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Small Appliances: A mini mighty ninja that can't quite flex to your needs

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Small Appliances: A mini mighty ninja that can't quite flex to your needs

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The NutriNinja packs plenty of power but falls short of being an all purpose blender.

Hi, I'm Andrew Gebhart for CNet. I'm here today to talk about the Nutri Ninja blender. This single serve blender is fun and easy to use. Either of these jars can be attached to the blades for the blending, then you can take the same jar, put on a lid and be ready to run out the door with your drink. Ninja has a few high end blenders out there. Including the 1500 watt Ninja Ultima. So this one, they streamlined it down to 900 watts, but they also cut the cost. The Ninja Ultima is 260. This one's only 90 bucks. The reason they cut the cost and streamlined the device was to compete with health conscious smoothie makers like the Nutra-Bullet. Those offer features like nutrient extraction. This one even comes with a patented pro extractor blade. So you might ask what's the secret? How is this blender and how is the Nutra-Bullet getting extra nutrients out of your fruits and vegetables. Rest assured, it's not. It's just blending the fruits and vegetables well. But this thing does make a good smoothie. That said, so does just about every other blender we've tested. So because it's only single serve, the Nutra Ninja is lacking in feature. And if you're paying for this over the Hamilton Beech, you're really only getting speed and style. The Nutritizer [SP?] will make smoothies quickly. It can't handle more detail oriented food processing tasks like its big brother, which can take almonds and turn them into almond butter. It will help you do little multitasking things like grinding up coffee beans. Nothing in here is going to magically help you get healthy. To do that you're going to have to diet and exercise, but if you do want to make quick smoothies on the go the Nutrininja is worth your consideration. For CNet, I'm Andrew Gebhardt. [MUSIC]

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