah. [LAUGH]. Granada. Deathgarden. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] That was [UNKNOWN] Anyway, [LAUGH] also, here's a story I've got for you. Apple. [INAUDIBLE]. Yep, speaking of them. [INAUDIBLE] They have cut the price of the Apple TV. So it's been cut from 99 pounds to 79 pounds. [MUSIC] Is it worth it? Which still makes it about 30 quid too expensive in my view. It's like, Apple TV's one of those stupid media boxes, like a Roku, like a chromecast, like an LTV box. It's the kind of primary way that Apple wants you to watch anything that's bought from iTunes on your TV. It's got airplays, airplay is that thing where if you're playing a video on an iPhone, you get a little icon, you press it, and you can make it appear on your TV, through the Apple TV. It's got support for Netflix and YouTube, but, the rival boxes from Roku and Google Chrome Cast, they've got more support. Specifically for iPLAM Apple TV doesn't support iPLAM but the other ones do. [CROSSTALK] And they're also cheaper. The, the Roku [INAUDIBLE] what's it called? Roku streaming Sticks. There we are, 50 quid. Mm-hm. And Apple TV now 79 quid. There's way more to watch on the, on the the Roku if you're, if you're in Britain. [CROSSTALK]. Interesting, okay. They've got iTV and channel 4, and stuff like that. Well we had a Rita David Bosworth right in to say, I've just set up fiber broadband. What are the best TV slash streaming platforms to take full advantage of this? Mm-hm. So I kinda related, I really liked Netflix, is my favorite by far. Yeah. It's not perfect. Like, if you, if you think, oh, I'd love to watch. And note, that film x, chances are it's not on that. It won't be on there. It won't be on there. None of the films are new. Yeah. If they were new, they won't be any good. Even if they're old, you know if you're like, oh I haven't seen the Black Cauldron, or like Labyrinths or something in a word. Well then it's probably not on Netflix. But, there is enough there that you can kind of flick through and go oh, yeah, why not? Yeah. Why not to watch Top Gun again? The other thing you can do on Netflix is that you can sort of look at other countries Netflix. But we never told you that, so yeah. There you go. No I, I, I call that now TV, actually. Mm-hm. And I've caught chi. [CROSSTALK]. Some more new releases of that. Yeah that's, that's basically cuz, it's cuz Sky, who own Now TV, have done a deal with HBO to get all the good American drama on there. Mm. So, it Oh yes, yes. Unless you're basically illegally downloading Game of Thrones, that's the one where [INAUDIBLE] Which everyone is. Which everyone [LAUGH] apparently is. I think it was like two,. Two packs of ice. Yeah. Packs of ice or something for the, for the finale. But if you're not, if you're not torrenting it, then that's the only way of watching it legally on, Ride Atomic comes out. Sure. Also the complete series of things like Sopranos. Yep. And [UNKNOWN] so. Amazon Prime is terrible by the way, in this country. I mean, I tried using it, it was rubbish. It's really bad. Was watching a movie on my TV through it [CROSSTALK] And it's really hard to get, get it on TV. I've gotten off my TV. It crashes every time. Yes, it kept breaking at the same point in some. Oh brother. Rubbish. Also, he done he probably rolled out for any of these anyway. What we have to [LAUGH] comment. [LAUGH] Here's something that Luke probably asked me more about, which is that Google is unfairly forcing third party Android app stores onto the sidelines in favor of its own Google Play Store. And hopefully to make itself [CROSSTALK]. To make itself more, more of a monopoly [CROSSTALK]. But not [UNKNOWN] or whatever. Yeah, exactly. Okay so the story here is that a 3rd party Android app store, so that is an Android app store that is not Google Play 'cuz you might not have known this. [CROSSTALK]. But if you have an Android phone, you can, in theory, install lots of different app stores if you want to use different app stores. Yeah. Amazon, for example, has its own. Yeah. Amazon has its own, which is. [INAUDIBLE] really good. Yeah. It's really great. You should definitely check out some of those 3rd party app stores. But what the CEO of the 3rd party Android app store which is called Aptoid which has said is that Google is unfairly sidelining, third party ones. And he points to a few examples. So for example, if you do like a search, in, in Google Play for these third party app stores, like, they can't be installed that way. And they say that Google has gradually made it more and more difficult to install third party things. They say things like the Chromium browser, which is the open source version of Chrome is like blocking access to these third party things. Right. Basically, in a number of ways Google is slowly kind of trying to squeeze out these third party app stores, and that's not fair which is why Apptoid has filed a official anti competition complaint with the European Commission which is the executive arm of the European Union that upholds all of the laws. Hm. And goes knocking on doors. Stuff like that. [LAUGH]. I bet as soon as as that, that's secure writ or write in Google's office, they're gonna, oh we'll get right on that, and then put that on the top of the massive pile of [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah of the EUMC trust things, yeah. [LAUGH] yeah. There, there is an element of that. we, we don't really know how far this is going to go, but I mean there's, there's no indication it's gonna go particularly far. But it does raise an interesting question. Mm. As to whether or not Google is using. I mean loads of people in the comments have pointed out hang on like Apple doesn't feel the need to let other App stores be available and neither does Microsoft and stuff so why should Google? That's right. Yeah, but on the other hand, Google is in this slightly opposition because there's Android and then there's the kind of Android that Google makes. And one of the interesting points that Aptoide makes, is that Google has been removing things from the Android Open Source Project. Mm-hm. And putting them into its own bundle of special Google apps, Mmh. Which it, kind of end up on phones in the end and they include things like the, the dedicated Gmail app. Right. And the Google Play store. All this android devices, kind of, no matter what they end up coming with Google Play. But, now, we've getting all this third party things. And, generally it looks a bit like Google might be trying to close off the open source bit in Android, which is what originally made it so appealing for developers and hacky type people. Right, right. Okay, we will keep following up. Yeah, sure. And a terrifying, terrifying final story is that a drone can bombard a crowd with 80 dozes of pepper spray in a single second. It's had its first order. [CROSSTALK] Oh my god. Yeah, this is horrifying. Yeah. This is, it's a- What was this order? So, 25 of these things have been ordered by a- [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH]. [INAUDIBLE] batten down, now. [LAUGH] Yeah. No, it, it, it, it has a first order for it from a company. Oh, right. Oh, okay. Someone's bought one. Right. A South African mining operation. Cuz South Africa has had, in recent years, has had quite a few riots and strikes around around the mine. So it's so yeah. They get these things with blinding lasers, which are illegal under the Geneva Convention to use against armed soldiers, but apparently they feel like they can use them against the civilians. Well nothing calms down a crowd like a a pepper spray drone. Communicated Marcellus and various place of the permanent basis. Don if you look back at the history of 2012 we have one shell plate and that was the Barnett and that was ten years ago which in hard to believe. Ones that you can fly around in with a camera on them. [CROSSTALK] Did you see that story how, in London, Boris Johnson's bought some second hand, water canons that Yes. Germans g/ didn't want anymore cuz they might possibly be a bit dangerous and they might have been responsible for like, I don't know, some poss, I can't remember if it was deaths or injuries, anyway, nasty stuff. Anyway, we've got them. So maybe in 20 years we'll get these pepper spraying drones in London. Yeah, bargain. Bargain price. Well, I mean- [LAUGH]. Something to look forward too, isn't it? [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] without, getting [UNKNOWN] to actually use them. So, like, he hasn't been told he's allowed to use them, but if I were, at a bargain price like that he can't, as long as they know- It would be rude not to. Hm. Anyway, well on a light note, why don't we take a trip up the Amazon in the big picture. [MUSIC] So now it's time to take the week's biggest technology story and condense it into one easily digested truth bolus. This week it's the Amazon Fire Smartphone, mentioned earlier. It's been rumored for years and the the Fire's pretty good on specs. It has two big main selling points. The first is Dynamic Perspective, which gives this crazy kind of 3D effect, so it allows you to hold the phone in one hand, and scroll by simply by tilting the phone. So you can move it around, and operate it just holding one hand and tilting it and that kind of thing. And all the icons kinda float in this weird kinda 3D way, which probably is quite cool. And the second new big feature is called Firefly. Where you press the button and the phone scans, you're in a shop say for example, you got your phone and you wanna buy, say you wanna buy scoob there, you're in a shop. You you point your phone at it, put your Amazon phone at it, you press a button and your phone says hey, it's cheaper on Amazon. And you go, okay, I'll buy it on Amazon then please, and then the shopkeeper chases you out with a broom, [LAUGH] or something like that. Yeah, I wonder how long it will be before phones start getting banned in hand shops. But there you go. So the problem is just like the Kindle Fire before it, and the the Kindle eReader before that. It's not coming to the UK any time soon. Which kinda makes us wonder, do we even need it? So the Fire phone it costs a whooping $650 in the US and even with the year of Amazon Prime Communicated [UNKNOWN] it doesn't have many apps yet, it doesn't have a huge app store and it has to show its way into the market or pretty much sold out by Apple and Samsung. Marcellus and various place of the permanent basis. So Jason, Luke what do you think? No, I mean, who needs this? Who needs this phone? Yeah. It's, it's, you know, it's Android, in reality underneath. Mm-hm. Like the Kindle Fire is. Yeah. The tablet. But they've done stuff to it. They've made it look like Amazon. They forked it. They forked it, to use the expression. Which means you can't use Google Play, so it uses the Amazon App Store, which as we alluded to earlier, is not brilliant. Yeah. It's not awful. And the one advantage of it is you do get one free app a day, I think, normally on the Amazon App Store. Okay. But, you know, it, it, it doesn't mean you kind of look at the stuff that is available on Android, all Android phones and you, you just can't find it. So you, you're paying the same amount of money that you would for an S5 or an iPhone or something and you get something that isn't really as fully featured I don't think. And you know, it seems like a really, it seems like a good phone for Ama. If, if everyone had one, it would be great for Amazon. Yeah. But, but why is that good for me? Yeah, sure. I'm the, the, I'm the consumer. But why? I'm not, I'm not convinced. This phone's unique selling point is, is, is basically the same unique selling point that the Kindle Fire successfully had, which was like this is a, a cheap thing that's really easy to use. But this phone's not cheap, it's, it's just as expensive as other high end phones, and like Android has come on so far in terms being more simple to use, as well as everyone's been using smartphones for a few years now. I feel like collectively we're quite trained on how smartphones work. So I'm just, it doesn't look that much simpler either, so I think they've missed the boat because 4 years ago, then maybe when kinda Android was still rough around the edges, they could've been like here's the simplest phone and it can do all of your Amazon. Communicated Marcellus and various place of the permanent basis. Probably, maybe. Let's say a year, total guess. Let's a say year. Mm-hm. And by then, I mean, everything'll moved on to another year, and you'll probably be getting this generation's phone out here. Oh. It's kinda laughing already. [CROSSTALK] Well, Stuart Hurry on Facebook says 3D or not 3D? Nice Shakespeare pun there. [LAUGH]. The Fire phone, considering the crash and burn of the HDX and the near constant fire sales, what are the chances of the phone making it outside of America? [CROSSTALK] Well, I think it would probably come here in about a year, and. [LAUGH] I actually don't mind that. Yeah. [LAUGH] All right, fair enough. It's a good point. I mean, 3D, they tried to make 3D a selling point in there. It was the was it LG had a big thing with 3D? Yeah, the Ultimate 3G. Mm-hm. Yeah, and they didn't really getting out of it. 2011. I think [LAUGH]. Well, speaking of which, I mean, we've got another question about [UNKNOWN] don't we? Yeah, [UNKNOWN] says with the Fire phone 3D motion, what's stopping people from being motion sick like in iOS 7's Parallax feature? I imagine nothing is stopping being motion sick and people probably will be. Apple made it possible to turn off that, parallax, 3D effect in iOS 7 so if it was making you uneasy, you can turn it off so. something on [INAUDIBLE] 4. And really didn't work very well. Yeah. But it sounds like in theory it should work better because it's just all sensors going on. And I like the, I, some of the gestures are cool, so like if you kind of twitch your hand to the left, you can bring up kind of menus to the side, so. Maybe it'll actually be easy to use with one hand, but I can just see myself like, twitching it and just, throwing it by accident. Like aah! Yeah. Someone with a hangover's all the place there, you know. [LAUGH]. This is not the rich, trend phone. [LAUGH] Of, of, buying stuff by accident, some playing music, I don't know what's [CROSSTALK]. No phones are [INAUDIBLE]. [LAUGH]. If I can keep it in my hand alone, it'll be a miracle. [LAUGH]. so, but for the moment we have to file this on, on the list of phones that we can't get over here, so that [INAUDIBLE] for example is yes. 5 active is another one. Oh, yeah. That's, Oh, AT&T, maybe, or some, or maybe Verizon? It's in America, anyway. It could be British. It could be British. Yeah. Yeah, that's just like a more rugged version of the S5. Mm-hm. If you ever, you wanted that. So, you can't get that. Yeah. There's a few different, I think there's some Nokia variants, as well, that you, that you, you only get in the U.S.. I don't think you can get over here. The Nokia Icon. Lumia, the Nokia Lumia Icon. Which I think is coming here. I can't remember what it is, it's like the 940 or something. Right. I don't, there is a, there is a number which [LAUGH] is basically the same thing but we call it a different name. But yes it's good. We get some phones though don't we that no one else enjoys. Well that no one else but. Or enjoys. We get somethings that the U.S. doesn't have to suffer through. There's some Sony phones. Yeah. Pretty much. Everything from Sony in fact comes here and, and, and Asia first before the U.S and you know, And Wallway? Yeah. Thank goodness for that. We get those Wallway phones. Mm. Yeah. Well yeah. Lots of cheap 4G options with [UNKNOWN] way to fair. That's quite [CROSSTALK]. That's true. Yeah and I think the EE Kestrel which we keep meaning to review is the 99 pound 4G phone that's ED branded. I think that's actually Huei something. Yes I believe it's a rebranded [INAUDIBLE] media pad something. Cool. All right, Well if you want to now a little bit more about Fire, we've got a first take. We got photos we got video we got all that kind of good stuffs. Just have a look for Amazon Fire phone on Cnet. Dot com. And all right. Why don't we move on to the CNet U.K. podcast quiz this year in hon, this week in fact, not this year. In honor of the Amazon Fire Phone's 3D interface, we're stepping into the third dimension. Woo. It's like were coming out the screen. [LAUGH] So, yes, fingers on the [UNKNOWN] chaps. Oh, hang on. All right, you ready, ready fingers on the buzzers. We need to know what we sound like. Queers. So, so Luke, what, why don't you hit your button. Luke sounds like this. [MUSIC] Oh my word, you don't wanna hear that more than twice, do you? No, you don't. No, no. Well you're about to. Jason sounds like this. Excellent, excellent. So fingers on buzzers, fastest fingers first. Okay. It's all about 3D remember. To the nearest, well within 5 years, in what year was the first feature length color and sound 3D movie released? 1929. I'm afraid not no, it could be more than 5 years. [NOISE]. Now, go ahead. Ha, ha. 1974. I'm afraid you press that. Well you both were so way out by roughly the similar margins. Yeah. [LAUGH] It was 1952, it comes with one and devil. Okay, cool. 1952, I think you meant first sound. I don't know when that was, but I feel maybe- Feature length. It would be earlier. Rubbish. Okay. All right. Fair enough. Okay. Yeah, it's a tough one. It's a tough one. There you go. Right. Now, question two. Fingers on [UNKNOWN]. The first phone with a 3D screen was released in Japan in 2002. It was made by which company? [NOISE] Luke Westaway? I like how long that does it. Fujitsu. No. Sharp. Is the correct answer. Yay! One point for Jason, it was the Sharp SH2. There you go. [LAUGH] And question 3, how many pixels, we're in 20 pixels, how many pixels per inch does the Amazon Fire phone cram into its screen? Jason? 323. Is within 20, that was good, yes. 315. Aah! Ohhh. Two points for Jason. And our winner this week is Jason Jenkins. Oh, two weeks in a row. Nice, two [UNKNOWN]. I guessed it right two weeks in a row. I'm here to win one of these quiz things. Actually, well. This is much more fun for us people listening. [LAUGH] So let us know what you think. Keep, keep coming back for the quiz cuz we're keeping it in. [LAUGH]. So that settles it, Jason is this week's winner. Anyway, we're all winners in a way. In a way, in a way, so you say the judge. [CROSSTALK]. Apart from me, I'm the actual winner. This is the only thing I've ever won, like ever. Never won sports days,. You won the quiz last week. Well, yeah, apart from that. Is there anything I've won ever in a week? We'll get a medal in that case. We'll get you a medal. Oh, we need a scoreboard now. We need a scoreboard, Mark, who you never see, we need a scoreboard. A laurel wreath. That the champion gets to wear until the end [CROSSTALK]. A bottle of champagne, that, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's spraying straight in everyone's ears, at the end of each [INAUDIBLE] Absolutely. Well, the real winners, of course, are the viewers and listeners. So, why don't we see what those guys are saying in this week's feedback. [MUSIC] [NOISE] James Hollingsworth says, when will Microsoft admit they need to drop out of the tablet market? Also they need to do something about Windows to get the main customer base to move forward. Before we chime in, some random guy, that's actually the name he put on Facebook, I'm not rude, says I think Microsoft products are decent, they just lack absent, abso, and absolutely poor marketing from Microsoft, always the last to follow trends. To which it was totally worthy. Only worthy seconds last before Amazon. Oh, yes of course. [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Then, so serve note for table great. Some are saying after this replies, I couldn't agree more to be fair. If I was to make it up, then I doubt I would market it towards the Microsoft store. And that's why I don't haven't got any apps on my phone. So thanks James Hollingsworth for that attitude. That means I can't play Angry Birds. It only works in the US stuches. Hilarious, [LAUGH] so I don't have any app. [LAUGH] What would you say to that? Honestly though, you can't do anything. yeah. I saw something. I saw something, about Windows, it was going around on Twitter. It was all about somebody who had bought 300 pound HP laptop, and their experience with it, and it was just reminded me of my experience buying a laptop that was Windows years ago. It was quite cheap. It's nothing's really changed. You kinda bought you laptop plugged it in had to download 96 updates. Couldn't download the updates. And symantic got in the way. I was thinking of a semantic. And I used to think well Microsoft has actually made something that isn't too bad if you haven't noticed. It's not great. It's not too bad, it's kind of fine. And then it gives it to all these other companies, and they go and **** it up by putting all their crap ware on it, and all the stuff that doesn't work. So a lot of it isn't even Lexus fault. Although it is, cuz they could probably just say don't install this. And maybe charge another 100 quid for it. Yeah. They go, that's my mark's off the spiel. Problem solved! Lesson learned for Android, I would imagine. All the bloat ware and stuff. Yeah, true. Louie Reed says, do you think technology will ever take over our knowledge and ability to think? If so, when and how? [LAUGH] That's quite specific. Does not compute. I think that may have already happened. Oh well. [LAUGH] I see. Ashwin [UNKNOWN] says, do you think that Blackberry will experience a revival with the inclusion of the Amazon app market in future phones. No. Short work of that. Liam K says, why hasn't the seem, the steam summer sale started yet? Oh, man what a tongue twister. [CROSSTALK] It wasn't this hard in rehearsal. Liam K says why hasn't the steam summer sale started yet- Yay! [UNKNOWN] virtual currency, but nothing's happening. Liam, the sale is rumored to kick of the day, on the day that we're recording, so probably starting by the time you are listening to this. Steam summer sale of course is the amazing video game bargain fest on [CROSSTALK] online Steam store, so do go see if you can snap up a deal. And finally, Bill Smith says why can't I get a UK voice on my Kindle Fire for text to speech? At the moment, it is a US voice and when reading a book to me, misses out a lot of words because it does not know how to pronounce them. Ah-ha. See so I, I miss out on a lot of words because I don't know how to pronounce them. [LAUGH] I, I've got a UK voice, so you know. Skip over them. Yeah. Yeah. Your behavior has been quite. [LAUGH] So let me ask you a question. Bring us back to Amazon. I guess the answer to that is, Amazon doesn't care. Amazon doesn't care about the UK. Oh. That's been established, yeah. To a point. Thank you everyone. Please keep the feedback coming by emailing us. That's our new e-mail address which I guess isn't really that new anymore. But still e-mail it. Cnetukpodcast@cbsi.com and, and that's it. It's all feedback. Okay thank you very much. So thank you very much Jason. Alright yeah. Cheers. [INAUDIBLE] mark you'll never see. That's our fire for this week. It's time to leave the building in an orderly manner without stopping to pick up coats and bags or even a lift. And see you next week. Bye. [MUSIC]

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