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Always On's live torture test at CES: Always On

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Always On: Always On's live torture test at CES

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Want to see if the iPad can survive liquid nitrogen? Or how about dropping the Surface tablet from a ladder? Molly Wood and Brian Tong torture a slew of gadgets at CES in Las Vegas. See which ones survive and which ones fail.

-Hello everyone. I am Molly Wood. Welcome to Always On at CES 2013. Hello audience. -What's up everybody? How you guys doing? -Hi. -They're all safely behind the caution tape over there and I think you're gonna see why in a little bit. Sorry guys. I think it's gonna be worth it, though. You'll be able to see it on the big screens. All right, we are about to do something that I am fairly certain you're not gonna see anywhere else at CES this year. -There's no-- There's no way now. I'm Brian Tong. I'm here to assist the lovely Molly here while we do all these crazy things. We're getting the showmance from [unk] today so that we can basically break a lot of things. -Break things. So, for those of you who are watching at home, live streaming right now, you may not be familiar with my show, Always On. It's kind of like an extreme reviews show. Thank you for this Top Gear for tech. Now, one of the things that we do is something called torture testing. So, I put these gadgets through pretty intense testing, but it's all to simulate the kinds of things that can happen in real life, like, when you leave your car on a-- you leave your gadget in a car on a hot day or on a snowy day, you drop them in water which happens all the time obviously, the toilet. -You've done that before? -I haven't, yes. -How many of you have actually dropped your phone or device in the toilet bowl? Raise your hands. -Yes, there are hands up back there. -And how many of you have used it immediately after? -Oh! Let's [unk] -[unk] you guys keep it real. Keep it real. -The toilet is the number one device or the number one thing-- Actually, I read that it's the number two. The first most common is cooking disasters in the kitchen. But this stuff really does happen. -Yes. -So, every gadget that comes on the show goes through this battery of tests: the heat, cold, water, drop test, and then a wild card test that we makeup. So, in case you have not ever seen it, here's a quick look at some of the things that we have done in the past. -Time for the opposite of a day at the pool into the freezer. Go little buddy. -I'm keeping the case on, hot pink. It might keep it a little warmer [unk] my freezer. I think, maybe, my camera needs to go into the ice, see if it can handle the cold. -The crystal pattern is. It's going in the oven, 200 degrees for one hour. -I wanna bake an egg on the surface. A little overdone. It does not say fireproof, anyone on there. Turns out 200 degrees, not the ideal temperature for cookies. -Oh, it does not smell good. I tell you that. Come on. Come on. -I haven't even seen the Nexus really. -Oh yeah. -Oops. Oh! -Try bowling. -Oh. You've change the [unk]. Oh no. -Feed it. -No! -Oh, my Kindle. Cookie. Oh no! It's gonna be okay Kindle. Good job. -Oh. My phone. My phone is in my pocket. -But I have to check the water and see if it's warm enough. And then, oh no. I know you've all done this. I'm right here. -In my snap. I mean, I would have assumed it would have cracked and then it's not cracking. -Oh, that's not in good shape at all. -This thing is coming through with flying colors. -Be careful with your Nexus 7 folks. This could happen to you. We have two juice-soaked Cheeto encrusted grease covered iPod touch at least at this second totally still entertaining children. -Oh yeah. -So, it's a pretty fun job basically, but this has all been, I think, pretty helpful. The Samsung Galaxy 3, for example, went through all kinds of torture testing. It came out of the washing machine and still worked after we dried it out for a couple of days in a bag of rice, so it's actually-- people have e-mailed me and said that's the phone I bought because it was so tough. So, we are trying, generally speaking, with the show to give you useful buying advice, not so much today. Today's testing will be a little more intense. For example, we have a ladder for dropping things from and our wild card-- -Is? -is liquid nitrogen. -Liquid nitrogen. You remember Terminator 2 and the T-1000? He was undestructible-- indestructible. -Yeah. Indestructible. -Well, we're gonna see if some of these devices are just as indestructible. So, we're gonna be torturing all kinds of big-name gadgets today, like the major full-sized tablets. We're talking about the iPad 3. That doesn't bother me at all. I wanna see that thing go down. -You've decided about that. -The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 incher and the Nexus 10. We'll drop test just about everything including a Lytro camera. That camera is $400, guys. A Kindle, a rugged camera-- -You know what, to be fair, it's super annoying, though. -No. -Lytro. -I like Lytro and I wanna also destroy that. A Kindle, a rugged camera, and a Nexus 7, and we'll test out some super rugged cases on both the ladder and the liquid nitrogen test. You know, they say these cases protect it from anything. We're gonna find out about that. -We're gonna find out. We're gonna put that to the test. And if you watch the show, you know that I actually don't like to just waste these devices after they've been through the ring. I am trying to do legitimate buying advice and to keep my-- not today, like I said, that's why we're not gonna freeze everything, terminator style. But we always give our tortured devices away, so we're gonna do the same thing here today as long as it is safe to give you guys one of these devices after we have dropped it or heated it or whatever. -Who out there wants a broken Nexus 7? Put your hands together. -Broken Nexus 7. Broken Nexus 10. -That's what I'm talking about. -And you know what we've actually gotten videos at the show from people who have taken these things, gotten them repaired. You saw that IBM ThinkPad, the X1 carbon Ultrabook,-- -Soaked. -which I soaked with coffee, hot coffee, and someone just replaced the keyboard and the battery and sent us the video of themselves using it. So, it's all-- hopefully, you will just give it a better home. -All right, guys, now, to tease you a little more, there is fishbowl going around and you can drop your card in there to try and win one of these poor, poor creatures. -It maybe-- back to life. -and give them just a little better home. You know massage them, love them, kiss them. -Kiss them. -Do whatever you guys do with your gadgets. I don't care. -Repair the screens. Put your business cards in the fishbowl that will go out this whole time and you could win something. It's like-- It's our own sort of wild card. Enough talking. Let's get to the gadgets. -All right. -We are heading on over to our station. -Let's turn up the heat now. -Let's do it. All right. So what happens with the heat and the cold test is that we put them in for a certain amount of time. So, normally, a car on a hot day can get up to about 155 degrees. We boost that a tiny bit because it's a shorter period of time. That's my logic. So, we usually-- it is like-- That's hot. -I'm just testing-- I'm testing to see how hot is this guys, like, you know, do you ever-- It's about like have you ever walked out on a hot sunny day on the asphalt and your feet burned, it's a little hotter than that. -It's like that. It's like if you sit on your black leather seat after it's been in the sun for a while and get the burning thighs. -I think it's hotter than that. I think it's hotter than that. -So, this is actually-- this is about 200 degrees and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is gonna go in here for 20 minutes. -Oh, that's [unk] -20 minutes! Usually, we do-- Usually, we do an hour. So, this is like nothing. -I will warn you there are occasionally toxic fumes related to doing that thing. -That's why we didn't prepare ourselves with toxic fumes today. -But look, we even have these cute little cards [unk]. All right, so, and it goes. It's got the-- You know what, this is our little infrared thermometer, so we should see how hot it actually is in here. And look at this cute little owl timer that we got. Okay. Focus. -Yeah. -It's just adorable. You know what, we need our towel, I think, though, to lay the Kindle on. -You know, our producer over there just yelled in my year, careful. -So we can get that. She did. She's our momma. She's totally our momma. Let's see if I can make this even more-- Wait, wait, wait, we need our towel. -Oh, we need a towel? -Oh, it is-- it's a balmy 140 degrees in here. It's like nothing. -[unk] -So, we usually-- I lay it on a towel 'cause I don't really want the plastic to be directly on the-- I'm trying. I'm trying to protect it a little bit. In the past, we've had a little bit of meltage. I think the IBM X1, actually the carbon Ultrabook, probably had the worst damage from the oven. It started to separate-- the back sort of separate from the screen a little bit, which was really disappointing 'cause that is supposedly a rugged laptop and that is the only one I think that's actually really had a problem. Yeah, it's not gonna smell good in a little while. -Okay, so, we're gonna put that in for 20 minutes, set-- -And set our timer. Let's see if I can outsmart the owl. Oh, I got-- I got-- I got to close this like 20 minutes. The owl is the hardest part of this job today. Okay, next up-- -We're gonna go over to the cold-- right. -The cold station. I think you should-- I think you should do the honors here since I know how you feel. By the way, our cooler is full of beer and sodas, which we could also pass out after this. -Who wants a soda? -Does not have any beers. Don't throw sodas at the-- oh my God. -Good reflexes. Good reflexes. -Kind of close seriously. But that's around like three people. I just had a little heart attack. -All right. So, what we're going to drop in this guy here, [unk]. This is an iPad 3. -Yup. iPad 3. Now, this iPad actually-- -Ooh, everyone is like, oh, God, that's cold. That's cold. -It's hot. This has already had a long history with Always On. This is-- This is one of the first gadgets that we ever torture tested. -Working right now guys. -We dropped it a whole bunch of times. We dunked it-- Actually, I spilled a glass of water-- it's all-- and it has come through with flying colors. This thing has actually been pretty tough, which is why it's now getting an ice bath, which is a combination cold and water 'cause it's a little melty. -Okay. So you're gonna just drop this bad boy in? -Yup. -Make sure it's in there deep. -Just make sure it's nicely buried here. -Okay, okay. -I'll make a little-- it's cold. -Oh here. Here we go guys. Look, oh yeah, that [unk] worked no more. -Oh yeah. -Oh, still good, yeah! -Here we go. Hey, this is gonna surprise me. The screen just turned off. We have static right in here too. -All right. So do we have a timer for how long we're gonna put on this [unk] -We do. Where is that timer? Oh, we have a tomato for this one. -Just like a deformed apple. -I love these timers. All right. Oh, it is kind of a deformed apple. It's pretty appropriate. -Okay. -Okay, so these are gonna cook for 20 minutes while we do some of our other testing. Meanwhile, we'll move on to drop test. -This is my favorite part. Okay. -That was my favorite part too. -[unk] work it on, though. Okay. -It--- -Okay, sorry. -I'm sorry it didn't go. All right, so we have here the Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch tablet, right? -Yeah. -No, no, this is the Nexus 10. -This is the Nexus 10. Sorry. -We already did the Kindle. It's over there. -Nexus 10 right here. -Pay attention Brian. -I'm totally paying attention. -This is the Nexus 10, and so far, so we have previously torture tested the Nexus 7 on this show, not the Nexus 10. I was somewhat disappointed about the build quality of the Nexus 7. Now, it's an inexpensive tablet, so that's not a huge surprise, but it definitely-- we have to-- we went through three of them. Let me just put it that way because-- -But then it lasts the torture test very-- with very long way. -No, we saw it immediately broke upon the drop test. It did not even come close to surviving the water test, and then, it even had [unk] after. -Who's gonna cry if I drop this in here? Who's gonna cry? -The heat test. I'm gonna back up. -No, no, no. -So, okay, this thing is gonna sit in here for 20 minutes or anything. This gets like a quick dunk, maybe about 30 seconds while you panic and then-- -All right, should we just put it in, guys? -and then we take it out. -All right, hey, I want you guys to count with me. Okay. We're gonna to do a three, two, one, drop it. All right, here we go guys. Ready? Three, two, one, drop it! -Drop it! -Drop it! -I know it's babbling. -Oh, oh. -Oh! -Oh! That scream is off. -It's gonna be fun guys, right? No. -Yeah. I think we should let it soak for like just a couple of seconds. Maybe a rescue? Maybe a rescue? Let's rescue it. Now, we're gonna do all the things you're not supposed to do when you dunk something in water, which is we're gonna try to turn it on, even though that's exactly the opposite of what you're supposed to do. If you drop something in water, immediately power it down, take it apart as much as you can, and then dry it out-- -I'm holding the towel-- -in a-- look, there's actually water inside the screen. Turn that around so we can see. It's kind of like one of those little toys that has to stay under the water that sort of-- yeah. -You think it's about-- All right. -Our producer, by the way, once again, just came into our ear and said stop doing that. -She's scared. I scared her. -She does not like any of this and we haven't even gotten to the ladder. -Okay. Okay, here we go. -Right. We're not gonna try to turn this on 'cause there's water in the inside. So, later, we'll take this and try to put it in a-- or one of you will take this and put in a bag of rice. The previous Kindle, the-- what is it? The 7-inch? -Yeah. -The Kindle Fire HD 7-inch, that's the one you saw in that teaser video actually that I damped a soda on and then hosed down to try to rescue it from the soda. That actually-- This is like the water is just dripping out. -It's dripping out of it. -And you can see it-- -I don't know if you can see this line here. -There's like a water line and it's getting-- -Oh, look, it's filled. Can you guys see that? -Well, let me get the [unk] right there. It's filled with water and I'm moving it. There's a water line right there. -And the water is just dripping out. Oh, there it is. -Here we go. Hey, now, it's flat line. -See? Does it remind you one of those like [unk] kind of dustings. -What are those dustings? Yeah, okay, that's good. -Not that there's anything relaxing about this. -All right. -I know, let's put it on the sand with the towel underneath. Anyway, the smaller Kindle was fine after I spilled a soda on it and hosed it down. It didn't get a dunking, but I mean, like hosed it down with a high powered hose. And there was like, hey-- So I have, you know, I think there may be hope for this guy. I wonder if we put it like this. -Well, it really makes a difference. -There, it's got a little more dripping. -Really? -Will it really matter? All right, we are going to take a quick break. When we come back, we have a table full of devices that we're gonna drop on to a cement pad and then we'll get to the liquid nitrogen. See you in a minute. -Yehey. Welcome back everyone. We handed out a couple of sodas during the break with no beer 'cause I didn't wanna get us in trouble. Although, I am assured that you have to be 21 to get in here. We'll see. -Not a sound. -Now, though-- I don't think so. Now, though, it is time for the drop test. Under normal circumstances, mostly, people drop gadgets just from like this high. Right? How many of you guys have dropped your phone or your tablet? Almost everyone. How many of them survived? -A good amount. -Yeah, all right. We're gonna-- We're gonna push it a little farther than that, you know, and part of this is based on the assumption that this is what they do at the-- when they're trying test them. -When they're trying to test them [unk] how durable these actual gadgets are, so-- -So, we were like let's get a ladder. And we did. And Brian Tong is going up the ladder first. -I'm gonna go up the ladder. Okay. So, you want me to be a little guinea pig? -And drop a couple of things. Let's go over some of the little-- -Yeah. -some of the gadgets we have here 'cause we have sort of a remarkable, I don't think I can do this one. This is a Note 2. I just can't. -You can. No, no, no. -I love the Note. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. -Okay, we're gonna drop this one first because you just said that. -I love the Note 2. -Okay. -It's not gonna make it either 'cause we already torture tested the Note 2 Spoiler Alert. -Kinda fragile. -I was heartbroken because I love it. So we have a Lytro camera which we mentioned earlier, iPad Mini that's gonna hurt. -Yeah. I wanna drop that thing. -Oh, there are some people happy about that. -They should have-- They should have made one with the retina display. Let's drop that thing. Come on! -iPad 4 six months after iPad 3, you dropped. All right, actually, we don't have that here. The Surface tablet-- -No. -No. -No. -Some are happy. [unk] -We've got some little whiny babies over there, waah, waah. Oh, waah, waah. -Oh. You're terrible. All right, this case actually came from us from the nice people at G-Form who are showing it off here. So, they brought it over. This is their iPad Mini. So, apparently, they're feeling at least somewhat confident. -According to sources, it's been indestructible. We'll find out. -And now, we're like all right. You saw the ladder, though, right? All right, what else? Droid RAZR HD, the 8X right? -No problem. -HTC. -Yup. Windows phone 8X. -Windows phone 8X. That's a nice one. This is interesting. This is the Samsung Rugby Pro and this is supposed to be a rugged phone, so-- -We'll see. -We'll see. -Note 2 breaking my heart, Kindle Paperwhite, Nexus 7, Nook, iPhone 5. -Yeah. -It's a little-- This one is already a little messed up because it's the one that we tortured a bit. It's got some scratches on the back. We slit it, shuffle pack style across the pavement to see how scratchable that back really was. It turns out quite a bit. That happened one time. So, like, if you accidentally skidded your phone across the pavement, that's what it's gonna look like. -Okay, not bad. -iPhone 5 is one of the few phones that I highly recommend the case for. Otherwise, I feel like they're tougher than you expect, but this one is pretty fragile. And then of course, the Galaxy S3. -Okay. So, what are we gonna drop? -What will you choose? -Just hand them to me. Let's get this thing going. -All right. -I'm gonna climb the ladder. -And, oh my God, be careful up there. So, he's gonna drop and then I'm gonna go and assess the damage. Let's start with like a-- sort of an easy one. -Okay. What? So, guys, when we drop it, do we drop it flat or we drop it on its corner, guys? -Corner! -Exactly, that's how we do it. All right. Just count with me. We're gonna do three, two, one, drop it! Here we go. Ready guys? Three, two, one, drop it! -Drop it! -Drop it! -Oh. -Oh my gosh. Is that the screen? -That didn't go well. -Oh my gosh. -Yeah. -I feel so bad for that. -It turns out-- Brian, I can't believe it, but when you dropped it from 9 feet, you broke the screen. -That's horrible. -That's your basic bad damage right there. However, totally replaceable, so put your business cards in the fishbowl 'cause this can be yours. -Yeah, someone's gonna win that thing, right? -Okay. Let's set this aside and move on to the next. I don't think there's any need to do that one again. I think that the RAZR is supposed to be pretty tough, the Droid RAZR, right? RAZR HD. This is meant to be rugged. It's got Kevlar on the back. I have high hopes for this one. -Stop looking at my butt. -High hopes. -Okay, here we go, guys. -Ready? Three, two, one, drop it! Aah. -Hey. Oh my gosh. -Oh, hang on, hang on. -I just think it's like-- -Well, it's not like okay. It has hairline fractures. -Someone is like oh-- -So, now, I'm trying to turn it on. Oh. -Oh, I don't care. -Oh. And I'm pretty sure it came on before that drop, but now, it doesn't. -Oh. -So, that's also kind of-- Wow, that's a pretty big let down actually. They are not coming on. There's like-- I think there are glass shards in there from it. -Windows Phone 8 shards, so good. -This one though-- This one, I have seen people using phones in way worse condition than this. So, I'm gonna call this usable assuming that it comes on later on. -Do you guys wanna do something bigger? -Yeah. -'Cause normally, I think so. -'Cause bigger is better. -So far, we usually-- we assign, by the way, everything a pass/fail. I think we have a fail for sure on the HTC 8X and then a conditional pass on the Droid. -All right. -What are you thinking? You're ready-- You're ready to something a little larger? -I wanna drop this-- You know, we get a little bigger. I think we should do the Mini. I really-- I really wanna take that bad boy down. -You wanna go all the way to Mini? This is like a headliner. -Well, you know, we could just throw a different-- you wanna get a real Lytro? What do you wanna do? -Oh, we have this Mini. -I mean, it has a case on. I want something without a case. -He's really-- He's been wanting to drop the Mini all day. All right. -This is-- Hey, you know what, you tell me what to drop. This is okay. -I'm gonna give you-- I'm gonna give you what? -On the corner-- -Oh God. -Dear Lord, forgive me for I have sinned. Here we go, here we go. In three, two, one, drop it! -Two, one, drop! -Drop it! -Oh. -It went flat. -It went flat. It's getting-- It's getting kind of hard to get in here. Oh my God, the guy is totally okay. -Again! -Wait, wait. Well, it turned on. -Oh. -Oh! -There's life. -Whatever. We'll see if it survives liquid nitrogen out there. -I feel like you guys are all wonderful torture test apprentices too 'cause I heard you back there being like, try to get on the corner, which I will say. -One more drop! One more drop! One more drop! One more drop! All right, we hope this if this drops on the corner now, we've gotta live with that. All right, here we go, let's go. Three, two, one, drop it! -Three, two, one, drop it! -Drop! Oh! It wants to live. -It puts a weight in the booty, guys. What can you say? -That was hard. You know what, that's funny too because I took an iPad Mini to Paris recently and dropped it on the Champs-Elysees and it completely broke and this guy is a "okay." This seems this is our first success story. -I can tell you that I'd literally tried to drop it on its corner. -I know. -Everyone saw that here, right? -I saw it. -This is not like Apple Byte preference thing, right? -Nope. -Right. -This also seems like a good time to remind you to put your card in the fishbowl 'cause you could win this gadget. -Yeah, that's right. -This is totally safe to give away. -Okay. -The fishbowl, by the way, is over here by the red ball. All right. Let's see. Let's give you a couple more and then we'll switch-- -Hey, I like that, yeah. -How about-- Oh, you guys really wanna see the Surface. You got them on a little tablet run. I think I'm gonna do Nook first. I gotta save some of the good stuff for me. -Yeah, yeah, for sure. -I mean, not that the Nook is not good, which it is. The Nook is good and I think the Nook is somewhat sturdy. -All right, here we go. Ready? Let's do it. Three, two, one, drop it! -Oh. -Oh, there's damage. I can already tell. Oh. Oh, yeah, we have some coming apart at the bottom here, but it comes on, totally still usable. -Welcome back, covered under your 30-day warranty. -I know your Nook is-- your Nook is okayish except that your little SD card slot here, I think, is not in good shape. So, that's not gonna be as usable anymore. -Okay, here, I want you-- -No, longer expandable. -Why don't you come up and drop-- -Oh, okay. Okay. I can't believe the iPad is okay. All right. Oh God. It turns out this ladder is pretty high. -One more step. -Why do we do this? This is awful. -Yeah, yeah, that's-- -One more step. Let's try the iPad Mini with a case since we've already-- You're gonna have to retire on that shorty. Okay, so this is the G-Form case that they lent us to try to drop. They asked us to drop it flat. We'll see what we can do. -I'm like ah! -That's gonna be anticlimactic, but it's okay. -I mean if, if-- -If you could, get it. -The one-- If the one with-- -You're the pitcher. -If the one without the case survived flat and we dropped it flat, it's probably gonna survive. -I don't know if the-- -I'm in-- -I think it's okay. -I think I pitched it like a dog. -Well, I did. -Okay. -It's totally fine you guys. That case, you can tell, is completely tough. -Still good, still good, guys. -Still good. -Your iPad is okay. -Okay. What do you want next? -Okay, next-- -You got iPhone 5 on in? -Let's go-- Let's go to Nexus 7. That has been dramatic in the past. Alrighty. Okay, I'll go up one more step for this. Oh God. All right. I'm gonna die. It's okay if they do, but not me. All right, Nexus 7. Ready? -You're gonna do it on the corner, corner, corner-- -Three, two-- What? You guys, you only do that for BT? -Hey, come on-- Let's go-- Let's do a-- Hold on the corner. -You say it. -Hold on the corner. -All right, okay. -All right. Here we go. Three-- -Make them do that thing. -Three, two, one, drop it! -Two, one, drop it! -Oh! -Oh! -Now, that's exciting. It came part. -Wow, this is amazing. The Nexus screen is awesome there. -By the way, we have the super-- We have this wonderful system on there, GoPro that is streaming, so that's how we're getting that cool split screen there. -All right, here we go guys. We're gonna do-- -See if it comes on. -one more test here, which is good. -He's like where's the-- I think maybe that thing has a test on that, I do think, for that thing to go on. -Yeah, which-- Oh, yeah, I gotta get the buttons on that part. Okay, okay, here we go. This is like-- I feel like I'm at Foxconn right now. Okay. -Go! -I'm just up here on the ladder. -Too soon? Okay, here we go. I'm trying to be able to play the Source, okay. Here we go. Holding the power button, holding the power button. No. -No. -Huh. -All right. -All right, let's keep going. -Okay. -I bet that's gonna be fine. I'm not worried about that. Usually, when they come apart like that, they're okay, like the Galaxy S3. I think part of the reason that it survived so many drops was that it could come apart pretty easily and the unibody construction makes it harder not only for it to absorb a drop, but also to dry it out. So, the unibody of like an iPhone is sometimes more dangerous 'cause you can't take it apart to dry it out. I think that's why the S3 has been more durable in our test. -Speaking of the iPhone-- -Speaking of the iPhone-- -here we go. -All right, time for the iPhone 5. -That's not my personal one, right? Okay. I just wanna make sure. -No, no. -I just wanna make sure. -It does still work. You can see my little kit on there, but this is the one that we've already tested. So, okay, make him do the thing. -Holding on the phone. Here we go, guys. Let's go. Three, two, one, drop it! -Three, two, one, drop it! -I know. I thought he's still playing. -You know, it kind of fell sideways, but you got-- you have the damage here where it actually made impact right here. Can you see that? Oh, yeah-- -But otherwise, it's okay. -Right on that corner, right there. Everyone is like, wow, I'm mesmerizing. -Next. -Okay, yeah, it's-- Okay, let's-- -All right, let's do-- let's do a rugged phone. Let's see how a-- Oh, we gotta do the Surface, you're right. -Let's do the left-- -Let's-- yup. -Let's just-- let's just do it. -It's time. -I don't know. That thing is heavy. Ah. -Okay, see. I want you guys to know that during his announcement, Steven Sinofsky dropped this thing a whole bunch of times. He skateboarded on it. It was pretty tough when Jeff Cannata had to go on it. Oh nurse, I'm gonna die on this ladder. Okay, make him go. -I'll make him go. -Yeah, make him do the thing. -All right, here we go, hold it up high, Molly. Here we go. Three, two, one, drop it! -Three, two, one, drop it! Oh! -Oh! -That did a little bump. -That was dramatic. -That did fall on the corner. Okay, here we go. -I think I can see some damage from here. -So, you can see some of the battle damage here where the camera-- the alignment of the little camera piece here. The metal has been warped. Right? Oh, that's too bad. -Oh! -Oh. -Oh, does that hurt? -No, but, dude, turn it around, turn it around. Look! It's on. -Yeah! -It's sending a message. I'm okay. I'm okay to go. -That guy is clapping. I'm like-- -Where's that guy? -All right. And here's the corner where it hit, but there you go. Surface up to this point. -Survived. -Surface has been really tough for us. All right. Let's do one ruggedized phone and then we're gonna have to take a quick break and then we'll get to liquid nitrogen. -Okay, this is the last. -Don't you worry. -This is your little rugby guy. -It turns out it takes a long time to drop a bunch of stuff. All right, oh, we'll go back to heat and cold, right? Okay. All right, here we go. This is the Samsung Rugby Pro ruggedized phone. So, if it is not fine, I'll be very surprised. Okay ready? -All right, here we go, let's do it guys. In three, two, one, drop it! -Three, two, one, drop it! -Oh. -Wow. -It's rugged. -Molly, it works out clearly. Okay, here we go. The USB port guide did open on the drop. That's kind of new. It's a new feature. And over here, here's the battle damage here. You got the little rugged-- I did chip. -Oh, rubber chip. -Do you wanna be on the show all the time because-- -All right, so, there you guys have it. Let's see if we can power this bad boy on here. -That's not so bad, though. I mean-- -Here we go. -Right. -He's alive! -There you go. Survived! Boom! -Okay. -I love it. All right, I'm gonna come down from this ladder. We're gonna go rescue our tablets from the heat and the cold, see how they are doing. -All right, chef, what you got? -All right, we still have a few-- Oh no-- Ding. -Perfect? -Ding! The timer ended. I didn't hear the ding, but I don't want you guys to think that we're like skimping on our time in the oven 'cause-- -Oh. -I know. Let's open that guy up. We have our-- -I'm gonna tell you how [unk] -Yeah, we have these little earpieces in, and really, our producer from the back every time is just like, please God-- -I can kind of smell it, I think. -be careful. Yeah. If they-- You know, they do get a slightly strong chemical smell. Okay, let's get this guy out of here. -All right. -I'm probably gonna let it cool for a minute since it will probably be too hot to touch while we rescue the other guy from the-- Oh, yeah. Get away from that. -You really wanna smell it? -It sort of-- not like a-- -That's not right. -Oh, our iPad is done too. Yeah. -Oh, yeah, yeah. It's got some nice, you know, something on it, yeah, for sure. -Shall we see if we can power it on while it's still hot? -You wanna-- Yeah, sure, go for it. Let's see what happens. -I will. My biggest complaint about the Kindle-- -You got a really big thumb. -Honestly, it's like you can never figure out where the power button is. I think it's-- -Why would you do that? -It's super hot. I'm not saying it was the smartest thing I ever did. There's a part where Bonnie is like, "What did I tell you? Be careful!" All right, this is-- -You're gonna let it cool down just a little-- -I'm gonna let it cool and so it's-- -Is it too hot to handle? -It's too hot to handle. -Well, let's go to too cold to hold. -What's wrong with them? Oh, wow. -What is wrong with this guy? -I don't know, but I love it. -Okay. Would you mind if I turn this off? Ding. Okay. Next up, oh man, I think you should do the honors here 'cause that is-- -You want me to set this guy up? All right, this is when we dropped the iPad 3 inside of here. The screen immediately turned off just because it just wanted to go to sleep. That's all. -It's been-- Oh, that's [unk] You can totally see that here. I'll help you out. -Here we go. Let's see if we can grab this down in the bottom if you guys can see here. Yup, there's the water. We've got a fish tank baby. -We do have a little-- for very, very small fishes. -Okay. -So, yeah, this would be unfortunately due to meltage turnout to be. Look at the-- It's frosting up from how cold it is there on the screen. This was both-- It's seems we're like running out of towels. -Yeah, I got it, I got it. -This turned out to be both the water and a frozen test, but I think we should try to turn it on. What do you think? -Yeah, go for it. -Even though-- it's full of water-- -Yeah, the screen is definitely frosted on the front. -I have high hopes. -There's no way that thing is gonna turn-- Oh! Oh wait. Wait, did it-- did it-- -With water. -You guys, the iPad is so tough. -Wow, that's awesome. -There's water inside-- Look at the water inside the screen. -There's the water guys. Who wants this one? -I want it! -With a high water mark on the iPad, it's about halfway [unk] -That's pretty-- That's pretty impressive. -We should power it down, though, 'cause it's gonna totally blow up. -Before it explodes. -That I gotta say, this is everything everybody would-- -Whatever who cares. -This is-- We have found this over and over with the iPad since this is a device that you give your kids a lot of the time. You can feel pretty confident 'cause I've done a lot of stuff with this iPad and it is okay for now. -Okay. -We're gonna take a quick break. When we come back, liquid nitrogen time. -Liquid nitrogen, come on! -We got-- We got our awesome Chuck Currie, special effects engineer, waiting for us up on stage because he's gonna be doing most of the actual-- -Look at how excited he looks too, chef. -He is excited. He's fired up. Chuck looks so bad ass. All right, we'll be right back, you guys. -All right, now. Okay. Here we go. This is, all right, Amazon Kindle Fire HD that we put in. We'll just get it really quickly. It's still hot to touch the glasses a little. You know, I can cook something on this. I'm gonna press the power button right now. We're gonna see what happens, okay? -Oh! -Wooh! Too hot! That is literally too hot. It didn't survive, guys. Oh, it might actually-- You know what, if it cools down, we'll check it later, but yeah, it's trying to make it. -It's okay. Okay. -It's kind of there. It's kind of there. Okay, well, you know what, why won't we get to the real business? Kindle Fire-- -Kindle Fire-- -showing us what its worth. All right. -It'd be all right. -Okay. And with that, I'm here with Chuck. I'm ready to get suited up for a liquid nitrogen. I have my apron on for splashing and look at the-- like look at the freezing steam coming out of this thing. Have you worked with liquid nitrogen a lot, Chuck? -We used it with special effects to do fog effects-- -Yeah. -and different type of smoke effects. -But not to-- -Not so much in this-- in this-- -dip electronics. -dipping electronics, no. -What do you think [unk]? Have you seen anything that you're gonna buy 'cause it's so stuff? -I already have the Mini. So-- -Were you happy to see the outcome there? -I was happy to see that's-- you know, aerodynamic enough to fall on its back every time you're trying to hit the corner. That was nice. -That's the thing. Do you think-- Okay, so, here we have a GoPro camera. -Yeah. -We have a GoPro camera? -I do. -We have an iPhone 5 in a ballistic case-- -Right. -which they say is like military spec, but there are holes. -Uh-huh. -And then, we have the naked iPad. Do you think anything on this table is gonna make it? We also even have-- I think we can't do the Samsung, right? -I don't know. -Anyway, we're gonna do this two. -Liquid nitrogen is 321 degrees below zero, so-- -Sort of. GoPros must be really tough. -That-- We will see what that case is like. -Wait. Can you give us like a little demonstration? -Sure. -I'll put my gloves and my goggles and stuff on. Show us what happens to things when they go in liquid nitrogen. I love gear. Anytime there's gear, I'm happy. Whoa, there's snow flying. -Suited up. -Uh-huh. All right, so we can see the roast-- -Kind of bubbles. -is basically bubbling in there, like it's being fried. It looks like it's in a fryer. So, he's gonna try to get us a shot there. -Yeah. -All right, fried up. Probably, our devices aren't gonna go in that long, huh? Oh, poor little thing. Look at that. It looks like eggshells. Operation might lean over that close to that. -No, it's not. -I want you guys to know we got clearance for this little stunt from like the County Fire Marshal and then the-- -Clark County Fire Department. -Clark County Fire Department and we had to have a Fire Marshal inspection this morning. It's all been extremely exciting for me. Okay, these don't fit that well. I'm just gonna put them right here. -Yeah. -Okay. -So, which one are we gonna-- -First up, let's go-- I think we should go with the GoPro which, look, is recording. -Ah, okay, as we go? -Yeah. So, as it goes to its doom. -Okay, let's put that here. -We got a little fryer basket. It will record every-- Oh my God, look at that. It's still recording. The light is still flashing. I mean GoPro-- -The low one or you want it medium? -I think medium because I'm a softy. -Yeah. -It-- Seriously, though, it's still recording right now with the fryer basket stuck to the side. -Now, do you want to do a drop test on it? -Not this one, not this one. Look at the-- look, though. Near as I can tell, even though there is a cold smoke coming off of it, this is a highly unexpected outcome, I have to say. How long is it gonna-- I can feel the cold by the way through these gloves, which are like an inch thick. How long do you think it's gonna take to warm up? -Yeah, that's a good question. That I don't know. Each item is different, you know, [unk] -Yes, that's true. -All right, we're gonna set-- I hear like cracking as it's warming up though, but I think the plastic is starting to crack as it warms up. -Yeah. -All right, well, this is dramatic, though, 'cause the camera inside is still okay. I'm calling this a conditional survival, and I am pretty surprised. All right, let's keep moving. We have-- So we have-- There are two ballistic cases. It turns out these are both ballistic. We're gonna try them both. The iPhone 5 is in here. -Okay. -And this one has some little holes in the front. Let's see how it does. Oh, wow. It's gonna like turn it-- -Oh, yeah. -Oh, you're brutal. You really get into the scary things. -I wanna play around. -Feel like I don't have this kind of time as quick as bad boy. Ooh, sizzle, sizzle. That one, clearly, we're gonna have to wait, remove from the case. I don't even know. The sounds are insane. It's just frozen solid. See the power button. Ooh, I hear crackage. -It's not-- It's not coming on. -I think the button maybe is frozen. -I think the button is frozen, yeah, okay, but you know, we'll let it warm up for over a period of days, I guess. Look at the frost on that one, okay, and then let's try the S3. And the case, by the way, structural integrity-wise, at least, the case is looking good. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is inside this ballistic case, which seems to have a little, but the cameras are exposed. -Oh, there's no film on that. -Yes, that's kind of a bummer for that device,-- -Yeah. -but nevertheless and it goes. Oh, look at the bubbles. It looks really pretty like Halloween. I think our studio audience is horrified right now. They're in stunned silence. GoPro, by the way, still recording. Okay. Can you hear that? -A lot of cracking going on in there. -Do you hear those sounds at all, all that cracking? All right, now though, okay, once again-- the phone seems okay though. All right, once again, we'll let that warm up. You guys will probably still be here when we see if it's okay, but we have one last device to do. The only one that's going in unprotected. Brian Tong, can you come here for a minute 'cause I think we're gonna-- this is a two-parter. -This is the one with the water [unk] -Yes. -Yeah, okay. -So-- -[unk] -You're gonna have that after it comes out. -Okay. -I'm sorry, you guys. There is one device that we're taking out of the give-away pool and that is our, so far, indestructible iPad because everything we've done to it, it's been okay. Now, it has water in it-- -Yeah, and as well as the liquid nitrogen. -and it has no case and it's going in. -I'm speaking for the last. I think it's gonna survive. -That's right. -And it goes and then-- -It actually sounds like it's frying. -I know. It sounds exactly like a fryer and it looks like-- the bubbles there are actually-- -That's just-- The screen is on. -The screen-- No. -Can you guys see that? Yeah, look. -The screen is on. -And it just went away. -Wow. -It's the last breath. -Look! It restarted. -Yeah, the logo just started. -Yeah. -You guys, this thing is unbelievable. Look the water on the inside is starting to freeze. -Oh. -You can see the ice where-- that was the water from the inside. All right, well, now, that it's well and truly frozen, it wouldn't be a liquid nitrogen test if we didn't go a little bit terminator on it. -So, I will-- -So, maybe, I should bring it over and you should climb up, something you can climb while you're holding it. We're gonna go ahead and drop this one. -Okay. So, you guys over here, I will just-- just because the glass is only so high here, I would, you know-- -Maybe back up if you could climb a bit. -Yeah, take just a step back. -Take one step back. Yeah, put your hood up. I think that's smart. -Cover your beautiful faces. -I'm gonna-- I just wanna show this to you guys, though. We'll just give it a look. -All right. -Like it's frozen on the inside. All right. Be careful. -Hey, the logo just went on. -It just came back on. -The logo-- Wow. It refuses to die. -It really wants to live. -All right, be careful. So, okay. Do you wanna get a little farther back? Are you gonna be okay? -It's totally like knocked. -And up. -Tough stuff. The logo is still on, you guys. That thing is amazing. You can give that to any kid you want. -Okay, you guys. -Ready? -We're gonna count this out real good. -Except knocked shock because he's like in a really dangerous state. -We're gonna do three, two, one, drop it. Cover your eyeballs. I mean, I'm gonna be like this. -Cover your eyes also. -I gotta protect this face. You know what I mean? Okay, here we go guys. Ready? Three, two, one, drop it! -Three, two, one, drop it! -Oh. -Oh. -Is that the screen? -It's not okay. -I actually think it was so strong and dense as the cement. -As dense as the cement. -Okay, here we go guys. Let's pick up the pieces here. -What-- You got it! It's still on! -Yeah! -Okay, as far as I'm concerned that is a passed. This thing is still kicking. That's unbelievable. All right guys. -That's ridiculous. -Coming up Tuesday, we will have an all-new episode of Always On from CES and we'll include highlights from this. Thank you. Everybody stick around because the giveaways are after this. We really appreciate you hanging out. Once again, the iPad, the star of the show. -Survived. -All right, guys, thank you. -Thanks everybody.
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