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How To Video: 7 useful Google Now commands

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How To Video: 7 useful Google Now commands

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Anyone who owns an Android device should know these seven Google Now commands.

[MUSIC] There are so many awesome Google Now features and commands it's impossible to include them all in one video. But here are some of my favorite Google Now tips. For starters, instead of saying someone's full name, you can say things like, text my mom, or, call my manager. But first, you'll have to set up those relationships. To do that, just say, okay, Google, John Smith is my brother [NOISE] Hit add relationship. So now I can say Okay Google, call my brother. Calling John Smith mobile. [NOISE] Google Now can understand. Pretty complex commands. So never hesitate to be really specific. For example, you can say, okay Google. What's the weather gonna be like in Los Angeles next Sunday? Here's the forecast for Los Angeles. Or, you can say something like, okay Google, set a reminder to take out the trash when I get home. The reminder will be location based so as soon as I get home, I'll get an alert. When you're texting ir emailing with Google Now, you can still use punctuations and smileys. Just say them. For example, okay google, text John Smith. Hey comma, how are you doing question mark, smiley face. Here's your text, do you want to send it? It's a little awkward, but it works. [NOISE] If you ever want to know what song is playing, google can now figure it out. Like this. [MUSIC] Okay, google, what song is playing? [MUSIC] [NOISE] It's I love CA by Be Calm Honcho. There it is. The fastest way to get driving directions is to tell Google now that you want them, like this. Okay, Google. Give me driving directions to AT&T Park in San Francisco. AT&T Park is nine minutes from your location by car in light traffic. Here are your directions. This one's my favorite, because it means I can quickly set an alarm when I'm tired and lazy at the end of the day. Okay, Google. Set an alarm for 6:30 AM. Setting alarm for 6:30 AM. And it's done. If Google now ever misunderstands you, you don't have to repeat the entire command. Instead, just say, no, I said, like this. Okay, Google, what's the weather like in Santa, No, I said Santa Cruz. It's 77 degrees and clear in Santa Cruz. So those are just some of the many Google now commands your phone can handle. But if you want to see a lot more check out my how to at CNET.com/howto. For CNET I'm Sharon Profis.

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