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CES 2012: 50 Cent returns to the CNET stage at CES 2012

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CES 2012: 50 Cent returns to the CNET stage at CES 2012

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50 Cent is back with his all-new Sync by 50 headphones, and we see another side of 50 with his philanthropic work and the Street Kings initiative.

All right, guys. Welcome back to the CES stage here at CES 2012 here on CNET stage. This is gonna be a reunion of sorts. We had 50 here last year. He's coming back, making some more noise. Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together, makes the noise, 50 cent in the house. I think you guys could do a little better than that. Come on, 50 Cent in the house. Speaker 2: Yeah. Speaker 1: There we go. Speaker 2: We're gonna boost them around around here. Speaker 1: How are you doing today, man? speaker 2: I'm good, man. I'm excited. Speaker 1: Reuniting it feels so good. Speaker 2: Yeah, man. This is the second year in a row CES you know, I come out this time I actually have physical product of retail. Speaker 1: Yeah, you know, you kind of been through the CES experience because sometimes products are announced that don't make it. But here, you're bringing a product this year, right. Speaker 2: Exactly, I was here and I had a really nice picture last year. And then I went to the process, manufacturing process of rebuilding my actual company. I have acquired Kono Audio in order to create SMS Audio and launch this actual project. Speaker 1: S0 let's talk about the head phones for a moment, right. This is SMS Audio. This is your company, right? speaker 2: Right. Speaker 1: And can you kind of talk about some of the technology because I love the wireless aspect of the (??) speaker 2: Oh, yeah, well, the marketing product from SMS Audio this year, the sync has... there's a wireless headset. A lot of the wireless headsets that you see on the CES floor are utilizing blue tooth technology which was originally created for telecommunication so. It does, it compresses the actual files so it doesn't have the same sound quality. The sync has... uses a clear wireless 16 bit technology. It allows you to be 50 feet away from your source of music. And they sync up to 4 headsets to one source. And because I wanted to make sure that it had the highest quality sound for all (joiners?) of music is set at the best possible sound quality and then it has like a base booster for someone who would like to listen to it (??) EQ that allows you to volume up, volume down, fast forward and to rewind tracks from the actual headset. Speaker 1: So you pretty much just did a product demo right here... Speaker 2: Pretty quick. Speaker 1: he's on it. Now, 50 also with SMS Audio with the clear technology it goes what, 50 feet? speaker 2: 50 feet away from the source of music. Yeah. Speaker 1: And full CD audio quality, right? speaker 2: Right. Speaker 1: All right, that's clear now. Another thing that maybe a lot of people don't know what 50 has been doing lately is Street King initiative and all that ties into the headsets. Speaker 2: Yeah, Street King, I actually was traveling, you know, my music is taking me to places that I didn't even imagine. You know, I've been all over the world and when I was touring in Africa, I came across something that was a bit more extreme than low income housing that I actually come from and I want to do something about it. I know what it feels like not to have money but not to have anything to eat is a whole another level of not having and... when I got back, I saw they're working on the actual project. So I created the energy drink. It's called Street King and with I partnered with the United Nation's World Food Program to provide a meal with every bottle of the energy drink that's sold. I thought it was important to partner with the organization as well established as the United Nations to create confirmation to the general public that it would actually reach it's charity. You know and because it's the organization that would provide aid for Haiti during this earthquake, or Japan during the Tsunami I feel like it was efficient and following that when I got to social networking on my Twitter and the Facebook all these other things that I utilize was we do, we got we need, we got people hungry here, you know. And when you look into it, one in 6 Americans is actually, we got one in 6 Americans put in hunger now here in America. So it is actually issues, not a 3rd world issue, it's a world issue. And when I deal with my partner with feeding America which is the largest, the leading domestic charitable organization against hunger in America. And with the purchase of these headsets to SMSaudio.com with each purchase from the US 200 meals is provided for each actual headset that's sold. Speaker 1: See that's incredible, guys. I mean you got to give a round of applause. This is a chef, right? I mean, honestly, last year you're here showcasing the headphones we were talking about how much you won and ... if you got any winnings this year or how are you doing right now? speaker 2: (Not?) doing too good you're telling me. (??) (down?). Don't worry about it. Speaker 1: But this is you know, this is the Chef that we've seen you being a lot more involved in philanthropy. I mean, this is the maturation of 50 Cent. Speaker 2: Absolutely. I wanna promote conscious capitalism or (??) capitalism. You know that... find finances that we seem to not be able to find to our actual governments. I think the way it do to its business. You know call into world bank numbers 1% of business would alleviate all extreme poverty. So I feel like if I can actually influence my peer and we can influence other young entrepreneur, to create a new standard that will allow us to find, to find that actual, the finances to make the change, I think with the major corporations that are out there now, the major shareholders to give up 1% of their actual shareholdings wouldn't change 1% of their lifestyle but they're just not conditioned to give. So you know, it's got to start somewhere. Speaker 1: There you go now. You also talked about your experiences , you know with Twitter and here in front of people. You love Twitter. You were there before Twitter existed, you're here now with Twitter there. What are your thoughts on it? speaker 2: I'm excited. To see these companies grow that's even a big example like Google's only 10 years old and we know what the value of that company is . If it came in under this type of business model, it would be really exciting so. For those people who are interested in energy drink or headset, you know, the business model in itself is exciting and I was inspired by the (Thom shoe?) model where if you buy one... a pair of their shoes, it provides shoes to someone in need. I just feel like people can't eat shoes. You know hunger is the issue so. Let's just do it the different way, you know, I put the re mix on it and let's see how far we can actually it. Speaker 1: Now also just reading about some of the things that you put on Twitter recently like you're already smiling, right? Your mindsets in a different place. You know, I don't know if it was blown out of proportion but you did mention how you know life is short, you might die soon and everyone is like what, is 50 like suicidal but really it's a different message. Speaker 2: So you know you only got to send them (??) what I was trying to say is, you know, what do you want your legacy to be. I wanna be more than a guy who created a few cool songs or was able to memorize the lines and have decent performances and film projects. (??) impacts a lot of peoples lives in a positive way. So i'm a little more conscious with the things I'm doing in business to try and give back and make a difference. Speaker 1: This is the 50 that I've never seen before guys, seriously like this is a great message that you're giving out to the people. Speaker 2: Yeah, I have to figure out a whole new approach since you brought Wayne Birdie up here before I got. Hey, I'm trying to joke when the (comedians?) is different. Speaker 1: Do you still joke, sir? speaker 2: Yeah, you know, I try to enjoy myself. You know what I'm saying. I do believe life is short and because humans habit forming and we look forward to the future we don't wanna think about it. You probably all got bank accounts. Look, every body here. You know what I mean. But tomorrow is not a promise, you know. So you got to be conscious of today. Like I actually learn meditation from (??) (Ophra?) speaker 1: I saw that video. Speaker 2: Yeah, he told me some meditation and try to teach me how to, you know, live in the moment. Speaker 1: Didn't he also take a shot of your Street King drink in that video too. Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, he did. He did. Speaker 1: That was part of there, right. Speaker 2: I was a part of the market (??) . I got he never did no commercial before. I got to do (??) speaker 1: Now, what are you expecting to do kind of the rest of your time out here at CES. I mean, I know you have a good time. Speaker 2: I do, I enjoy myself everytime. I look around and CES is like taking a look at the future you know. I look at some of the TVs and they show me like 3D and 4D television that you need glasses for and I start thinking like what did you do to my eye. If we have to wear glasses to get this effect and now I can see it without the glasses, what did they... what exactly is that. I'm looking at it, you know. Speaker 1: Did you see those... you saw the big video walls? speaker 2: yeah, those are LEDs that we used that on the tour. So you know, I know that they don't try to (??) me... Speaker 1: I wasn't... I was just asking if the man saw it. Speaker 2: No, no, I know what that is. Speaker 1: All right, man. Well, we just wanna say thank you now for coming on stage, coming and hanging out again. (??) me a little bit (??). Speaker 2: I'm so excited, man. We have fun everytime. Speaker 1: Yeah, there you go. All right you guys. Really amazing stuff. Thanks for all your work and everything that you do and the technology and bringing you know meals to hungry people (??) stuff. All right. Speaker 2: It's cool, right. We're gonna keep it going. See you guys 2012. Speaker 1: There you go. All right, make some (??) for 50 guys come on.

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