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First Look: Acer Aspire S5 hides ports behind motorized door

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First Look: Acer Aspire S5 hides ports behind motorized door

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The Acer Aspire S5 is an incredibly thin and light ultrabook that hides its ports, including Thunderbolt, behind a clever motorized door.

-- I'm Dan Ackerman and we -- here take a look at the Acer aspire S five. Now if you remember all the way back at CES 2012 -- January 1 saw the system. At the time Asus -- it was going to be when it finally came out -- world's thinnest thirteen inch ultra book. And it will say it's. Actually -- hair thinner and a tiny bit lighter than even a thirteen inch MacBook Air -- -- you want on their laptop that's -- hair thinner than this but that's not technically called an ultra book. So for now. Thank -- to record stands but that is not the most exciting thing about. This particular laptop I'm gonna show you what it is. If you look on the side here -- new USB port -- video out anything like that. Which you have to do is very carefully at the back and after -- right here you print the tiny button and. That's right a little motorized port door opens up and it's got two USB three point oh ports. It's -- -- -- and it's actually got thunderbolt which is something -- almost never see. On a laptop or at least in windows -- -- I think that's pretty cool but -- -- to show this to. I had a similar actually want it's great and then they had the very same question to a personnel said what do you do an ad breaks down. Now when using this thing over several days and dozens of -- deployments of the of the door which each calls the magic flip. I have not had a problem with it but it's a legitimate question. Out what they tried to do especially with a very portable laptop like this is removed. As many moving parts as possible not add new ones that's kind of wine a lot of these Marlon constant move to solid state hard drives. Rather than the traditional spinning platter hard drives and it is very cool to see thunderbolt in a windows laptop and -- -- museum of fine outside of Mac books. Even though this is a very thin very light laptops got an Intel Core I seven CP unit that field to a low voltage version but it's still plenty speedy and I -- not -- -- discrete graphics have different if you add fuel to books but not here tonight he's a lot of games. But I thought that the at the keyboard in the touchpad worked very well for such -- small laptop. More than that drove me crazy the keyboard actually not backlit that the museum almost any -- but these days that's a real mission. So from willing to take a chance on the odd bit motorized magic -- -- on the back and won't spend a little more this thing is thirteen 99. I've been to check out time and actually the disease is -- has --

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