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Car Tech Video: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

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Car Tech Video: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

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The new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST fits in the category of small, efficient, high-tech cars. But does it have the guts to make it worth the $26,000 price tag?

We've got an awful lot of high tech -- -- little cars lately but how about. 101. Available only with the six speed manual. Their hearts and check the -- So what is the -- asked me first bought the -- body are only. Up brought a hot little Turbo motor. Then you got -- nice looking seventeen inch wheels all around unique to this car. Body style quite a bit massage deep brought she -- A very nice looking deep aggressive rear fascia. Rocker panel treatment connecting those at a little ball cap -- on the rear -- Hatch what you can't see underneath is a sport suspension which you definitely can't see on our car is the color green and V. Not as clever as they were in the seventies -- -- had colors like anti establishment. And Freudian -- but all take it. Not too different than any other fiesta of my Ford touch in this connected head unit are based. -- navigation as optional module is it always there in the upper right corner. And here's my issue -- this my Ford touch which. Has had plenty of -- for being -- detailed in -- in this case it's also too small and too far. When I'm comfortably in this car and I'm actually sitting forward for the camera right now. That's not reachable without me pulling myself forward on the wheel to get to I don't like before that have that here the little cars the bigger -- put it down lower and nearer and it's important and noticed that works for you. You can also plug an iPod by USB -- -- CD slot right here this car still has optical satellite radio AM and FM. And it's also got HD radio on top of that now luckily it in the distance and small this of this climate controlled has broken out separately down here. Now we have the optional Ricardo -- package in this car which is kinda like that girl offering you -- back and high school with a foot taller than you. Just grab you everywhere. We -- bolsters here that are so narrow and not adjustable by the way that if -- big of -- -- almost wanna go on bottom and don't even feel the back of this much. -- myself in there. They all five bolsters as well if you didn't have these which by the way include heating and -- -- This capping its pretty cleansing pretty quick -- Pretty much -- it's not unusual instrument cluster but one thing is missing over all of this car put it in reverse and nothing happens. You can get a rear camera in this car optional -- otherwise kind of a weird oversight because. Given its body -- -- -- huge scene -- it's a little hard to see out of -- parking maneuvers -- speaking of that rear camera noticed what I did to try to invoke it that's right sixteen manual in this car. Notable because being gear boxes are getting rarest his teeth in many applications. And that's the only choice you can get on this vehicle right on -- If they wanna show -- -- goofy little button right here they're kind of taking a page of the Kia soul or vice Versa and that is this one that changes the color of illumination around the cabin there's a lite underneath here. And I was asking what is this for is -- -- no -- it's actually for nothing that I can tell except. For the light to live under it also controlled the -- Down here in the cup holders. Or light -- -- I can -- Now one -- short little -- is us our little engine one point six liter inline four sitting side saddle driving the front wheels only. But it's highly tuned. Has -- Turbo charger and direct injection for its eco boost companies have been in this case kind of -- more towards performance the numbers bear it out -- 197 court -- -- -- -- foot pounds of -- all that going into a car that weighs just a little over 2700 pounds. Gets you up to sixty in about six and a half six point seven seconds with -- -- that one choice only. Six speed manual they've also hot suspension all around so it's firmer and more aggressive and you've got -- spectre on this card it's done by the breaks we'll talk more about that. On the road and here MPG is really good. -- -- 635. Considering how much performance are also getting out of this car so there's not a lot of sacrifice going here. One thing I wanna stay here in the engine base as little. Who right here that goes into a bow in -- this plastic housing. Under hard acceleration -- butterfly -- gonna open up and pull in a little bit of the intake engines down about the publishing part but the ribbon part. And that takes the audio through -- -- to the outlet somewhere under the dash through the firewall. For that the only company doing this but it's an interesting statement on the fact that cards have become so -- -- and quiet inside. That now when you -- -- performance model that's like one. You have to circumvent your own engineering to bring in some noise -- that we used to get. For for -- back in the 60s70s. Does that sound coming through that thing Ford calls the sounds simple -- there. Just a nice little -- engine note nothing -- -- nothing intrusive and -- when you're not on it things quiet again. -- projects that. Our -- -- here in the card does that I love so much it does what all great cars do it loses weight when you get on the accelerator. From a 9/11 to a well balanced Audi to this car that great cars of all feel lighter -- they really are that's the great attribute and that's what ails them. Clutch and gearbox a real good it's a hydraulic clutch so doesn't have that kind of I don't know overly light. -- -- cable operated mechanism -- prefer hydraulic. And the gearbox goes wrong -- -- not super tight but you don't would call long. You're gonna read some breathless reviews about this -- they it has absolutely no Turbo lag it doesn't have any -- here and -- wrong. It has a little bit -- that no one's iron that out certain that at this price point. So when you're down low RPMs and regular traffic let's say it may need -- boost real quick that's when you're gonna miss it takes a moment. For some power to develop if you don't care debate on the -- -- higher RPMs. Munition. The -- to -- question when the front -- little grip. He scrambled around doing this a lot trying to get back on track that's -- front wheel drive high -- and he can't do that either not entirely. But all the all the cars balanced it's got a vector technology it's not toward badgering with the power its -- -- the inside -- its market stability control. It'll do a little inside rear drag break. And -- -- -- -- and you can move -- over -- or at least -- read understatement the -- is electric assist on this car and I agree with not just about everyone -- driven it. -- thinks it's a great well -- system. Bottom line this car sets out to be practical. That's based on a board all are packaged with a decent cargo -- This -- in a way that is really accessible on real roads and economical. And it fails though I love cars -- set out to do something and do it. It's a good prices -- -- ST starts us off at about twenty -- with destination. And there's really three things to add to go CNET style 795. For -- navigation. 2000 dollars for the Ricardo package the seats. Heated and heated mirrors by the way the -- seats are also -- -- Another 800 bucks to get the moon roof -- are gonna delete that couldn't keep the center of gravity and the weight from moving around. All in about 26000 dollars I think -- -- -- good valuable to 26000 dollar fiesta that kind of throws them -- back on their heels. But this car sets out to do a certain -- and -- -- -- well. I like any car that does that whatever the mission.

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