Loaded: Amazon announcement on Wednesday
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Loaded: Amazon announcement on Wednesday

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Google News adds tags for exclusive or investigative content, Amazon and Netflix add more streaming video content from Fox and DreamWorks, respectively, and Amazon is set to make a big product announcement in two days.

-It's Monday, September 28, 2011. I'm Wilson Tang on CNET.com and it's time to get loaded. If you are about to buy a tablet or e-Reader, better hold off for a few days. Amazon will announce a new product on Wednesday and analyst are predicting it to be an android tablet. If that's the case watch out iPad or could just be a new version of the Kindle possibly a touchscreen version to compete with the Nook and Sony e-Reader. Visit CNET Wednesday morning for live coverage of the press conference. Amazon did announce other news today. It has made a deal with Fox to include a new selection of movies and TV shows with instant streaming service. In the fall, the library room will include shows like 24, Arrested Development, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Wonder Years. Prime members now have access to more than 11,000 movies and TV shows for unlimited instant streaming. Dreamworks ended it's partnership with HBO and is taking it content to Netflix, But the much needed good news for Netflix really isn't all day great. Viewers won't able to learn to train your dragon or lessons from the Kung Fu Panda until 2013 and according to the New York Times report, HBO is crime over the last since it became partners with Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the Twilight franchise. Media organizations will be fighting to be a featured story in Google new now. New sites can add tags to story to indicate it is an exclusive or investigative project and Google's algorithm can wait with more importance, but if the newspaper does it more than 7 times a week, they will be punished by having the tags downgraded. Tumblr will announce on Monday it has raised an additional 85 million dollars in funding from several venture capitalists including Virgin CEO, Richard Branson. Tumblr founder David Karp told the New York Times that the sites growth has exploded in the past year as celebrities like Lady Gaga joined pushing traffic from 2 billion to 13 billion pages views a month. More than 30 million blogs have been created on tumbler and a report from Nielsen says that the Tumblr audience has tripled in the past year draws in more female teens than any other social network. Speaking of social networks, Facebook hopes to move more small businesses as it will announce a program to give away 10 million dollars I free advertising to small business. The Wall Street Journal reports that the program is part of a partnership with the US chamber of commerce and national federation of independent business. In January, it will give away 50 to 200 thousand dollars to small business. Those re your headlines for today, I'm Wilson Tang for CNET.com and you just been loaded.

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