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First Look: Acer Aspire X1920-UR20P

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First Look: Acer Aspire X1920-UR20P

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The Acer Aspire X1920-UR20P is a poorly configured, overpriced budget desktop with little to recommend it. Look instead to Acer's Gateway subsidiary for better slim-tower options.

Hi, I'm Rich Brown, senior editor, for CNET.com. Today, we're gonna take a look at the Acer Aspire X1920-UR20P. So, this is actually a pretty terrible budget desktop sad to say. The case is pretty decent. It's a nice simple design, relatively clean here with a DVD burner by the front door there, few ports midi card reader down here, but the problem is that the system really sort of underfeatured even for its low price. You can find it for about $400 to $500 depending on where you look comes with the recently fast Intel Pentium dual-core chip. They're still Pentiums. It has 4 gigs of Ram, a terabyte hard drive, and that's about it. The system is really pretty spare and you can get better equipped PCs for the same price so we really cannot recommend you buy this system. Now, the back of the case we think we mean when we say how underfeatured is this. You've got 5.1 audio support, only 2 USB ports, a single Ethernet jack, old school PS2, mass and keyboard inputs as well as a VGA video out. There's no digital audio, no digital video, no Firewire or eSATA, LAN, USB3 and you can find those features at least in some combination on other desktops in this price range particularly Gateway, which is actually ironic since Acer owns Gateway. So inside of the case, the layout is pretty straightforward for a Slim Tower. There's the Intel CPU here. You can see here's the DVD drive. Underneath that is the hard drive. There is room for only 1 hard drive inside. Down here, you kind of can't see if there's 2 memory sticks, not 4 memory sticks slots like you get on some other PCs. For card expansion, the system has no cards, but there is a 1x PCI Express slot. There was a 16x PCI Express slot so you could put say half height graphics card in this PC, but we wouldn't even recommend this as an upgrade platform just because it's really pretty underpowered and underfeatured as we've mentioned. Now, we don't always expect Slim Towers to deliver let's say the fastest performance or the most features for the dollar, but the fact that they're such tiny cases, this really makes them well suited both the desktop environments in the living room. You can imagine putting system like this next to your TV is a pretty decent home media server, but with no wifi adaptor or no digital video that really makes the system tough to recommend for the living room environment. You can also get better bank for your buck in terms of performance in this price range, so for both those reasons we can recommend you buy the system. I'm Rich Brown, this is the Acer Aspire X1920-UR20P.

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