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Car Tech Video: 2013 Chevy Malibu ECO

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Car Tech Video: 2013 Chevy Malibu ECO

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In Chevrolet's complicated lineup of cars, the Malibu is one notch from the top - a biggish small car that slots against Accord, Camry and Fusion. Tough territory, that's why GM heavily revised the car for 2013 on a new global platform they feel confident shipping to 100 countries. Let's see if their confidence is well-placed and check the tech.

In several (aids?) very busy line up of cars. This one slops one from the top. Just below the Impala. It's the Malibu. And it goes head to head with serious competition. In fact the toughest in the industry. Accord, Camry, Fusion, Sonata. Chevy says this guy is good enough to do battle with all of those in 100 countries were (??). Let's see if they're confident as well (??) and check the (??). Now (Chevy?) tell you the New Malibu pick up from styling DNA from the Camaro. I don't really see it except perhaps this kinda powerful (??) over here. Square lamps, tale lamps and they mixed that with square pods for the (speedo?) in the tank inside. More interestingly this car looks a lot like the new Impala check that one out. Oh, check out the foot. It's got an automatic shutter on the bottom air grill that will close when the engine doesn't need the cooling to improve aerodynamics. And the first thing I see inside the (cabinet?) this Malibu is no cheap plastic crap. They done a really good job catching up with Ford and Hyundai in particular with the exception of GM typical tendency to go over heavy handed on the chrome. You said there console is rather Chevy Bolt like but doesn't have the touch sensitive (pale?). This are all real buttons. Thankfully, I'm not a big fun of...this touch sensitive stuff when it comes to buttons. Key though, is an interesting example. This car is part of this new trend towards feature radios. This is an LCD screen head unit you would think it's got everything in it but it's actually no navigation. This is sort of a basic interface whether you have (??) or not. Hit this little switch right here and the whole thing flips up were your connected phone can live back there. Nice little light to see what's in there. Unfortunately no power connector wouldn't be nice to have a 12 vault outlet in there. Instead a can put a charger down here and have a cables stirring down across my center console little thank you. Now playing is an interesting shortcut I kinda like of them. Got that hard wired in here. Your energy screen would get to late I showed you with your power train is doing it. It's a big part of this car story. We have bluetooth hands free of course standard as well as streaming bluetooth stereo, audio on this car. Here is Pandora. Put the Pandora Apple in your phone and the Chevy (Mile Link?) Technology in here brings the interface up on the cars dash and blanks it out on your smart phone. And of course were the usual CD, USB, aux jacks over here and it's that bluetooth streaming I was talking about. So it's a well featured system. But if you wanna add (NAP?) to this. You pay about a $1,000 and if you get an SD card that plugs into a slot that we would also had if we got that option and that graphs (in?) navigation. Otherwise, you're stuck with the standard OnStar directions and connections. I hate having a conversation with someone to get my directions. Although probably works better than the voice command in this car. Help, I am sorry I did not catch that. It's crappy like in most cars and no where near is good as in most smart phones. So auto industry you still gotta catch up. Once..it's only 6 speed automatic right here, plenty of chrome on the top. And this little rocker switch on the top is your shiftable one. When you put it back in manual that will change you gear. Otherwise, leave it in drive. No paddles, no slap sticks nonsense as it shouldn't have. Check out this gauge. The echo gauge inside the tank is also part of a new trend. That will show you when you're either breaking or accelerating to aggressively. Both are toxic to your MPG. A message that most drivers have never heard before but car makers are starting to bubble that up with this kind of gauge. Now we have an interesting story in positioning here on this car. This Chevy Malibu Eco has a 2.4 Liter Engine with an electric motor assisting it. What it's that sound like. That's a hybrid folks. But you won't find a hybrid badge anywhere on this Malibu. You see Chevy knows that hybrids are getting to weird territory for most car buyers. So we don't call it that but that's what it is. 2.4 Liter Gas Engine. 182 total horsepower. 172 (??) pounds of torch. It's also got auto start stop technology when you come into a stop at a lighter in traffic. That adds up to a total of 25, 37 MPG or about 29 average. All the (boy?) rates or car magazines kinda jump on this one thing...you know doesn't have enough performance. I'm looking for real world performance in a car like this. Around town on the free way back in the city and I find it does a very nice job on that. And I'm happy with the start stop. The start stop on this car works almost imperceptibly which is exactly what it should do and it's quick off the throttle when you lift and you're getting ready to use power again it gets it...it gets the car back up and running. There will be a two and half liter none hybrid version of this car coming as well as 2.0 liter turbo I understand. We'll check those out when they get here. But I would not hesitate to buy this power train right now. If this fits the kinda car you're looking for. Okay at 2013 Malibu Eco the only power train they're selling at first it's 26,000 base but it's nicely equip and it has that colored touch Chevy Mile Link Head Unit (??). As well as there lot of other nice features. For about $1,000 you can navigation through and SD card because it's so cheap I would do it. If it was 2 grand I'd say forget it. A little bit $1,000 all the car would get you (??).

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