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CNET News Video: Amazon debuts Firefly technology

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CNET News Video: Amazon debuts Firefly technology

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Amazon's Jeff Bezos shows off a new technology called Firefly for its new Fire Phone that recognizes QR codes, scans items, and acts as an everyday shopping-scanner.

Alright. How about something a little bit different? I'm going to demo something we call Firefly for you. I think you're going to like it. I am going to go really fast because I want to show you how fast this is. I'm gonna press and hold the firefly button. And starts recognizing things, phone number, recognizes the book, recognizes the DVD, QR code, CD Recognize an oral. How about a game What's this? Kosher salt, look at the bar code Kind bars. Spot It, great family game, highly recommended. I have a Nutella lever in my house and dish washing detergent. All right, so, let's pull up the history on those. And take a look. I did that fast as you could see, how quick firefly is. There's the, you see the dish washing detergent at the top? the Nutella and the spot it and so on, and we can come down. Now we recognize the phone number, we recognize the oral. I can tap on any of these items, and there are actions. So I'll tap on the book and you can see I can buy the Kindle edition, I can buy the paperback, I can go into the audio book store, I can share it with a friend, and so on. Okay. I wanna also show you. That Firefly can not only see, but Firefly can also listen as well. [MUSIC] Sunshine by Courtyard Hound. And let's look at the actions here, you can buy the MP3, you can buy the CD, but you can also, third parties can build actions for Firefly. So here's I heart radio as one example, Well, I heart radio does have, a action, that, creates an I heart radio station. Using the song that I just recognized as the seed for the station. Let's tap on that. Let's just do it. And there it is. It's as easy as that. Okay, pause that. And Firefly can even recognize TV shows. Can you play that episode please? That's not what happened! Yes, it is. They all attacked me and she threw my sword in the river. Liar. Shut up. Enough! He tells me one thing, she tells me another. We have just recognized [NOISE] [LAUGH]. We've just recognized the King's road. It's episode two from season one of Game of Thrones. And we haven't just recognized the episode, we've recognized the scene. So we are 49 minutes and one second into that scene. And so now we have all the x-ray data available. You can see all the actors in that scene. One of the actions here you can just quickly just go to the imdb page if you want more detail. Okay. Firefly can recognize something else too. Firefly can recognize art. Let's try this. Cornflowers. Tap on the action there, will pull up the Wikipedia entry. You can learn about the artist, learn about the painting. Can you pull up the next painting, please. Man with Red Hat, pull up that. There you go. Wikipedia info, learn about the painting, learn about the artist. One more thing. If you pull up the phone number. Just, if you're walking down the street, you can do this from a distance too. You don't have to be, it doesn't have to be a poster. So there I just recognized that phone number. That's it. Super simple. These are, so the other, I mean there are just tons and tons of techniques that have to be stitched together to make this work in the real world. And all of that work on Firefly, all of that advanced computer science. Would it be completely wasted if you couldn't get to firefly quickly. So that's why we gave firefly a dedicated button. Press or hold the firefly button, no matter what you are doing, if you are in the middle of text messages, anything that you are doing on the phone. Press and hold that button even from the lock screen, even behind your pin and, baam, up comes Firefly. The fireflies get released and they immediately start recognizing. That's really critical because if you have to, you know, type in your pin or go to your app grip, find the right app, tap on something. And then get it recognizing, there's so much friction in that process, you, were just not gonna use it very often. Firefly is so easy to access customers gonna love this and super exciting for us,. Is they're also making available a software development kit, so third party developers can build on top of Firefly. [MUSIC]

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