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First Look: A fitness tracker for all
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First Look: A fitness tracker for all

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The $59.95 Fitbit Zip smart pedometer is affordable, easy to use, and tracks the steps you take plus calories consumed.

Hi, this is Brian Bennet for and right now we're taking a first look at the Fitbit Zip, at 59.95 essentially $60, this fitness gadget is one of the most affordable smart pedometers around. The Fitbit Zip is also the lowest priced product in Fitbit's current help tracker line up, which includes the Fitbit One and the Fitbit Flex Wristband, both of which cost 99.95. You do get a lot of capability for the Fitbit Zip's low price. -The zip tracks how many steps you take, calories burned and distance traveled. The device is also water resistant, so, running in a rain or subjecting it to an odd splash, won't be a problem. There are no physical controls on the zip. To interact with the product, just tap it's small LCD screen, doing so, will cycle through it's various screens that display your current stats. The zip will even stick out it's graphical tongue at you, if it feels you're not moving enough. Likewise, the zip will beam at you with a virtual grin for good behavior. The Fitbit Zip is encased in a silicon sleeve with a clip designed to attach to clothing. Fitbit says, the device will operate if you just slip it into pockets too. There are 5 Fitbit Zip hues to choose from: Blue, Magenta, White, Charcoal and Lime. Fitbit bundles a color coordinated clip for each zip flavor as well. Just like the Fitbit One and Fitbit Flex, the zip syncs tracking data to PCs, iPhones and compatible Android handsets via Wireless Bluetooth connection. To link to PCs, the device uses a USB Bluetooth Adapter provided in the box. Through the App and desktop website, you have access to Fitbit's deep volt of Data Analysis Tools. You can also leverage to the company's large database of food items to log what you eat and see how amount compares against your calories burned. Unlike the One and Flex trackers, the zip relies on a standard watch battery, also included for it's power source. Fitbit says the 3 volt coin battery offers about 4 to 6 months of use. One ability of the Zip lacks, one that it's other Fitbit brother and feature is sleep tracking, that's a bomber for someone like me who is always sleep deprived and constantly looking for ways to up my Zs. I'm Brian Bennet for and this has been a first look at the Fitbit Zip, be sure to check back soon for full review.

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