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Car Tech Video: 2012 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

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Car Tech Video: 2012 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

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Brian Cooley loves tech and he really loves wagons, but is lukewarm about the 2012 Acura TSX Sport Wagon. Take a ride and find out why.

They call this a sport wagon is a more sport or more wagon to key distinction. One of its only a big smattering of both. Let's drive the 2012 Acura TSX sport wagon and check the tech. You may hurt their folks actually -- the old Honda Accord wagon -- bought elegance that climate back. And this is a very closest example of what it would be today in fact SD SX wagon. It's called the accord wagon when it sold in Europe it's very much the TSX with a tidy little wagon compartment molded on the back. -- faithful to the lines otherwise. It's worth noting that the Audi a four Mercedes C class BMW three series and everything Lexus. Are no longer found as wagons here. Acura is either way out in front. Or a little bit behind. How much changes inside these accurate cabins you seen this big old blows them thing here with a not gonna say it right there on the front lots of buttons that's an -- thing. Single brought the number down a little bit but not enough to that you don't go -- a lot of buttons when you first get in this car. What hasn't evolved quite so much is that navigation. Interface it looks the same as it has for -- with minor improvements but it's still a little -- on the Fisher Price side to my -- it doesn't this -- this high -- sort of -- elegance -- -- -- the rest of the tablet the key is how does the voice command -- just take it for a tour. After baby boom -- command navigation. I would like to. Address. Would you like to -- city. After the -- San Francisco. You get the idea it's fairly good at recognizing what I say but notice every single piece of data up is another deep. Response sequence. The better nav systems now particularly at some of the German cars you just -- it all out. AM and FM but no HD radio on this guy your satellite radio buttons there. Here is your optical disc and hard drive toggle. Fifteen gigabyte hard drive built into this thing already becoming passe to be honest -- -- auction got the good stuff Bluetooth streaming. Your iPod or USB connection in here -- also the aux Jack you can hook up to. -- -- Bluetooth audio is pretty rudimentary that's what you get when you're playing Bluetooth sound no meta tags. Some -- logo and -- go to acura.com. Message that looks like drachma. One -- only on the gearbox also taken us back to the old days a five speed automatic. You do have paddles up here in drive those will temporarily influence the gear shift to the gear you want that it will drop back in the drive mode full automatic in the sport you've got a much better response holds RPMs higher locks out of top gear and this is also a transmission that should in a corner. Down shift or at least hold that gear is that of a shift in like a dumb box right in the middle of a turn at speed. Aboard the accurate TSX sport wagon is a wagons. Pretty much of one though Gore's. I'm biased because I drives and wagon. Rollback the -- -- you -- you've got a very moment Audi ate porridge cargo -- I'd love to get them side by side not to compare the volumes that you can get from specs but to compare the usable shape of getting in and out of it -- -- -- Stylish compact wagons have all this rounded -- inclusion around here you really want that to be a clean -- Because this couple of inches of flange and trim can make the difference between getting your stuff home from IKEA are having to pay sixty bucks to get delivered. They've got tons of little smugglers boxes all over the floor here a little one here one like -- on the left there's this big one of the middle big deep well there and -- within -- You've got another compartment of compartments so lots of places to put small things really are flying around that's a good thing. But I'm concerned about big. Here -- the -- going to get to the engine let's get to the outrage. UK -- rather excellent corporate V6 in this car because it's -- wagon. That's a real bad body isn't going on here this that day and we'll let you option -- the bigger motor but this one is stuck. -- the 2.4 liter side saddle inline -- Are really good motor does that -- a lot less -- that. 201 horsepower 170 foot pounds of -- -- this 3600 pound car to sixty. -- perfectly fine seven point five seconds left for me. The MPG on this car is a mid. For a four cylinder twenty to thirty. Denies you notice there's not much more conventional car on the road than this -- -- -- speed automatic 2.4 liter four front wheel drive. Bloody bloody -- but on the road it actually turns into a little better package -- looks on paper. They've got this cartoon in a way that -- -- very responsive as part throttle. -- -- -- -- tooling around town are driving normally on the freeway you've got lots of responsiveness in the first I don't know a third of the panel travel. That's real world driving. Now when you get further into it. More -- more speed want to sustain the acceleration that's where the power plant pretty much thrust a flat. -- and it runs out of gas when you get above in mid throttle more -- and RP -- -- sort of cushion. It becomes less impressive. Then it was in the first few moments of getting off the line. But that works over every day driver the ride is I would say harsh but I would -- -- military and -- -- Its its board but without great sport handling sort of bad card driver handles well but it does -- -- that feeling of handling that a small BMW or Audi would -- of course doesn't even that. Sticker shock feed. Get the most out of this car you really do have to shifted drop in the sport mode get on the -- otherwise. You're not gonna be in the exact right rev range for engine that -- M engine runs out of breath a little bit. Bureau impression of driving it is a fun Hawaii. It's possible car. One that is a tremendous performance -- power house. Accurate would have to give you the V6 the super handling all wheel drive then I don't know another eight or ten -- on this -- to get there. They're going after a different market. A a it is dark basses at 32. The move your TSX sport wagon but that's without -- -- act as you're watching a video about this car from CNET I assume you want that. 3650. Additional without it. It kind of missed out all the cool stuff I showed him. And you need that because this car doesn't even have that much cool stuff. But the tech package does bring -- fifteen gig hard drive dvd surround sound rear camera and power lifting all of Africa 36 -- he's a pretty good.

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