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Car Tech Video: 2013 Audi Allroad

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Car Tech Video: 2013 Audi Allroad

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When Audi takes a wagon and puts a lift kit in it, it becomes an allroad.

-The Allroad used to be an Audi A6, looked little bit too much like a Subaro. Now, it's an Audi A4 that looks like an Audi A4, just taller. Let's drive this smallest, tallest Audi wagon and check the tech. Now, an Allroad is an Allroad and not a wagon because it's got some extra ground clearance and it's got some stainless steel guards underneath the thing, so when you go driving around the Grand Teton and decide now leave the Jeep at home, this will come back more or less in 1 piece and you could easily spot an Allroad a thousand yards away because it has this kind of JC Whitney's body cladding. Umm, luckily, you can get that painted more on that later, but the first it makes me grim when I get inside an Audi is that I think it's the most CNET looking cockpit of a car, it's direct competitive set. You go this burnished aluminum kin of low gloss, but very precise looking and a functional, yet, comfortable cabin. It's not too baroque. Look at you Mercedes, and it's not too humorless, look at you BMW, right in the middle. The main display is interesting point of contention on this car. It's squarish and smallish, much bigger you'd find in a Cadillac or Mopar product, much wider you'd find in a BMW, but Audi hangs on what is a relatively older interface now and it's still does the job well. It's got some quirks notably the 4 corners of the screen meant to these 4 buttons. I've never really gotten used to that, and then that goes the wrong way. You turn counterclockwise to do down a list. That strikes me as odd, maybe not you. It's a connected system. That means you can use Google search where you wanna go and you can use Google earth as your view instead of this kind of simplistic 3D buildings, look at that, here's comes 3D satellite imagery and beyond Google Earth, you could even get down to a street view level. Take a little tour of a neighborhood you haven't been to before, might decide not to go there. It's powered by a built in internet connection in the car. That SIM card right there is just for car. Your phone doesn't need to do anything to bring in this data I'm showing you. That data connection is free for 6 months, then it's gonna cost you 30 bucks a month from T-Mobile partnership that Audi has. It's not real cheap, is it? All modern media is here including my not so favorite SD card slots, 2 of them to add insult injury, and I'm not crazy about how they do portables. This is ouch-- This Audi interface over here in the glove box that's not convenient. That's Antarctica. This of course is a traditional iPhone connector. You iPhone 5 folks have to put the adaptor on here. I'm not sure how well it works yet, and you can put other pigtails on here, but obviously one at a time. What I would do? Keep your iPhone in your pocket. Buy a cheap little Nano and let it plugged in there. The key technology that answers all of that of course is Bluetooth streaming, which you've got on this car along with Bluetooth hands free and very good phonebook handling as well. The parking tech on this car consists Sonar and the rear camera, nothing tremendously sexy about it. This panoramic glass roof has a nice touch. You got a big panel over the second row and of course a big mover over the first. It's a two-row car. Anything that cure the claustrophobia is good. Now, all Allroads have a 2.0T Audi engine. In Audi lingo, the either means turbocharger or supercharger depending how much they wanna screw with you. On this one, it means turbocharger. On other cars, it means super charger. I give up, 2 liter in line four sitting longitudinally. These cars of course are all Quattro. It would be kind of a joke. If you had something called the all road, it wasn't always Quattro 4-wheel drive. And because we've got a turbo here, it's torque heavy. 211 horsepower, 258 foot-pounds of torque, gets this 3900-pound to 60 in a respectable 6-1/2 seconds while delivering 20/27 EPA-rated MPG. That means an average of 23 point of the government; that means an average of 20 according to me. Now, this A4, sorry, Allroad doesn't disappointment in the fact that it has an Audi trademarks; precise, smooth, lighter at speed, and has lots of power at initially tipping and I feel like half of the power of this car is available in the first 25% of throttle pedal, which is the perception of great power. Push it further and it kind of flattens out a bit. You really find flat spots or eye view anyway when you manually shift this thing by putting the lever here on the right. Put in drive and it's a real poke. It hits too many top gears. Interesting note, this car is an 8-speed automatic Tiptronic. It's the only way you can get it. 7 and 8 are over drive. I don't think I've seen that before, usually just top gear. So, the top 2 gears are overwhelmed if you will be the engine's ratio and when you need to step on it in drive, it has to climb out of 8 and 7 to get anywhere. So, that's something that I think is best handled by leaving in a sport mode. Now, what you can see back there in the bay, but it kind of comes to a point it's kind of rounded in the back and that kills a fair amount of usable cargo space especially for square or large objects. So, think of yourself buying an all road for the clearance, the off road ability and for the fact that it's got a giant trunk, but it's still kind of using sedan DNA in terms of what it can carry. Okay, to do an Allroad CNET style, you got to order in the prestige trim, the top of the 3. Unfortunately, you're already it at $49,000 car at that point, but that does give you the nav, the Google-connected services, but to continue using that style, you're gonna wanna add 3250 for the driver assistance package. That's gonna get you adaptive cruise control, variable ratio smart steering, and the Audi drive select, which lets you choose different personalities for the car, and it's a very good system, and for a thousand dollars more, they will paint all these body cladding the same color as the car. Yes, please. And at this trim level, we're also talking about including the panoramic roof, and basically every single thing I showed except now we've got a $53,000 4 series and that's when I'm gonna throughout the least paperwork and not the purchase.

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