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2013 Scion FR-S: Car Tech Video

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Car Tech Video: 2013 Scion FR-S

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The Scion FR-S has the guts of a Subaru, lines of a Nissan GT-R, and the tech of Toyota. Take a ride with CNET's Brian Cooley and check the tech.

What are raises the price -- -- sun by thousands history go to back in the sports car game that puts into ruins -- -- in. This one of the groundbreaking Scion FR dance let's drive and check the tech. -- here in the car that Toyota and Subaru has been introducing three years I got sick of covering this thing at the auto show -- it's constant. Pre production -- railings. The -- -- FRS -- the one Toyota gets in the US. And -- -- gonna be a Subaru BR zine virtually identical cover that one separately the basic concept is the same though a compact super iconic car low slung it's really a two plus 22 -- meant to be an affordable little pocket rocket like. Toyota hasn't made in. -- Inside this car you're gonna find what I think is interesting dose of Nissan GTR a different company entirely but it's Israel kind of Black Sea. Almost a throwback retro look there's some -- carbon fiber here right hope it's not real out of this pricing couldn't bait and everything in here is very machine like -- mechanical it's a nice change of pace from what you'd expect in -- low -- car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's going to give you some connectivity. There's also going to be pandora streaming built -- and get -- -- Twitter and FaceBook updates and Yelp access. And that by the ways of scorching deal at -- -- -- 45 bucks. -- -- this car has one of my biggest gripes of modern vehicles and overly compressed -- it's the smaller gauge on the left of the -- -- right there it doesn't 260 which I suspect is wishful thinking in this car but even worse than that it's not even a full circle -- as a result all the mileage speed you're ever gonna be driving are all -- -- down near the bottom of the page becomes useless one legal width of almost five miles an -- -- we have the -- six speed manual which makes total sense to -- in this car but you can't -- this -- into a six speed automatic. -- -- -- Toyota marriage gets most interesting hero under the hole at this of course is a sign on product and Toyota Motor Corp. product but -- the stamping on the fender well and the sticker in the door -- Simply makes this car. This is -- Subaru engine. It's a two liter flat four boxer -- who else would make such a thing. You've got 200 horsepower 151. Foot pounds of torque -- -- don't look stunning on paper about adequate. Zero to sixty happens in other six point two or six point four seconds by most estimates depending on what -- that the automatically the manual and awaits a little different. The MPG is real different Tony -- thirty with a manual 2534. With the automatic that's a big difference folks by this engineers -- another recent trend in technology a hybrid fuel injection system a combination of sequential port injection. Which you see on these runners. And direct injection depending -- what part of the power bandits operating. -- I don't know what the crash safety ratings are on this car only delve into that but I do know this this is the very best car in the world in which to get a paper cut let me show you why. First of all -- little folder that holds the owner's manual. There's a first -- kit very tiny one. Then here in the trunk isn't any first aid kit including tweezers and things -- magnifying stuff compression bandage and more. And finally in this briefcase sized emergency -- you've got jumper cables survival -- more medical supplies -- floating flashlight. Hose clamp. What if things get. -- -- what you're driving this car. -- -- only RS is on the road that's where you realize the formula works a lightweight car rear wheel drive. With the right amount of power not overwhelming what I notice from the bad is this is one of those few card you can actually more frequently. And not get in trouble. That's partly because the suspension and chassis -- the power -- and because there's not too much power and about what you see on paper. There's a broad flat spot from like three to 5000 rpm and a little bit higher. The power dozen -- there but it definitely shaves off the bed and that's partly is this -- I think we'll retractable field. It's actually a lot of fun although it's not what lot of carmakers go for these days. Another thing we noticed about the FRS -- get a real firm mechanical -- -- but clutch effort and take up is just about perfect love this clutched. It's about as good as that 9/11 and that sayings and -- as much as I love the gearbox in this car I've got to check out the automatic. It's got panels as I mentioned those get big gimmick if the transmission isn't as quick as your inputs on the panels. And the reason look at that automatic because they talk about it being quite advanced. -- on this car is the kind you'll probably have as your only card as a result it's nice to have a well -- sport automatic especially. With the big MP EG bonus you get in this particular installation avatars a little and refine its base it's an expensive and lightweight. So you do get a lot of road noise coming through the engine noise like the road noise they can live with a little less of doesn't give you the feeling of quality -- 24000 dollars sign on. Doesn't need to aspire to a little bit and and being a lightweight car with sufficient power and rear wheel drive. It really has -- sports -- dynamics that's kind of a long tedious way of saying you can steer with the accelerator. Or the steering wheel or -- That's fun. Pricing the FRS is real easy as the first your car the options are quite limited. No transmission cars 25000 dollars delivered eleven -- -- for the automatic with. Have to look incident. And then at 845 for -- bespoke hi tech connected head unit I would definitely do that. -- in this car has got a lot of CNET DNA. But it means -- -- move around the mid RPM.

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