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Car Tech Video: 2012 Volvo C30 R-Design

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Car Tech Video: 2012 Volvo C30 R-Design

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The Volvo C30 is like your friend who is smart, stylish -- and a Luddite!

The -- OC thirtieth like different premieres -- great taste great career but -- an -- about -- Let's check between twelve to bulldoze -- thirty art type pole star edition check the tech. And -- -- -- it's good to receive 35. There is you can see it's the spiritual descendant of the very cool 18100. EX coupe and wagon from back in the seventies. Not as -- stylus as it wasn't -- seven days but again never mind. You've got -- signature. All glass lift up back door on this chiseled black design -- -- loading space. Otherwise the car's early two plus to the back seats are cool if not a usual. -- And only -- start these little tour is that -- cabin tech here in the head unit but not on this one. It's a -- off my chest first. Starting with the ergonomics most of all what is this rake handle sticking up here at the emergency break it never really goes down so -- isn't -- -- -- -- going to grab -- -- -- thought of that. When it's up. I could easily arrest on it look like an old coward getting ready for his Hollywood productions shot but that's not why viable well. You can do this all over here. You've got a controller here I'm gonna teach you about later but when you go to using your -- your knuckle against the white enable the wipers. When you go to start the car you activate the watchers you can even get to the ignition. -- you put the wheeled -- to get the car started. Every -- But that's not good -- -- -- people. Now under the cabin electronics this is not a remote for the rear seat dvd system -- which there is not one in this car blessed Lee instead it's one of the ways you can operate that. You don't see -- that. Is actually a pop up navigation screen take this that you turn it on by reaching around for this inscrutable little controller back here and once you think you have the right button you press it. Those -- the groaning sound it makes. It is. It's gonna give -- navigation. Traffic. That's about it nothing else happens on that display you control that would either this little stick and two buttons here. We can also operated using this thing which is fine because there's no other controller on the dash to your passenger who wants to operate that and by the way this car does not lock out. Intrigue while you're driving which brings it to the other screen which dates back to the eighties that's this sort of greenish gray. Monochrome LCD it's not a pretty thing to look at nor -- it a very effective thing. Your audio choice is a single slot CD right up there you've got satellite radio that's optional on this car by the way AM FM of course HD radios in here my aux Jack is in the glove box along with the USB I can use for a stick or an iPod. I step Bluetooth streaming on this car stock of course but very limited metadata -- what's going on here you could do better. The my final concern is this doesn't look like this although does this nice blue finally rendered -- design and this is a different color or different. Type -- -- everything it just looks like commitment to car and that was a game out of -- current car. Got a -- mostly -- so -- day. Usual -- the front as well it's a five cylinder that one of the few companies that do these. Inline five sitting sideways driving the front wheels of no all wheel drive on this guy but it has a -- -- -- trails -- 127 horsepower. 236 foot pounds of torque the car only -- 3200 pounds of the acceleration good and the MPV. Bad 2130. With the six speed manual that we. Lose one MPG highway that -- saw that little blue badge on the -- and like they thought what the hell was that. It says -- star which means nothing -- turns out it's an engine tuning ship the mobile installs factory approved. That really improves your performance you now have 250 horsepower and over 273. Foot pounds of -- All without changing it -- -- or admissions at all. Most importantly without scrolling your warranty. -- -- -- -- First it is this part is that it's fairly smooth. You can't break is it. That once you -- is easily. He'll get over it. But the first thing you're gonna pick up on what you get out on the road establish power this car and its pro did -- -- powerful -- polls archived in the air. That isn't the same as being exceptionally responsive. Power its economy and add to positions -- -- either a little power. A lot of power I don't find much in the middle and I hate them. The engines real smooth all cars actually very smooth no matter where you quarterly rpm the engine never -- the -- -- -- your growling just determined. Border guards to let you do dollar -- to feel like the 26000. Dollar -- that it is. When you really get into and a quarter and you get a lot of torque steer -- -- -- it rears up. You get this little kids and do -- thing on the front tires they start their -- it is embarrassing. Quandary. In other words pole -- -- -- was power into the platform. So I -- I would skip it. As much as I love the fact that its its. -- -- -- overtake like that. But the car almost doesn't put it to the ground right. Okay ST thirty is about 46000 dollar proposition delivered but you got a long way -- got black. 4500 for the thirteen -- of an automatic transmission you may or may not want that. Another thirteen hundred for the -- star packets I think I would skip that it's impressive but -- a -- -- live with every day. Finally 4400. For the platinum trim level that you kinda one. It has that Adobe nav system you don't care about but it's got premium audio the glass -- of the power heated seats and I think you mostly want it more than --

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