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2013 BMW M5: Car Tech Video

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Car Tech Video: 2013 BMW M5

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BMW's M5 is back with two turbos, two fewer cylinders, and the best-looking iDrive yet.

It's always been BMW's most grown up pop rock for the last couple of years you couldn't buy one -- that all changed with -- 2013. Let's drive the BM WM five's objective. Many M Bible in a way to model year eleven and twelve. Now -- thirteen warm and of course visually it's easy to spot because that's the lines of the new five series in general that means the -- not ugly anymore. It's never gonna find some interesting read branches on BMW's excellent cabin -- and under the hood they got -- -- the locomotive engine but still has -- Old school coincide from. Okay inside this returning to the stage -- five you've got to do a fresh look and I drive you don't architectural differences put a lot. -- -- the -- of the look noticed you've got a little different rendering of the type face. -- -- -- ribbon thing is knew it might be an end car thing I don't know but it's still the same organization of information and the same Ide drive controller. AM FM HD and satellite radio. And Bluetooth streaming as well and you've also got support for BMW apps -- the 250 dollar upgrade that lets you dock your iPhone in here. To get the access to FaceBook and Twitter. Made relatively safe on the screen. Now based audio and this -- five point one. 500 watts twelve speakers around the cabin our car has the upgrade that I always in real jaundiced about betting it all us and audio. Please. 3700. Dollar option. In a car with a loud exhaust it doesn't make any sense to me now one of electronics in this car that are really interest and they tend to be unique to driving. -- this array of buttons around the shift their. This one is for your engine behavior. How responsive is the throttle and how does it hold high RPMs here's one for your adaptive suspension against three modes there -- well this one -- to adjust your steering response also three modes. And those can be mapped in a collection of preset to two different. -- loads here on the -- So for example -- got M mode one set to sport all the way across each of the three subsystems and bowed to -- I sent to the more aggressive sport plus across all three that's one way to set it up you can mix and match anyway you want. Then overlay all of that is this rocker switch here which I -- -- excited belly button but they call drive logic. Within any of the different shift modes you're in you can move this to one of three levels of aggression. Let's reasonably good book BMW says they go like self. Efficient driving relax driving or sporty driving. And if -- in the sequential mode where you're shifting -- they become. Smooth shifting fast shifting. And maximum shifting speed would launch control. You get the idea this is the most complicated drive train in production today in terms of setting it up. We -- noticed this -- are now we have the seven speed sequential. Automated manual to dual clutch transmission. To the right once is your standard automatic drive -- -- influenced by all these controls. Take it again the sequential -- it's basically a red line holder and you're responsible on the paddles or win this guy back and forth for doing the shifting. Neutral over here up -- left is reverse there's no part. You just turn this guy -- -- drive ahead and -- thirty years of driving that was really weird. What we're talking about visual technologies check out this what this is the best head up display in the business. Turn on the end view and you get your speed you get the sort of horizontal -- tackle what are you could shift light segments on the top a bit and checked that -- you've got a speed limit sign which -- -- actual live readout of the speed limit in your area. Is it done by GPS -- no. It's done by the camera reading speed limit signs as you drive that's pretty cool. Now content related to visual is the invisible visual technologies on this car overheating uses buttons for lane departure if you drift formats turned on its gonna read those lines and figure out that you're doing so and give you a vibration on the way it does not correct for -- There's also blind spot technology -- turn on right here that'll give you an angry flashing inside the -- housing right by its -- right there but again no correction. And you've got forward collision warning technology turned that on and the car's gonna remind you you're about to kiss the butt of the one -- Friday. The car that is. IB MW still lags behind -- -- stunning use of Google Earth imagery. But the M five shows the most new -- 3-D renderings I've seen and any car nav system the one visual technology I don't have on this car. Is the night vision with pedestrian detection that would turn this screen into an infrared view of what's ahead of me useful in the evening and will also call out pedestrians which it figures out the image processing. And puts up there with a warning icon on the screen. And a first -- to say about the engine bay in the BM WM five is not the intimate these damned things they're back. -- -- despite -- meant to go right through your skull one Droid your brain -- the resulting hole be careful of these there's even a sticker that says be careful but it's there -- sick joke. Now the engine itself off four point four liter V8. Twin Turbo is not twin scroll Turbo but two distinct dirt -- in fact here's the evidence that inner cooler for each one. They blow into this engine helping create 560. Horsepower 500 foot pounds of torque. Zero to sixty on this 4400. Pound car happens in about four point two seconds that's pretty quick for a big boy like this. MPG is interesting it's 1522. For the manual just 1420 for the automatic rarely does -- shifting yourself get better mileage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's all -- and she runs wonderfully munch. The keys in the M five does it is the greatest trick and auto and only very few guards noticed. Guess they shave about 70% of their weight off when you step on in this car has the ability to go from 4400 pounds to about 16100. Scene when you get this -- -- Iran and that's great training. Of course cutting -- -- suspension to take care regularly sample -- power train and and he wrote available examining the -- will do things you can handle. The gearbox is one that I've learned to love I had big problems examined BMW's original automated manual that verse -- T -- music grand Babylon. This is really a nice transmission intractable rounds and Crispin forceful when you wanted to be in sequential mode -- one of these demos -- nearly mansion doing. Level I've gotten and it's enough to look -- I would have to really think hard about it is there's an enormous amount road vibration that comes through in the this -- we don't talk about road feel I'm talking about incredibly annoying. Kind of high frequency vibration like I don't make your hands numb after -- -- Mark my words in the Tony fourteen -- dial that how they're gonna get customer complaints about this from. But aside from that a billing holding a power drill all the time feeling of the steering feedback. I have no problem with the suspension when you data back into its comfort mode it is exactly that's it's not excessively harsh you're not getting all these hammering -- underneath the car. And when you -- really aggressive -- it still isn't so residents losing content we we aren't. -- performance cars go too -- that when. -- bill of rights are 2013 back to the showrooms them five. 399. Leisure MS RP which you -- destination and gas guzzler tax of thirteen hundred now you're into the -- ninety -- There's a driver assistance package for 19100 bucks. Does that fit -- this character or not -- -- -- great driver that you buy them five do you need lane departure blind spot and collision warnings. It's your call but it's all -- their rendered to grant ala carte stuff ones up like this BMW apps to fifty absolutely. Head up display ala -- thirteen hundred bucks. No money extra for the six speed manual that's -- -- And night vision with pedestrian detection 2600 bucks.

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