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CES 2012: A glimpse at the new Fujifilm X-Pro 1

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CES 2012: A glimpse at the new Fujifilm X-Pro 1

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At CES 2012 Lori Grunin takes a look at the highly anticipated Fujifilm X-Pro 1, Fujifilm's entry into the mirrorless category of cameras.

Hi, I'm Lori Grunin, senior editor with CNET here at CES 2012 and this is the new Fujifilm XPro-1. It's Fujifilm's entry in to the mirrorless category and it's been highly anticipated and there's a lot of new technology in this camera. It's got a new sensor with a 6 x 6 array of different color filter organization than you've seen in a typical (bi-array?). It also has a new lens mount. The X mount which takes XF lenses. There's a lot of X's and this camera, and it has a great retro design that a lot of users like in the X100 and the X10... but this is a pretty big camera compared to those. It's even bigger than the X100... but it's very nicely designed as far as I can tell... I had some time with it this morning and it uses an updated hybrid view finder. It's not exactly like the one in the X100 which, you know, highly regarded but they've made some... adaptations that they had to in order to use the interchangeable lenses. When it ships they haven't quite priced it yet. They think it's gonna be about (17 to $1,800?) and the lenses will probably go for 650 but as I've said that's subject to change and it'll initially ship with 3 different prime lenses with more zoom lenses etcetera plan for later in the year and next year. I'm Lori Grunin and I'm looking forward to testing the Fujifilm XPro-1.

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