First Look: Adobe's Remix
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First Look: Adobe's Remix

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Adobe's Remix is a new Web-based video editing tool that will be provided free to all Photobucket members in the coming weeks. Remix allows you to string together and edit short video clips.

[ music ] ^M00:00:06 >> Hey, this is Josh Lonesome from, taking a look at Photo Bucket's new tool from Adobe called Remix. Remix lets you edit and string together video clips from your digital camera to share online. To start your own remix from any Photo Bucket album, just click the button called remix. This will start up the Remix interface which contains your video clips and shared photos. To start creating your project, just click on a clip and drag it over to the timeline which is located underneath the player window. You can drag over as many clips as you want and reorder them at any time. Remix also lets you edit your clips. Here I've got a clip with a little bit at the beginning that I just don't want. To get rid of it I've got two options. I can either pick when the clip should start or split it up into two separate clips. The clip I just split off, I can drag it off the timeline. Once you've got your clips all ready to go, you can blend them together using transitions. Remix gives you three to choose from, fade to black, fade to white and fade out. To put them in your film, just drag your transition of choice between two of your clips. If you wanna add some digital overlays to your work like captions or goofy images, Remix gives you a small library of about 30 to choose from. For this one I wanted to add a caption to the first clip. Like everything else on Remix, I just drag and drop. The caption area lets me choose from a small selection of fonts and pick from a fairly large color palette. You can change the caption just be clicking on it and typing. You can also move it around with your mouse and change the size by clicking and dragging one of the corners. Now that I've got everything the way I want it, what about the music? Remix doesn't let you upload your own MP3's, but Photo Bucket and Adobe have teamed up to provide a selection of full length tunes to put in your videos. You can even listen to the song before dragging it into your project. When you're done, just hit the preview button to see what your video will look like. An overlay pops up with a live preview. If you're happy with that, click publish, give it a name and let Remix do it's thing. Your project will be rendered and set up to share with others. Once it's done, hit the blue share button. This will give you the embed code to use in things like forums, your My Space profile or your favorite blogging tool. If you're a Photo Bucket member, give Remix a try to liven up your camera's video clips. It provides similar features [inaudible] Premiere, Adobe's consumer editing app, but without the cost. ^M00:03:08 [ music ]

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