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Crave: A comb that helps you grow hair?
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Crave: A comb that helps you grow hair?

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Brian Tong is back and he brought Hawaii with him. Bonnie Cha tells you how to customize your skateboards. And a comb that helps you grow your hair back.

>> Headphones designed by Dr. Dre. We go surfing and it's not the Internet. >> Hum. >> And you heard her, Bonnie Cha is here in the studio, all that and more on this week's Crave. ^M00:00:10 [ Music ] ^M00:00:12 >> What's up guys, welcome to Crave where you can find everything quirky, cool in tech. You can also check it out at our blog at I've got the Boom. >> The flesh. >> What's up, I'm fresh from Hawaii. >> Good. >> I feel good, recharged, how about you? >> It's great. I'm doing good too. >> How was your weekend? >> It was great. It's beautiful in the city. >> Okay, I guess so. First thing that I wanna talk about which I discovered is I've been a big fan of the Flip video. >> Yes. >> And I decided before I left for Hawaii to purchase their underwater case. >> Very cool. >> And I took it surfing with me and the video quality on this -- through the case turned out really clean. >> That's cool -- so, where do you, how do you hold it when you're surfing. >> Okay, well, this is what I would do, I'd put it on my wrist, right. >> Yeah. >> I would first shoot the wave. >> A-ha. >> And then I would start paddling, but it was really hard to paddle, so I would go like -- woh, woh, woh and then I pull it up and then when I jump up it was like -- yey! >> Do people stare at you? >> I've got the Monster Beat headphones by Dr. Dre. >> Okay. >> They made just do this awesome headphones that's really sleek looking and noise cancelling and you can just press button on those side and they'll mute it. >> Oh like on... >> Yeah, it was like a "b" on the side that you can press on. >> I saw them, but they're kind of pricey, right. >> Yeah, they're $350. >> Three hundred fifty bucks? >> Yes. >> Not even the boos, noise cancelling -- that's not 350. >> No, I know, but they are designed by Dr. Dre. ^M00:01:33 [ Music ] ^M00:01:37 >> Okay, now another cool thing that I got is the sling pack from BrentHaven. What's cool about it -- it has so many pockets, but it's designed to kind of be angled to its -- it has you know one shot across your body. There's pocket for your water bottle and also I might like this on the strap, you can put your cell phone or your iPod. So it's just really accessible, what do you think about the color of this guy? >> I think it's nice actually. >> Yeah? >> Yeah, I like shoulder or sling pack. >> Oh, you do? >> Yeah. >> Oh, here's your present for you. >> Oh, really? >> No, I was just kidding. >> No. >> What else do you have? >> I have a -- you can create your own customs skateboards now on the site called >> Awesome. >> So you can put on your own graphics and some or just make pieces of art. >> But you can submit your design online? >> Yeah. >> And they actually send you back a board with the logo. >> Right. They're saying it will cost about $60, right. >. You see a lot of people merging now urban art. >> Yeah. >> With these urban sports. >> Yeah. >> And so, are you an artist yourself? >> Well, no. >> I've heard you're good with coloring books. >> I have, I'm learning to color within the lines. >> Stay within the lines. >> I know. I think I've got it done though. >> Well, you guys know what time it is now. It's something we like to call, Do not Crave. >> Do not Crave. >> There might be an answer for people who don't want to be a Rogaine member or part of the hair club for men. Now check out the HairMax LaserComb. Lexington International claims it will restore your hair or prevent hair loss by applying low level laser therapy to your scalp -- Ouch. Now, you can get one of these for 545 bucks and at that price, I better be able to grow hair where I don't have it. It remains to be seen if this product will really work, but for now, I just gotta say, Do Not Crave. Now you guys have been waiting for this, last week we have a contest about our Spore creature contest between Bonnie and myself and the results are in and in a landslide victory... >> Who won? >> Bonnie took it. >> I did. >> In fact, not one of you punks even voted for me. >> They're not punks, they're very smart viewers. >> Oh, that's horrible, it's horrible. I didn't get one vote. So we did tell you guys that you could decide what the loser would do, but I'm not willing to shave off my hair or change my stripe all black. >> Yeah. >> So, we're gonna let... >> That's not part of the rules, though. >> No, no, that's not negotiable. All this ain't an accident baby. >> Fine. >> All this ain't an accident. Okay, I'm sorry. Anyways, what did you come up with, I will take it like a man. >> I am going to have you be my personal slave for a day. And do whatever I say. >> Oh, my gosh. >> Yeah. >> Anything? >> Anything. >> Okay. >> I'm excited. >> I will take that. We will keep you posted and let you know how that went. >> It will be fun. >> Yeah. >> Don't worry about it. >> We will see you guys next week. >> Yeah. >> Aloha.

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