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Car Tech Video: 2011 Nissan Quest

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Car Tech Video: 2011 Nissan Quest

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Nissan is back in the minivan business

-Didn't have minivans when I was a kid. They used to have things like econolines, so I feel somewhat cheated, and with vans like this on the market, who wouldn't? Nissan's back in the game. In there with Toyota with Sienna, Honda with Odyssey, now the all new Nissan Quest is getting back in the market. And as you can see, they're following the current trend on the Asian minivans: go high style; quasi-luxury; kind of a sporty look that isn't dowey or dopey. Nissan points to this kind of vanishing dipping line in the body here that really says it looks like it's in motion even when it's parked. Maybe not exactly but you get the idea. Kind of an aggressive as opposed to a dowey front end, and the lines, overall, have some style to them. Now, in terms of technology, here's when it's interesting. It'll be showing up on a lot of cars soon, but when you go down here to the filler valve on the tire, if the TPMS (pressure monitor) on the dash says you're low, you pull in to a gas station, start filling that up, and because most folks don't know or have a good tire pressure gauge, let alone how to use it, this car will beep when you get to the proper pressure. This talks to another sensor in the car that then tells the horn to honk when we're at the right PSI----kinda cool. Okay, let's talk about some other technologies in and around this car. You gotta have Sirius, rear seat entertainment in the minivan. The Asian cars are getting very serious about the size of that monitor. Nissan chose to go with an 11-inch center-of-the-roof drop down LCD. That's as the big as the smaller of the 2 new Macbook Airs. It's a pretty good size screen. Unfortunately, the bigger the screen, the more it obstructs that rearview mirror. I'm not a big fan of these center roof drop downs. I like them better when they're here in the headrest. But you can't make them that big when they're in the headrest, unless you just bring your own iPad and some Velcro tape. This vehicle also offers a blind spot warning system, and you're also going to find an interesting partition: dual panoramic roof. I'm not sure if that's gonna be a continuous glass roof if you get it without the rear seat entertainment, or if it's always these 2 pods like this. And of course, in modern minivan technology, you've gotta have a totally disappearing third row of seats and easy flip second row----check and check.

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