First Look: A clever keyboard and high-res screen for the Lenovo Miix 2
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First Look: A clever keyboard and high-res screen for the Lenovo Miix 2

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This 10-inch hybrid is very flexible, but falls short for long-form typing.

[MUSIC] Are you looking a Windows tablet with just a little bit more of everything? We'll, I'm Dan Ackerman and I've got the Lenova Miix 2 for you. It's Miix spelled M - i - i - x for reasons I have yet to quite fathom, but if you remember the unique name you'll remember a few of the things that make this stand out from other Windows tablets. First, it's got a 10 inch screen, while most Windows tablets have 8 inch screens. It's a 1920 by 1200 screen resolution which is much higher than usual, and also tells us this a 16 by 10 aspect ratio screen, instead of a more common 16 by 9 aspect ratio screen. The effect is, is not gonna be one that you notice a heck of a lot. But that extra screen real estate, especially when you're in the traditional desktop view, will give you more room to work with things like big excel spreadsheets and big photographs in Photoshop and other apps like that. If you switch back to the Windows menu, you'll see it actually scales very well to the higher resolution and you won't really notice that you're working on a screen with a different resolution and different aspect ratio than you're used to. Even though this guy's 599, which is a little bit more than most Windows tablets, you do get a few extras with it. It's got the same Intel Atom CPU as a lot of those systems but you get a nice big 128 gig SSD. And you see it's a stand alone tablet like this, but it's also got this pretty unique keyboard dock. It doesn't actually latch on, its held, it holds itself together through a little multi-pin connector and a magnetic connection. So I can stick this on here, and type and I can pick it up. And it pretty much stays on it. I wouldn't shake it too, too much. I can also flip it around and show it to you from the rear angle, like this. And you can have kind of a kiosk mode. There's really only one angle, whether you're going this way or the other way. So if you don't like that angle to type on, you're pretty much out of luck. It's not as flexible as let's say a clamshell laptop, but you can actually put the 2 parts together, let the magnet hold them together and when you hold it up like this, it actually looks like you're carrying a laptop even though you are not. You can kind of shake it and toss it around and the 2 parts are not going to come apart. I still exercise a little bit of care when throwing it in your shoulder bag just to make sure. Battery life and performance are pretty similar to the 8 inch Windows tablets that we've seen but on the slightly bigger screen, you may expect something a little bit closer to full size laptop performance which means that the occasional slow down is considering you run into may seem a little more pronounced even though the performance is pretty much the same as an 8 inch full Windows tablet. I'm Dan Ackerman and that's the Lenovo Miix 2. [MUSIC]

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