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Car Tech Video: 2012 BMW X5 xDrive35i

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Car Tech Video: 2012 BMW X5 xDrive35i

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With a new X5 on the way, should you wait to buy BMW's big SUV?

BM w.'s X five kind of started the category and before this SUVs were big and -- don't. Political support activity vehicles has survived by all that mumbo Jumbo loans to open this morning twelve X five X drive 35 -- We've seen everything in the catalyst X viable format -- -- labor every piece of tech. I encourage you look at our other BMW videos for 2012. To get an in depth -- all the different systems but three things I wanna call out for you here. First of all. I drive controller is kind of setting itself up as the best in the business it's easy to use in a moving vehicle without a bunch of slop that makes it too sensitive. This may be the perfect blend of simple universal control the knob and dedicated buttons. Like back similarly the screen in the main interface on my drive is really turning out to matured nicely there are some places -- -- gripe likely the navigation screen. This cryptic little menu of rip buddy icons on the left still doesn't make any sense to me I've reviewed a couple dozen cars -- that. That said though notice how it has Chris throttle response it's not -- -- if you had the convenience package on this car you'd get BMW online this is still one of the best online systems -- what is very early days for this kind of thing. Letting you do Google search to find things that you then want to navigate to. That completes the circle of what automotive navigation always should have -- and should be in the future. And of course you -- option BMW apps on a car like this for 250 bucks to get FaceBook Twitter streaming web radio and more. One of the better systems out there and again because we hadn't. It's -- you've got not just a rear facing camera but you can also turn it into a panoramic. Camera the goes all the way around the three sides of the car. I also wanna point out the sports activity trim level -- -- -- panoramic roof. The big glasses aren't here in the -- -- the smaller one behind doesn't but it every case you're gonna -- your head if you wish. I've got a real mixed emotions about this rear seat entertainment system first -- -- its 17100 bucks I guess it's okay and that the display is bright. Decent size it's not up here in the way of the drivers -- -- that's good on the other hand it's down here in the way of the driver in the front passengers elbow that's bad. -- dvd deck is down here it does have aux input somewhere apparently this is an aux input setting on the screen. More than that though no one sitting back here is gonna be without an iPhone or Android device -- will use this much except perhaps. -- still drink table. Now these X five's are all one configuration. All wheel drive -- the X. But we've also got an eight speed automatic in this car -- this on the usual panel. The thing. Have a gripe -- -- on this guy is not in the way that thing is interface to your hand but the way it works on the road. I want this amazingly light -- what does that -- atlas -- plastic. You've got a three liter inline six -- BMW calls twin power Turbo technology. It's not twin Turbo as they did that for a while now it's one Turbo that has two phases one for lower rpm that it takes over to another scroll pattern inside for higher rpm. That should mean almost no Turbo lag which will check out the minute. The numbers 300 horsepower 300 foot pounds of torque. Zero to sixty is around six point four seconds pretty impressive consider this guy who is -- porky 4500. Pounds. The downside of that -- is the MPG 1623. Radiant is just this side of embarrassing that really means like eight. -- real world -- -- big -- Feels kind of could be -- call. There's a fair amount of annoying -- with the comes back it's up. It bothers me here is -- actually -- it does not throttle response this car is powerful but not always responsive. You can -- in the sport mode that'll do wonders for but it undoubtedly -- lower your immediately. At low speed this gets really quite -- a lot of reviewers have noted that it's not just me. A one of the -- look up behind you -- me he was a second ago. But you can't get through road dropped -- it would work. -- prices X five -- drive 35 -- the Turbo six not the non -- or not the -- the one in the -- the one you want 59000 dollars like this could we have the sport activity trip -- nicely equipped vehicle which you've got to -- 5200. Dollars more to -- all the technology I showed -- on top of that 250 bucks for the BMW app. App support. Of course are gonna do that you're watching this on CNET. 700 dollars for the rear seat entertainment system of course you're not gonna do that. 3500 dollars for an active suspension with active roll bars I'd like -- -- it without swallows it. In -- parts and service are really really high on these damn things.

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