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Car Tech Video: 2013 BMW 640 Gran Coupe
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Car Tech Video: 2013 BMW 640 Gran Coupe

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BMW's new Gran Coupe loads up on doors, tech, and performance.

You probably know BMW's not exactly given to following every automotive -- -- but in this case caught the -- the four door coupe craze that oxy moronic -- -- the auto industry with -- the 640 -- gran -- -- could -- -- lowers what is otherwise a two -- six. Estrada -- thirteen BMW 640 guy gran coupe and of course check the tech. The -- to -- -- C seven Mercedes CLS. -- -- -- -- Even a jagged VW in -- -- baby boomers who want a fast bathroom lines without putting their trousers getting in the back. Hence the four door -- -- -- no surprises here BMW's standard and excellent tech including HD radio Bluetooth streaming and hard drive for media storage. There's Google connected -- with search -- are really wide screen front wall light cams go with the standard rear cam optionally. And betting it'll -- audio brings you this pop up acoustic dispersion lands -- -- -- packages 3700 bucks. For a scant 250. Almost nothing in BMW terms you can get on screen FaceBook and Twitter support but through your iPhone only. This whole thing. Power train choice. BMWs well known three liter inline six with the twin scroll Turbo delivering 315 horsepower and 330 foot pounds of torque. That -- this 4200 pound car to sixty in about five point four seconds while delivering quite respectable. 2030 MPG. Your only choice in the transmission of an eight speed automatic annual at least -- the -- is the rear wheels -- BMW promises a model usable for pause sort of. -- -- -- -- -- Gran -- -- says 640 I have are clearly seen this before. This is nothing -- -- it'll -- great motor. -- -- a little bit bigger car a longer -- little -- a little more on the hook. They can really feel the fact you've got rear wheel drive steering with the accelerator is not difficult at all the car feels it feels its way. -- feels like it's gonna fool you that it's a big car. But a very capable big guy there's BMW eight speed automatic is gonna make some people -- but. From 95% of buyers even those who are gonna press this -- a bit like we're doing today it's a good gearbox it really has good quick shifts. And a great track stability you want in every day driving the eyes bled and of course being a BMW feels like a bank -- -- together but. That's -- you'd expect this price point and from this company. Noticed that the BMW drive modes -- there -- little different on this car you go all the way down. You get to go pro really dials off the responsiveness and maximizes your economy. And then you get into comfort plus. Comfort then -- -- it -- -- setting your soul sport sitting on this car which -- sport plus and it also turns off your traction control. -- we do that. Believed to have some fun here in these corners. A. Get the rights or 640 I gran -- that she dated 77 delivered and that doesn't even include everything I want -- to get to go CNET style. That includes premium sound for 950 bucks. But I'm gonna skip the -- and Olson at 3700 I -- just never heard that much in it. Then I want you go for the driver assistance package. 3800 bucks is gonna bring you head up display winds but the -- lane departure warning active park assist and those side and top cameras. That doesn't how to do the right -- who you hang tight to BMW promises these 650 I had all wheel drive version Nielsen.
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