First Look: Aiaiai Tracks Headphones
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First Look: Aiaiai Tracks Headphones

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The affordable Aiaiai Tracks push headphone design forward with an unobtrusive aesthetic. They sound as wonderful as they look and deserve your consideration if you're shopping for a new pair.

-Hey, it's Justin Yu, headphone editor for This is your first look at the Aiaiai Tracks headphones. The tracks offer a new take on old design. The company was inspired by simple functionality and humble aesthetics of those overhead headphones that came with Sony Walkman music player in the 1980s, and you'll still recognize a lot of the design elements like the steel headband here and the small ear pads, but Aiaiai updates the mechanical design with rail style headband that offers infinite adjustability port. You can just assemble the headphones by sliding these buttons up along the curve rail until the pop right off, and company also gives you 2 other colors sets to customize your tracks. The big benefit of this design is that the tapered ends really give you a range of fit options that's opposed to increased notches on traditional headphones. It's kind of an obscure reference, but think of it as the difference between using a notched belt with holes versus a sliding-clasp web buckle that can pretty much bite down on any part of the strap. So, Aiaiai sent us a pair of their latest tracks designs that features an integrated microphone and remote control about 6 inches down from the left ear pad. The company also sells another version that omits this accessory if you don't have a compatible smart phone like an iPhone or Android powered phone. The light weight nature of the thin steel headband makes the Tracks super comfortable to wear on you ears and we experienced really no ear fatigue. Thanks to the small buttons that allow the ear pads to pivot range of angle to fit your head. They are also one of the most subtle over ear headphones we've tested, making them a really good option if you're not into those huge DJ style head. Of course, headphone design is really only as good as they sound, while most of them under a 100 bucks leave us pretty disappointed, we're sure that the tracks will actually enrich your music with something base and an impressively wide sound stage for just 84 buck and that's the retail price. You can also find some color combinations, just count it for even less, if you do a search online. So, with their excellent performance, stylish, you get your totalitarian and a portable price tag. The Aiaiai tracks definitely deserve your attention if you're in the new market for a new set of headphones and you can read all the details including more pictures in the full review on, but that's gonna do it for me. I'm Justin Yu. These are the Aiaiai Tracks Headphones with microphone and that sounds good to me.

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