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Car Tech Video: 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring PRHT

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Car Tech Video: 2012 Mazda MX-5 Miata Touring PRHT

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Mazda's MX-5 Miata remains the antidote to a world of soulless, overprocessed cars.

-- -- organs and away anger at Honda for canceling the S 2000 and not the natural gas civic. In the meantime I've got -- that it helped me work through my angst. Let's take a ride in the 2012 Mazda Miata MX five power retractable hard top special edition. Check the -- -- catch our breath. An army out of top of the -- and power retractable hardtop special edition. -- -- you spot a special it's got black wheels. And a black top. First time on -- ever done a contrasting roof from the factory. It's got the chubby cheeks like all the Miata is -- it's got a mouthful -- -- for the winter they do feed dopey looking her in the front. Overall though nice tidy package in the specials -- only available in two colors chick car read and regrettable Pearl White. Can't -- on either front there. If you know the story of how the -- got started you know why it's like it still is an American motor journalist was talking to the brass over a Mazda is that what should we do next in terms of an interest in car he said. No one is reinvigorated the -- of the 1950s. British -- do that. Crazy talk and end with that was before they sold -- -- -- of the -- Look at the inside still very simple not a whole lot different than -- -- British roadster except it runs all the time. The only. Partial concession to modernity is this head unit and it's barely a concession to modernity you've got AM FM no HD radio Sirius Satellite Radio is an option for like 400 bucks. Aux Jack is down -- no US Mino I've five -- streaming Bluetooth in fact even Bluetooth hands free isn't on every media item we have -- high trim car so -- kids. Little touches that make this guy nice inside this is one of the firm list Christmas gear boxes you'll ever drive. I love the real mechanical thumb wheels which has for the seat heaters so they're still on next time you get in that's nice in the -- There's a horn button and that anymore. Now improve vintage form you can still get a whole bunch of different trim levels a Miata without hand this -- this is not one of them we've got the first. The power retractable hardtop. And it's a great one. It goes back -- tightly behind the seats and -- goes up in doubt you know really speedy fourteen seconds this is one of the fastest tops of any kind in the industry on a car. That is rather affordable. And -- that nothing gets in the way of your trunk space when this thing is opera down pretty good -- a small car and speaking those small. There is press the strangest -- -- -- convertible. I don't think that's possibly -- stability thing although it doesn't regulate basket for dried oregano on the way home from the grocery store. For -- now under its diminutive foot below the -- out of got a pretty basic motor but -- some decisions at the two later in line for basic stuff. No direct injection of Turbo that's got variable valve timing these days and multi port fuel injection direct injection but he gets the job done. -- 167. Horsepower. -- 158. If you get the automatic not sure that's going on manage and aggregate the automatic anyway because that'll stop answering your emails we're speaking to you. And -- forty foot pounds of torque regardless of the gearbox booze this 2500. Pound you heard me right. Little roadster to sixty in about seven seconds or so while delivering 2128. MPG. -- It was the car magazines places where they call it up Hitler driving experience and it sounds like a bunch of BS that. -- journalist right. But it's true what's happening in this car you'd notice immediately. Is that you're not better with a bunch of computers and software and algorithms. They're interpreting your driving. Yes this car's electronics like many others lesser than most. But they get out of the way the car is very direct you where more that you drive. But this -- that this car has no real torque gets you get this thing wound up a little doesn't come alive until about the -- 3000 range on the attack. Not bad it's -- guardians. -- got us but it's not a networking vehicle of course 140 foot pounds. The come around on -- to some degree diligent doing because the suspension is relatively unsophisticated. -- on cracked pavement here on some decreasing radius concerns that this is not a great place if you're just pushing it too fast and not paying attention. The ride is a refined it's not broke. But it is -- -- you feel the road come through the cars will build it doesn't sound like it's coming apart but again this is not the car you take on a six mile road trip. Little less that system you -- -- we talk about responsive all the time this is one of those NC responsive and vehicle that doesn't -- powerful but doesn't mean fast. That means its light and it does what you think it's going to do when you give it endless. This is the rarest thing in vehicles today. -- got miles -- still makes this thing. On the jig and a long time ago on -- -- were now left with one you can -- Okay -- -- -- MX five the I don't power retractable hardtop forget about the special -- -- -- fifty of these contrasting ones you're not. Those but that's okay you get a better choice of colors so go for the touring retractable about 283. Nicely equipped. But you've got -- that step it up to the grand touring. 14100 more to get the Bose audio leather heated seats and you're also going to get automatic temperature control. Sport suspension -- 650 Goldstein shocks limited slip differential and -- all around. Automatic transmission 11100 bucks we talked about that you're not going to do it.

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