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Car Tech Video: 2014 Buick Enclave AWD Premium

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Car Tech Video: 2014 Buick Enclave AWD Premium

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Buick is working on targeting a younger market with its new line of cars. Does the 2014 Buick Enclave succeed?

You look at the brand of something that you probably a 58 -- that I approached her grandmother -- big old -- cars but recently they've been -- right -- the vehicle like the -- to be more -- This when he fourteen view conclave on the other hand is one of those feel kind of -- -- -- Let's take a look at it and check the -- And not -- separate this view it from something that's wearing face several layers GM feedback is gonna be Chrome. Lots and lots of Chrome you have this big gold grill up here. We've got optional nineteen inch Chrome wheels and like every other Buick model in the line up we've got this sort of pro -- whole thing happening. On the hood sort of indicating power but I mean this isn't a particularly powerful vehicle -- -- Big -- -- and passenger SUV but if you wanna fit people and there are plenty of space this kinda bites now if you're stuck way. Nor -- -- nicer features of this top tier premium model are gonna be the HID head lamps. Now they're gonna be underneath that and LED strip that's gonna be your daytime running -- but when you turn the steering wheel you'll see that projectors do. Steer a little bit with a front -- stuff you see around corners better. -- cabin have a lot of neat technologies but I can't shake the feeling that this feels kind of like. Five -- seven year old -- that's gotten in tech tacked onto. First -- -- you look at the dashboard particularly at night you've still got that sort of sickly green glow to the instrument cluster all the dashboard illuminate and you've also got. A couple of interesting things happening here -- for example you get a small LCD in the instrument cluster where you'll control global vehicle things. You'll also see your trip computer animation but rather than putting the controls for interacting with that up here on the steering wheel. There are actually down here at the bottom of the dashboard couple of buttons here. Which means that if you wanna switch from your current fuel economy to your range and you've got to look out of the dashboard and then back up and down the debt went back up. Terribly distracting but they -- point five inch color touch screen which is decent size but we're living in the time we're -- -- inch -- larger screen in the dashboard. And what that means -- with the smaller screen. Tinier buttons the taxes a little bit more difficult to read and that means it's been more time looking at the screen hunting. -- -- touch point and you would with a bigger screen where you can kind of more casually what you. The interesting thing about it -- -- also is -- not as responsive and I'd like it to be hearing news. To using a touch screen tablet or Smartphone -- -- a casually touch her button. You're gonna be as a way to find that you're gonna have to really get into it with -- thing in order to get it to respond here tactics. Now what you're gonna get for your trouble with in -- system is. Hard drive based navigation system that's pretty good it's got traffic that comes down from serious -- him -- -- traffic system. In a leaving any updates on upcoming traffic and you drive down that way. The problem -- that is that it. Pops up every five minutes even once you confirm that you know the traffic there and the route when -- go down so if you get tired of thing. Traficant thirty miles traffic and 25 miles you just -- and turning the system law. -- you don't get any good at all in both the got a pretty decent suite of audio options spinning include dvd player in the dashboard -- that that also accepts CD's. And you get MP3 playback -- -- iPod or USB storage device from a USB port which is weirdly located appear at the top of the dashboard cubby hole. Instead of down here. Or in the center console where you could reach it easily. You've also got Bluetooth for hands free calling and audio streaming if you've got a compatible Bluetooth phone -- -- it. When you get a text message it will pop up on the screen and give you the option to tap one button and have that message read aloud to you and then you can. Fired back -- canned response and if you've got a compatible Smart phone paired. With the pandora app on you've also -- -- control dashboard you can access those custom stations with thumbs up and thumbs down control. -- -- A lot. If not all of us to take just gonna be ruled that we're gonna have a -- collision warning which is going to let you know if -- -- -- vehicle ahead. To quickly and pollutants in the middle -- a little red light on the -- for it to you and Latinos to a it on the break we ran into some. You've also got. Blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert -- that the car in your blind by highway -- get a little red light. And for -- and one of the let -- -- -- there and if you're backing out of a parking but. And -- coming across traffic it'll sound a little alert to let you know keep your eyes up and I'll watch for those vehicles coming. Both of a standard rearview camera in this trim level that does have the trajectory lines move with the steering wheel when your birthing. And there's a rear proximity sensor lets you know as you're approaching vehicle or person -- -- -- and audible alert. Now underneath the ugly that really short hood there's not a lot to see if there's a lot of black clad in here that's gonna be part of the -- maker. Founded in technology which we're gonna talk about -- little bit but it's. That off. You'll find somewhere underneath all of this closing. And to being there three point six liter V6 engine -- direct injected engines and he keeps you -- medium horsepower and 270. Pound feet of torque. It's also the only engine option available for this vehicle. Now 280 horse power outlet -- lot but not for a vehicle of this I think seven passenger vehicle. It's gonna give -- decent acceleration in pretty good fuel economy. That powered unit at the engine by a single option automatic transmission which seventy you do get a choice between drive for. You can either get -- believe it or we'll right. Robertson now -- -- -- -- -- all wheel drive like this example with their ability -- technology. You'll probably gonna be decent at about sixty miles per gallon AD 22 highway I'm averaging about twenty but I'm doing a lot of highway driving him. Now can you settle behind the wheel of the view on plate and take for spin. You immediately realize that. Maybe technology. And she -- gadgetry. Isn't exactly the object name it what music is threaded views you view -- that very comfortable I don't get people -- they're going. With a minimum plus. And that's part of -- pretty good job that. They put a lot of technology of this stringent. We will entire package it. Evening in the body of the vehicle and engine bay in -- -- eliminated. He -- screen glass only things that come together to keep it quiet ride. But then it doesn't really feel inspired. Studies at the speed automatic transmission. Does it really once you access to all the power that it had an image it is definitely answered that it. We make this vehicle fields -- with the engine it is really snooze and the transmission and all -- nearly killed him perhaps. There is a little bit odd is to do you -- 370. Out of commission. Is that it has these sort of secret and it annual shipment. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pull your shoot down into the old collection and -- normally on those hard to find your -- your reached -- in this case and there you -- Left me with your thumb. On the side of this. Up it's not really the most efficient way to do it but if -- prices -- that. Anyone -- situation we need to manually it. Now comes the -- we figure out how much is this gonna cost you. -- -- -- -- -- -- of tennis started 39665. Dollars that. The entry point. If you want the safety -- that we talked about you're gonna wanna go with the premium -- with all wheel drive that's gonna bring you -- great starting point -- 51995. Dollars. -- about that has -- let's get to the -- now our model has 3640. Bucks and expect that's gonna include the -- -- -- take the rear seat entertainment sudden rip that's gonna bring -- -- at this price of 52880. Bucks but you wanna do it CNET style. If that rear seat entertainment that's gonna bring you down to about fifty grand. Even fully loaded up like this speech when he fourteen -- conflict is an -- powerhouse it got pretty good thinking tech at a decent amount of death where technology. It's kind of a vehicle for people who want to get from point a to point B but aren't necessarily in a rush to get there they -- to get there five to seven passengers. There's comfortably and quietly as possible.

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