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Car Tech Video: 2013 Infinity J35

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Car Tech Video: 2013 Infinity J35

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A brand new Infiniti SUV that goes after X5 and Cayenne, but with less.

-- in this guy his best summed up as an effortless and quiet it's been a little detached. Here's an all new model from infinity and that -- sector of the car buying market that's coming back rather nicely. Let's drive the 2013. Infinity. 35 and check the -- So what is. Whatever that is you've got a mid size crossover based on a stretch Nissan Murano platform the corporate V6 upfront about the wrong -- This is a guy that starts off -- all wheel drive can be had all wheel drive slots a little below and Xbox ever -- seven or a big Benz SUV in both price. Performance. And to some degree wait day and pockets. Inside the service look. I like it that's more than I can say for this disaster continuing over about the seventh straight -- -- is the Fisher Price navigation system. Doesn't it doesn't work well you've got the Infiniti controller here which turns. Pushed -- to enter. Kicks around in different angles you can -- everything with this -- W do you have a touch screen here as well this is part of the navigation system eight inch LCD if you don't get this you've got a more basic vehicle control system seven inch non touch LCD which is still have the controller knob. The nav -- -- hard drive base -- responses pretty good it's also got live traffic and weather through satellite radio -- Just check -- the voice command usually pretty good of these infinity and as well like about it. Which is 99 cents phones. Navigation that information. It gives me a nice menu of might choices for a very universal point of view I find this one of the easiest systems to learn and to get a scope of what I can do navigation. Navigation please -- address. -- -- would need to leave California. California. San Francisco. She leaned -- Want. One please see the street may second street. -- -- -- -- -- 12. Street 235. 2352. Street. Calculate -- Calculating -- It's not like -- BMW you can spit out -- whole address in 1 phrase but -- -- okay with this even though it's one Z two Z. Because it's so robust three audio systems in this guy a basic speaker unit -- have some number of watts. A -- upgraded system. Thirteen speaker is not surround. And then a Bose surround rig fifteen speakers five dot one dvd encoding and all of that everything tech -- -- package on this car by the way it has not been our -- Your media sources include you've got USB for USB sticks and iPods and hear you've got an optical disc slot at least CD if not dvd Bluetooth streaming audio is optional based on up package and everything's gonna go that way no HD radio in the sky satellite radio is in the air from again. -- you get a standard glass roof -- -- TJX but here's the odd part. We have the optional second and third -- roof which you can see how they work back there epidemic that they carve -- -- of this real estate. To make room for that thing in the now because it's an infinity -- -- there's everything to make sure you don't crash starting with camera city put this thing in reverse and you've got. Thousand views here's -- look back with my distance markers -- my trajectory marker in two different windows. Including it -- -- in mind around and view complete 360 which also has distance warning zones there. Change view yet. Now I've got my contrast camera back along with rare camp and I can do this again and -- -- full screen rear -- you could spend all day just playing with the can't -- in fact I think. The JX like Boston's -- these offers and a driver assistance to beat him your robot thanks blind spot warning and prevention via -- breaking. Lane departure warning and prevention -- in the same technology. There is adaptive cruise control forward collision warning even automatic braking to make sure you don't bump into someone in stop and go traffic. There's even a gas pedal that pushes back its eco mode to keep you from -- putting it to low MP -- -- a three and a half liter V6 real classic. Really good movies on stuff. In this iteration sitting side saddle driving. -- wheels typically all wheel drive optionally you've got sort of 65 horsepower 248 foot pounds of torque. It's this morning -- 4400 pound beast up to sixteen about 7879. While delivering 1824 MPG or 1823. If you're moving all the wheels. One choice only on the gearbox it's a CB. -- checked that out on the road. -- -- in this -- best summed up as effortless and quiet. And a little detached. Not a sport mode here. I'm gonna hold my -- a little higher so you be better throttle response the usual mix of things and because this is a CDT. A lot of folks expected to be -- or slippery or big. These are somehow it's cracked the code on Apple and against engines are pretty good power like this one. There's a bunch of our hearing of this vehicle is one of those impressive ones that shows you how great -- six cylinder can be was not a light vehicle. But it's really quite light and its patent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But that is going to be 11100 more if you want all wheel drive. Now here's where -- get -- expensive look at these packages start the premium package for 4950. To get the navigation. The first of those systems streaming Bluetooth and around you camera but you need deluxe torrent 12550. More to get the surround -- and the second and third -- long -- and some nice wheels heated and cooled seats and but tech package brings you blind spot detection and prevention and the lane departure exactly what you've got to go for the driver assistance package on top but that. To get adaptive cruise forward collision warning and the -- had opened --

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