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On the road: 2013 BMW 750Li vs. 2012 Lexus LS460: CNET On Cars

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Make your iPhone feel new again
2:38 April 24, 2015
Revive your old, tired iPhone with a few easy tasks.
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Accidentally ordering from Amazon during an Apple Watch demo
2:38 April 24, 2015
One-click ordering plus a tiny smartwatch screen leads to unintended consequences.
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How to manage your apps on the Apple Watch
2:19 April 24, 2015
So many apps, what to do? They're easy to add or remove.
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Taking a shower with the Apple Watch
1:54 April 24, 2015
Brian Tong tests the Apple Watch Sport by bringing it in the shower with him to see if it truly is water resistant.
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As Apple Watch lands, Samsung teases round smartwatch
2:55 April 24, 2015
More than 3,000 apps fill the Apple Watch app store on launch day -- and some may not make great sense. Meanwhile, Samsung teases a...
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Xiaomi's Mi 4i signals its global ambitions
1:22 April 24, 2015
Xiaomi launches its first smartphone outside of China with the Mi 4i, a trim Android model with healthy features and a low, low pr...
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Unboxing the Apple Watch Sport
2:54 April 24, 2015
Brian Tong unwraps the 38mm silver Apple Watch Sport and takes a peek inside the box at its accessories.
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Marshall Major II: A $100 headphone worth listening to
1:39 April 24, 2015
With an improved design and performance, the Marshall Major II is a nice upgrade over the original and one of the better on-ear headphones...
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