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Car Tech Video: 2012 Infiniti G37 Sedan

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Car Tech Video: 2012 Infiniti G37 Sedan

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Infiniti rolls out a four-door version of its popular Coupe.

-It's the G you buy when you want the coupe, but [unk] reminds you, we're not gonna be lifting babies and seats across the back of a two-door. Let's drive the 2012 Infiniti G37 Sedan touring and check the tech. -Let's face it a G Coupe is a gorgeous car. The G Sedan, not so much. It's not Infiniti's fault. I mean, there's always so much you can do when you've got to create full-sized access doors back here, but the whole thing basically goes to hell and gets tubby in the rear when they add the extra door. That's just life in the design studio. And it's not the most spacious car in the back either. It's not bad; it's not terribly good. And I haven't been a big fan of the latest re-design, anyway, which made it less edgy and more kind of bulbous and round, but what really matters is what goes on inside. Let's check it out. Now, this 2012 G is basically a carry-over from 2011, but let me refresh you about the cabin tech because it's one of the better cars in the industry before that especially considering it's, you know, pretty much down low on the Infiti line. Here is our standard interface, but it has optional navigation, so you always get this colored display. You always get this Infiniti controller, and that'll let you access a lot of settings, audio, climate, vehicle setup, but the navigation part is optional and that includes a hard drive when you option that in. I'm not a huge fan of the navigation map quality. It's a little childish looking, a little bit grainy, though they have done quite a bit to improve it in the last couple model years, but it's still a bit of a torture to read. I mean, do you really wanna read Folsom Street with the characters laid out like that? It's just bad cartography, I think. Other things about it though are very nice and easy to deal with. For example, unlike some German cars like I mentioned, scanning around the map to figure out where you are is easy. Just touch to reset here. I love that. Or you can use these buttons here on the Infiniti controller to move around. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, but I like to be able to move the map or I don't see where I am, and then when you wanna get back to your current spot, just hit the map button. Obviously, you have Bluetooth calling. Here's one coming in now. In addition to the Bluetooth calling hands free, you've also got stereo Bluetooth streaming in this guy because we've optioned up the Premium sound system. That means I've got 10 speakers around the cabin, instead of the basics. I get the ability to play DVD. I believe that's actually part of the navigation option, kind of a weird split there. I've got Bose Amplification. I've also got Driver's Audio Stage. That means you can tell the system to set up the virtual staging of the audio, what's left, right, forward and back all right around this seat. No matter how you get a G37 spec, it comes base with AM, FM, no HD radio. XM is your satellite radio. You'll get a USB/iPod/iPhone jock here in the glove box. I've got my iPod Touch in there now. The DVD playback ability comes as part of the navigation system and the hard drive to rip music to also part of the Nav Rig. Also standard on all G37s regardless of how you take it up is going to be a rearview camera. What's not standard is rear sonar. That's part of another option package. So, again, throughout this car, I found that it had some strange splitting and bundling of kind of dissimilar and similar technologies. Things that should go together aren't always; things that shouldn't sometimes do. One-choice gearbox on this guy because we don't have what they call the Sport 6MT model. That's called 6MT because it has a 6-speed manual; we obviously don't. Instead, you get the 7 speed automatic gearbox that goes in 4 simple gate positions, left for shiftability position and then you've got 2 paddles that are done the right way. They are fixed on the column the way they should be with big long ears. So, just wherever you are on the wheel, if you know how to drive, you're just a finger away from grabbing down shift on one side, up shift on the other. Now, what's under the hood here, it may look like a kind of Guard and variety V6. In an era when V6s that are really good are fairly common, but I will remind you, there was a time when that was not the case until these guys came along and they built the best V6 anybody had ever seen, and this is the descendant of that motor. This one is now a 3.7-liter V6; hence, the name of the car; 328 horsepower, 269 foot-pounds of torque, 0 to 60 on this guy, which weighs about 3600 pounds, takes about 5.8 seconds by most tests while delivering 1927 mpg. And again, through that 7-speed automatic in this trim level, but a 6-speed manual is available. Let's see how all this works together. Okay. So, what's this guy like on the road? Like I said, one of the great V6s in human history is under the hood of this car, and the power comes on real nice. Real linear, nice big high, fat torque here is what you pick up on right away. What you also pick up on right away is a lot of harshness. I blame that on the sport package. This car has a very rough ride, which is to say you feel everything on the road and not in a cool way. It's not sporty to me; it's just riding like a truck. It's especially bad over certain undulations where you end up doing this a lot in the car. That's not sporty when I'm driving to work; it's just annoying and splashing my coffee all around. But the sport package also gives us a tighter steering ratio, which is real nice. This car has really nice steering and it turns in very linearly. There's no weirdness about it. And the on-the-road weight is just about right. The car doesn't feel too heavy nor does it feel too light. And so, this is a rather capable sport sedan, great power train. Gearbox is real nice by the way. They didn't do anything I didn't like. It's just a really good automatic. But a little too much of the byproducts of sport are coming through for this to be a real comfortable everyday car for me as well. Okay. Let's price out our 2012 G37 journey. Again, this is not the Sport model with the manual transmission nor is it the all-wheel drive. This one is 37.1 delivered, then there are 4 chunky tech packages on there for you to consider. And here's how I'd score it. Premium package, $2150, mostly about Bose audio and the power moonroof. Yes. Nav package, $1850. I'm on the fence, probably yes. Sport package, $2150, hell no. I like my car to not make my back hurts. And finally, the tech package, $1200, basically adaptive cruise and free collision breaking and seatbelts, I'd probably blow that one off.

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